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Scorpio & Virgo

Scorpio and Virgo are likely to be on the same page for most aspects of their lives. They will feel eerily connected, as though they were meant to be find each other. Some of their favorite activities will take place in nature, and they will both have a practical touch which can enable them to create meaningful, long-lasting work. Scorpio and Virgo feel most at peace when it is simply them both, isolated from the outside world, on their own intellectual getaway.

Both Virgo and Scorpio are extremely guarded and reserved in love. Scorpio demonstrates more depth of emotion, but for this same reason they will test Virgo before opening up to them. Because Scorpio has been deeply hurt in the past, they will do anything possible to avoid further pain. Virgo can relate to Scorpio’s cautious behavior. They too are naturally suspicious, and they can also be insecure in love. Virgo may undervalue their own qualities and believe that Scorpio may find someone better. Virgo benefits from reassurance that Scorpio is as invested as they are.

Scorpio and Virgo are likely to have a solid friendship before all else. Because it takes much time for them both to feel each other out and admit their feelings, they may first enjoy a platonic relationship before delving into a more serious one. This actually benefits them greatly in the long-run, because it deepens the bond they both share. When they two are together, and as time goes on, the trust between them is impenetrable. There are few people in the world that they feel this degree of openness with.

The potential downfall of a Scorpio-Virgo placement is that these two can be overly dependent on each other. They may bond so closely that they do not feel complete when they are apart. They may also not feel the need to make new friends or invite new people into their lives because they are so comfortable with each other, and even possessive of one another. This can be an unhealthy attachment, but for the most part it is a sign of their true devotion to one another.

Nevertheless, Scorpio and Virgo should both should make a conscious effort to have some space in the relationship and to spend some time apart in order to add stimulation to their bond. Virgo and Scorpio are very deep, pensive, introverted, and spiritual beings. They learn a lot from being in each other’s presence, and often they communicate with each other without the need for words. Their intuitive understanding of one another and loyal support is their strongest link.

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  1. I (scorpio) am currently dating a virgo and this can’t be more true. I love how deeply detailed you are in explaining each signs deeper meanings.

    1. I havebeen married to a Virgo for 26 years. The unhealthy attachment mentioned in the fourth paragraph is too true. This assessment is spot on.

    2. I recently just ended with a Scorpio, me being a Virgo she was the love of my life and all this is true we lasted a year and 2 months. But I miss my scorpio and it seems like she’s doing mighty fine. It sucks I want her back but she ignores me, any options on what to do???? Or do I just leave it until she comes back???

      1. Depending on the reason why she left, unlikely she will come back, especially if she was hurt. She won’t come back no matter how much the Virgo may still love you. However, if you come back, she may give you a chance, but she will probably need answers first before forgiving, and it better be a good 1.

      2. You have to give her all of you in exchange for her heart. It doesn’t matter that she ignores you because your efforts to get her back are not going unseen. Us scorpios just like to act like we don’t care for fear of being humiliated.

        1. Well not all the time.. I am a scorpio, as long as i wasn’t cheated on, theres still a chance if that person opens up to talk. but if there was infidailty thats when we can grow apart.

        1. I’ve been going through this too. It’s been months since I been apart from my scorpio after 4 years but I can’t seem to get over him. As a Virgo woman no other mans ever made me feel the way he has. I hurt him & am trying everything to get him back. I gave him space and he came back around but refuses to see me. Idk what to do but let him make the next move and play it cool. He says he regrets that we ended but I can’t get much more out of him & I don’t want to pry. Ughhhh it drives me nuts.

      3. Just allow her to come back. If the relationship was real, I PROMISE she thinks of you from time to time. Make sure that you show her your interest without really showing her. She may feel that you have moved on as well.

        1. Yup.. i agree virgos need to speak up. we aren’t mind readers. one question.. what is it about scropios that virgos love.

      4. @Khels when you read this, do you mind filling us in about what happened afterwards? I am curious if you got your Scorpio back! Thanks!

      5. MY virgo man had the same prob nd on the same day 28 feb 2018 we broke up coz he was very over possesive, he fights a lot, a had prob with my male friends, he was soo much of childish , had no time for me and a lot but says i love u 😂😂😂. It funny. I gave him several chances but now i left hin forever. I ll never accept him. And i m happy living my life with a sag man.he is totally of my type.

      6. what did you do to your scorpio gal? one thing we dont forgive if cheating.. maybe i can help you.. i am a Scorpio.

      7. Chase her and tell you will chase her to the ends of the earth and back and you will never let her go and through all the ups and all the downs I know you are what I need in my life. Please please please please please please don’t stop saying please and it’s in you to cry, do it

  2. This is freaky accurate… I truly believe the only sign that can handle a scorpio while keeping the flame lit is a Virgo. I love my Virgo!

    1. I was in love with a virgo but that person didn’t show just how much i meant to them. i would like to think that we are compatible but my Pieces understands me way more.

  3. I’m in the beginning stages of this Scorpio Virgo love. She (Virgo) loves me and I her. I’ve noticed we need space because as a Scorpio i can become deeply attached. She is a tad shy and I do get nervous that my deep feelings will scare her. She has been hurt so have i. This is too accurate but helpful

  4. Well….it is quite true but my virgo love has proved to be unfaithful and i think that a scorpio-virgo relationship is certainly not that perfect pair…

  5. That damn 4th paragraph!!!! So spot on. My being the Scorpio I am impressed that finally someone gets it! It seems as if we always had to explain our ‘relationship’ with others who didn’t. More often than not, their jealousy would try to tear it apart. Always to utter failure. Enough for us to laugh about later. Then, there are times when years go by without speaking to one another, when that one out of the blue moment happens of running into each other, we usually pick up the conversation right where we left off as if no time has passed. I am still trying to decide if that’s a good thing or not.

  6. This is bang on! I have a virgo best friend from past 3 years and lately we have started feeling for each other but quite skeptical as to take it forward or not because we don’t want to ruin the friendship.This horoscope helped a lot to get some clarity but we are still indecisive.
    Anyway Love this website.Please keep posting.

    1. As you’ve been enjoying his/her company, I know exactly how much you value the unique connection. Take a deep breath and go for it. You both know how to fix the connection even after breakup. Your pride doesn’t matter for this connection. I’m Scorpio.

  7. I, a Virgo woman, prefer women so you can imagine my surprise when I found myself falling for a Scorpio man. It’s like we communicate without words, we agree almost on everything, and when we disagree on something we argument so passionately that we enjoy ourselves. And sexual attraction at least for me is unlike anything I have ever experienced. He’s married, I’m in a relationship with a woman and I have no idea what to do with strong emotions that are boiling up inside of me.

    1. I’m not in a relationship with a woman anymore, he is still married, I still want him, I now know that he wants me, too, yet, nothing’s happening… We are both too shy to make a first move!!!

      1. I am curious how do you know you both want each other? Curious because I want a virgo woman who shows all the signs of attraction but I refuse to make the first move. I am attracted to her fully to the point she is the first and last person on my mind. I will never make the first move. If she doesn’t this one gets filed away into “what if”. Relationships are just better when the women are too overcome with passion that they need to make a move. I hate the technique because she is driving me crazy.

        I am curious how you know he wants you. What if it is all in your head? What if your just another woman and those flirty signals you interpret are just platonic interactions? I have to control myself when I talk to this woman because my body wants her and will gravitate toward her. Just a question. I don’t mean to belittle your inappropriate crush.

        1. Eye contact and body language, a few things said to someone within ear shot of your virgo may help. Don’t start too close to her. Virgos are very cautious when it comes to being rejected. Little things will capture her attention we notice everything. Remember, we analize everything to pieces so she is probably going crazy herself. Speaking for myself, I prefer to be dominated. I have never been the one to make the first move. Not that there wouldn’t be exceptions for other virgos. I have always had a very eerie telepathic connection with even my scorpio friends. The deepest and sexiest relationships I have ever had have been with scorpio. Sure doesn’t hurt that its my venus sign as well. Good luck to you. I am dealing with a secret crush myself. shhhh……….

          1. I’m completely smitten with a Virgo woman. Is there likely to be some truth in a Virgo jokingly telling you they would date you? Is this a sign I should make a move? Or just a simple remark without meaning? How do you flirt? Do you give subtle hints or simply tell someone you like them? Some context: Virgo woman made a point of telling out of the blue that there were some in our friendship group that thought she flirted with me. An hour or so later she joked that she would totally date me. We get on really well and she’s tactile with me. This is unusual for Virgo’s, right? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  8. This is so true. I am a lesbian and my ex gf is a virgo, she helped me come out and taught me to b open about my sexuality. Even tho we’re not together anymore we are still good friends. But its kinda hard for me to get into relationships with other women because of our friendship. My ex doesn’t like seeing me with new girls. And the new girls talk shit about my ex when they don’t even know her. The new girls end up leaving and never talk to me again Cuz Im still good friends with my ex.

  9. I am in love with a virgo. But I have no idea how he feels. It’s so weird I’m sad when he’s not around. I told him how I feel about him. But he has yet to let me know what he’s feeling. But its something in his,eyes that makes me feel like he does have feelings for me but can’t say it. Idk. I just feel like he’s suppose to be in my life. I hope its forever

    1. I’m a virgo myself and even if I do like someone, I’m very careful about how I deal with it: Why? Well, I personally fear rejection, that I’ve “misanalysed” something, the signs for example. I also sometimes fear someone’s confession is a cruel joke being played out.

