Taurus and Scorpios are opposites in the zodiac, meaning that this relationship is a case of opposites attracting. Although at first, you two may seem to be completely different, many of your inherent values and essences are similar. To begin with, you are both extremely stubborn and extremely passionate. Scorpio and Taurus are both Fixed signs, meaning that once they have made up their mind, no one and nothing can change their decision.

If for some reason you two are not on the same page concerning an issue, it can lead to explosive arguments and debates between you both. It is very difficult for either of you to compromise and you both want the last word. Improving your communication techniques and accepting that love should not be a competition or a duel but rather an allied affair may help you overcome this potential challenge of a Scorpio-Taurus relationship.

There are many strengths to this union as well. Loyalty comes naturally to both of you. Although both of you take a lot of time to trust someone new, once you have gained each other’s trust you are very devoted to each other, sometimes in a possessive way. Scorpio tends to express their devotion emotionally, through caring for Taurus, paying attention to what makes them happy, pleasing them intimately and spiritually, and being a support system and confidante during Taurus’ most challenging moments. You two are a low-key duo, enjoying each other’s company without the need to be in the limelight. You are both very mature and centered individuals.

Taurus expresses their loyalty to Scorpio in a more tangible and practical form. Taurus feels the need to protect and care for Scorpio. Taurus will do everything necessary to provide for Scorpio financially and emotionally. Taurus is a very dedicated worker and they take their responsibilities very seriously, including their relationship with Scorpio. Scorpio feels safe with Taurus, as Taurus is always there when Scorpio’s in need, a true rock for Scorpio to lean on.

Both Taurus and Scorpio can become jealous if they think someone else is trying to move in on their lover, or if their lover does not give them enough attention. Scorpio in particular is very territorial when it comes to Taurus, and Scorpio always keeps an eye out for outside intruders. Luckily, both Taurus and Scorpio view jealousy as a healthy sign of loyalty and commitment, so as long as you respect each other it should not get too out of hand. However, Taurus and Scorpios are signs of extremes, so you should still beware of overreacting or making impulsive emotional decisions. Taurus in particular can be very patient for the most part, but when Taurus becomes angry they transform into a completely different person. Neither Scorpio nor Taurus are good at finding balance, so that may be a recurring struggle in the relationship.

For this Scorpio-Taurus relationship to thrive and be long-lasting, you must both learn how to compromise and tolerate each other’s contrasting personalities. There can be a harmonious effect to your partnership if you put courage and effort into it. Both of you are signs who do not take relationships lightly, and you both thought long and hard before making the decision to commit. For this reason, no matter how hard things may get, neither of you is inclined to quit or give up. You will fight for your love because you know your love is special.

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