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Scorpio & Pisces

Traditionally, Scorpio and Pisces are astrological soul mates. Both are deeply emotional, intuitive, sensitive, and loving. It is both the similarities and differences in which they express their love which draws these two together like magnets. Upon uniting, they feel like no one else can understand the depth of their emotions like their lover has.

Scorpio tends to be very mysterious, imbued with passion and intensity. This intrigues Pisces and draws them to Scorpio, curiously tickled by Scorpio’s sensual and seductive nature. Scorpio is drawn to Pisces’ kind and warm spirit, which was obvious from the moment Scorpio lay their eyes on Pisces. Pisces looked like someone who would also protect and care for them, and who genuinely cared about Scorpio’s well-being and happiness. With time, Scorpio develops more trust in Pisces than they do in most other human beings. Pisces is able to draw out the goofier, loving, and more care-free side of Scorpio’s nature.

In a Scorpio/Pisces relationship, both signs often feel like they have found someone who understands them without the need for words. This relationship can flow so well that one or both of them may be tempted to stir up trouble just to keep things exciting. But there is no need to worry that things are “too good to be true”… there is a reason they both found each other. They both just “get” each other, and being around each other’s presence is a driving force in both of your lives.

Scorpio will likely be a dominant force in Pisces’ life. Scorpio likes to take life by the reigns and passionately goes after what they want by trusting their intuition. Pisces is also quite in tune with their inner compass, but they would much rather go with the flow and see where life takes them rather than jump into the next adventure with a set plan. Scorpio helps Pisces add stability and structure to their daily routine, while Pisces helps Scorpio let go of the stress and enjoy the natural chaos of life. Pisces understands the meaning of “go with the flow”, and views the Universe as a complex web of connections waiting to be made. Scorpio and Pisces will enjoy creating and exploring artistic realms with each other, and it is also likely that they will engage in spiritual experiences, be it religion, mediation, tarot cards, yoga, etc…

Scorpio and Pisces complement each other, or rather, they complete each other. There are times when Pisces’ imagination may get the best of them and Scorpio may not understand their overly subjective perspective, but those times are rare. As long as they both keep the lines of communication open and transparent, they should feel mere harmony — for the most part.

Scorpio has a tendency to be possessive and jealous of their lover, but it is in Pisces’ nature to actually enjoy the extra attention they receive from Scorpio. Pisces also gets jealous, but does a better job of hiding it by pretending not to notice. Pisces always shows Scorpio devotion, and that matters a lot to Scorpio because Scorpio cares about action more than words.

As long as Pisces constantly reassures Scorpio of their loyalty and faithfulness, Scorpio will bask in their attention and make them very happy. Pisces and Scorpio both seek each other’s affection more than anything else, because they feel like you have known each other for an eternity, even if they just met recently.  A Scorpio/Pisces relationship only grows stronger with time, especially if both signs are able to give each other space. At first they may both be like two peas in a pod, clinging to each other’s hips. However, if they do not spend time apart it will be too easy to get lost in the relationship, and this won’t result in a healthy partnership. Spending time pursuing individual passions will only strengthen your bond in the long-run.

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Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, shifted into Taurus in March 2019, where it will remain until 2026. Since Taurus is Scorpio’s opposite sign of the zodiac, its transit has a direct effect on our partnership sector these next 6 years. Our romantic partnerships, as well as all types of partnerships, will experience a radical transformation from the inside out. This is something that we’ve felt within ourselves, and it will now manifest outwardly. Uranus in Taurus Part II serves as a guiding tool for navigating this 2nd year of Uranus in Taurus. Your relationship foundations are dramatically shifting, but as long as you trust your heart and your instincts, you’ll experience the love life meant for you, Scorpio. 2019 was an emotional rollercoaster, and 2020 can provide greater internal stability, even in the midst of external chaos or change.