      But even those times where I am sure of the other person’s feelings, I’m still.. Careful. I can be in doubt with my own feelings, wondering if I’m doing the right thing. Wondering if I’ll get hurt again the same way as I was last time. I date someone because I want a future with them, not to waste time. 🙂

      1. As a Virgo man I realised that sometimes ‘analyzing’ would be a downfall and hides more than it reveals – creating more space for regret – nowadays when high analysis seems to enforce my fear of pain, I play a hunch because even though Virgos analyze we have great gut-instinct and we’d do better if we all depended on both our keen eyes and unquestionable intuition. plus it also helps in the process of matching Scorpio’s passion.

        I’m with a Scorpio woman btw

  10. I love my Scorpio soooooo much!!!!! I have never felt such a strong connection to anyone else. I(virgo woman) hate that fact that he can just detach himself and not speak to me for a long time. I’m assuming its the stuff mentioned above. I know he loves me too.

  11. While my best friend and I are not in a relationship, this post is scarily accurate in regards to our friendship. If you didn’t know one of us were straight, you’d mistake is for a married couple. We know when somethings wrong without even speaking to each other. Almost like a soul connection. The downfall paragraph is true as well, but honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way; it’s hard to find real people in this world.. Even harder to find ones you connect with. Love you Phooker! :3

  12. My love is a Virgo we got back together after 2.5 years.. He cheated on me in the worst way possible but ever since a 1.5 years ago when he seen me happy and in love with my new man he tried to get back with me ever since. Me being aScorpio woman if you mess up there is no return. But I gave him another chance after some years and I’m genuinely happy he’s like my best friend and lover and his intelligence turns me on. He’s like a walking encyclopedia lol. Knowing everything and having such a great drive. This is the love of my life and I’m glad I forgave him and I’m glad he never stopped trying to be back in my life. He reassures me everyday how much he cares. I can live without the emotional part because I know we live differently and we appreciate each other. Also the first month we got back together he asked me to marry him. I said yes BC this is my soul mate

    1. Awww that’she beautiful I’m a virgo women myself and u i feel the same way about my Scorpio man .. congrats

  13. This article is so true…. My best friend is a Scorpio and I am a Virgo. When we both are together we are inseparable. Everything mentioned in this article about friendship is ALL true. We are very possessive of each other and my Scorpio does not express herself through words but she definitely shows it with her body language. My BFF and I have known each other for more than 10 years and it took her about 5 years to be completely open with me now. She can still be mysterious at times but I love her just the same. She always lets me know that she loves her Virgo =) Also, do give your Scorpio some alone time, I do. We see each other every 6 mos and when we do, we always gain stronger feelings for each other and we become more inseparable.

  14. I was in a 7yr same sex relationship with a scorpio girl whom I cared so much for that I put my own needs aside just so I can make her happy (i now realize the unhealthy nature of this). Although the beginning of our relationship felt very distant and cold since we had yet to build a bond between one another, over time, we became this amazing duo that nothing and no one could break. She was everything my eyes could see and I could picture my entire life and future in her eyes. I really thought we wanted the same things but its been about 3 months since out break up and its tough. It was her voice and text msgs I woke up to every single day, it was her face that I stared at next to me while I was driving us and it was her laughter that brought out the funny and humorous side of me that has calmed down ever since the break up. Of course we had fights but I think we spent so much time together and closing ourselves off from friends and outsiders really affected everything at the end. She wanted to be single and felt that she needs to free herself from us in order to pursue an independent life where nothing and no one close to her mattered and should could do anything without feeling guilty. Well, I of course didn’t argue and accepted her wishes and haven’t spoken to her since that day nor seen her. I am trying to move on with my life and by this I mean trying not to dwell on what use to be and what we use to share. Nevertheless, I struggle every single day with thoughts of her in my head and it continues into my dreams every single night.

    Anyways, I’m ranting here but it helps to get my feelings out. Although I hold no hope for the future just so I can move on in a healthy way, I do hope that one day her and I can meet again and perhaps build a new relationship with the past behind and the future ahead.

  15. Mine was not as long as yours but I do understand what you are going through. It has been over a month since and it is not easy. Being a Virgo your constantly going over what happened and replaying events over and over in your head. Sometimes we have to just understand that in life things happen for no reason. The connection was intense and like nothing I ever had but the lesson from this is that a Virgo was able to feel emotions…

  16. This is so spot on! I love my Scorpio. What we have is beautiful. She’s the best thing to ever happen to me. Someone told me Virgo and Scorpio were not compatible. I beg to differ. Glad I found this post. Even gladder we found each other.

  17. This is all very true. I’m a young scorpio woman and I have been dating a Virgo man. We met a year ago and hung out a few times and I cut it off because I felt he was moving too fast and wasn’t close to ready for what he wanted from me. A year later I contacted him and we’ve been together almost two months now. He’s still wanting to move fast in his actions but he has yet to really open up to me. It hasn’t been long but I feel myself becoming attached to him and falling deeply in love with him and that is a scary realization for me due to the fact that I’ve been hurt badly. I’ve made a conscious decision to be with him whole heartedly and I’m just hoping for the best.

  18. This is all very true. I’m a young scorpio woman and I have been dating a Virgo man. We met a year ago and hung out a few times and I cut it off because I felt he was moving too fast and wasn’t close to ready for what he wanted from me. A year later I contacted him and we’ve been together almost two months now. He’s still wanting to move fast in his actions but he has yet to really open up to me. It hasn’t been long but I feel myself becoming attached to him and falling deeply in love with him and that is a scary realization for me due to the fact that I’ve been hurt badly. I’ve made a conscious decision to be with him whole heartedly and I’m just hoping for the best.


  20. I am virgo an my lover is scorpio. Its the most intense relationship i have ever encountered. I have no idea where this will go as i have fallen for him BIG time an well he just goes quiet on me all the time. He says i mean alot to him but for 4 days there he went away an never contacted me or even told me he had gone. Says it all really.
    When we r together its explosive in the best way.

  21. i miss my virgo man so much. but he wasnt true to me, betrayed my love for him and went with someone else. it hurts but im glad its all over. i just miss the connection though. ive never felt such a strong bond with someone before and i discovered so much about myself in our time together. i just wish things had worked out and he had been the man he had promised he would be for me.. but its ok. things happen and im happier now that the truth is out and i couldnt feel any better.

    -scorpio whose heart was broken by a virgo

  22. Hey im in a friends with beneffits with a virgo girl .. im scorpio be have all those things that the article said ,,, the thing is im deeply in love with her and she does not feel the same thing as me, we are seeing eachother for over 5 months and im still w8-ing for her to feel the same and commite to a relationsheep … What can it be that she does not want this to hapen, why cant she make this decision now because i am fully loyal and i tell her everything that i fell for her and she knows all of this things she obviously likes me if we are having a FWB relationsheep and she is quite ok with me she likes me but cant get pass this …. Any virgo woman out there that can give me an advice pls im starting to be desperate.. 🙁

    1. be a little aloof , that’s what my Scorpio did to have me .. Try to have best friends with someone else .. Don’t date them but just that they are friends (girls only 😉 be hot and cold! Just have something else to do from time to time

    2. Well…Mihai, I am a Virgo (f) and I am in a fwb relationship with my Scorpio (m) , our stories are like a carbon print , I have much admiration and an intense depth of attraction towards my Scorpio, however I can’t seem to commit …he put all his cards on the table n told me he loved me and I got scared …it’s not that I enjoy being fwb it’s just that my past relationship has made me afraid of commitment,
      We even tried the no contact rule twice in one year, lasted about three months each…and we failed due to our strong bond and feelings….
      I think you should just wait it out a bit…us virgos like to analyse and take our time before jumping into anything more especially a relationship, just know that the day she decided to take the relationship to the next level…it will be for the long haul.

  23. im a scorpio and wanna date this girl she is a virgo. im tryin hard to play my cards well. praying what i have read here helps. thanks.

  24. Virgo woman, scorpio man. He’s my best friend and just professed his deep love for me. I told him not to entertain the idea. We are both in our 30’s, divorced, with one teenager each. Mine is coming to live with me. And so is my scorpio best friend who is in love with me. Deeply, the love letters could be sold they are so beautiful. I just can’t except it. Ive been in one bad relationship after another. Will my scorpio give me time. I mean years. I want to be his friend forever. I promised him I would. I said we could never cross that line or we could destroy our friendship. Will he be able to go slow, or will he dip out. He’s so very precious to me. But kinda addicted to relationships. I guess I have been too. I’m so sick of it all, but I won’t turn my back on my friend. I know that is most important. Reading this is scary accurate, and has helped Thank you for letting me vent!!!

  25. Thank you so much for the article I’m s virgo in a relationship with a scorpion woman.we have been datein for 6 years he/she need sometimes apart.but reading some of the stuff on here I hope everything go good n better for us I love her I want to married her grow n still we get old together forever. Thank you so real

  26. Where can I start… I love my Scorpio man to death. He’s so passionate, creative, charming but selfish.. Very spiritual.. I’m caring, sensitive, affectionate and critical. Only because I see the potential in him and want him to do better. I support him in whatevrer he likes and what’s is mine is his.. He’s makes me feel safe and loved. Very reassuring.. But I know I can’t fulfill his emotional needs and its killing me.. It makes me insecure. I know I can’t.. Idk what that means.. Idk what it feels like to make desicions off of emotions. I try to feel and understand but I can’t.. He told me this before but he try to act like he didn’t say it but I heard him and will never forget it.. He know I have emotions where he can feel them, I’m not a cold person. I’m just very logical and I deal with emotions last.. He have Pisces and cancer female friends.. He use them for emotional excitement.. I know they’re friends, nothing sexual.. But I’m still jealous. I sometimes wish he wasn’t so emotional but I love it too because he make me feel emotions I never felt before.. Now our sex life is something else.. Like on some spiritual soul touching.. Lost for words.. I think it made us really possessive and jealous. He’s becoming abusive and I’m fueling the fire.. We won’t break up. Try but always come back together. All I know my heart is saying yes and I have to follow that.

