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Scorpio & Sagittarius

Scorpio lives in a world of black and white and does not see the middle ground in most situations. Sagittarius on the other hand, is as free as a bird, always up to something new. Sagittarius is the adventurer, an optimist, an idealist, and a philosopher. Sagittarius is attracted to Scorpio’s passionate and extreme personality, and this may be a strong base for their initial friendship. However over time, Sagittarius may find Scorpio to be too overbearing or intense for their light-hearted, go-with-the-flow nature.

Scorpio views Sagittarius as a bit of a weird mystery, because they are so used to figuring everyone out upon the first few seconds of meeting them. As Scorpio gets to know Sagittarius more, Scorpio realizes that they are extremely radical, progressive, fun-loving, and spontaneous. Sagittarius is not always the most dependable person, however, because they do not feel like following time restraints or set schedules. However, Scorpio can always rely on Sagittarius to make them laugh when they are feeling down. Sagittarius tends to view the glass as half full, and they have a highly contagious sense of humor. Sagittarius helps Scorpio take things more lightly.

Sagittarius is often perplexed by Scorpio’s critical, discriminating, suspicious and selective personality. Sagittarius is intrigued by how Scorpio is able to focus their attention on one project at a time, while Sagittarius is always distracted, searching for something or someone new. Scorpio is someone who takes loyalty very seriously, in both love and friendship. Scorpio does not have a huge amount of friends, but rather a few select close ones whom they share their life. Therefore, Scorpio may feel frustrated when they make Sagittarius a priority and Sagittarius chooses to mingle with some of their many other friends. This can be very disheartening and disappointing for Scorpio, as Scorpio seems to always be the one giving more in the relationship. This may not actually be the case, but this is the impression Scorpio may receive from Sagittarius — as though they are the most emotionally invested. Sagittarius prefers to show their commitment to the relationship through spontaneous acts of kindness and by taking Scorpio on fun and spontaneous outings.

The key to overcoming this obstacle is to have an open and respectful communication on this topic. Sagittarius will likely say that having freedom is their utmost priority, and even if it seems like they are off somewhere, Sagittarius will always come back to Scorpio if she trusts him. But Scorpio can sometimes be tired of waiting. The solution for Scorpio would be to learn the art of detachment and not attempt to always get Sagittarius to stick by their side, but to simply express their desire for Sagittarius’ presence and patiently observe their response.

The greatest threat to a successful partnership is if either of you fail to be truthful with one another, and/or if you impose on one another’s freedom. Sagittarius in particular dislikes clingy people, and Scorpio dislikes people who are too nosey. You must build trust between both of you, and learn to appreciate distance and time apart, because it will make you appreciate the bond you have rather than become resentful. Despite your differences, you have so much to learn from each other if you’re willing to compromise & accept what makes you both so unique.

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This 30-page report breaks down the overall energy of year 2 of Uranus in Taurus, and also highlights specific dates where we may feel its influence most intensely in our relationships. If you’ve been navigating challenges in your partnerships and feel like you’re at a crossroads in your love and social life, this forecast is for you. Empower yourself and empower your relationships by being self-aware and accepting of the changes manifesting in your life, rather than trying to control everything. You are not alone, and you will make it through stronger, wiser, and more evolved than ever.

All orders of Uranus in Taurus Part 2 are available for download immediately after purchase, and will also be emailed to you. Enjoy!

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Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, shifted into Taurus in March 2019, where it will remain until 2026. Since Taurus is Scorpio’s opposite sign of the zodiac, its transit has a direct effect on our partnership sector these next 6 years. Our romantic partnerships, as well as all types of partnerships, will experience a radical transformation from the inside out. This is something that we’ve felt within ourselves, and it will now manifest outwardly. Uranus in Taurus Part II serves as a guiding tool for navigating this 2nd year of Uranus in Taurus. Your relationship foundations are dramatically shifting, but as long as you trust your heart and your instincts, you’ll experience the love life meant for you, Scorpio. 2019 was an emotional rollercoaster, and 2020 can provide greater internal stability, even in the midst of external chaos or change.

This 30-page report breaks down the overall energy of year 2 of Uranus in Taurus, and also highlights specific dates where we may feel its influence most intensely in our relationships. If you’ve been navigating challenges in your partnerships and feel like you’re at a crossroads in your love and social life, this forecast is for you. Empower yourself and empower your relationships by being self-aware and accepting of the changes manifesting in your life, rather than trying to control everything. You are not alone, and you will make it through stronger, wiser, and more evolved than ever.

All orders of Uranus in Taurus Part 2 are available for download immediately after purchase, and will also be emailed to you. Enjoy!

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  1. So on point for my committed but not so committed relationship with a Sag! Truly impressed with everything here..keep up the good work as you never cease to amaze me.

    1. Im a scorpio and i met a sag man on plent of fish and the moment i met him i was like he is amazing without even talking to him yet so i said hi he was sweet and everything we live in different areas so he would travel to me. We went out on one date hes come to mine twice and we have been physical. But i find when we text i take what he says as if to say he was being rude and can come across hurtful, when i message him its like hours before i get a reply. I dont know its because we slept together he got distant with me we spoke on the phone once but whencwe are face to face we get on very well.We both after the same thing ans thats a serious relationship. Its only today he told me how at this moment it wont work cause of family and other commitment. I want him back cause i love his pureness his mindset and how he carries himself. Its like i cant see myself with anyone else but him and i want to tell him that but scared that i may come off obsessive or needy. Hes the man i would want in my life because with how im trying to change my trait i feel he will fulfil that what shall i do to win my portential sag man back i actually do like him very much and i dont want him to have anyone else

      1. I am a Scorpio and I met a Sagittarius man too. I felt the same way you felt with your Sagittarius man. I broke up with him several times and came back to him because I thought I couldn’t live without him or couldn’t find anyone better. We got married and have a kid together. But now, I realize I could have been better off without him because we have different mindset. I should have gone with my first instinct. He always find ways to upset me. Every time I wanted to leave the relationship, we ended up making it up. I don’t know how much longer I should hold on to this relationship, but I am thinking of my son. I never Rest In Peace with Sagittarius. I believe Sagittarius will bring you down. You will never be happy. I am surrounded by Sagittarius people, I am actually scared of them, my father, my brother, my cousins, my coworkers. I try to stay away from them.

        1. I know I’m late but I had to comment because this is such a horrible way to think and behave. You should not be afraid of your husband or anyone else just because they are a Sagittarius. Trust me, we’re not all big and bad as we seem. Most of it is a front because we like to play pretend. If you trust him, I believe that if you voice your concerns he will listen and you will either end on good terms or work things out for the better. If you do not say anything is wrong, he will assume nothing is wrong.

          1. I’m a Sagittarius female and I’m dating a Scorpio male. I as a Sagittarius have been broken more than once in my life. We love deeply and take everything to heart but we don’t have the capacity to show it and honestly don’t understand why. Trust me when I say that if we are dating you or talking to you that we sincerely mean it because we don’t have it in us to be fake at all. I’m doing research to understand my Scorpio more because I felt like he was the one pulling away in our relationship but he keeps making plans to see me atleast once a week. I’m not sure where it’s going but I’m totally into him and hope it lands in a good place. Sags get a bad rep for being relationship phobes but the truth is we love relationships and we love you with all our hearts and souls after we find you to be the right person for us but if you’re still in doubt after a few months, then we don’t trust you and probably never will. I hope this helps somewhat. I’m still hoping I can make it work with my Scorpio man!

      2. I also love my sag man like this but family is such a big obstacle in pur futire i wish till our time it all gets ok

      3. I am a scorpio woman and I met a sagittarius man on POF a couple of years ago and had a similar experience with the same excuses when asked about commitment and we lived 1.5 hours apart. It broke my heart to find out nine months later that he had a girlfriend on and off for seven years plus other women he was seeing. I later did plenty of research on narcissistic abuse and narcissist (somatic and cerebral). He fit the bill. Now that I know what happened to me…I am able to interact with him after two and half years and not get too attached. I am still quite attracted to him but I don’t believe anything he says, I know that I am not the only one although I don’t tell him that, I don’t look to a future with him, and I only see him on once a week on weekdays. This sounds sad, and to some extent it is, but like him, it allows me to keep my options open for what I deserve. That being said, when someone wants you there are no excuses. A man will make sure he knows that you are his priority and that he wants you and he wants to make sure no-one else gets you. It was a hard lesson to learn at a late age for me but I get it now. I say if you absolutely have to be with him, then let it run its course, but know that a life with him as a scorpio will be gut wrenching painful and may ultimately destroy you.

      4. Omg this is how I’m feeling now!!! He’s not much of a texted but when we are together we get along so well! It’s harder for me to deal with the lack of communication when we apart because when we get together it’s for a long period of time. Only apart for like three days but it seems like forever because we don’t talk much.

      5. That’s exactly how I feel about my sag. I never want to express my true feelings bc I’m scared it will put him in his shell. My best advice is to give him the space he needs. If it’s meant to be he will find his way back. They always do.

      6. I am a sagitarus dude and I am currently seeing a scorpio women. We have had like a one year relationship. I lover her and she loves me and we get allong fine when we are together but when we are texting we end up in a fight. And this is from my perspective (sagitarus perspective), you scorpio women tend to read too much between the line. Like scoprion women feels like every text has some hidden agenda and if the sentence or the text sounds bit off for your taste, you guys immediately think as if we are lying or hiding something or completely make a different meaning out of it. When I am with her and when we are fine with each other, my excitement and energy level are high but every time we fight my energy drops my multiple folds. I am willing to mold my self for my scorpio girlfriend but scorpio women seems to be umwilling to change. My only advice to scorpio women is Life is not black and white. And not everyone is trying to missuse you or harm you. Also please try to limit yourself from reading too much between the lines.

    2. Hey, I’ve recently got into a relationship with a Scorpio man, I am a Sagittarius, I call my partner a mysterious man all the time because he is, but he has really bad trust issues with himself, with his previous relationships so he’s so scared in case I do the same, I’ve told him on numerous occasions that you are an amazing person, I respect you, I give him truthful compliments to make him feel wanted if you get me.

      But because I am a Sagittarius I see the saggi point of views of how we feel towards scorpions, it’s like we are sucked in by you guys, and fascinated but when we get into that relationship you are thinking to yourself what is going on here, what have I done, feels like you have a hold on us.

      But because I’m very open minded, respectful, and actually very happy to of met my Scorpio knight in shining armour I respect his personality, his feelings.. well the ones he keeps locked away that is lol and I just respect him altogether, every nice thing, and every nice compliment I tell him I truly mean it from the bottom of my heard.

      The best feeling about all this too is that I fell in love with him, I’ve told him I love him various of times but he didn’t say it back which obviously made me feel abit poo.. anyways so one day he said to me.. do you really mean that? I said what? he said did you really mean it when you said you love me? I said yes of course I did from the bottom of my heart I mean it, he said aww wow because I feel the same way, I said aww really? he said yes I love you too… man that got my emotions going like crazy.. I am so happy and so is he.