This 30-page report breaks down the overall energy of year 2 of Uranus in Taurus, and also highlights specific dates where we may feel its influence most intensely in our relationships. If you’ve been navigating challenges in your partnerships and feel like you’re at a crossroads in your love and social life, this forecast is for you. Empower yourself and empower your relationships by being self-aware and accepting of the changes manifesting in your life, rather than trying to control everything. You are not alone, and you will make it through stronger, wiser, and more evolved than ever.

All orders of Uranus in Taurus Part 2 are available for download immediately after purchase, and will also be emailed to you. Enjoy!

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  1. I truly love & admire what you do. This is 100% accurate, but I wouldn’t expect any less. Very true for my pisces & I. 4 years in & through everything still going.

    1. İ met my scorpio four weeks ago. And I stop for help him to knowing each other. Because we don t know each other. Then he left. And I stayed where I waited him. From that time I think only about him. Imagine something about him. And miss so much. In this case, what should I do? I sent him request on Facebook and he accepted. But I couldn’t write him anything. I think if he wants me he should come to me when I stand at the park and waiting for him. Now he closed his account on Facebook. Please give me advice. I feel uneasy. And when I find this site I am glad after read all of them. As you said Scorpio doesn’t understand me but I realize him when I see him. By the way I met him three times before what I am telling now. I need your tips. I will wait your answer. Have a nice day

      1. Scorpio is a true one.. Don’t lie to them.. They will apreciate it.. Just tell him you miss him.. If can’t just say hello.. It’s easy right? Keep your communication.. He’ll know it.. 😀 i’m always be true with my scorpio friends.. And we can tell everything about us..

        1. I found my Scorpio and he’s perfect, but I’m too nervous to make a move. I’m preferring admiring from a distance for now 😂

      2. Don’t go looking for a man let him find you so that you know that’s one you have been wanting to be with god has sent you him your way BC ya deserve each other you never know might end up to be your husband

        1. That’s not True. I’m a Scorpio and have had Scorpio men come after me hard. It depends on how strong he feels the connection. Scorpios are drawn by their energy to you. If you invoke their spiritual energy they will like you, but I will say, if she is liking him, it’s best to say it because Scorpios can at times be oblivious to people. I’m a Scorpio talking to a Pisces. I like him a lot. I just am hoping we can build something good with one another. Not play any games.

      3. I know this reply is a late one but you will fine. As you are Pisces so it is natural that staying apart from a Scorpion is a little hurtful. As it is a saying time heals the wounds so therefore, you should divert your attention to something else because imagining him and thinking about him all the time and starting a conversation with him will make you more weak. So it is better to stay calm and composed and wait for him to again start the facebook.

        If he is already come on facebook and you still can’t stop thinking about him then you should express your feelings but don’t expect from him to reply you soon because he may become little suspicious.

      4. He accepted your friend request. Scorpio males can be prideful and expect the other to take the first steps in reconciliation. While a Scorpio may add a person just so the being ignored stings more, he is more likely to use the block function. Accepting a request just to ignore a person is petty on a whole new level. You have likely been invited to communicate…but you initiate it. Scorpio rarely does no matter how much he wants to.

        P.S. I am a double scorpio

      5. Ah, im a scorpio woman. And i wanted to see if there was many similarities between scorpio women and scorpio men. I found trying to be in a relationship with a scorpio man is alot like watching an adult react like a toddler when communication became to much for them. I have always incorporated finding a solution to what was negatively was going, which lead to both myself and scorpio male blocking each other. But then the male would turn around however long for an ego tease saying they would love to try to be in a relationship in the future.
        Nuuuh uh.
        I found myself the most loving and caring pisces man. I agree with that was written in the original web blog.

  2. I’m a scopio male n jst met ma pisces wman.frm th word go we hit it of.I want her wth m all da tym cnt b wthout her.aftr a wik .2gethr I calld her n she ansrd aftr some callz wth no reply I was so mad thnkig shiz wth some1.I relizd ma stupidity bt now shiz lyk driftig away.I mis her madly.

    1. Just let her know that you were possessive of her only because you like her… You should learn to build trust together and appreciate each other’s loyalty. Best of luck to you! Pisces and Scorpio can be a wonderful match.