  27. I have a friendship with a Scorpio man and as a Virgo woman agree with this article. It is accurate to the T. However our relationship started as lovers and well ended as friends. Seemingly the friendship has blossomed and for the life of me I couldn’t ask for anything more! We’ve been friends for almost 7 years now and never touched each other romantically again. It is to say that I still love him deeply but he did hurt me and I him. Granted this was long ago and we’ve healed together, sometimes I wonder how it would be to try it again. I don’t want to ruin what we have now but I’m so attracted to his person and just want so much more , it’s almost compelling!! Anyway just thought I’d share that since you all seem to agree to the same degree of passion and devotion as I have experienced with this wonderful man Scorpio. ❤️

  28. I am a Virgo man who has a female Scorpio best friend. When we first met in high school I was drawn to her…her energy was something else…it was alluring. I also had a deep crush for her, but I was way too shy to let her know back then. We had a brief moment in time where we lost contact for a few years, but I missed her terribly. It hurt, even.

    When we reconnected it felt like no time passed. I then confessed my feelings for her, and I understood that she was in a relationship and I had zero intention of interfering. It did feel cathartic letting her know how I felt about her. Thankfully she appreciated what I had to say. Fast-forward to now and she’s in another relationship, and I feel like I’m closer with her than ever. To the point of even calling it love. We’ve been through hell and back together. We enjoy silence together. We enjoy doing things together. When it’s just me and her I feel like I’m home, with my intellectual and spiritual equal. We are both so similar in terms of our worldviews it’s mind-boggling. I honestly mean this from the bottom of my heart: I love that quiet, snarky, intelligent, conscientious girl. My Scorpio muse.

  29. Very true. I am a Virgo woman who has fallen deeply in love with a Scorpio man and it has been going on for a very long time. What scares me is that I don’t think I’ll ever truly get over him.. I miss him so much it tears me apart.

    1. I Virgo woman an my spouse Scorpio man have been together for 14 years.Theres lots of strong feelings between us.At the same time I feel that he can manipulate my decisions and he hides things from me an me being a know it all must know every thing and that can be quit difficult for me and he says I don’t listen with I remember every single thing like an elephant so I find I’m confused lots of times an when I’m giving him advice he gets to find me in wrong of doing so continues!

  30. This… >>> “Both Virgo and Scorpio are extremely guarded and reserved in love. Scorpio demonstrates more depth of emotion, but for this same reason they will test Virgo before opening up to them. Because Scorpio has been deeply hurt in the past, they will do anything possible to avoid further pain. Virgo can relate to Scorpio’s cautious behavior. They too are naturally suspicious, and they can also be insecure in love. Virgo may undervalue their own qualities and believe that Scorpio may find someone better. Virgo benefits from reassurance that Scorpio is as invested as they are.”

    Should not make it ok for him to be out on a date tonight while professing to me just hours ago that he has feelings for me. Literally his words, “It’s a date. I’m not sleeping with anyone.”

    What the……

    I’m hurt Scorp… Your feelings for me are as transparent as the morning mist.

  31. I’m completely smitten with a Virgo woman. For the Virgo’s: Can the Virgo women (or men) of this group tell me if you’re ever shy and hesitant to make a move? Also, if you play hard to get sometimes? Or games to test how someone feels about you? Also, what are some of the things you do to flirt or show interest in someone? What signs should I be looking for? And whats with the push/pull thing? Sometimes I feel like I’m getting signals, then other times no signals. I’m terribly shy and tend to give mixed signals as I don’t like to be too vulnerable. She definitely laughs and jokes around and I do often find our eyes meeting across the room… When I do catch her looking at me she immediately looks away. Very early on she asked me about my preferences (type) for women but she reveals so little. She does compliment me but mainly relating to my intelligence and humor. She also seeks my advice and opinion on many things. But then she’s strange with the communication. Sometimes responds and then nothing for days, even ignoring a simple question. Then if I don’t text she will initiate. Also, we might chat on social media throughout the day then she seems really shy when I see her that evening. Even cold and detached. One weird thing: Following a match, we had a group conversation and were discussing how some women wear really short shorts when playing soccer. Like the REALLY short shorts – like underwear! I joked that “maybe some prefer air-conditioned comfort”. The Virgo does wear short shorts but not the REALLY short shorts. The Virgo must have overheard because she sent me a message saying she had a surprise for me and then arrived to play soccer in longer shorts. Is this a sign she is keen on me? Confused Scorpio here!

    1. I know for me (Virgo) the push pull thing you mentioned in rooted in fear. I’m so afraid of the intensity of my own feelings sometimes that it freaks me out so I’ll pull away from the person causing them so I can feel safe using the logical side of my brain.

    2. As a Virgo, this definitely sounds like a Virgo with a crush. I am terribly nervous to make a first move and always hope that the other person will do it. There’s a dominance to a Scorpio personality that is really attractive and I’m always hoping that my Scorpio crush will do something first because it seems like that’s a Scorp thing to do.

      The push and pull that you’re describing is something that I go through as well because sometimes I’ll feel brave and flirt a little bit and other times I am scared of showing my true feelings so I’ll pull back because it’s safer.

      I can give compliments like saying I’m proud of them but saying they look beautiful/handsome is incredibly hard because it feels like I’m going to reveal all of my feelings. So it comes across as a friendship compliment instead of flirting.

      I can’t speak for other Virgos but I’m not a touchy-feely person unless it’s with someone who I have romantic feelings for. So if she’s touching your arm when you’re talking or laughing that’s probably a really good sign.

      Good luck!

    3. As a virgo woman, I’m afraid to make the first move when I don’t see if the feelings between me and my scorpio crush are mutual. It’s because scorpios often give me extremely intense feelings that I don’t have the confidence in handling on my own. If I like someone, I wouldn’t dare to make the first move but if I do, it’s usually due to impulsiveness and after that I’ll feel super embarrassed about it and I’ll hide in my shell again. If she’s looking at you across the room, she might be thinking of you and she might be missing you. I do that too and if sometimes the scorpio guy I like stares bacl, I’ll quickly look elsewhere as my heart skipped so many beats it scares me. Scorpio’s stares are so intense, I don’t have the courage to handle it alone.

  32. I am a bisexual Scorpio man interested in my Virgo male best friend. He’s intelligent, funny as hell, almost frustratingly mysterious at times and then warm and vulnerable at times. I know that he’s an adult and that he’s not innocent but there’s this strange almost…pure aura that he gives off that makes me want to protect him. I’ve grown very possessive over him over the years and although I usually display that protectiveness in a brotherly way, I’ve grown to want more. He recently came out as gay which was a relief because for the past 2 years, I’ve been growing more interested in taking our friendship to the next level- and now he’s open about his sexuality (which I knew about all along) and I can make a move, but it’s hard to tell if he’s interested in me. Yet I feel like he knows – he usually can read me like a book, unlike other people who don’t know me well. But he hasn’t said anything, but there’s something in his eyes that makes me think he’s shy and doesn’t want to make the first move because he’s afraid I might not feel the same way…

  33. I just recently got out of a 8 month relationship with a Virgo man. Your article is dead on and sadly his over attachment and need for my attention was what caused our doom. I hope the rest of you Virgo/Scorps work out well better then we did.

  34. Virgo woman just left. She told me that she doesn’t trust me any more. I told her that I will try to change and she said “I gave you many oppurtunities, you didn’t change and then you won’t do it now”.
    I tried to push her and she told me to not stop contacting her.
    If I let some time and space, will she let her guard down? Does time help for them? She’s stubborn…

    1. It might take a long time. If this is about your behavior and if some trust was broken, you’ll need to show through your actions that you’ve changed. But do it from a distance. Do it slowly over time. She’s protective of her heart and won’t let her guard down easily.

  35. Virgo woman who’s fallen for a Scorpio man. We have a friend with benefits thing going on, but I want more. He knows I like him, but says we’re just close friends at the moment. I would do anything for him. I wish he would give me the chance to show him the inner me, but I think he’s already assumed who I am. We are really close though. We talk about everything, and though he has secrets I respect that. Its like ive been hypnotized. Want him so much it hurts, yet I’m so scared of having my heart broken again.

  36. You want more, then stop having sex with him. Why would he give you more when you’re already giving him everything anyway. Pull back.

  37. I’m a scorpio girl. Im still young but I have eyes on this person, I don’t know why but their presence seems to overpower everyone’s and I’m really sad coz all I think about is that person. I keep looking at them when their not looking but they don’t seem to notice me or acknowledge me but when we’re alone at a point and make eye contact it’s like a million words were spoken. I feel so deep about them but can’t tell if they are intrested which hurts like hell and when their with someone else It feels like someone stabbed me and the sad thing is I feel like there’s a bond for sure but them not reacting makes me think other wise.

  38. Have to say out of every relationship I have ever had. The one with a Virgo was the very best. No man has ever cared for and loved me so much. He cried so hard when I broke up with him and I will never forget I felt about him. I only hope to find that kind of love again no matter what sign he may be. We just got along so well we could spend every moment together. I loved his friends, he was hardworking, amazing sex, he always knew when something was wrong and knew how to fix it. I’ll never forget him.

  39. Its been 8 days with my scorpio.

    We had our first date and she and i where so attracted we couldn’t help0 but explore each other’s body.

    I am a androgynous person and im happy she fully accepts that

    I like her support and we both agreed we met in another life. We knew each other’s body so well and the mental connection made things More intense.

    Now I’m reading and totally understand why i feel so deeply. So fast!