    3. I read this book about the zodiac. And when looking at the constellations you’ll find that the Sagittarius is pointing his arrow directly at the heart of the Scorpio, antares. He is across the river while he watches the Scorpio and her natural nature’s and is ready to strike her if she gives into her scorpionic ways; the lust of the flesh. Basically sag is there to keep Scorpio in line but Scorpio is just like I wanna fuck you and love you and tries to interfere with the work of the Sagittarius. So use your lucky sag as your compass to stay in line and keep your life force energy within you. But stay playful with Sagittarius keep that man on his toes guessing what’s your next move will be.

  2. I am going through this now with my twinflame…im trying to learn the art of detachment but it can be very difficult at times & sometimes I feel that my intensity can ruin everything along with my trust issues..

  3. I’ve been dreaming bout a Sagittarius I use to date & by all means I want him back but I dont know if we a great match since im a Scorpio

    1. i have this problem too. just try not to look interested but my yourself look sexy. they can get charmed. be at some distance. this will teach them not to mess wit us. 😉

    2. I’m a Scorpio female and I met this man who is a Sagittarius and I fell in love with him. We were best friends for about 8 months and recently our friendship got toxic and he ended it. He also said I’m “too much to handle” and he was also negative a lot. He was a super sweet guy. He was easy to fall for. He never really was good at communication. I love him a lot tho. He is always going to different places but isn’t really out there. We had a lot in common but it ended sadly but being a Scorpio I will always love him.

      1. oncce again its me tanleigh. i havent talked to the sag in about 70 days and im kinda over him. Im still madly in love with him. i kinda miss our friendship more than anything. i mean recently he texted me cause my dog passed away and he tried to comfort me. he told me he felt terrible about ending the friendship and he had to come back to me but it felt fake and like he was only doing it cause my dog died. Well he was amazing and i will always be here for him and he will always be my first love and have a special place in my heart

  4. Couldn’t agree with this more. So on point! I love my Sag so much but he can be a handful sometimes (: Trust and communication are definitely key to this Duo (:

    1. @Labella , I’m on the same boat as you…I miss him a lot and he’s kinda 50/50 talking to someone so I’m just stuck.. but only time will tell. try to be there for him as much as you can just don’t push it :). that’s what I’m doing. then again in life you don’t get things easily you have to work hard to get it.

  5. I’m going through all of this. Our egos clash and we break up for 2 weeks or so and pick up the pieces. Definitely have to work on having a better attitude and trusting him more

    1. I go through the same thing with mine. We go weeks and sometimes months without speaking, then pick back up like nothing ever happened. It’s becoming too emotionally stressful for me.

  6. This is soooo true.. My Sag is so social and adaptive to any environment and I’m more of the mean girl.. you can’t sit with us lol but he teaches me to be more open and I teach him to be more discrete and less predictable as a Sag really isn’t that predictable but you can bout guess there on the move looking for adventure.. Lol trust and communication is definitely key but distance helps this relationship.. I had the hardest time creating distance because I always wanted him there.. But when he’s not with me his mind is and that’s what keeps the Scorpio and Sag a interesting couple.. He may be somewhere else but wanna be with you and that’s why he will always be back

    1. I currently have been with “my” sag for a little over 2 years. We almost married. Its been intense. We broke up bc i (scorpio) felt smothered by him the sag! Twist of fate. We are back seeing each other (no labels like bf) bc we are still really in love with each other. But im realizing how i need to let go of my need for control. We are polyamorous. Which im ok with but i still get so jealous and controlling! I let it go and communicate my feelings and i grow deeply. Hes learning communication and honesty and follow thru bc i need it to feel safe. I also am an aries rising gemini mars moon taurus and his moon is in cancer and venus is libra. So it can work!

      I dont know how long we’ll be in this but i guarantee itll be full of passion excitement and growth if we are flexible and give each other space to grow and love.

      1. He’s moon in cancer n mars in Libra, tell me more, I am thinking abt a sag guy with these two traits, don’t know if I should try or not, can u elaborate how he s?? I am a Scorpio with Libra moon, mars in Libra as well, I need some advice

  7. I been with my Sagittarius for 15 years and it’s an ongoing struggle. I’m ready to let go and move on being with someone that is not compatable is way too much work.

    1. I too am with a Sag man. We have been together for over 11 years and finally proposed. The thing with Sag men, is they do not know how to communicate. At times, it is so frustrating trying to make him understand that I feel lonely and bored in this relationship. When his guy buddies come to visit, he actually is very talkative and hilarious. When we are alone at home, I barely even get a conversation. He goes to his buds place and come home after 12AM with no phone call to me. When I ask, why didn’t you call, he says, “I can call him.” This my first Sag man and I have a problem with his disrespectful mouth and failing to communicate with me. I have no idea how much longer I can remain in this boring relationship…In the beginning, it was fireworks. Now, I am telling him what is missing in this relationship more times than once. All he says, I’m gone do better. It’s been over 5 years he said that and nothing has changed. Sag men are selfish and only think about themselves.

  8. Do. Not. Waste. Your. Time…

    Scorpio male here…

    Saggatarious is too much work for Scorpio. Although extremely attracted; Saggatarious and Scorpio just don’t mix long term.

    Saggatarious is high mainetance, added to the light heartedness, and restlessness; you will feel that your time and effort is meaningless. With devotion and attention being our key traits; you will feel that Saggatarious takes you for granted.

    Whether or not that is true is whether you choose to invest that energy.

    That energy is better off spent with someone that connects with you emotionally, and on the intellectual level Scorpio’s are on. The physical attractions can be enough to keep the fire going with the Saggatarious but fall short of the intellectual level (maybe it’s a planetary alignment thing).

    Go for the cancer if you’re more homely; for the more busy Scorpio’s the Pisces is what you want and need.

    The Saggatarious is deadly to the Scorpio in my honest opinion; they often shoot before thinking. Don’t tell yourself that you will dodge it either Scorpio.

    The Saggatarious has perfect aim.

    1. Hi I’m a Sag woman and my childs father is a Scorp! We’ve been broken up for almost a year now but my heart won’t let go! We still communicate but I can tell I’ve hurt him badly and he can’t see past it! I just wanna kno is it too late and if not, what can I do to bring him back? Please help me. This man is my everything and more and idk what else to do.

      1. Don’t go back. It won’t work.
        I’m a Sag married to a scorpio.
        They think they are always right, possesive, fake in public , don’t know what it takes to keep his sag woman happy, doesn’t see the consequences of his actions until it’s too late. always come up with great ideas and give great advise but doesn’t follow them. Doesn’t want his sag to have a opinion of her own. I’M getting out of this as soon as I can, but foolishly brought kids into this mess so it’s taking quite some time. BUT DON’T GO BACK. You left for a reason, he won’t change.. move on

        1. Perfectly on point. I’ve been in a relationship with a scorpio guy. He was doing the same with me and even he disrespect me. So to be myself I broke up with him. Still he claims that he loves me but scorpios are liars and cheats.

          1. BHAHA. Scorpios cheat and liars?? Are you for real lady? Its pretty obvious that Scorpio dont mesh with Sagittarius, if you really love each other you have to compromise, communication and trust are the keys. Scorpios along with Leos are the MOST loyal and intensely loving zodiac of the whole Zodiac Nation
            Before you talk bs like that do your research, your experience is bad luck, but scorpios aren’t cheats, if anything that are cheaters are Sagittarius. Plus mayne you are Not good wnough for scorpios 😆

  9. As a sagittarius, I am open and kind until I have been crossed. Scorpio’s direct and/or indirect secrecy and need to feel to keep things compartmentalized/hidden is the biggest annoyance for me. Also, when they are feeling depressed and like life sucks, I can’t empathize – pick yourself up and move on! Okay, I’ve said my piece… Love to all (:

    1. Oh my gosh! ‘J’ yes! I’m a Sagittarius too and for me my star sign is just so on point! I think a lot of people think I’m bitchy for having the “pick yourself up and move on!” sort of outlook but that’s just how I feel!! I’m too honest for my own good sometimes but I just find secrecy so darn annoying!! There’s just no need for it!

      1. You all are full of it too!

        I have never met a more insecure, jealous, mean woman as a sag.

        You all do not know the meaning of the word friend.

  10. I’m a sag. My Scorpio broke me twice and now here he is.. Coming back for the third time but I refuse. I dunno whats on his head. He left me then now he will come back..

    1. Classic Scorpio man. I think they leave so you will miss them, but Sagittarius female thinks they leave because it’s over. Very confusing.

  11. Sag male here. This relationship can work, you just can’t be selfish to eachother. You can learn a lot from eachother. My Scorpio lady is the air I breath , she brings me back to earth. Oh this pair can work . Don’t give up . Both very strong signs. Great match if you want it.

    1. Maybe it’s the Sag male and Scorpio female combo that works b/c i love love love my sag man. He is very extroverted to my wanting to keep to myself. He breaks me out of my comfort zone and we have some much fun. Not to mention his thoughtfulness and million other things. I’m a happy scorpio lady!

    2. Sagittarius female here. My Scorpio man is driving me crazy. He is filled with passion, extremely intuitive, fun and hot. Our relationship has been amazing.
      We are married, and have been together 6 years. He’s very temperamental and recently moved out during one of his heated fits. He keeps saying it’s over, then comes back. He’s extremely jealous, suspicious, calls me a liar (MAJOR insult to a Sagittarius), and has a hot as fire temper. Is there any way to tame this creature? The love/passion is very worth lots of effort. But his pull the rug out from me and unpredictable nature is very hard to comprehend.
      Any Scorpio males want to share some insight?

      1. Maybe he hasn’t fully matured to fully handle a Sagi. I’m a Scorpio n recently cudnt handle a Cancer when I got asked the jealousy question. N I replied with such calm that I don’t get jealous if you are mine. She didn’t really like my reply but accepted it after a day. I know right? So un-Scorpio like. I guess I went through something in my life in my entrepreneur area that taught me the patience. Guess which sign I plan reconnect with as we are long time friends. And now I have means to travel whenever I want and take the Sagi along.
        Talk to your Scorpio and assure him that you are his. Go for a holiday or something together.

    3. I’m a female Scorpio with a Sag male for 5 years now. He is funny, kind, sweet, intellectual, gracious, adventurous and the master of the tough love speech (which can be difficult, but in the end, mostly appreciated). I feel fortunate to have him in my life. I am very sensitive, somewhat introverted and a keen observer. The world can feel quite heavy at times and he is the one to remind me that it’s really going to work out. Mutual respect, a loving heart, a listening ear and being as present as possible are the keys to making relationships work; no matter what your signs are.

