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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope: 12.18.17 – 12.24.17

You’ve made it to the end of a long journey through your security and self-worth sector, Scorpio. This week, Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, enters its home sign of Capricorn for the first time in 29 years. This is the type of change that took decades to arrive, and once Saturn leaves Sag on the 19th, we will all enter a phase in our lives where structure, discipline, responsibility and maturity become a main theme. But before Saturn’s big shift, a New Moon in Sag takes place on Monday the 18th, sparking a six-month cycle of spiritual and physical rebirth. Whatever lessons you’ve been absorbing from the end of Saturn in Sag will remain with you for the next 6 months, so this week’s about being aware of the here and now rather than only visualizing the future. Ask yourself, “What has Saturn taught me about my own value and worth? How can I take these lessons and help them make me a stronger, wiser, more confident human being?”

Be sure to take the time to use the energy of the Sag New Moon to set clear and expansive intentions for where you see yourself six months from now. Read my free New Moon Intentions Guide for inspiration on a ritual that helps ignite your sense of infinite possibilities. Sag energy is all about letting out your inner optimist, but ever since Saturn’s been in Sag, that optimism may not have always been as consistent as you would’ve liked. But now that Saturn’s leaving Sag, the flames of positivity are being reignited in countless ways. Your mission with this final New Moon of the year is to hone in on a few gems in your world of ideas, and commit to bringing those gems to life in a brilliantly inspiring way.

On Thursday, 12/21, the Sun joins Saturn in Capricorn for a 4-week visit, and Capricorn Season begins. When you combine the energy of the Sun, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn with Mars in Scorpio, the second half of the week will have you focused on building your empire. You won’t feel the need to wait until 2018 to make the magic happen either. Your inner drive and self-discipline will astound you. If there are projects you’ve been aiming to complete before the holidays, you’ll be able to nip them in the bud by thinking of the reward and satisfaction of a job well-done. This is what this new cycle of Capricorn energy will feel like for the next 3 years — you’re willing to put in the work, in a way that feels right to you, in order to bask in the rewards. Jupiter in Scorpio has also been teaching you similar lessons, and since Jupiter is only in our sign for 1 year every 12 years, 2018 is truly shaping up to be the year of the Scorpio. Read my latest Jupiter in Scorpio Forecast to find out why.

Romantically, this New Moon in Sag will let out your wild side, and it can lead to you doing something super spontaneous like texting your crush out of the blue or letting a muse inspire you to create a work of art. Just be careful to not be too impulsive this week, especially since Mercury goes direct and can still lead to miscommunication. Find ways to release the surges of energy running through you without becoming emotionally restless. The New Moon is about expansion and liberation, so this week, ask yourself how free you feel when it comes to loving and being loved. If Mars in Scorpio’s energy has led to you feeling obsessive or possessive, this week’s New Moon will help you focus on your own passions more, and that will detract from all the energy you’ve been giving others. So don’t spend your time worrying about what others are feeling about you, or if they’re missing you, etc… Invest that energy in furthering your own desires, and soon you’ll notice how many people pursue you, because of the irresistibly magnetic energy you emit.

On Friday, 12/22, Mercury Retrograde ends and helps us gain greater clarity in all matters dealing with tech, contracts, travel, communication and making big decisions. This is the Universe’s way of telling you that you’ve passed the majority of its tests, and that you deserve some time to rest. And that’s exactly what you should do this weekend, Scorpio. This influx of huge astrological change can be a lot to take in at once, so balance any time you spend interacting with others with time you spend alone, recharging your batteries. You have the opportunity to release this year’s drama by focusing on solutions rather than perceived failures. You know what you love spending time on, so focus on how you can make those experiences more of a priority in the coming year. Make a game plan for removing the fluff from your life so you can activate the real deal. That sums up this week Scorpio — you’re being asked to finish the year strong by simply keeping it real, and holding yourself accountable for the choices you make, and actions you take.

Have a momentous week, Scorpio! Share how it’s going in the comments below. Make sure to make time for your New Moon Ritual — you can read my free guide here.

And finally, I’m excited to share with you a New Moon in Sag musical mantra that I wrote, produced by Electric Butter. This is one of my favorite projects to date — combining astrology, poetry and the power of positive mantra is unbelievably healing! Ignite the magic of 2018; listen to the New Moon Mantra on YouTube below or stream it on Soundcloud.

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16 responses to “Scorpio Weekly Horoscope: 12.18.17 – 12.24.17

  1. Thank you for all your hard work. Helping people all around the world with your guidance. I look forward every day for your fairly horoscope and weekly horoscope. Looking forward to get my hands on the 2018 yearly horoscope. Thank you again so much Queen. You slay

  2. You just hit the point! I’ve been thinking to writing a note and give it to my crush lmao!!!
    I need some help with this T.T I don’t even know if he feel the same.

  3. The musical mantra is incredibly awesome. I suggest you should share more of such kind of awesomeness. Also, please help me with an email ID wherein I could reach out to you.

    Regards from India

  4. Thank you!!! Seen your article in Essence I got so excited like I know her!!!!!!!! It’s so great to see a women of color into Astrology and a Scorpio at that, WINNING!!!!

  5. This is so on point! Without even reading this i was naturally asking myself alot about my self worth, and what I’ve learned! I am personally starting a new relationship and have notice some miscommunication between us, its a good thing that Mercury is out of retrograde this week!!!!!! I also notice that maybe i have been more focused on what this new person has been thinking or feeling about me, ill take this advice and focus more so on myself, my goals, and continue to to move forward ! Rest is definitely needed, so much going on i cant wait for the new year ! Thanks for the this weekly forecast ! i truly love everything you post, i feel like i relate to it 100 percent of the time. Ive followed it since 2016, watched how ive changed over the past year… its nice to see positive come my way, compared to last year. 🙂

  6. This is alway SO correct. Its relieving and uplifting all at the same time ! I felt the shift- and its explains a lot of the bubbles that came up in the last 3 weeks. Thank you Dossevia ! <3

  7. For a quick min I forgot about the retrograde?
    The universe definitely showed me a lot of things some lessons I didn’t want to learn but it kept being thrown at me so I had no choice but to stop fighting. 2018 WILL be a magnificent year for me and I WILLCOME the many beautiful things in my life ( especially the birth of my healthy twins that I’m manifesting)
    Thank u for this reading it means so much❤️

  8. This resonates with me 100%

    This past year, I left my 4 year-job to a chiller 6-months contract. It made me question my self-worth, my personal career growth and ultimately made me decide to go back to school to learn new skills and change my field completely. My admission interview is tomorrow (right when Saturn enters Capricorn, my moon sign!), so the timing is crazy on point. Hopefully I’m admitted to the program in January 2018 🙂

    My venus is also in Sag, so I’ve definitely been feeling a little volatile this past week (texted a past crush out of the blue uugh). As for mercury retrograde, I’ve been having communication issues with my crushes…and I lost my phone (haha, it was found though thank god and happy holidays to me!)

    Being 28 years old in 2018 is going to be a fire year for me…and every other Scorpio!! I can feel it.

    Thank you Dossé-Via, I love your new moon mangra video <3

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