    Im 23 Virgo and she is 28.

    She is stable and I’m getting my life together. This makes her worry because she wants someone to build with not build up.

    Instantly! I took all the knowledge I’ve been accumulating and i believe the universe gave me her to give me a bigger push of motivation to GROW UP.

    I want to be her safety net. She is well off but i want to spoil her and take care of certain things for her to have more time for her grow and collaborate our skills and make big moves.

    I found myself getting clingy i apologized and fell back. I don’t want to scare her at all. Im just a little devoted and it scares me more because its such little time.

    I am ready to let things grow at a natural pace!

  40. My husband and I just read this tonight I am a Virgo and he is a Scorpio we felt as if you were reading our story every bit of it was spot-on

  41. Im a Virgo and my One and Only is a Scorpio. He is by far the warmest, sweetest and most loving man I have ever known. By the way to those who claim Cancer and Pisces are the more sensitive I claim bullshit! Scorpios have the tenderest hearts of all!

    1. Wow Cleopatra that was the most beautiful description of a relatiomship ever. It’s weird because I am always telling my friends that the exact feelings you described is how I want
      to feel about someone else. I am virgo woman and my friends signed me up to an online dating site because I’m so reserved when it comes to love. I have NEVER taken it seriously but I ended up chatting with someone who I felt a strong connection with (and this is just theough text) and we have been in contact for 4 months. I kept trying to figure out what it is about him that has kept my attention for this long. He is intelligent as hell which is such a turn on, hilarious, respectful and kind. I recently found out that he was a Scorpio and reading these articles makes sense. He wants
      to meet in person and I’m being really shy about it because I’m scared that the spark we have might die. The possibility of one of us not liking each other makes me quite sad yet I’m also scared of the intensity of our connection. This has caused him to feel like I am rejecting him and he has pulled away. Jeez this zodiac pair is so confusing but it seems that if we let our reservations and fears go, there is potential
      for something amazing and out of this world!!

  42. I am a Virgo and I am madly in love with a Scorpio. This post is very enlightening, as I didn’t realize the energy that exists between Scorpios and Virgos. But, this makes complete sense now given my experience which has been magnetic. Ever since I first saw him, it was like this electric burst that shot through my soul. He just connects to me at the core, without saying a word- it is like some electric field moving through my entire body. Just one look, one blink of his eyes, a slight gesture or body movement – that is all it takes. I knew right away, and I have never felt anything like it. He moves me spiritually and physically without a word or a touch- there is just this amazing energy transfer between the two of us. It is the most beautiful think I have experienced. I was very shocked and frightened in the beginning, which I totally regret as I think it really put him off and confused him. I wasn’t sure how to respond, and my delay may have really hurt him. That is the last think I want. I love him dearly and hope this is forever. I feel his heart pounding when we are not even together. He is present everywhere I go because it feels like he has become a part of my soul. Although we are spiritually connected which is amazing and transcends anything physical, I do want more. I also want to be present for him so that I can provide the love and support he needs. If he is confused about who I am as a Virgo, I’d like a chance to explain and reassure him that it is not what he is thinking. I just want him to know that he is the love of my life and I feel like I can’t live without him.

  43. I was dating a Scorpio who was the most amazing soul, full of creative spirit, passion and insight into all heart related matters. He has a significant other and they are still together, although I don’t know if he still loves her and whether he ever told her about us. In some ways it didn’t matter to me, what we had was so true and pure, the conventions in life and what others thought just didn’t seem to make a difference. It was powerful and painful at the same time. Sometimes I did not understand him, not that it mattered to me really, because that is how it is with true love. I am still crazy about him and think of him always, but right now we are apart although in my heart he is always with me. I just found out it is his birthday in a little over a week. It hurts we are apart, and I wish I could be there during this special time. It just reminds me how hard it is to be away from him. I just hope he is happy, and if not hope the universe will let him know that he is still the most amazing person to me, and the greatest inspiration in my life. In my dreams we will find a way to be together. While I’m happy thinking of him, there is still so much pain. I do hope he has a wonderful birthday, and that there is someone in his life that feels he is as special as I do.

  44. Fascinating story, I was dating a Scorpio woman and she also had a significant other. It was very intense, and I couldn’t even bring myself to ask her what she really wanted and whether this other guy (far inferior to me from my perspective) was someone she was really serious about or just a bad habit (likely the later). Either way if she is with him, then I can’t be with her. In the beginning I didn’t deal with it because of the need/ want for the intense connection. But when things developed and we were considering moving to the next level, it was impossible to ignore. I guess I’m still in limbo, and need to understand more about Scorpios their sensitivities, and tendencies in love. .Maybe it is not too late and there might be hope for us. Like you I’m pretty hung up on this Scorpio- they must be pretty amazing sensitive spiritual beings that just grab on to your heart and don’t let go. I wonder if they are aware of their heart powers.

  45. Dear Sisi-
    I am just reading your response to my email posted on April 27th. That is exciting that you seem some similarities. Just curious, what has happened with your online relationship? Did you ever meet in person, has the attraction continued, or has the spark faded? I hope there is still potential for your relationship.
    Please keep me posted. Would be a shame for fear to stand in the way.

  46. As a Virgo woman, I’d say, if she says something to you, believe it! We are generally guarded with our thoughts and emotions and prefer to drop “subtle” hints. We want to be chased rather than to chase. …I hope this helps!

  47. As a Virgo woman, I’d say, if she says something to you, believe it! We are generally guarded with our thoughts and emotions and prefer to drop “subtle” hints. We want to be chased rather than to chase. …I hope this helps!

  48. I am man Scorpio and I fell head over heels in love with my virgo female….she amazingly beautiful. In my eyes I see her heart and soul expressing itself in her completely overwhelming her with a love very few people know more less know if….shes seems to be unfaithful or inconsiderate of my loyalty.. I need assurance I’m not playing a game with her this is my life I’m investing into her..

  49. Very true on ALL accounts! My Virgo and I both enjoy nature and being outside and find that we have more of a connection when it’s simply JUST us. We’re starting again at building a solid friendship – something we didn’t do the first time around and we both understand that this will build a bond that will be unbreakable. I am very emotional, she is very empathetic and I feel that we have this odd connection that I can’t really explain. The only thing that makes sense to me is that are made for each other. I can feel and tell that she has very deep feelings for me and she knows that I truly do love her. It’s great because we really can tell each other anything. I <3 her SO much.
    Thank you Dossé

  50. born on october 26 me being belonging to scorpio.
    i love her the best as the most best part of my life . she belongs to virgo. she never come to understand how much i love her . 4 years of our relationship is still going but every tym now her action hurts my deep feelings and she never care about it. ya. she might love but the way she does totally make me think that i am no more anything for her. i wanna live with her my whole life. but always feeling insecure since 1 year that she might move on.. i m extremely loyal to her. what to do to be happy with her?

  51. I have been in a relationship with a Virgo for the last 7 years. I’m a Scorpio. She says she wants to leave in 4 months. We live together and had plans to get married. But she tells me it’s not me it’s her. I don’t know what that means. She doesn’t want to work anything out anymore. What should I do? My first gf was a Taurus April 21st. Used to say in some horoscopes that we were compatible but not anymore? We have recently talked and it’s been 16 years but still feel like she was the one? So is this all just Mumbo jumbo? Or have I just fell into a dark place?

  52. All 4 my ex’s been Taurus nd it didn’t end up well . Hopefully my soulmate is the Virgo man I always dreamed of.

  53. I’m a virgo girl and OMG I recently fell for this Scorpio guy at work. He’s 8 years older and unfortunately, I’m only a temp. He’s really friendly and cool and I really like it when he just stares into my eyes when he finds me looking at him. But sometimes I get REALLY SHY AND SCARED that he will realize that I have a deep intense feeling towards him SO I JUST GIVE AN AWKWARD SMILE AND LOOK AWAY *PULLS HAIR*. He did try to be friendly towards me by asking me a few personal questions e.g. age & why i changed my image. He did try a sick joke but apparently I was too slow in getting it so i just gave him a blur/innocent (huh??) reaction – BUT once I got it i think i blushed?? so he apologized AWKWARDLY. Honestly, I don’t know if he’s just friendly by nature. I also don’t know why, but I told him that he was weird and there was just awkward laughter between us but he was quite curious on why I said that. I don’t know if he’s even straight SOMEONE SAVE ME *CRIES*. I’m gonna quit soon.. should test the water by telling him bout that? any scorpio guys who can advice on what I should do??