    4. Awwww this gives me so much hope. I’m a Scorpio woman and I’ve been in love with a sag since the first time I met him in 2014! We were never official because he was wild and had a temper. But we were always deeply attracted to each other physically and mentally. He’s given me a feeling that no other guy has ever given me & although I recently left a 2 year relationship with a Taurus, I’m STILL searching for the feeling my sag gave me. Idk. I hope one day we can try it out. We hung out for a whole summer with mutual friends but never formally dated. He wasn’t my first but he was the guy who taught me how to have sex & to be confident in my body & sexuality. We’ve always remained friends and stayed in contact plus he ALWAYS finds his way back to me. Sometimes because of his unpredictable behavior we would fall out & not speak for long periods of time, see each other in public & speak like nothing ever happened. Toxic or nah? Lol hope not. He just used to make me feel like the only woman on the planet & used to reassure me constantly. We always had such sweet random, wild, fun, adventurous, special moments together. We care about each other so much but couldn’t commit for some weird reason. For the past few months he’s been on my mind heavily and I just want to see him. I am a scorpio sun, sag moon, & Aquarius rising. Idk his chart. Not sure if this would work but putting it out there. Irdk what I want from my sag because I understand who he is & how he can be but I do care about him and seemed to have truly been struck by his arrow.

  12. So .. Here’s my opinion about my sag! He is very honest and that is one quality trait that is hard to find ! I respect him on many different levels, however he is brutally honesty about a few other things in our friendship ! I believe it’s not what you say’s HOW you say it ! which will make or break how a sensitive scorpio respond to you ! We have a strong fear of being judge along with harsh criticism !! If you want your SCORPIO to open up ! Be understanding and remember nobody’s perfect it’s all what you make of it !! Appreciate the good times !! The world won’t be here forever and neither will we !

  13. I’m a Sag who has tried to have friendships with countless Scorpios. Keyword tried. Meaning it’s an effort. I find that the first line is true, Scorpios have a very black and white way of seeing things, with no room for middle ground. It comes off very dogmatic and in arguments the Scorpio would usually insist that one person was right and the other was wrong. And if they did realize there were gray areas and there was fault on both sides, they would have some difficulty digesting the situation.

    Sagittarius are extremely open and honest. We’re too honest and that can definitely hurt some feelings. But I find that Scorpios are really secretive, especially when they’re feelings are hurt which is not helpful when communication is key.

    In all my Scorpio relationships, I felt like I was actually the one doing all the work. Making a huge effort to show my Scorpio that I was a safe, non-judgmental place for them to talk. So that we could work thru our probs. But all I would get is severe mistrust and attacks on my character. And lots and lots and lots of blame.

    Lol, this is just my friendships tho. I can’t imagine what’s like to have a romantic Sag/Scorpio relationship. Sounds like a mess.

    1. Wow thats exactly how I’ve felt with a scorpio friends, a lot of shifting blame, attacks on my character, they play a lot of games too, couldn’t stand it bc we can see that they’re being manipulative and just throw our hands up in the air and walk away. I’m a sag w sag rising.

    2. Interesting. I have tried everything to be friends with my SIL. Instead I get the finger pointing that everything is my fault, she doesn’t want to take responsibility. I am a Scorpio female and she is sag. She is the total opposite. I can’t stand when someone has a problem with someone and they go to other ppl and talk crap. I confront her that is how I am, and she tells me she tells the truth…cough…..Then she finally admitted to me she is not the best at coming to me when she has a problem. I can take honestly as I am blunt and honest myself. Then I found out she is Scorpio/Sag…no wonder. I have tried everything but she never took the time to get to know me at all. But then I am Scorpio and rising Sag so I feel that these signs do affect the person personality. It is to the point where we hate each other and I mean HATE. I will not stand someone disrespect me but as far as dating a SAG, HELL NO. I am married to Aquarius with I think moon or rising in Aries. Interesting that you said you felt like you were doing all the work but in my case, the opposite including the blame. Granted there is more to this story but the one thing I don’t do is LIE.

    3. ALL OF THIS!!!! I clicked with a Scorpio woman because of my happy-go-lucky and caring nature … ended up getting sexually involved with her and an old flame/friend (Aries/Taurus cusp bday on 4/20)… I welcomed her into my home and my life with open arms, honesty, kindness, friendship in earnest… and all she eventually brought was b.s. and drama. I’m too open and honest yes. But I mince my words and told her things I only knew through wisdom and experience. She always thought someone was judging her or trying to make her uncomfortable… as she was sleeping in my bed every night, eating the few groceries I had, cuddling with me, or driving herself crazy with situations that just did not serve her. She got mad over small things and I kept forgiving them. She lied as needed to get whatever she needed done and would never be upfront about anything. She had also developed really quick and fast feelings for me post sex and was hurt by every. little. thing. that hinted at there not being a long term romantic relationship between us. Scorpios are too much work, too little result. They are generally selfish, but I will say they are about their business. Whatever they want, they will go for it relentlessly until they choose to walk away for whatever reason… Easily scorned and condescending, because they feel it is thoroughly justified.

      But then again, no one is perfect. They just remind me of a bloom and wormwood tea. Bitter zodiac with a pretty image.

    4. Reading yours out of all the replies yours brings tears to my eyes as I read, streaming down my face. I’m a sag black South African female and my lover as I wpuld call him is scorpio. I don’t know what he callone thing I’ve noticed that he is highly secretive, kinmoody, and difficult to read and please. I want to assure hom of my loyaty, care, respect and most of all love and support a his efforts but itshard to reach him. When I think about to know him he slips away. I aso feel that he is likey to have multiple relationships and that for me is a big no i cannot and will never allow it bc I don’t. I love him so much I actually fee so secure in him when he is awesome and he is just the best. Its a complication and I can’t do complication. I love him and I know if we can be open we can have all that we both need because he is a great person I pick that up. He is European. I just need the person that makes me happy when he is happy. Please advice

  14. I’m a Sag and I just broke up with my Scorpio boyfriend. For like the 15th time. We haven’t talked in 3 weeks longest ever. My thing with him is his lack of communication skills, but I still love him.

  15. I’m a sagittarius female… I dated a scorpio male once. I gave him my heart and forgave him more times then I should have. He cheated on me more times then I care to count and abused me. I thought I saw the good in him and could help him from the shadows of his life. I’ve seen some of the worse scorpio has to offer. But I’ve also seen the good as well. My sister’s fiancée is a scorpio and she’s a sweet heart. She is so interesting and once you know where to look for she is easy to understand. My grandfather who is a scorpio is more of a mystery. Although I grew up around my grandfather living in the same house I find it difficult to see what is on his mind. So the only scorpio I’ve ever had issues with is just my ex. As for other sagittarius well I don’t mind them but my mother who is a sagittarius like me shows the worse our sign has to offer. She was far worse then my ex by all accounts including the abuse. Personally I go out of my way to help my friends. I know I can be blunt at times and brutally honest. It’s not that I mean to be it just comes out that way. My aquarius husband thankfully understands. That honesty has helped my friends as well the same for the spontaneous nature. It has helped a virgo and gemini friend understand life was worth living and cheered them up. I guess the reason why people sharing signs are so different is that everyone is focused only on their sun sign and most don’t realize they have an entire birth chart. For example I’m a sagittarius but my ascendent/rising sign is cancer and my moon sign is libra. There is a lot more to it then that but all in all it makes me a shy sagittarius with a strong sense of justice, I can’t stand unfairness and I can’t stand not having freedom but I also am terrified of being the center of attention. Sorry for rambling ^^

  16. So I read this and what I keep thinking on is while I started out with very black and white views life has and does push me to see all the grey areas.

    So while some Scorpios MAY be stuck with that trait others, like myself, may have been taught by life to see the “grey” areas.

    I didn’t read this thinking on couples, but I do know the one Sagittarius I met, outside of my newborn son,gets VERY STUCK on black and white, who’s “right”(when I could care less on that, just want both sides to be heard).

    I’m not saying all Sagittarius males are like that(as I don’t know every Sagittarius male, obviously,lol) but it’s odd how my issues with trying to maintain said friendship with that male, was his need to be right and how everything must be this way or that way and no room for a different opinion.

    He says he prides himself on an open mind, but it’s lack there of, that makes it so difficult because you basically end up saying “mhm” while the person talks when they are like that instead of actually being able to communicate.

    I do think there are differences in horoscopes due to gender though so I’d be curious to meet a female Sagittarius and see how it differs.

    I also think there’s a difference between what type of relationship you try to have with differing horoscopes as sometimes something can work for a friendship and not a relationship and things like that.

    Even still, even where it’s harder to get on you can learn things.

  17. Well my first love was a Scorpio, we dated in high school and are both in our late 30s now. Throughout the years he always seems to find me, but not always was it anything romantic I think he just liked being around me, anyway things changed this past year on my bday and we became romantically involved again …smh…it was so hard getting him to open up but whenever he would he’d disappear on me a few days which started to annoy me bc I don’t like clinginess but I do want to hear from you! Anyway he began to play lil games and before I knew it turned into a real Ike & Tina affair without the physical abuse we’d go from loving each other to hating each other it was draining, plus once I’m hurt when I’ve been nothing but patient and loyal to you oh my words can and will hurt…I just can’t with this man love him to death but I can do without him and wish him the best! Its been almost 3 months since I’ve seen him but we’d go from weeks to 2 months sometimes after an argument but this is the longest..He liked to hit that nerve noone else could which is such a bad idea when dealing with a Sag also very selfish…He is now blocked lol but texts still cum thr sometimes smh..long story short he was an asshole. Not a good combination for this Sagittarius!!

  18. I am a scorpio girl and i love my Sag man so much. It was love at first sight. The first kiss was like magic.. we’ve been through so much. both ups and downs but 2 years down the line growing stronger. he is the best i’ve ever had and the best i’ll ever have. despite all our flaws. we are the best

  19. Sagittarius Female here, I am in a friendship with a Scorpio Female. We get along, and we click well, but the only thing is the secrecy. She isn’t very open to me, but I am to her. I can tell I have to be cautious because I am not patient at all, and I am the type of person that needs to know the direct point, and everything involved with the point, so I know detail for detail. I feel like Scorpio only touches the surface of some subjects. Now, on another hand I am dating a Gemini Male and I am a Sagittarius Female. I go to my Scorpio friend, and she listens to me vent to her, and gives me advice which I like, but then she is right to the point which I like.

  20. Im a Sagittarius female, and I have been trying to understand my mother for my entire life. I am now well into my 20s, the reason why we do not get along is because well it’s been said “Sagittarius is often perplexed by Scorpio’s critical, discriminating, suspicious and selective personality.” Coming from a strict and traditional family, this is confirms why I will never have a relationship with my mother.

    1. I hope that you have a relationship with her now. I am 35. My Mother is a Scorpio, and I am Sagittarius. If she is alive, go to her, and as a Scorpio she WILL understand and make things right. They are stronger than you can think…And so are We. She made you, and if she is alive, then you should let her know you. The real you. That is all she’s been really trying to do. ❤️

  21. I’m a young Scorpio and a few months ago an older Sagittarius was appointed as my new boss. We talked for an hour when we met and she seemed so cool that I wanted her from the start. The chemistry between us was undeniable and within a week we ended up in a bed together. We both enjoyed the experience thoroughly. Then problems at worked caused a rift between us. Months later we burred the hatchet and one night ended up together again. It was the best sex imaginable and—as you can guess—as a Scorpio I do spend a lot of time imagining great sex. We’re quite different people, we argue a lot, but because we have amazing conversations and because it feels so great when we’re together I’d like it to be more than occasional sexual encounters. I even avoid naming what I want as I know how a Scorpio’s emotional intensity scares away most people let alone wayfarers such as Sagittariuses. I adore her spirit, I have told her so, I care deeply about her and all I want to do is treat her like a queen she is to me but she won’t let me. I don’t have a clue what she wants. I often feel she doesn’t appreciate me as a person. I often find her to be tactless, mutable, and ambivalent towards me. She tells me some lovely things one day, then acts so detached the other, then tells me how she wants me in her life, then goes out with other people and tells me about it, then tells me how amazed she is by how much I make her enjoy herself, then rejects me. I can have just about anyone I want but I’m patient with her because I really think we have a lot to offer each other yet she often leaves me thinking that she can not comprehend the concept of devotion.

