Scorpio, with the New Moon in Aquarius occurring the early morning of February 1st, you’re entering this week feeling like everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of your own fears and limitations. Aquarius energy helps you learn how to flow with life’s changes, even if they’ve caught you off guard. It helps you make the decision to breathe new life into your dreams, even if they were once stagnant. Now that Venus Retrograde is over, and Mercury Retrograde ends on February 3rd, you’re starting to feel the weight being lifted from your shoulders. While Monday’s vibes may still be energetically intense due to the dark-of-the-moon purging you’re experiencing, Tuesday’s New Moon will help you feel reborn, lighter, and more optimistic about what 2022 has in store for you. Make sure to order Scorpio’s 2022 Cosmic Guide at for an inside look at what this year will bless us with! You can also order it directly from the “Shop” section of the KTZ App. Enjoy!