  54. Reading this, I actually find it did not match up to my relationship at all. I’m a female Scorpio and my partner was a male Virgo. When things started, it was intense and heated and we fell head over heels; we couldn’t get enough of eachother. But when we lived together, it was quite the opposite. All the Scorpio traits hold true to me, I can dive all in if I feel the trust, I’m loyal to fault, etc. but catch me on a bad day and we have problems. However, this Virgo does not maintain any traits whatsoever that I’ve read; maybe initially. He was messy, independent, more hot/cold than myself and lacked loyalty (he cheated). True to nature, I turned to ice and fell into depression (I’m ok), and a year later, he’s still begging for me back. Best relationship to start, but ended as one of the worst! Though I will say, our emotional connection is still definitely there, but I haven’t looked back due to lack of trust. Onward Scorpio! 😉

  55. i am best friends with a virgo guy, we have a very very strong bond most of what you wrote it is true and the others im not sure, is there a higher chance that me and him might date in the future

  56. I am a female Scorpio and have become very attached to a male Virgo co-worker. We have known each other for over 5 years. I am married ( not happily….my husband pices was having an affair). At first I just felt a friendship bond with him, I felt good in his presence, he made me feel good about myself almost as if he knew I needed some positive affirmations. He was the first person i told about my husbands lack of discretion. Then as time is passed I felt this deep rooted need to be around him. He seems to know without me saying a word when I am down and need comforting. It amazes me that he just seems to turn my whole demeanor around like a flick of a switch. He makes me feel amazing, and beautiful, and intellegent. Well, now I am having romantic feelings for him (at least I think…not sure if maybe it is just a Florence Nightengale effect), problem being he has a girlfriend….well actually just recently became his fiance…..ugh! It’s weird I have always felt as though he had feelings for me too. Long, deep gazes into each other’s eyes…you know the kind that last just a second or two longer than most! Even as i type those word, i breath i a breathless sigh of ecstasy just thinking about him. he is very logical….and when you put the two of us down on paper…we dont make sense…. there is a 14 year age difference between us (me being the elder) we work together ( ok..that chsnged a little …same company not in the same department anymore….i cant even begin to explain my heartache when that happened) and well…i am married and he has a girlfriend..ooops, i mean fiance! But everything in this post rings so true to heart. I want to tell him how i feel but have multiple reservations…as I am a Scorpio I fear being vulnerable and putting my heart out there for fear of rejection ( and Yes, Lord knows I have been hurt). As I was cheated on by my husband I feel apprehensive of telling him because I feel it is not right to do to his fiancee ( I have nothing against her…i have met her multiple times, and she is a nice girl) and I don’t want to do to her what was dine to me. and I most of all fear losing our friendship if i tell him because mybe he does not feel the same and it would make things awkward and beyond anything that I could not bare!!!

  57. I totally agree with this post. I am a lesbian scorpio and there is this virgo woman that is so amazing that I can’t resist. Regardless what kind of negativity that I can see her, yea sometimes I am so annoyed at the same time, I can’t take my eyes off from her.

    It is already been 11 years that she found me when we were in highschool but that time our love wasn’t given a chance cause I am still taken on that time with a cancer woman. Years gone by and for some reasons, our destiny keeps us linked even we are already in distance. After years, she will come again into my life and to the 2nd time around, I am taken by a capricorn woman that time. She always finding her way to me and I don’t know what makes her attracted to me that much that she is willing to love me in distance, even I am with someone else until she got tired and loved by a capricorn man but on that time, my life is on the rocks with the capricorn woman until we broke up.

    after 4 years and we meet again. Everything is so magical that at last, it is our time. It didn’t work with her capricorn guy at all. Time tested us on how strong our love is. I am so into her and nothing has changed. I am glad that I found the one for me. After 11 years.

  58. I am a scorpio female 11/04 that is dating a virgo male 08/31 for over a year now.
    We were friends when we were teenagers but lost touch after we started different high schools. As kids I felt a bond with him, I wanted to protect him since he was so shy and quiet but even then I knew he had a crush on me. Fast forward 20 years later and here we are, he found me and we started talking again. I dont know what it is about this guy that has me smiling as I type this. He is unlike any one I have ever dated. One thing that drives me crazy is the costant pull/push he does. Lord knows there are times he tests my patience but the connection I feel with him is strong. He says the wrong things at the wrong time, is brutally honest and very critical and lets not forget the mood swings. He told me he has been hurt before so he is very careful with his heart and guarded with his emotions, I on the other hand feel ready to show him true love, if only he would let it be. Im crazy right? Why would I want to give my heart to a man like that? Someone who seems to be emotionally unavaible. Well he has some amazing qualities that keep me interested, he is very intelligent, communicates well as long its not about his feelings, he is talented, funny, kind and generous. He brings me this calm when we are together that I dont find anywhere else. He can soothe my emotional storms when they do arise. He has slipped up a few times and told me that he does care for me deeply and wants me in his life. He has even said he feels very lucky to have found me after so many years. I think he is falling for me in his quiet and reserved way. I can look into his eyes and feel his emotions when we touch, no words are needed. I just hope he has the courage to allow me to love him and help him forget all past heartache.
    Its a funny thing how life works, I can still see that quiet shy boy I knew when he smiles from time to time. Life is beautiful

    1. Sh!t! Well it’s definitely retrograde/eclipse season. I have just spent a very cathartic hour and a half reading all of these beautifully twisted up soul connected stories. As I am currently reeling and healing from a Virgo/Scorpio heart break. He is a Virgo male and I a Scorpio woman. We started off being distant bar friends for many years u know the kind of relationship that u kinda just know one another’s souls without really knowing one another; healing each other one cigarette break at a time. Then I briefly dated his best friend (an Areas) during which time my Virgo and I became each others sounding boards. He had(has) a girlfriend (also an areas, the pore man is surrounded) but she is already married to a woman. Anywho we went through thick and thicker together in this time and in a night when I truly needed emotional support we ended up having sex. And I mean the type of sex that vibrates through your physical body and hits u right in ur soul spot. It has been 8 months since that night during which time we became (unhealthy) inseparable spending every single day together. Well last week he finally told he that he had to be true to his Areas (the married woman) they had been on and off for 10 year now and he has to see it through to the bitter end. While I have never been in so much romantically driven pain in my entire life I do understand that this is his life’s story and he has to complete it. He begged me to remain friends but I feel that he cannot help heal my heart while being the cause of its torment. In the same token I have never allowed my self to love or depend on another human as much as I have found myself doing for this man. I just feel very conflicted, lost, and just down right heart broken all very new feelings for me. But as a Scorpio I pride myself on being something of a Phoenix. Burn it all down so that my foundation can be built back up stronger than ever before. Only this time I have learned that my foundation can’t be built from a cold hearted f*#k em all outlook again because then the first person to truly warm it will have me just as dizzy as this one. Thank you all for your replies to this and I truly wish you all the best intentions in ur Virgo/Scorpio connections and in all aspects of ur lives.

      I am not a survivor because I’m a Scorpio, I am a Scorpio because the universe wanted me to survive.

  59. Sandy, sounds like you have an amazing condition with your Virgo man. I totally get your statement about the cal. You get when you are with him and you are spot on about the whole push pull thing! I think that is part of the draw we have to the Virgo male being Scorpio women we seem to love the intrigue and the challenge. If they made it too easy for us, Well, let’s face it……we would lose interest! Ha, we are our own worst enemies. I wish you and your emotionally complicated Virgo man the best of luck. Hang in there Scorpio Sister!!!

  60. My relationship was a total bust! I dated a September 17th Virgo and at first he seemed convincing but then he became rude! He had a tendency to get wishy-washy which is a total turn off for me. But of course, I wasn’t going to let that ruin our newly founded relationship. But as time went on, he just became more and more rigid. I have an open sexuality while he was very demanding. Our relationship lasted for about 10 months total. He was just too stuck up for me. He was your typical Virgo man, well in this case, all the typical negative traits. I’m a November 8th Scorpion with a Scorpio Venus and Virgo Mars. I wanted something more easy going, while he was just exhausting. Our energies probably didn’t mix well anyway. Now I’m kind of searching for a more compassionate partner.

  61. Virgo have a analysis always see her movements and eyes rolling scorpion jealousy impression. Scorpion always attacks back fight campaign. Virgo well know scorpion attitude. Virgo ignore and pardon

  62. Virgo analyse Scorpio his eyes rolling his way cold war and Talking behind backs, jealousy, his face impressions Care and sorrow oppressed, scorpion Love Money and and play others. if your friend scorpion then you help (Money), when he survival, then first Jealous with you. don’t share any ideas thinks to you Impersonate. but his memory get way of Money. if you any help Scorpion then he revenge inject Poison you (his Jealousy way) is reason. make lot friends has fun and start game, friends to Friends and he hide and show as a Judge. Virgo is Cool mind and soft corner and ignore better know Scorpion.

  63. I’m a Scorpio women and have been with my Virgo man for 2yrs. It’s true he is the only one I listen to, and the only one that has control over me like no other. We have argued every single day since our first date. Lol. But i blame him for nit picking everything and he blames me for not ever agreeing with or siding with him. We both give each other enough space apart. My only problem is that I’ve become too attached to him ever since the 1st time he cheated. I guess I feel too insecure now bc before i was always so positive that I was the only girl very confident with trusting him to go do whatever he needed to. Now I just feel like he is going to cheat the moment he leaves. Considering the fact that he has cheated multiple times and I’ve lost trust in him and somehow still forgive him enough to trust that he won’t do it again and before I know it, it happens again. I don’t understand how or why I feel like he loves me to an extent and then just does not care how I feel at all about anything. I know this isn’t healthy for me and nobody deserves to be treated in this way but I can’t help that I love him and try to understand why he hasn’t stopped hurting me. I know sometimes he feels my pain and cries with me but there’s still no excuse for this kind of behavior & I wish he would stop and we could finish our goals we had all planned out for our future………

  64. Idk what to do everyone…im a virgo woman who has fallen for a scorpio man and I’m having a hard time deciding whether this connection between both signs is real. My scorpio man is a co-worker who has a girlfriend but we’ve really connected the past year since we’ve worked together. We talk for hours sometimes and we don’t realise/notice the time. He stares into my eyes but i can’t tell if he’s just looking like he would do everyone else or if it’s an intense gaze. He recently shared some news with me that he’s only shared with one other person, which is probably his girlfriend. He hasn’t told his parents yet. I can’t tell if he feels the same. I asked if he would go to an art exhibit after work and he said his girlfriend probably wouldn’t be cool with it. Idk what to do.

    1. Let me add so I won’t be perceived as a homewrecker that he has expressed that she tries to change him weekly. Another one of our co-workers asked if his mom likes his girlfriend and he said yes. She said that this is a good thing and he made a face. Should I give up? Is it wrong of me to even like someone at work? I know some people feel that is the wrong place to look for love.