    1. Sounds like you have a great attraction. If she says that she wants you in her life, find out in what capacity. My Scorpio had to reel me in, and I resisted at first.

  22. I’m a scorpio woman. I’ve been with a sag man.. And two best friends who were sags. I loved them all… I always enjoyed there company. They made me laugh. And they were blunt. But as a scorpio I appreciate honest. I dont know what the deal is about us being down …. Because we made to overcome from the worst places in life. And if I was down … I m not sharing it anyway BC we people really dont care. Just some extra shit to throw in you face. This was my issue… They are not loyal people. They dont like secrets because they are mosey yet they will leave allkind of details out of their story just to make themselves look better. They will lie just to prove a point but the more they talk the more it reveals they are lieing. They will do anything for you… But at what cost. They claim to blunt but harbor secret emotions anD intentions. They act free but can still become trapped by their own insecurities, and putting them out on those around them. Like someone is doing something to them on purpose. This article said the want to talk things yeah they want to know what you got going on… But start asking them alot of questions in return and watch them shut down or bullshit their way out of a conversation. They dont like to explain themselves. Now the woman try to avoid confrontation by lieing but it makes it worse because they come off as tricky to scorpios and others. The sag man… Is very confrontation. Aggressive and emtional. If you do something they dont like.. They immediately become aggressive and upset AMD they will confront you… And if you respond in the same manner they act like its you with the issue. I really cared for them… But i had to let them all go… Because at the ended of the day. They were not as loyalty as I thought they were. And they all felt a way negative about me I found control. .. Yet still wanted to be friends after their betrayal. I would never date a sag nor will I ever be close friend to one again….

        1. You do the same things and call us out on those.Agresive and emotional?Check.Being confrontational?Check.Hypocrites and criticizers.Not even one thing about you guys gives you right to demand loyality and honesty from us.You are buzz killers,complainers,venom spitting monsters who needs to be thrown under the train.Bwahahaaha

          1. LMAO… thank you for showing your TRUE colors!

            I don’t demand anything from you, because I don’t want any of you in my presence let alone in my life, LOL!

          2. You do know you sound like a stupid, childish, idiot right?

            Get a life…because all you are is a mean, insecure, jealous, hate-filled scab.

          3. mean(nowhere close to you,master), insecure(everybody have it,better or worse hidden), jealous(nothing special to be jealous about), hate-filled scab?No thanks,I’ll stay stupid,childish idiot then,at last I don’t poison anybody life,like you do.

          4. And yet you keep going, which proves my point.

            Buy a clue and get a life, because yours obviously sucks beyond repair.

    1. You wanted to be friends after the betrayal? Why, because there was still something in it for you? Even if you claim that you felt compassion for them and wanted to helf them, befriend them you are still in it for yourself. I’ve ended all relationships with scorpios because of the constant manipulation, and have kept all new interactions as light as possible. Too much work, too heavy, too much drama. You will only enable us to betray ourselves.

  23. Dating a Sagittarius male has caused me so much happiness and pain at the same time. It hasn’t been very long and already we are always running into obstacles over the dumbest things! I envisioned my life with him, but now I don’t think we will make it through. Oddly, I feel that I’m the one as a Scorpio female that has been way too confrontational about how I feel and his lack of attention and love towards me. He couldn’t understand where I was coming from, which show that scorpions need more than what a sag can give them. I fear he is going to break up with me tomorrow, and over nothing.

  24. I am a Sagittarius girl and I have a best friend who’s a Scorpio and she’s a girl and I’ve known her for about 4 years now. But not to long ago she met a guy and he’s from new York I’m not sure what he is but she’s been talking to him a lot as they are best friends and I have no problem with that but at a point I accidentally came off as if I was jealous and she got extremely mad and I tried telling her I didn’t mean it like that and she said “fine. I’ll just leave and stop talking to you for good.” I gave a few tries not to lose her and I succeed but she’s so secretive at time’s I give her so much of my honesty and I only give her the bad when she truly wants it. She’s a great person in my opinion she helped me with my depression somewhat and but now it seems I care about her more then she cares about me she’d leave me so simply… Me and her have fought once or twice seriously but got over it and I’ve just come to the thought I’m scared to be left alone again I never had many friends but I’ve chatted with a few people but she got jealous and so I stopped for her then she treats bad at times then treats me great I’m so depressed again and confused. I HATE these feelings I wish I had a on and off button with feelings often…. Can ANY Scorpio help a Sagittarius eh?

  25. Needless, to say, I think it depends on what kind of scorpio woman you are and what kind of Sagittarius you are

    November Sag men is better together with a October Scorpio woman,
    Do yourself a favor you too, Do not sleep together too fast, after 6 months maybe, to a year, take it slow get to know each other as much as possible. Sag men is tester and tries to get things his way, he’s a now person and thinks later if the Scorpio gives him what he wants too soon, he will leave, and disrespect you..

    A sag is a good match for a scorpio woman trust me!!

    She needs him and he needs her. He is spontaneous, she likes planning, but compromise with him, tell him its your turn or your not coming over to watch a movies or any sports til he does or not even a walk on the beach, he likes chase make him work fir a seductive sexy, hot sexy smart woman..
    He will marry you Ms. Lady if you do the chase and not sleep with first. You are worth waiting for both of you are..
    Please listen to me..
    10 years of dating a sag.
    And it can take some years to get to know each other.. Cat and mouse games sometimes..

    Cynthia Merritt..
    Contact me at cmhairstylist@

  26. Needless, to say, I think it depends on what kind of scorpio woman you are and what kind of Sagittarius you are

    November Sag men is better together with a October Scorpio woman,
    Do yourself a favor you too, Do not sleep together too fast, after 6 months maybe, to a year, take it slow get to know each other as much as possible. Sag men is tester and tries to get things his way, he’s a now person and thinks later if the Scorpio gives him what he wants too soon, he will leave, and disrespect you..

    A sag is a good match for a scorpio woman trust me!!

    She needs him and he needs her. He is spontaneous, she likes planning, but compromise with him, tell him its your turn or your not coming over to watch a movies or any sports til he does or not even a walk on the beach, he likes chase make him work for your best love..
    Scorpios are very loyal..

    A Sagittarius man can be a good man too and loyal. Very protective gets jealous too he controlling as well. Dont be fooled he’s just quiet or has more humbled way of showing it or does not say nothing at all he tries to dismiss you.. He will spoil his woman and she spoil him too..
    Flowers, roses candy dinners..
    Love great exotic love making is there..
    Peace love and happiness..
    Pleasure Pain is there..
    Ups and downs do happen..
    Compromise commuincation is much neded.

    Selfish and stubborn ways are there

    Scorpio woman has to get that under controlled and he does too..
    Sag are ego guys..
    Scorpio is sexy temper woman
    But he has to relax her with sincere say its ok I’m never leaving mine forever

    Reassurance is needed thats ok we get lost and just want n need to hear it..

  27. I’ve just had the pleasure of meeting a very lovely and talented Scorpio. Astrology aside I just hope that she is willing to accept me as I am,just as I have accepted her.

  28. I once dated a younger woman who went to the CLE (College Learning Experience) program for people with Asperger’s Syndrome & met a young lady named Stephanie who too had Asperger’s like me. We both loved playing videogames, and were into Anime. Things seemed fine as we dated until about a month later when my temper started to come out. I didn’t do anything physical but I realize that back then I was hurt due to the many struggles our relationship didn’t last. Plus her Mother was a bit controlling. I just wish she would live a happy life above all else. Though I feel that we are still meant to be I need to let her go & grow. In fact I want Stephanie to grow because she’s in need of it. I love her & I always will she’s a cutie.

    Stephanie if you are reading this just know I’m sorry for everything between us. You deserve a man better than me anyway.

  29. Very much on point!!!!! Wow! This explains my whole relationship with my Sagg. ❤
    I could write a book explaining how all of this is so correct. ?

  30. I was willing to do anything to make it work with my Sagittarius, but was impossible to overcome the differences. On the positive side, I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything in the world, but on the negative, I am brokenhearted. It hurt like hell for quite a while.

  31. Sagittarius female with scorpio man together 4 years married for 1 year. I must say this relationship is Not Easy. Sagittarius and Scorpios are not that compatible but it is Something there that is Unexplainable. Scorpio men are crazy and moody even clamp up sometimes when mad or sad but I must say the good outweighs the bad. They are smart, intelligent, intense, passionate, and good providers. If a scorpio man really loves you I promise he will take care of you. Trust me I need my space every so often because I’m a free spirit but I have learned to deal, ignore and be happy. Idk if I would ever date a scorpio man again but I must say I am content with the one I have. Good luck sagittarius!!!

  32. female Sagittarius here, been talking to a scorpio male now for 4 months, I am trying to take my time getting to know him but sometimes he tries to rush me…..and say things like there is something wrong with me…..and sometimes he makes me so tired that my energy is depleted, and when he tries to do little things for me especially when I’m sick, but knowing me I just need some space to cope and getting better he will took it personally, and he bottled his emotion up like crazy…..finally, today we were talking he did not seem interesting ….even when I reassured him and send him beautiful text…..I just sent him the last text that I did not know he was busy, he makes me feel like I was a bother to him, I told him we can talk when he is not so busy……..pretty much, I cannot do anymore text, but I don’t tell him, I am just leaving it alone……I have no more energy I am December 2 his birthday is November 6

  33. I dated 2. On point. They were adventurous and light hearted. Sometimes I felt my emotions were too much. I Tried to make one Distant relationship work; but I knew our texting and skyping was tough. I let him go and he wasn’t too happy. He is in the military. He will visit family on the holidays; but he was willing to make things work. even offered to buy my plan ticket. I shouldn’t couldn’t accept…he was too good hearted!