  3. Scorpio female in love with a Pisces male, the thing scorpio craves the most to be loved so fully & naturally, Pisces gives…you are so right with the usage of the word devotion…scorpio needs this and I have found Pisces is the only one who can give such a true level of devotion

  4. Scorp woman here engaged to Pieces man; he makes me feel like the apple of his eye & in turn, he is the wind beneath my wings. He inspires me to tenderness.

  5. I’m a Scorpio and my roommate is a Pisces; this is a perfect description. Thanks for sharing! And, although it was written some time ago, I came accross it, right when I needed it! Love that!

    1. I am a Scorpio female and I just met a Pisces male for the first time! it was exactly what I just read. it was like out of a movie on the beach on a sunny blue sky day !! Amazing connection ??

  6. I am a Scorpio female, I used to like a Pisces male. We were bestfriends for a very long time, we kissed here & there but it was nothing serious, until I told him I had feelings for him and then he started acting a weird and stuff, he told me to pretend we never met and that we never knew eachother, now we are not friends and I miss him so much, do you think we could ever be friends again? We had the most awesome friendship.

    1. Pisces man is a dreamer.. He like a feminim girl, who can keep communication, a kind one, and the most thing.. He likes a deep communication.. Tell him a secret.. Just a funny one.. He will feel that you believe him.. He likes a perfect one.. But no one is perfect.. Lol.. Just feminim, then let he see you are awesome.. Everydays if can.. Then he’ll love you.. 😀 i’m pisces man.. *sorry for bad english*

  7. Why until now can I read this writing? I have read so many articles to find out what’s the matter between me and my scorpio but they all seem to have little help. Your writing is much helpful than any other ones out there because it focuses on the main, real things in a scorpio-pisces relationship, not wander around vain stuffs like describing chimerical beauty of how a scorpion-pisces love can be or sex life. Who needs those? I prefer realistic and useful things like those in your writing more. Much obliged.

  8. true, true,true! I would rather see her happy-she scorpio- than sad and not by my doing. We met and at first sight we clicked and i pretended not to be interested trying to be slippery as fish are. We just need to look at each other and we feel as if we had sex. AMAZING!!! And she says i. Am the only man that ever made her climax or want her to climax. She is a strip dancer very good and an art that i enjoy she is wanted by many men but she setteles for me. Amen to your post!

  9. I am a Pisces female and I have known a Scorpio male since the day I was born. We were neighbors and best friends. We never left each others side, our sisters even say that we were ‘in love’ as kids. Well, unfortunately for me that is still the case. It’s basically been 10 years without us hanging out together and every time I see him, my feelings for him hit me like a brick wall, even though we were only 5-6 years old when we knew each other. He asks me to hang out sometimes, but never follows through with it, part of that has to do with the fact that he has a girlfriend now. But, every time I go to his house to visit with his family I have a huge attraction to him, I think most of the time I come off as uninterested and kind of cold, but it is completely unintentional considering I’m extremely shy which he probably knows by now. It’s strange because we haven’t really talked in so long, but I can tell when he’s upset, angry, or anything really. I can basically read his mind, I’m just curious as to what he thinks of me or if he feels remotely anything that I’m feeling. Time will tell, unfortunately for me I’ve become extremely impatient because I’ve been waiting to tell him how I feel for YEARS. You will know if your scorpio male is right for you, in my “experience” he says my name in a way that sends shivers through my whole body, and his eyes will light up every time he sees you.