      1. You’re a homewrecker whether you want it to be known or not. You knew he had a girlfriend from the beggining. If he’s doing that to her don’t think you’re the only person he’s doing that with. Cut him off and find yourself a single Scorpio, it’ll be worth it boo!

  65. I’ve been having a huge crush on this Scorpio guy at my highschool, we tend to see eachother a lot around highschool and sometimes in town, I really like him and I feel like we could get along so well, whenever we see eachother in the hallways we stare in eachother’s eyes before I break the eye-contact because I get all shy and I blush and I don’t want to, but I just can’t bring myself to talk to him, me being the shy Virgo, I’m 2 years youger than him and he kind of intimidates me, but the thing is we have so much in common, I just don’t know what to do. He’s usually with his group of 2 friends while I’m with my own so we don’t really have a chance to be alone.

    1. Maybe next time when you both make eye contact in the hallway, you can wave at him. This way you’re making a move without actually having to speak (since you’re shy). If he likes you, his next move will be telling. Either way you save face because you don’t have to speak.

    2. You sound exactly like me and scorpio guy. We met in middle school. I was the new girl and shy. He was one of the only people we came and sat next to me on the bus and instantly opened me up. Keep the eye contact, stay mysterious…let him approach you they like to hunt.

    3. Let me update everyone. My scorpio crush switched jobs and I haven’t heard from him. I guess the connection was in my head. It’s a shame because this was the first scorpio who ever caught my attention.

  66. This reading was spot on with every single detail. In fact, I think Scorpio and Virgo should be #1 in compatibility above any other signs. The level of heat that comes between me and my scorpio guy by just looking at each other, without even needing to say anything to one another is enigmatic. I believe these two signs are true soul mates but because there’s such passion between them, the level of insecurity and jealousy can make or break the two of them. We almost never argue or fight about anything but rather the forces of other people trying to bring us down that cause complications. We fully appreciate each other’s individuality and actually learn from each other. We make each other better. If that’s not soul mate like then I’m not sure what else is.

  67. I am a Scorpio and he was a Virgo. Everything you said is spot on. Our connection was so strong like we were one person. My heart ached when he wasn’t around. We did spend too much time together. He needed constant praise and reassurance. He cheated on me multiple times and left me when i was pregnant. The relationship was short but incredibly intense. My heart was torn to shreds by him and I’ve never really been the same since. I haven’t met anyone else as I cannot let myself be hurt again. He is not part of his daughter’s life (his choice) He is dead to me which helps a little bit. I just never want to see him or hear his voice ever again as it’ll just rake up all the pain and heartache he caused

    1. It’s good he is no longer in the picture to save you from further hurt. Your happiness and your child is what matters the most. Take care of yourself in this time of healing. I’ve often try myself to put things in perspective. as much as I cared for the Virgo Man, his actions does not show it. I take it as it is. I have no obligation to wait on wishful thinking. Yes hard to let go; but let it be.

  68. I was involved with a Virgo man a while back. He was hard to read but told me a lot and the comfort level went deeper than is normal which alarmed me on some subconscious level. I drove him away, he was crushed. I hurt him before he could hurt me . I feel now, I was wrong to do so. He only wanted to love me . No hidden agenda , but I had to go and sink that ship down to the bottom of the ocean. He loved me for me, all of me. First time ever and I didn’t appreciate it. Things got a little crazy between us before I ghosted him but I was the instigator every time and he only struck back out of being hurt. I now see clearly how I caused everything to deteriorate between us. I don’t want to turn back the clock but, I wonder if he and I could start anew.

  69. My virgo woman is hard to read at times but this site is reassuring. I am so attracted to her that it is scaring me and this post says it all. It is on point true how we like it when it’s just us two and no one else and being completely open and intimate with one another even though we make each other feel nervous . When we are with our friends, my virgo woman is too embarrassed to show her affection in public but when it’s just us two she is very affectionate and charming. I think because we are both so cautious and closed off at first, this makes us both mysterious to one another. She is also very sophisticated and keeps me grounded which I love.

  70. I am a Scorpio woman who was having a long distance relationship with a Virgo guy for 2 years. I don’t trust easily and my instincts were correct. Another woman was talking to the Virgo guy for 8 months. She looked me up. Now the Virgo asks me why I should trust her, says we need to talk about this but yet he goes silent. I honestly thought things were good but he cheated and lied to me and makes me out to be the bad person in this situation. This is why a Scorpio woman never trusts so easily.

  71. I recently just broken up with my virgo and he was more attached then I was but I miss him. Our love was like no other and I miss it will he ever come back or did my deep feelings and emotions scare him?

  72. This is so true. I feel obsessive and overprotective of my virgo partner that it is almost like co-dependent relationship. I just miss my virgo partner -all- the -time, his presence, his calmness. It could easily turn into an unhealthy relationship where we cannot function without each other. The more I see him, the harder it is for me to go on long periods without him. He is just so gentle with me, in these tubulant times is when I need him the most. Only he can calm my intensed emotions. <3

  73. Virgo woman here. Dated a Scorpio male and although they can be intensely loyal, my ex Scorpio was not necessarily faithful.

  74. Scorpio and Virgo relationships are the most private and notorious pairings of all zodiacs. It’s your typical good girl and bad boy pairing that just complement each other so well. They are the pairing that everyone obsesses over, the pairing you never expected but somehow seems to work so well for them. It is like they were meant to find each other and be together, but at the same time feel repulsed by one another. An interesting pairing that you often see in movies I must say. The Virgo is the one that brings out the good and romantic side of Scorpio (that he/she never thought they had in themselves); and the Scorpio brings out the exciting and bad in the Virgo (that he/she never had the courage to be). They make a beautiful, yet an exciting couple. They learn a lot from each other and really do evolve together. This is a couple that can conquer anything when they are together.

  75. (sorry for the long post and the bad English :-)) I met my scorpio woman two years ago online (I am a virgo woman). She sent me a text to tell me how much she appreciated my blog. Since she was a big name in that blog-world I was pretty flattered and we started to chat. We seemed to have a big connection and after two weeks we chatted every single day, in the morning, while being at work and most of the evenings discussing our days and more. Wouldn’t we have time to talk we would at least sent each other a (sweet) goodnight message. We used to have funny, emotional, personal chats. I am a very closed person and doesn’t want to bother others with my stuff, but she found a way to let me talk. I am still surprised I opened up so easily and so soon to her, she encouraged me to tell me what was going on but never in a pushy way: she was there for me when I was ready to talk. This friendship lasted for two years, with some ups and downs. Recently, after a huge fight, she told me she never want to communicate with me again. I figured out she was lying to me about something significant. Confronting her with her lying she kept denying and at the end made me feel guilty and put the blame on me because she didn’t like how I figured out she was lying. I think she has a point there so I took the blame and apologized for that. Nevertheless she admitted lying instead she was acting manipulative and also turning around the tables during that conversation. After telling me she never want to communicate she blocked me, only to unblock me a few weeks later. How I wish now I read earlier about the traits of a scorpio, I would have understand her much better and it would have been easier to accept her “it’s just how I am”. As a true Virgo I am overthinking this friendship and still wondering why I failed. At some point I felt her pulling back and I still don’t know why it happened. Is it because that’s what scorpio’s do once in a while? Is it because I was too demanding/clingy/needy because of bad experiences in the past and insecurities on my site. I have let her reassure our friendship more than a dozen times, every time she would tell me how she is enjoying our conversations and how she would be disappointed would we ever stop talking. Or reading this here is it because she started to have feelings for me? She is a bi-sexual but only known for that in the “blog-world” in real life she isn’t out, she is in her forties and pretty confident with her life; I am not sure if she ever wants to come out. Besides we live in different countries and I don’t know how she feels about long distance relationships. I hope this is not the reason for her pulling back, because I am sure now I had/have a crush on her. It would be devastating to know we wasted an opportunity. I was devastated when this ended, but came soon to the realization I had to change some things/work on myself. So, I am seeing a therapist to learn where all these insecurities are coming from, how I can be happy again and accept you can’t control everything in your life. Besides that I started some new hobbies and am feeling better and better… but I still miss the amazing talks. I am thinking of sending her a letter when I have my shit back together, apparently her ending our friendship was what I needed to work on myself and I want her to thank for that  and tell her I am proud of myself for what I have achieved since the break up. It would be nice would she respond to that, but I know when a scorpio tells you she is gone… she is gone; so no high expectations on that from my side. Thank you scorpio girl for the great time, maybe fate will let us cross our paths again (how I wish that will happen). So, if there is anyone here who can tell me I still can have hope for my scoprio returning: let me know :-)!!!

    1. She won’t return .. Scorpios take alot of time clinging onto things n thinking things through while departing but once they are gone n it’s been a while like some time has really passed away than they won’t return.. she may remember you forever but she will not return.. Scorpios keep all memories good n bad but they don’t accept wat is gone with the wind..

      1. Thanks for your response. Of course not the answer I hoped for, nevertheless the answer i expected. Recently she started reblogging my posts again, it feels like she is re-acknowledging my existence. I guess that’s all I will get from her though.
        What I still find weird is she behaving as a liar. All I read is a Scorpio hates being lied on, but in this case the Scorpio is the liar even after we promised each other we would always be honest even knowing the truth could hurt the other. I will never understand what made her do this. And worst is she never admitted or took accountability for her behaviour (I think that that wasn’t clear from my original post).
        Anyway, still thinking about writing that letter but probably never post it just to give myself some closure. I will never forget her and also remember the good and the bad.