  34. I’m Sag with Scorpio moon. My Scorpio man is the one and my top want in life is love so cop that haha. I’ve spent life committed to my lovers many different signs and years in each. I’ve never flitted through love. This is the best and the worst I was lied to and betrayed by him and still fight for his love. The secret life of a Scorpio is the death of a sag. As all of us say honesty is everything. Our directness and objective optimism are always looking for the solution and nothing else. Our want to care and better humans is applied to our lover also. Our commitment is eternal and our ultimate vulnerability that’s why we’re so cagey, the weakness of an archer is the back our blind spot. We’re half horse so watch those hind legs if you’re doing weird shit back there Scorpio that’s why we hate secrets. We are big scary and armed to never miss but we have a big heart and understand the bleakness of life. Protection is paramount to us feeling safe. I’ve worked and worked and worked and cried and cried and cried for my Scorpio I’ve let him shred me apart. I’ve stood over him and protected him. Love him endlessly he is like the water I drink to survive and I love how opposite we are I don’t want sameness that’s boring and we all hate that, we love the adventure of our Scorpio. The only thing is if they are and you both are willing to adventure. If we stay put in our mutual stubborness that’s all it will be. He chose his secret life and I only asked for the openess and trust. After everything not given. I remained an open book pushing through the attacks on me. Now I find myself using the last of my love to not release the arrow. We never want to it hurts us more especially damaging humans once our experience is learnt and our true justification is there we release and leave. You had the chance. Both sides also need to be heard!! I can’t say this enough to suppress a sag is a cruelty in itself and we will leave or come for you for your wrong. There’s too much to write lol. I want this to work I love it so much and him more than myself something we don’t do. I’m at a loss. Love all of you.

  35. I’m a Sag girl that’s been dating (but mostly just sleeping with) a Scorpio male for 1 month. He tried and tried and tried for almost 4 months and I spurned his advances but then I got lonely and vulnerable and we did it. We kept sleeping together, we have amazing sexual chemistry, but our other chemistry is flawed. We’re both very secretive. We both like eachother, because when we’re together we have such sweet moments, but when we’re apart we’re like nonexistent to eachother. He told me that he loved me during sex on two different occasions, also he made me promise not to sleep with anyone else. But still, I remain detached because I do not want to smother him and I don’t know if I can trust him, because he’s so private. But I like the fact that he opens up about some things. But I feel the more detached I become the more it confuses and turns him off. He can’t figure me out. I just do not know how to be vulnerable. I treat him nicely though. If he asks for a favor I am right there to help and guide and I just want to better him as a person. He is so stubborn though. I just am so annoyed by this situation. We’re both stubborn. I don’t see this ending well.

    Another thing, with Scorpio men, they do not like to say thank you or show much gratitude. You can bend until you break and they’ll appreciate it but don’t like saying thank you I guess because it’s not masculine? And they can be very dependent in needing to be coddled and I just cannot do that. I want it to work so badly because the sexual chemistry is so intense but I don’t think it can.

    1. My mom taught me to always say please and thank you. On that note… >>please<>Thank you<< for reading. Live, laugh, love, and learn. You only get one life.. there are no continues.. just gotta be 1up on the next person. 😉

  36. Scorpio woman here bad experience with sag he played lots of games and try to come around only when he wanted something n said whatever to get it inconsistent inconsiderate and very condescending

  37. Scorpio male here – I recently met and have been communicating with a sag woman who I am finding myself increasingly attracted to. I found her to be confident and forthcoming, and also found myself attracted to her dark side which she has only given me a small peek at. We have seen each other several times (distance is a factor) but have maintained semi-regular communication. I would love for this to blossom into something more but as it stands, I disappointingly don’t see that happening.

    Sag is a ‘new’ sign for me and I have no personal frame of reference. Regardless I think I could see right off the bat where the possible relationship tension points would be – I usually keep to myself and prefer one-on-one whereas she struck me as a social butterfly who gets more text messages in a minute than I receive in a week. I don’t hold that against her though, and I understand why many people would want to be her friend. I am more of a depressive scorpio than a jealous scorpio, so in this example I was okay but I think over time, if this pattern held consistent, I would be prone to feeling left out and disenchanted. The upside is that I felt like I trusted her as soon as we made eye contact – I know that is irrational but its not something I feel often and is undeniable. My impression is that it cut both ways because we both shared a lot and it felt natural.

    From a physical perspective, at least from my point of view, I also felt we were highly compatible. We have slept together all the times we have met up, and despite that this was a little fast for me, it was effortless. When I was holding her I could feel that she was as lonely as me which was cause for both comfort and concern – the concern is that our intimacy might be mechanical or instrumental, the comfort is that we have some strong shared emotions. My optimistic side tells me that I was only able to feel that because she wanted me to, and that ignited my protector instinct, making me feel more attached to her. My realistic side tells me that I need to take it for what it was and not unilaterally try to build a relationship out of how I feel (since that’s only half of the picture…and since it has gotten me into trouble in the past :/ ).

    The curveball is that she is also a scorp cusp. I have never found cusps to affect the general patterns very much, but maybe there was something here. I did notice at least a few occasions of complimentary nonverbal communication and I find non-verbal communication to be a common occurrence in company of other scorp.

    Usually it takes me at least several months to feel connected with someone like this, but it took a very short time with this sag. I don’t think she wants anything more than a friendship, which I am OK with but it also makes me sad. Maybe there is some shared experience in my anecdote – being drawn in very heavily by a sag but also kept at careful distance?

    1. I am a Sag female who became involved with a scorpio male. This was my first time getting involved romantically with one. We had been friends for a few years. From the very first time he walked past me, I felt a draw to him. I understand this is a characteristic of a scorpio. But my draw was not sexual, it was more of the feeling to protect him or watch over him and his wellbeing. Over the years we would short little discussions about love, life, and potential.. We joked, I was his “Dr. Phil”. He enjoyed my advice and I enjoyed giving it. Earlier this year we finally connected to hangout. To my understanding, just as friends. Because why would this beautiful man be interested in me when he could have anyone he wanted? But very quickly we felt an intense chemistry which i think may have surprised us both.

      I enjoyed reading this from a Scorpio’s point of view. Because for the most part I can figure people out but a Scorpio is tricky. specially when feelings get involved.

      I can say your situation sounds similar.. The first thing I will say, a Sag is a mess of emotions. If you feel confused, we just as confused! I can tell you tho whatever connection you felt with her tho, was mutual. The only difference is those types of feeling don’t happen for us often. We are very intense. We tend to be all or nothing people. We are also very reserved and closed off about our feeling until we can process them and know the feeling is mutual. Until we can figure that out, we enviably push you away. (we don’t want you to go away, we actually want you to be around us all the time) but it is uncharacteristic of us to feel like that. we tend to want freedom and space. So we get scared, play the cat mouse game until you prove you won’t leave us. Its not nice, its confusing and but its never intentionally to play games or be mean.
      We second guess our feelings and emotions and very hesitant to trust them. But what we show you in the small glimpse that you feel that connection, it is just a real for us. I remember saying, “you are driving me crazy! I am usually cool come and collected and all I think about is you”.

      When you said, “you only felt that because she wanted you to.” That is probably true. But those feeling aren’t fake. If she showed you that side of her and let you in. It means you are very special to her. its not a bad thing. It is one of the greatest complements we could give you. See we also are very good at controlling things, like our feeling and emotions, sometimes even people, we are empaths usually and we feel everything. Believe me when I say this, if she wasn’t on the same wavelength and the same vibe as you, there is no way in hell she would have been in bed with you.

      From my point of view though. I had a hard time reading my Scorpio. So before I knew it I was side swiped by his charm and charisma and before I knew it we got very physical and I was afraid that since it happened so quickly he just wanted me as a command and conquer. I felt that maybe since I saw a dominate personality, I was the challenge. I think we feel that everyone is trying to screw us over. When in reality they aren’t, except we don’t see that until after we’ve pushed you aways and gone back and reevaluated the situation. Well then we see we were a little crazy and realize we want and feel the same way you do.. But by then it’s already created protector instincts in the scorpio. Well and two doms have a hard time backing down. This I know, we sags will gladly submit to a dom personality who is worthy of leading us.

      Do these relationships work. For the life of me I wish they would, because I still want him 6 months later.. But what i’ve read and seen is that they are much better friends and anything beyond that is very challenging..

      1. “Until we can figure that out, we enviably push you away. (we don’t want you to go away, we actually want you to be around us all the time) but it is uncharacteristic of us to feel like that. we tend to want freedom and space. So we get scared, play the cat mouse game until you prove you won’t leave us. Its not nice, its confusing and but its never intentionally to play games or be mean.”

        Thanks for this article, and thank you Nik for that piece of advice. I’m a Scorpio man, talking/dating/friends +/hanging out with a Sagi woman. We’ve had a lot of bumps in the road, and sadly, its only been a few months. I refuse to give up on this girl. A lot of times it seems like she’s pushing me away, but i refuse to let her go. I don’t mean that in a controlling way, i just mean i’d be devastated to lose her. It sucks that our match is such a pain in the @$$ in the scheme of things, according to our horoscopes, but i think anything is possible when two people love each other.

    2. @Mrs.Scorpio I totally feel what you are saying. I recently just ended an on and off again 4 year relationship with a sag man. We ended up having 2 kids together very quickly. I feel he was very toxic for me but I was so connected to him in a way I felt I could not be without him and we would constantly make up and go through the same cycle all over again. It is very hard to detach from especially with children involved. I hope you get the strength to do what your gut instinct tells you to do. I myself would always feel unhappy with him but I hung on to his potential which is actually very dangerous to do. Hanging on to a false image of someone that may never be. Sending you light and love. Just wanted to reach out and tell you, you are not alone🙏🏼💙

  38. It is a match which can never work. Sag is too superficial whereas Scorpio is too deep. As a Scorpio I can tell you that with Sag, I always feel there is something fake in their speech or in their way of being. A Sag man told me that he was scared to get too close to me. He acted like a real coward and if there is one quality I like in a person, man or woman, is courage.

    Sag seems to live life on the surface, without any real involvement or consideration for the other people. The ones I know are actually extremely narcissistic and they don’t even realize when they hurt people. If you want to get along with Sag, you have to be very fake and a kind of distant. I think the best sign for Sag is Aquarius because Aquarius are very detached and are not jealous or controlling. Aquarius are also free spirit and they don’t mind to have a partner as much volatile and flirtatious as Sag.

    According o my experience, the best friendship I had, as a Scorpio, was with a Leo and a Pisces but the rising sun and the rest of the chart is extremely important and everything has to be taken into account to have an overall view.

    For love relationship, I will never be with a Sag. They just listen to their desires. They do not care so much about other desires. Besides, they can be extremely boring and not very interesting. They change their minds often and they are also very focused on themselves. I basically escaped from every relationship I had with a Sag. Their conversation often evolves around themselves or the topics they like. They can also be extremely jealous and possessive.

    I definitely prefer to exchange with Leo, Pisces and Scorpios like me. With other Scorpios I feel at home and I am sure not to get headache or being neglected. I don’t think Sag are deep enough to love someone else than themselves.

    1. Because you don’t understand us,simple-that’s how you’re deep(facepalm).Ridiculous stuff.Only criticizing,nagging,silent treatment periods and bringing other’s down-Go to hell with such ‘depth’.
      You’ll never be with Sag?One happier sag more.Scorpio calling Sag jealous and possesiv?Give me a break or i die of laughter.Sag not able loving someone(obvious manipulation is obvious)?Maybe not you psychopaths scorpios,but guarantee you,there are people we can love ex.Aquas,Leeb’s,Arians.

  39. I’m a Scoprio been in love with a Sag. I was very attracted to her, physically, so as we naturally do, I started searching behind the surface. The search had a cost for me. You see, in order to find any deepness in Sag, you need to go very deep, and in order to go deep, you need to share things you wouldn’t otherwise. Unfortunately this strategy backfired at some point, as she thought she knew all about me and started to criticize me.

    The problem with Scorpios and Sags is, that Sorpio has many layers. He can be fun and outgoing and at the same time he can stay in for days and not want to communicate with anyone, or we do things we don’t really give a shit as a bridge to get somewhere, and of course, Sorps always have a plan. Sags on the other hand, claim they want the adventure and new things, what they don’t say thoughs is that they want all these in some others expense, and they won’t try hard to get the adventure they want. They dream about something, but they don’t really pursue it. Scorpios always pursue their dreams. Actually we don’t have dreams, we have goals. We need to go there and we will do anything possible to get there, even if we kill ourselves. This is something a Sag cannot understand and cannot appreciate. This is the big problem this relationship need to overcome.

    So when Sag is sharing a dream with a Scorpio, and if Scorpio really cares -cause if he doesn’t care, he doesn’t care-, he will do anything possible to make that dream true. This is so fascinating for Sags and perhaps new for them.About the honesty thing, they are not more honest than other signs, they are just tactless and they don’t know how to speak most of the times, and this is because they never try to achieve anything. Even if they love you, even if they want you with all their heart, they will never really believe that they can have you, they will not put any effort on that, not because they don’t care, but because they can’t overcome any obstacles, they can’t fight. They don’t fight, they just run, throwing arrows. People think they are light hearted and they don’t really care, not it’s because of their inability to aim, Sags are archers with no goals to aim, and they know it. They prefer to run.

    But you can’t run away from a Scorpio, can you?

    1. Do you really love her or do you look down on her?! And if you do love her what exactly do you love about her because you did not mention one positive trait. All I really saw in essence was “lazy, unrealistic, shallow.” I’m a Capricorn dating a Scorpio man but I have alot of Sag women in my life… and every single Sagittarius woman I know or have ever met is hard-working and goal-oriented. I can’t say the same for the men, but the women yes. And I don’t think Sags think they can’t have you and that’s why they don’t put effort in. Sag people are extremely forward and will tell you if they want you. The women are some of the most aggressive that I have met. With Scorpios though, what you consider “layers” a lot of other signs consider “weird,” “withdrawn,” and do not want to be bothered with you It simply becomes a nuisance trying to figure out your weird moods. My sister is a Sagittarius and is like an open book… I could imagine she would have a hard time connecting with a eerily mysterious Scorpio. And Sags don’t like to chase too long or too hard. Anything they want that they feel is not easily attainable has to be analyzed, “Is this really worth it?” and they usually decide, “eh, there’s more fish in the sea.” Scorpio is a sign that will play mind game after mind game after mind game and then call you weak and shallow for not sticking around through it. That coupled with you all’s moodiness, and the fact that you guys seem to think you all are the only ones with substance would be enough to drive Sagittarius crazy. I think you would be better off with a Pisces or a Cancer. If you like more aggressive women then Capricorn or Virgo. I imagine a Sag would get bored of you since you have so little in common, and Sag (especially the women I’ve known) are prone to infidelity when feeling bored or tied down.

      1. Oh please sag women are some straight up hateful beeeoches!

        I have never met a trustworthy one as a friend, they are garbage!

        As a scorp woman, I am one of the most open, upfront, honest people out there and out of AAALLLL women I will NEVER deal with a sag again if I can help it! The 2nd worse are libras and finally cappy women….YUCK!

        All you say may be true of scorp men or the ones you know, but do NOT make sags out to be saints, because they are FAR FROM IT!

    2. Depends the sag you deal with. If she is clingy and feel insecure to you, of course she cant runaway from you. But the otherwise, if the sag is someone is free-sprit and know what she wants in life. Totally she can be unclose with you.
      Like me, I am free spirit and independent person. I feel My scorp friends chase me in various ways. I dont know why. And the scorp man who trying to be close to me, always initaite and plan something with me. Why why oh why. I think probably my superfreaky passionate vibrant calls them.

    3. I’ll tell you what I found so intriguing about my scorpio male as a sag women. Because first of all reading some of these comments are unfortunate. If you’re on a site like this, first of all, everyone of you should be able to understand and respect the differenced between each sign, whether you like those differences or not. People are people, appreciate them for who they are.. We all have good, bad and ugly, just depending on what day it is.

      You understand that sometimes people are drawn to others to complement them, not mirror them. I was drawn to my Scorpio because he was so focused and could set a plan in motion. I admired that about him. I feel he liked that i could make him laugh and not be so serious about things all the time. That it was ok to be light hearted. Because to be honest when he laughed, that carefree child like laugh, I felt like for a moment he was free from the layers, he was his true self and I admired that part about him so much. Thats who I was attracted to.
      When you talk about “making dreams come true” and “sags are archers with no goals to aim” it hurts me to see you say that, because we have so many goals and aspirations, and ideas running through our head at one time, we don’t know how to stop and form a plan to achieve them. But when we have someone like a Scorpio who can see our dream and can help us to slow down enough to form it into something real instead of fantasy, that means the world to us. Because it means you believe in us. Something we have a hard time doing for ourselves. We believe in everyones ability to do something except our own.

    4. That means she doesnt like you. Maybe you just make a LITTLE effort like coward just sitting, watching and complaining behind her.
      Dont go with that type of sag. Each sign has different type. Me, a sag, made couples overseas to meet my ex and my scorp bf right now. Same thing, maybe like yours, in my work situation in the past. My scorp boss complains a lot like yours to me. It is because I DONT LIKE THE JOB.
      So you can judget it by yourself.
      You cant generalize people by its sign.
      Go to other people who more aggresive to you. Pity you. But, wish God bless you.


  40. I’m a Scorpio woman dating a Sagittarius man . We only been dating for about a month but it feels like forever In a good way . He’s funny , honest, nd I do feel like he really cares about me but sometimes he gives me mixed signals . We see each other almost everyday but he don’t understand that I’m the type of Scorpio woman that you have to keep happy due to me recent heartbreaks. He seems to understand nd he wants us to work out . I see in his eyes that he do love me but sometimes I feel like I’m over extending myself . But he told me he’s gonna try and do better for me cause he wants to see me happy . Out off all the lying Taurus men I been with this Sagittarius is great .., I juss want to make sure it’s gonna work out for us in the long run . I don’t want us to part ways or he’ll be my next heartbreak ..

    1. Do not put all your eggs in one basket until you know for sure….

      I have never been attracted to a sag outside of friendship and my two male sag friends I do not speak to like I used to. One got married and the other pissed me off to the point where I no longer want anything to do with him. I have known them both for about 25 years.

      I think they make good friends for scorps, but relationships mehhh….they seem to be loyal, I’ve never known either of them to cheat, just no attraction to them for me.

    2. Yes tarus are annoying and rude I love my sag. Knowing each other for a year. But our relationship been off and in and now it’s been 2 months and just when he really started loving me he’s moving away. Imma miss his he’s my everything. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  41. So I’m completely undecided on how I feel about Scorpio as a whole. I guess it’s really too easy to generalize, and say that all Scorpio’s are the same, as there are so many aspects that influence a person’s chart.
    Now, with that being said, I am a Sagittarius with a Scorpio rising, and on the romantic front, I dated a Scorpio and I have never felt more lied to, disrespected, and toyed with emotionally in my life. At first it was all intense, and wonderful, but it seemed when I asserted my need for independence, he felt hurt, and it all started going downhill from there. He also refused to take any responsibility for his actions in the relationship, and everything went down in flames in a very bad way.
    On the other hand, ironically, one of my oldest friends is a Scorpio, and two of my best friends are Scorpio’s, and I love them absolutely to death. They would do anything for me. Still, I feel like the terrible relationship I had with that Scorpio man completely tainted how I view things with my Scorpio friends, which I hate, and frustrates me to no end. However, I find that there is a part of me that completely understands them, because I’ve been told that I’m quite secretive, and that’s definitely not coming from my Sag side! It’s also possible that I have a better understanding of water signs, as I am very close with my dad, and he’s a Cancer, so maybe that has a bit of influence? No idea.

  42. Y’all need to chill. Not every scorp and sag that you meet is bad. Don’t get so fixiated that every scorp and sags are horrible just cause you met ‘bad’ ones.

    1. There are three kinds of Scorpios. Lizard, Eagle, Phoenix. The lizards are the playin games, jealous, manipulative, critical, possessive types. I’m a Scorpio woman and I’ve experienced the lizard, hell, I was surely lizard like as a teen. I’ve been through the more evolved state of eagle and finally, in my forties, I’m in Phoenix zone. I’m dating a Sag man and we are really well matched and complement each other. But I’m a Oct 25 Scorp with Pisces rising. I’m a very independent free spirit. I know I can be intense and feel deeply. We give each other space but stay connected. It seems to work. Btw, my best friend is also a Sag. She’s funny, hard working, and loyal. She can be distracted but she’s the best single mom I’ve ever met. I don’t know how much upbringing shapes a sign but you can’t paint all people with the same brush. My ex was a Sag and he was a flake that did anything to avoid work. My new beau is hard working and motivated.

  43. This really helped me.. I will try to remember your words as I’m scorpion and my boyfriend belongs to saggitarius. Your words about sags were very true as my boyfriend is exactly like this. Your words will help me more in the hard times. Thank you.

  44. I just got out of an almost relationship with a Sag male and this is spot on! Even with my heavy Sag influence. I’m a Scorpio with Sag Rising/Moon/Venus. Anyway communication was definitely important for us and there was a breakdown on both ends. I wanted to talk but he never created an opening. He’s always on the move. I like adventures too but not all the time. I want deep conversations on deep topics and he didn’t care for that.

  45. Secrecy and paranoia are a bad mix for girly sag like me. Even though my Scorpio was helping me, i wasn’t black and white sure, and so i sometimes assumed the worst. I am very superficial (at times), it definitely confuses me because my moral coding says otherwise. I think the hardest part of dealing with the scorp manipulation is not knowing the whole story. I consider myself as “The Fool – 0” quite often, and i take peoples word as fact, just naturally, i am easily charmed, more so than my own resonating charm. Like the friend i had, that stole 20 dollars. I couldn’t care less about $20, but what the act says about his character. Back to the scorp, only after finishing the long journey, do i see the benevolence, yet still domineering influence. But, my insecure side does ask what price is your generosity truly. Its like buying a car, it says 16k, but by the end your paying 18.5. I would have been much happier 18.5, if that’s what was advertised. Really i would pay 20, just approach it from the right angle. (love ming).