  76. I am a Virgo Woman who has been in Love with a Scorpion Man for almost Six years. The relationship caught me completely off guard, and We have spent years reading each other and getting to know each other, but it has been anything but easy; doesn’t Really matter though because at this point..No one is better than him, no matter his flaws or anything..He truly is Perfect..And I think I’ll Love him Forever!!–MyLove–

  77. I am a virgo women as well. I have known my Scorpion for almost five year. I have fallen in love with him. He did walk away from me but I still love him. I dont want him to ever be hurt. Like LeadingLadiee84 said no matter what he will always be perfect to me.He has his flaws and quirks but I love him mo matter what. It has hurt me like hell to
    see him in pain and when he walked away it hurt me. But no matter what I will always love him. I hope he knows that.

  78. Yes Virgie’s are amazing.. there’s no doubt about that, very compatible, they really understand us Scorpios and yes attachment is quite a thing for Virgios.. I have known only a few Virgoes but they were attached with me n emotionally they just connect.. and they seem like happy go lucky but they are really deep.. amazing match 🙂 full of depth, happiness and love.. kind of made for each other

  79. HELP!
    I (virgo 25) met a beautiful scorpio women (23) and we hit it off instantly and we believe we are already meant to be with one another after 2 months of talking. Everything was perfect but I unintentionally hurt her and now afraid to lose her. She is aware of my situation in which I currently live with my ex but will be moving out the end of the month. She was still willing to continue talking giving the situation as we were so perfect for each other. Recently, I told her that I promised my ex I wasn’t going to date until I moved out. I know she is keen on honesty and I wanted to be up front with her. Once I told her she was totally turned off and changed her thoughts of what she perceived me to be. I feel like a loyal and honest person but it seemed to backfire when I told her what I promised my ex. She was not only mad that I didn’t tell her earlier but also angry that I didn’t tell my ex about us, but I didn’t want to hurt her. She stated she still wants to communicate but drastically cut back on how we used to be (talk all day everyday). The scorpio will ignore my texts/phone calls one day but then initiate a few days later, but only to say “have a great day!”. I don’t want to lose her already but I assume since she stills maintains limited contact, I still have a chance? I know what I have to do and that is to be honest with my ex that I am currently talking to someone. This is the right thing to do as well as prove to the scorpio that I am in it for the long run.

    It drives my virgo mind crazy knowing I don’t have control or reassurance of us and not knowing what will happen in the future. Ill do anything to regain her trust and will continue to reach out to her. Again, she is really upset about the situation and thinks of me differently now, but I had good intentions. We don’t have the relationship we used to have but I want that back ASAP. She is slightly confusing as one day she will initiate communication but then ignore me once I further the conversation. Do I have a chance?

    1. I know exactly how you feel. I’m a Virgo in love with a Scorpio but have made a few mistakes and hurt him. I love him so much but I realize that I cant make mistakes without him running off or digging into my stuff to see who Im talking to and if I am betraying him. I cant live like that. Its too much. When he makes mistakes I pull away but if he apologizes I forgive him.
      We make all sorts of excuses for Scorpios being so afraid to be vulnerable. We Virgos do understand cause we are the same.
      But what always makes me sad is when they jump to conclusions that what we are trying to do is bad instead of at least seeing why we are trying to do what we do or discuss it with you
      I see why you did what you did about your ex. You are trying to ensure your break is clean so your Scorpio doesn’t have to deal with your residual. She has to see that you still love and respect your wife for the years you were happy. After all, why hurt her. You LOVE her but you aren’t IN love anymore.
      I understand how she feels. Really I do… but if she doesn’t trust in your integrity in trying to do what you feel is the right thing, then you have to consider if she will always be like this if you DO end up together.
      I really regret the few mistakes I have made. But I don’t think it should end something so strong and rare as I have with my Scorpio. But evidently right now he does. I have no control over him. No more than you have no control over her.
      Next time she texts you be brief. But try to move on. IF ts meant to be it will happen…

  80. Scorpios are very guarded and deeply fearful of letting others in for fear of being hurt. I think you still have a chance. She probably is also being respectful of your ex. We can also be extremely jealous. The fact that she is still communicating with you makes me think she is just keeping you interested or trying to see if you are still interested. Scorpios very big into honesty and she is probably upset that you didn’t notify her of that at the get go. She may be a little weary and mistrustung of you going foward….be patient and earn her trust. We like full disclosure. Anyway, I wish you good luck as I understand how powerful the Scorpio/Virgo connection can be.

  81. Sorry to say that there is no chance in that is going to happen. Neither of them will ever come forward again. Virgo is too rational to even rethink for another chance. Both are very independent signs and such a breakup would never end in reuniting ever again. They both know this. Sorry to put it so bluntly but the only chance any sort of reunion to ever happen is meeting by chance again -unexpectedly. Other than that, the chances are very, very slim. Good luck.

  82. I just stumbled across this and I am glad I did. This is the way I feel for my Scorpio male friend. We spend all kinds of time together We just enjoy each other so much. but he makes no clear indication he cares for me outside of our friendship. There were time I thought I saw something…. It would peek out and I feel him wanting more but I just convince myself he just doesn’t want to lose me as a close friend and try to move on and he gets deeply hurt. I don’t have the time or the luxury of playing cat and mouse. I try to stay cool but he knows how I feel. When I try to break and find someone and move on, we find our way back to each other. I know it isn’t healthy at this point but other men don’t interest me. I do feel insecure that he will find someone else. His want in a relationship is the same yet different enough than me to make me a little wary. He doesn’t want to compromise or settle after a huge heartbreak he had. He needs to have freedom. Yet he has a hard time when I try to move on. It has been a great source of pain to me.
    I know when he does find someone, I will simply have to walk away and never see him again. It will be way too painful..

  83. I’m a Virgo male who once dated a Scorpio woman. She was a complete psycho I tell you. I didn’t do as she told me and she bashed the crap out of me. I have scorpio male friends and they are cool but the Scorpio females are legit psychos.

  84. To Scorpios : I am a Virgo deeply in love with my Scorpio ex partner. We have known each other for over 3 years and got very close and bonded in a very deep way. He still wanted to “ play the field” , I wanted total commitment. So as he gradually pulled away and I felt the palpable lack of warmth coming from him , which I immediately noticed but didn’t admit I felt long until near the end of last summer. We had no contact until late October when he told me he found “ the love of my (his) life!”
    I was devastated and have not been able to recover from the shock. I get vindictive when I am hurt and he has his hurtful side to be fair , but I felt all along this was just a mere fling. I hope so because they still see each other and my Scorpio has been running hot’n’cold on me. I risked a very heartfelt explanation of how my life has been affected by our break up and he suddenly apologized for bring hurtful . I hope I can trust him not to hurt me anymore, because it will destroy me and all I ever wanted was to love him. I am giving him my trust but the waiting is making me feel like I could climb the walls . Wish me a positive turn of events .♍️💚♏️