    1. There’s nothing compatible between a sag n Scorpios. They don’t even get each other. I felt they can be friends before but talking from experience I don’t think so. They are two different types of ppl who can never do each other good coz they simply don’t understand anything abt each other. Total waste of time

  46. As of now, I’m fuck buddy’s with a Sagi guy. When I first met him, he was so cute (he still is, especially when he grew his beard). He is one of the few guys that looks so neat with a beard. He is 3 years older than me. What I really like about him is that he is pretty intelligent (makes him hotter) AND he knows how to treat a woman! Initially, I wanted to be in a relationship with him. But then he said he wasn’t ready. He told me he’s gonna be looking for a serious relationship after he gets his Master’s degree. I thought it for a day and agreed to be fuck buddies. We’ve been in this kind of relationship for 3 months, and it’s been a rollercoaster of hormones and arguments. It’s funny how he told me he doesn’t want a relationship because of expectations and arguments, be he was the one who starts them. Sometimes when he starts to criticise what I do, I just keep my mouth shut. But if not, then I would tell my part in a not stingy way. I would just laugh it out. I think I’m the carefree one, while he’s not. Though, like what Sagi’s are, they have their own world, and I have my own. We basically respect each other’s space especially if we are just fuck buddies. I have feelings for him, the feeling of wanting to be the only girl he’s seeing right now. I don’t like like him. I like him as my fuck buddy even thou argue a lot. Our relationship consists of a lot of sex, fun bullying, arguments, and. I like it this way, but for sure, things end for the worse or the better. Don’t know what’s gonna happen, but for now, I’m gonna enjoy my buddy while he is seeing me. If he gets bored or found someone else, probably try to convince him, and if he still doesn’t comply, then I’ll let him go. Good thing I have control with my emotions, thanks to a Capricorn guy who I loved and left me. If the Sagi guy wants more than a fuck buddy, he is gonna have the best Scorpio girl to argue with.

  47. Im a sag woman, and I have a relationship now with a scorpio. Im so sad after reading all of your comments. I dont understand, I dont know whether to continue or stop our relationship, he’s been so good to me, but we always fight about me going out with my friends, other than that… We are really good and in to each other. If i stay with him everyday and everynight we dont have problems.. But when time comes I want to go out, we will first have a fight and not talk for weeks, Seriously, Im so sad about it. I am such a loyal girlfriend to him. I dedicate my life to him. And I cant even enjoy myself that much.. Actually we started our relationship w/ a piece of shit. I thought he was single but after 1 month, her girlfriend message me..My boyfriend is scorpio and his girlfriend that time is a pisces. And i started to read about horoscopes and everything about it.. I see that scorpio and pisces are the most compatible sign.. So i gave him up.. But then after months of not talking to him, he comes to our park, which me and friends usually hangouts.. I was so shocked because I thought we are really over.. But then, he told me he broke up with pisces girlfriend because he couldnt stop thinking about me, that he loves me so much.. That he cannot live without me anymore.. But i dont believe him, i refuse him and tell him to shut up because I dont want any selfish person anymore. An that his girlfriend pisces dont deserve this anymore. But still after months and months of asking me and begging me, i accept him and forgive him.. He even shows me everything about him, facebooks, accounts, cellphone, laptops, he even let me read his conversation with his pisces girlfriend telling her that he loves me that much that she should stop bothering me.. I know this is so rude, but im telling you guys, we sagittarius have a big heart.. I even let myself torn apart by pain so that my scorpio and his pisces girlfriend should be together but he came back to me, i even turned him down so many times and not literally talk to him.. but still begs for me.And after that we are still together for 3 years and still excited to each other, yes we fight.. sometimes, the more we fight the more we grow.. And my only problem now is can we ever have a baby? Cause we’ve been trying for 1 year and still not. Im upset, if scorpio man and sag woman can have a baby i will continue our relationship, if not. Id rather go. Because i wanted him to have a baby, if our zodiacs cant give us, i want him to be happy. Can anyone awnser me please? Im depressed.

    1. I’m a Sagittarius female too, married to a Scorpio man. Don’t give up on him just because of other people’s bad experience. Sounds like he really loves you. He opened up his secrets to you. The fights aren’t my favorite either, but the love is pretty amazing!

  48. Am a sagittarius dated a Scorpio for two years and as far as I was concerned we were so in love until this particular day I uncovered his secret of taking other women out and having saved them in a manner to kill suspicion. I found him manipulative, a liar and worst of all a traitor and used malice to make his family hate me. In my opinion he is a two faced scorpio monster. Our break-up was too nasty but he keeps appearing in my path… What does he want I moved on…

  49. This is very true! I am a Scorpio and my boyfriend is a Sagittarius, and let me just say that we have had our ups and downs throughy our relationship of 2 years. It hasn’t been easy I’ll tell you all that much, but it has sure been worth it! Me as a Scorpio tend to take things to heart right away, but he has taught me how to let go, loosen up more. He is such an amazing, free, wild and fun spirit who always comes back to me no matter what. In the 2 years we have been together not once has he been unfaithful to me or done anything for me to doubt him. As a matter of fact because of him I am learning “the art of detachment” each and every day! It’s makes it so much more interesting and meaningful when we spend time apart and then come together again, I’ve learned when I give him his time and space to spend with his friends when he comes back to me he’s actually really excited to see me and he’s full of all this love for me, it’s something truly magical to be honest. I wouldn’t trade him for anything. But in all honesty this is all very true! Give him trust, space, love, support and honesty and everything will be okay:)

  50. Ahhhh the Scorpio/Sag saga…’s uncanny how similar everyone’s stories are. Yet here we are giving it another go hoping somehow THIS time will be different. Isn’t that the definition of insanity? lol My ex was a Sag , and that didn’t work. I am currently dating another Sag, been a few weeks already, but I’m already seeing red flags. If you’ve never dated a Sag before, here’s a few things I’ve noticed in my experience. They will take you for granted. It’s not a malicious or conscious thing on their part mind you, it’s just in their nature. My ex was a single mother with a young child and baby daddy drama. They don’t think like we do (Scorpios), you know that whole black and white thing. When we first started dating she was still buying the baby’s father little things here and there under the guise of it being from their 3-year old son. Nothing big, but just to keep the peace. We had gone on a mini trip to Mexico a few months in and low and behold she had to buy him a t-shirt as a souvenir. Huh?? lol I let it slide. We bought coffee mugs for us, one morning I stayed over, let’s have coffee in those new mugs we bought. Oh, I don’t have mine, I gave it away as a souvenir cause I didn’t have enough gifts. Who to? Ummm, the baby’s father….I felt the t-shirt wasn’t enough. Red flag one, Scorpio says cut the f’in cord, it’s over, how does this not occur to them? Because their world is spent on the fence, always moving in whichever direction is least restricting which keeps them from having to pick sides. They can’t just see people for what they are, and even when they do, they can’t own it. They want everybody to like them. They will stir you up every time Scorpio, call you up in a panic, the sky is falling, I don’t know what to do. Us Scorpios LOVE that crap,we eat it up like cake. We are fixers when it comes to our loved ones, we want to help, we want to stand right next to you and help you fight. However, five minutes after the Sag doom and gloom moment they’ve already found a solution and moved on past it while dumbass Scorpio has been working the phones, calling in favors and negotiating peace treaties. And that mouth on them, they will say whatever, however, they want. You thought a Scorpio can sting, Sag’s have NO clue how they sound and come across. Beware!! Emotional and sensitive Scorpio will get crushed by their tone and it will sit with them for a good bit and Sag will wonder what’s wrong. Sex and intimacy is great, but make no mistake, it doesn’t hold the same value for them as it does a Scorpio. If it’s just a casual thing then great, no big emotional investment there, but if you’re in a relationship with them? My advice is hold out as long as you can and get to really know them. They are HUGE on do as I say, not as I do. My present relationship with the Sag has hit a few snags already and we haven’t had sex. She doesn’t want to rush into it and would rather get to know each other better. I’m good with that, but it doesn’t stop her from sending me provocative pics of her. Yeah tease…..cause that’s really helping getting to know me lol. In the beginning it was all about wanting someone to do all those little things, the good morning texts, thinking of you, good night, a phone call to hear their voice etc. Then one day you get busy at work. Hey, I haven’t heard from you all day, I thought we talked about this? A simple thinking of you would be nice. Yes, you’re right, just got a little busy at work. Want to know what happened the following week? I hadn’t heard from her all day, not even an answer to my GM text. I go out with some friends for dinner that night….she texts that night, I answer her back I’m out with friends an hour later….ok I don’t want to bother you, good night. The next day it was 2 hours before she answered my text with a one-word response. Didn’t hear from her till 9 that night with a Hi. I was definitely catching the vibe. Don’t play the games, honesty goes a long way. Yeah we may be secretive, but that’s only because we pick up on all these little nuances that people don’t think they’re giving off. It makes us withdraw because we’re vibing something and now we want to see if we’re right. So we start watching. Is it crazy? Yes! Have I been right more times than I’ve been wrong? Hell yes! Thanks for letting me vent.

  51. It is a very hard match. Usually problem started from Scorpio itself. Scorpio demand honesty from their partner but they themselves hide and lie about many things. Which sagg will accumulate and keep it for later use. And scorpio are very possesive and jealousy which suffocate sagg alot. It is always a one sided thingy. Scorpio will not allow sagg to meet anyone or hang out with others nor chat with them. Whereas the scorpio can chat, hang out and meet others. Scorpio are good at lying and cheating but cannot accept if the sagg did the same to them. Scorpio always set and preach on something which they themselves never follow. Their ego and stubborness are way too high too. Scorpio tend to hold on two relationship at once and make them the complicated unstable indecisive sign. I never come across any scorpio guy that are faithful and honest. When caught them lying and cheating. They will manipulate and seek revenge(which they themselves are the one that started the lying and cheating). People may have known scorpio as the dangerous one. But people may not know that sagg are indeed more dangerous and cold than a scorpio itself. Sagg hidden sign aka Ophiuchus. Most of my scorpio female friends and my sis always regret on thing that they should never do. Showing their stubborness and wanting to win in everything. Cause when a sagg is really done with you. They can just vanish and treat you cold and nothing. Though scorpio can do the same but they will want their sagg back. But for a sagg they won’t bother having you back again in their life. That is the reason why Sagittarius are cold blooded fire sign aka Ophiuchus the only ether element. An archer on the outside but snake on the inside. So becareful my scorpios. You will end up crying and regret of what you get yourself into. So never try to win in anything with a sagg. If you are wrong admit it and apologise. If you want to preach and set on something. Make sure you follow and keep your words. Don’t ever control or restrict a sagg if you can’t accept to be restrict and control by them. And if you lies, cheat and playing games wih a Sagg. Better stop it cause sagg are good at keeping and smiling to you. And when the time is right you will see the Ophiuchus side of a sagg will appear. So don’t think a scorpio have their sting and poison. A sagg can have its arrow pierch thru you and a snake bites that will venomous slowly killing you. And one more thing. Scorpio people love to sabotage others by saying bad things about them to everyone. Just like my scorpio friends and my scorpio sister. Always say bad things about their sagg husband and boyfriend to everyone(if possible to the whole world). Don’t sabotage a sagg cause in the end you will get yourself stung and will cry in pain. A smiling archer are not the same if they had enough of you.

    1. Snakehorse, you talk out of both sides of your mouth lol. You spent one half of your post talking about how terrible Scorpios are and how they cause all these problems within their relationships. You then spend the other half talking about how much more elite sagittariuses are at being worse than Scorpios, with an uncanny knack of making sagittariuses seem justified in their actions. If what you describe about them is true, they sound like horrible, narcissistic, and sociopathic signs. Don’t you dare do THIS to them, because they’ll do THAT ten times worse to you, but it’s totally justified according to you lol. You know, two wrongs don’t make a right. Maybe I’m just a little less spiteful then other Scorpios that when I realize something isn’t working anymore, I move on. I don’t stick around to make people pay for making me feel something for them at some point. My thoughts on my prior experiences didn’t consist of revenge, infidelity, dishonesty or whether sagittariuses were cold blooded people. At the end of the day, everybody is different, and I think a lot of the issues people have with one another is mostly because of sex and intimacy with the wrong person. It’s amazing how many of these posts begin and end with, when I first met my Scorpio the sex was amazing, followed up by, but then he dumped me or cheated on me. Only to have the post end with, oh but the sex….nobody’s ever made me feel so much so soon. It’s so funny how easily and more clearly people can spot and move on from a bad match when sex isn’t involved.

  52. Iam scorpio man,and am with sag girl,she drives me crazy,and this is a reason i ended online today,try to study this creature…by comment i read up here,they makes me know what kind of relationship am in….ts my decision now either to move on or try make t work.I misses those lovely moments when we first met,let me try to got them back.She sweet though cried for my problems,and more wen i push her back coz i didn’t want her to xperience the pain i had on my sufferings

  53. I’m a male Scorpio and was with a Sag for four years. It was a constant battle for power. Due to her distancing herself and wanting to party her way through life, I became jealous and controlling. In the end she would go 15 days without calling me and that’s what killed it in the end. She had cheated on me before and was physically abusive. I was no saint either. I was throwing in spiteful remarks and her impatience infuriated the situation. It would cause her to lash out in anger and bring hell to this planet. I remained calm and collected while she kept prodding repeatedly until I snapped and brought in the pain. She was a nagger and I was the closed-up one. When relationship ended she discarded me like a piece of garbage and went to screw some other dude. Positive aspect of my relationship with a Sag woman was the emotional connection. I’ve never felt such a deep understanding of another human being. In the moment it felt as if we were one being. We were truly 100% ourselves and authentic. When we weren’t fighting we were way too good, but the arguments were disgusting. She was throwing things across the room in uncontrolled anger and screaming profusely, calling names. Sex was amazing 🙂 My tip to those trying to make it work would be for scorpios to master emotional self-control and to give Sags space and time to be with their friends. Sags on the other hand must absolutely stick to their word and be present with their partner. Be truthful and do things that you promise. Both need to learn to bring temper under control and realize they are a team. The two personalities are quite tough and resilient and need a ton of compromising.

  54. I’m a Sagittarius female who’s attracted to a Scorpio male at my job . Me and him are work friends,we recently started talking last year ,he’s very nice looking and it’s just something about him that makes me wanting more . I feel as though I’m chasing him and he’s not that interested with me . We have had conversations about him and his current relationship with his girlfriend ( yes he does have a girlfriend) which I was surprised he opened to me about his personal life he doesn’t strike me as the type to really have deep convos with someone he semi knows. We often flirt & he’s very “freaky” which is a major turn on . We recently had something happen between us and ever since then he’s acting like nothing ever happened . He did tell me he’s trying to do right by his girlfriend so he hasn’t been messing around which I can respect but I think I like him way to much I think he wants something more to happen between us but has been trying to avoid it from happening which I can’t lie pisses me off I hate when I can’t get something I want . Idk maybe I should just leave him alone and
    Ignore him but I just can’t .

  55. I’m s male sagittarius who tends to attract scorpios.
    my last relationship with a female scorpio was actually quite heartbreaking for myself.
    the bedroom activity was very much amazing, and we had an unbelievable amount in common.
    shared interests, life experiences, world views.
    but she was the one who would not commit.

  56. I’m a Scorpio, and this is so accurate in my friendship with a Sag. I put my friendships as my number 1 priority above most everything else. They’re very personal to me, and I’ve only found a couple of people that I really want in my life as my best friend. One of them is a Sag, and we started out very close, basically inseparable. I was having the time of my life! Everything was better with my Sagittarius friend in my life. They dropped me so quick when they found someone else to occupy their time. They won’t even make plans to hang out anymore. I know that I need to not be clingy, and give them space. If they come back wanting to be good friends again, I don’t know what I’d do. My friends can hurt me worse than a break up. Does anyone else feel this strongly and vulnerable in their connections with friends?

  57. Really interesting comments. I am a Sagittarius male and currently dating a Scorpio female for about a year now. If I’m going to be honest, I’m the beginning of our relationship, we kinda started off badly. I lied to her and didn’t obey her “rules.” Yes she laid up some rules for me, I understand that Scorpio’s can be very controlling, it was difficult for me to work with her especially because she’s a very jealous type. Although, after all of our arguments which never ended up well, we still deeply love each other. When we don’t argue at all and we’re just filled with good vibes, we can be the happiest couple. I love to adventure, and I got her to love it too, so we try to travel as much as we can. The sex is amazing! We’re both very spontaneous when it comes to it. We have been doing better, I learned to respect her more & listen to obey her. Slowly I’m earning her trust back. I love her so much and I knkw she loves me very much, we never cheated on each other. But the main concern is how much she controls and how much we argue. It’s very sad to see all these people saying that sagg & Scorpio never works out… which I really wish we could because I deeply love this girl, even though sometimes we can be toxic for each other. What should I do? Right now we are trying to compromise and trust and keep a little distance.

  58. I’ve known my Scorpio bestfriend for my whole life and he just doesn’t seem to care about our relationship anymore even though I try so hard to make it work. And when I talk about when I down he doesn’t seem to care

  59. I’m Oct 23rd so the jury’s out on whether that lib or scorp so I guess I’m a cusp…Anyways I’ve had some bad experiences with sags more than once in my life- a girl I found online when I went to date her in person- she was rude enough to tell me that my face was skinnier than she thought and she was frowning and acting rude- while that bi.txh herself had a fat neck that looked like a sagging jawline but I never said this to her out of respect for the way you treat a lady on a date, even after she said that, which I could’ve l, but my chivalrous high ideal Libra side came through then (but not right now lol I know) – but what a shallow cow!

  60. And then he sister in law gave me the meanest look at me at our engagement (it was the first I’m she saw me bc spouse didn’t want sister to know about me until engagement- think she knew her sis was a jealous type- see she was jealous that her sis (my spouse) had a taller handsome husband compared to hers and so she gave me the attitude of a hater- guess what? She was a sadge b#ch- but for the sake of wife and to keep in law peace I tolerated that shyt and then this weak twerpy shyt back in Uni who to spread fake rumors about me not having any friends bc I didn’t attend *his birthday party- and I couldn’t cause I was tied up with work plus I didn’t know the bast#rd well enough as a friend anyway just as a classmate- how petty, insecure and gossipy- for a *guy, and back then I was bit too nice and never wanted to look sensitive (which u always have to worry about as a dude vs u ladies have so much more freedom), so i shrugged it off let it roll off my back, but lookin back he was a-hole and smacking his head wouldve actually done both the world good and him good so he’d realize his aholeness… anyways guess what? that annoying Lil piece of s#t was? – yoooouuu guessed it!- another sag; Idk what it is some bad karmic connection with these mo’fos but it’s been the same sign so often- and I ended up tolerating their crap bc the situation at the time forced me too, or to uphold my principles or bc I didn’t wanna look touchy and sensitive and was too nice when younger etc. Gotten along good with Leo’s, aries well idk I’ve known a good number of jerks (mostly the guys) but have known a few that were alright especially the ladies… but see from my experience Leo and aries have a more innocent ego vs sag- they’re like kids the aries kid with that “whatever u can do I can do better..” argument and the Leo kid with an oversized robe looking up in a noble way expecting u to praise her, but a sag is NOT innocent with their ego- they’re just plain mean, conniving, arrogant and snooty and try to act better than others in a very preachy fanatical way so it’s harder to forgive their ego vs the other fire signs… But I can’t hate EM all bc my older cousin bro, though he was and now is secretly v competitive he’s still a good guy and wants to guide me and look out for me, and my niece is also a sag and is a cute kid so there’s that but idk outside my relatives they’ve been evil to me (though my younger maternal uncle was and still is a horrible annoying as f, mean, abrasive, selfish, power hungry, attention hungry, narcissistic super ego maniac aries who back stabbed his own relatives including us)..hmm gueas aries haven’t been a bed of roses either, but anyways just focusing on the sags here…looks like Leo’s have been the chillest, illest, and kindest of the fire signs to me…funny since I’m a Leo rising, but then according to vedic astro which is more technically exact and accurate based on the exact positions of stars and the sun, my ascendant is actually the very late degrees of cancer- like 28-29 degrees so f even my ascendant is like a cuspecial too of cancer-Leo lol, I’m too complex lol..anyways thanks for your patience to get to the end of these words- you truly deserve a medal, if not the Nobel prize lol….no seriously………………………gotcha!

  61. Please forgive the numerous typos as this damn samsung phone autocorrect feature is annoying af- that’s “the sister in law”, ” ’em”, and “cusp” NOT “cuspecial”- I have no idea wtf that is and how that got into my autocorrect lol. Also you”ll see numerous hyphens where they don’t belong- again blame it on autocorrect, sorry…

  62. That’s supposed to me “it was the first time she saw me” not “it was the first I’m she saw me” wtf lol- just noticed that…

  63. Hey I’m a scorpio woman and I have recently been dating a sagittarius guy who I met at work.. he makes me laugh and we get on so much! I have been reading everyone’s experiences and omg I’m scared to carry on if this is all true! I do agree sag men are flirty! As I have seen he is with other women we have worked with but doesn’t really mean anything as I just genuinely think he is a nice caring guy who just gets on with everyone. I have looked wayyy too much into this and I have even searched my birthday to see who I am compatible with and it says this……

    November 1 Birthday Compatibility
    You are most compatible with people born under Zodiac Sign Sagittarius: This can be a fun and stimulating relationship.
    You are not compatible with people born under Zodiac Sign Aquarius: This is a relationship that will clash on all fronts

    Am I reading way too much into it all or is this true? ha ha. I really like this guy a lot! I feel I am falling for him.. I have known him over a year just as friends and I had a huge crush on him for a while before we started dating. we like each other so much and understand each other on what we want etc and we both make each other laugh. He has also said he feels butterflies when around me which I thought sags never say how they feel about emotion but he does! To be honest he is a very emotional guy so I’m shocked to read all of this. so far I think he is the nicest understanding guy I have ever met! For scorpios it says you are most compatible with cancer but I once went out with a cancer guy years ago and he was so nasty and only cared about himself! So I’m a little confused and now thinking zodiac signs are just a load b.s Ha ha and I think no matter what sign you are with, you will always have ups and downs and like any relationship you work together to make it work through thick and thin.

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