  85. I’m male Virgo in high school who has fallen deeply in love with a Scorpio women. I met her at the beginning of my freshman year last school year. At first she seemed pretty shy and quiet. I was sitting by her all of the time during the first month or two. She was new to the school so I decided to be nice and polite so I said “hey how you doing”. To which she smiled and said “I’m doing good” in response. I forgot what else I said too her that day. However the next day I came in humming or singing something and she kind of started grooving with me to it. Then, the next day I came in and she said “hey did you miss me”. To which I was surprised by and said” yeah I missed you”. So as time passed she started to get more and more comfortable. And, when I say comfortable I mean comfortable. I’m class she would flash her panties; I think bra a some points and etc. To which I was kind of shocked by being I’m a Virgo and not that bold. I remember in class one day when I was talking too my friend who was sitting in behind me. He was taking about how me and her should be together and something like that. To which she heard and I kind of rejected and said no because I was already in a relationship since the year before. Well fast forward a little later in the year I start sitting by her again. This time at the back of the classroom. This is where she started to get even more comfortable she would show me condone she’d kept in her purse, start touching me down below and everywhere, to where which I kind of was touching her too but not to that point. We started talking about some more personal or really sexual things like how she masturbated, squirted, and etc. I didn’t really particularly like taking about this stuff but I found over time I started to like it and her in the process. It started to get to the point where I couldn’t wait to get to school mostly so I could see her and talk to her. I mean we started to really click and have a connection to the point where everyone was saying that we should be together. Well this was the second opportunity I had to get with her but again I said no because it’s not the right thing to do since like I said I had a girlfriend. Well little did I k is my girlfriend was actually cheating on me with two other guys. So that kind of factors into the story a little bit. Since the beginning of year part of the reason I didn’t want to be with her is because she kind of had a smell to her. Well I went on to find out that she smoked weed pretty much daily and that weed was what I was smelling. I found it crazy that one of the reasons why I at first didn’t want to be with her would be one of the reasons I would want to be with her. So one day I came in class and sat down and we spoke like normal, but she all of a sudden raised her hand and asked to move her seat. Which caught me off guard because I don’t see what the problem was. Well a little after that we had a long stretch where we didn’t even talk at all. I didn’t think much about it because as Virgos and Scorpios were the pros at ignoring people. However we eventually started talking again but it seemed we didn’t have the same connection. Well further towards the end of the school year she started talking to other guys, getting in relationships, and kind of being way more social than usual. To which I kind of took it the wrong way and started worrying like Virgos do that she wasn’t interested. It got to the point where one day I saw her talking to this guy somewhere in the back of the hallway. No one was around or looking to until me and someone else walked up. As soon as she noticed me she kind of grabbed his hand and let him over to this corner where she thought we couldn’t see them. She then started talking to him and kissing him like right there. As soon as I saw them it felt like somebody just took the soul of of my body and just laughed while they held it in front of me. I was extremely hurt and felt like I had been played as I was stupid or something. So later on the next day when we got to our last period which was English 1( the class we took together all year). We ended up looking over at each other like we always do and gazing into each other’s eyes. She said that one of my friends had told her that we I had said something about her. To which I said who because have a tight circle so it was only a few people in the circle I didn’t feel I could trust as much. Then she said my neighbors name who went to the sane school and was one of my closest friends. To which I kind of felt dissapointed and betrayed. I assured her that I didn’t say anything bad about her and I would text her after school. I told her what that I had been feeling her ever since the beginning of the year. I didn’t tell her everything but I told her that I regretted not trying to be with her earlier to which she replied” me too”. I felt like the answer was genuine but as a. Virgo I worried that it wasn’t true and she was lying. Soon I found out she was a Scorpio which led me to this website. I’ve been doing research and reading ever since and have figured out that we are pretty much a perfect match. I found out that our imperfections are what makes click more. And no matter how some of my friends say she’s this or she’s that. I can’t help but see more than that. I see deeper than just what she does outside. It’s inside her that I feel makes me so attracted and my drive to find out how she truly is. In the last couple weeks of school I felt I was getting mixed signals. I ended up sitting in front of her and everyday she would always find some way to touch me. But then the next day it’s like she doesn’t even want to talk or act like she sees me. So, one day we were re-auditioning for the music programs we were in. The same dude she was kissing in the hallway unnoticed that she hadn’t been so friendly with and etc. I felt it was because she still felt some way and maybe still wanted to be with me.Well I tend to try and do things for her like by her food help out in whatever fundraising she was doing. I noticed that she was paying attention to it and earlier in the year kind of showed that she appreciated it. So this time when we went to the little store outside the school and back I reminded her that I said that I would tell her the rest of what I was talking about to my friend on the way back to the school. I rushed it and threw it up without much explanation to which I felt she didn’t really believe me completely and I didn’t believe myself. I felt like I wasted that opportunity I had and as a Virgo always is very down on myself. You see I feel she likes those guys who smoke weed, have their pants sagging, and are kind of thuggish which I’m not. As scorpios usually do she has a very high sex drive and on her Facebook profile always has something about how she likes guys to lick and please her. On the last day of school when we were at this rock climbing place which is like the school hang out. Me her and my friends were kind of talking. One of my female friends said that I would be really good husband to somebody one day. To which she replied “ to the right women”. As soon as she said that one of my male friends replied by saying “to you”. When he said that she blushed a little bit, smiled,and said that I was “too holy” for her. One of the biggest miss conceptions is that I’m a super Christian. People because they call me the reverend which was a nickname given to me in 8th grade that I’m holy. If she knew the original story of how I got the nickname she wouldn’t think that. My closest friends know that I don’t even hardly go to church or know any bible scriptures at all. Even though I was raised in a Christian household and church household. Me and my family are more spiritual than anything. We don’t think it makes since to put a certain name on religion. The way we see it mostly everyone believes in the same thing they just worship differently.So when she said that I was thrown off guard cause I she doesn’t know anything about except what I show her. Not even my closet friends know me really. They have no clue what I’ll do. When she said that it really frustrates me because no one even knows me like they think they do. Only I know what I’m thinking and who I truly am. I suprise myself sometimes with what I do. I feel like as Virgos we’re made to understand people but not truly be undeserving ourselves. Anyway now that it’s summer time and we’re out of school I’ll text her and it seems like she’ll just ignore me. It makes me worry because the way I see it I didn’t do anything to you it’s the other way around. I wish she would talk to me and communicate better so if I did do something to her she can help me understand so I’ll make sue not to do it again. I driving myself crazy because I can’t get her out of my head. Everyday I wake up I think about her and how I want express my feelings. But how can I do that when I feel she barely even believes anything I tell her. I need some help understanding this. I’m a young African American Virgo deeply in love with a young African American Scorpio women. I need to know if she feels the same or better yet if she’s evem interested.

  86. I am a Virgo female, through and through. I recently met a Scorpio male with whom I developed an instant connection. But he comes with complications (other women; he dates many to include one he seems to love deeply and another who broke his heart, but who he’s considering taking back). We agreed to keep things platonic, but the attraction was too strong. I’ve tried to keep my distance in an effort to give him space, but without being stand-offish. I’m always very receptive and open to him whenever we talk, text, or see each other in person. No matter how we communicate, it is always deep. And the fireworks when we’re together… OMG! He recently said I am very much in control. When I feel like I could easily lose myself in him, I’m not sure exactly what he meant by that. But he followed the comment with another saying that he wishes he could enter my mind, see what I see, and feel what I feel.

    True to the Virgo sign, I have analyzed every little detail. And I am scared as hell he’ll find someone better or that he is already with someone better. But I won’t let insecurity rule me. I have decided the best course of action is to drop whatever ego I have and simply go with the flow, no matter where it takes me. I have chosen to give him control, to be completely honest with him (I need to be completely honest with myself first), to be completely open – willing to answer all of his questions, and to be willing to accept him for who/what he is. As soon as I did that, things got even deeper. But after getting too close a few days ago, something changed and I immediately felt him pull back. Last night he said he needed space to “think through some things.” I let him know I completely understand and will respect that. I offered to be around when he is willing to reach out, wished him the best, and ended the conversation by saying he’s a beautiful person. He responded with “thank you, you’ve been wonderful, and I appreciate who you are.” (Wow, if only all break-ups could be this beautiful!)

    So now I wait. Oh yes, I immediately teared up, my heart ached, and I felt a huge loss (so strange considering we’ve only been together for a month). It’s way too soon to say he’s everything I’ve been looking for in a man… but he is… everything I’ve been looking for in a man. Given the chance, I could honestly love this guy, I honestly want to, and I’m scared I’ll never have that opportunity. The last thing I would ever do is to push him. The ball is in his court, and that’s exactly where I’ll leave it. Still, I can’t allow this to kill me. I can’t sit by the phone and wait for him to reach out. (What if he never does? Am I prepared for that?) I need to see other men. And I will. But the truth is, I want only him. I can only hope that by having been completely honest and open with him, by giving him space, and by giving him control, it will be enough for him to come back to me. This is one guy I never want to lose. Any advice from Scorpios – especially Scorpio men – is appreciated.

  87. I ( virgo) become to fall into a “trap” with a Scorpio , this scorpio had their eye on me for a while without me knowing, we bumped into one another when least expected and words were exchanged – she told me what she thought of me , one thing led to another .. she tells me she wants me , but that she can’t .. she thinks about me , she opens up to me , she knows I am good for her .. yet she is running away from it , I haven’t seen her more than twice , maybe three times. And I haven’t seen her for a while , what do I do?

  88. I ( a virgo ) have been seeing a Scorpio, only a few times and when we do we have the deepest connection, indescribable. We open up to eachother , her more than i. However , she runs away from this and refuses to see me, but tells me exactly how she thinks about me and feels towards me . What do I do to get my scorpio ..

  89. To all the scorpio-virgo couples out there…don’t give up!!! I am married to a scorpio and our marriage life has truly been a bliss. We are so naturally and effortless in-sync with each other that we intuitively understand each other, making solving problems so much easier than with other signs. If there is a sign that can make the detached virgo feel…it is a scorpio. And if there is a sign that can ever understand the depth and complexity of scorpios, it is a virgo. What a perfect match made on earth!

  90. I once dated a Virgo and this was very true for our relationship also. It did take us both a while to trust each other and open up completely, but once we did we had a pretty awesome relationship. Even though we both had our own friends group, there’s something about the connection between a Virgo and a Scorpio that made us mostly just want to spend time together alone.
    Thanks for your insights, great article!

  91. I (scorpio) had a relationship with a virgo for 11 months and 6days. We were doing really good. Not until that day she suddenly texted me that she couldn’t manage her time anymore. I know she has been faithful the entire journey of our relationship. I just dunno now. All I want is to have her back.

  92. I’m a virgo woman whose been in love with Scorpio man almost since the day i met him. We’ve had a sexual affair with a scorpio man for well over 16 years. I’m married with 4 children, and he’s married with 3. Up until 2 years ago, our relationship was strictly sexual with almost every encounter. No going out in public, no trips together, no meeting up just to talk-just meeting to have sex. I have for many years tried to understand where I stand in the relationship, but never quite understood. I’ve left iur encounters feeling satisfied, but even more confused about where I stand in his life. I love him so very much, but have always kept it to myself for fear he’d never want to see me again. I think of him all the time and sometime wish my husband and I would just uproot our lives to move and take jobs in another state. But, I don’t see it happening and I don’t see myself without this relationship with my scorpio. Until then, I left wondering what if….

  93. I’m a Virgo woman in a relationship with a Scorpio man. We have a great connection, our conversations flow so well and we can talk for hours, we truly enjoy each other’s company, and it feels right being with him. He’s very smart, quirky, competitive, intense, sweet, dedicated, and an overall good person. He always makes me feel like I’m most beautiful woman on earth without words, and when we make-out or are in the bedroom his passion exceeds any passion I’ve ever felt. I love it! He makes me feel wanted and sexy and really loves to please me as I with him. We definitely like to keep things mysterious and I think that always makes it fun for us. I can go on and on but ultimately, I think the Scorpio-Virgo match is perfect. He has his flaws, but they aren’t deal-breaking, I think the Virgo in me will eventually fix that for him 🙂 He mentioned a few times that most people feel awkward or intimidated by him, but with me, It’s like i’m unbothered and actually want to get closer to him. I think deep down he likes it lol.

  94. I’m a Scorpio female who is very much in love with a male Virgo. Is it normal for them to have a hard time opening up? Are they bad at expressing their feelings? I go by his actions and feel that he loves me, but it would be nice to hear it. Will it happen over time?

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