    1. This is so lovely! (Sorry isn’t weird that I find this lovely, when you’re in a bit of a difficult situation) what I mean is I totally relate, toooootally. I’m a Pisces woman, I feel exactly the same way about my Scorpio. I don’t even want to tell my story because I’m paranoid that he’s going to come across it lol ? Not to mention the fact that it is loooooong but the point is I feel exactly the bloody same and him and I have agreed to be completely platonic so I’m
      Hoping my intense passionate love for him will fade (not to mention we have started a business together and as such speak every single day and see eachother most days) and/or I meet someone else that sweeps me off my feet lol his reasoning is that he doesn’t want to lose me, he’s not ready to settle down etc, I respect that, I understand, I think. Lol everyone around us constantly questions our relationship because our connection is so intense (I’ve said intense twice now lol this is the general vibe of the situation ?) we slept with eachother once, never spoke about it or acknowledged it and had a period of time after that where we couldn’t even touch at all, we’re back to “normal” now, although he is a lot more tactile than me because I feel as though I should hold back, he has pretty much fast become my best friend… There’s so much more to this but I can’t be bothered to type it, I’d be here all night, all of guys reading this can probably relate to the Scorpio/Pisces thing anyway and know what I mean. Xxxx

      1. If he as a business with you, he likes you. Trust me, he does. However, being together too much may be the reason for your realationship to loose interest. Remember, Pisces and Scopio need space.

        If any tips I can give you: dress sexy and classy, we like that. Demonstrate devotion. If you have an artistic talent, show it; this is a huge plus. Show him he can trust you. If you go out with friends and etc. Let him know. He may act like it’s nothing, but he’ll like it and would appreciate it. Don’t trow your self out there with everything, rather show small steps first, and remember action is porwerfull than words when it comes to your Scorpio. We may be hard and or play hard to get, but once your in, your are in for life. We are like this because we give ourselves in a relation 110% of the way and we are afraid that we get hurt and or dessapointed if we don’t choose wisely. We believe in all or nothing. However, once your in, he would never let you go and will always fight for you, no matter what.

        This may seem a lot, nevertheless, you are a Pisces, just be yourself. We get attracted to Pisces by a lot. Remember, you are the only sign that can truly understand a Scorpio. Use that. The only thing that can get in between you too, is if he finds another Picses. And this will confuse him. However, if he met you first, you have the upper hand.

        Hope this helps and makes sence. Sincerely, a two double Scorpio male.

  10. Hi, Im a Scorpio male and I just this amazing and kinda helpful. Currently, there is Pisces girl in my school thst I fell in love with as soon as I met her. Honestly, I feel like we have a connection because I’ve never felt this way before about someone. However, I’m sure she doesn’t feel the same way. Last semester, I tried to get to know her by taking her out , but she denied me any chance. This semester , as soon as she saw me, she talked to me. I was really happy. I offered to take her out as a friend and she said yes , so for now I think I’m her friend. However, she doesn’t really talk to me in school, nor text me that well in class. When I’m out with her, she is so lively and I got to know her more than before. Idk…. im crazy about her and I get jealous when she talks to other guys in class when like im literally sitting next her. She drives me crazy. Everyone told me to back off to see if she notices if I’m gone, but I don’t want to…..what do you think I should do? Im sorry, just I feel like you can help me out someway.

  11. Scorp woman here. I’ve always been attracted to pisces for years without knowing it. Now, I’m attracted by one (it’s been 4 years) and I know I’ll never have him, bii I’m completely obsessed about him. I’m so crazy about him that I am lost, it’s like he makes me weak and I hate him for that but I can’t stop thinking about him too… No one ever did something to me like this in my life. I’m sinking deeper because of him. The worse part ? I love him so much that I don’t even mind growing old alone in the dark. I want him but I also don’t need him. Gosh I am such a scorpio…

  12. My Pisces man is opening up a huge wound , luckily we haven’t come in physical contact yet , hes gonna break the damn that holds the hurt i so need to let go of.. Scorpio power is strong but he is slowly breaking me down to a safe place… safe but frigin scary.. when we meet its basically gonna be over for anymore flighty stuff , its gonna explode into life changing emotions and actions to follow..

  13. I’m a Scorpio female and my partner is a Pisces everything this article says is so true. He loves me beyond belief and oh he gives so much, it seems so perfect that sometimes I try to start fights just because I feel like something should be a Scorpio it is hard for me to except the fact that someone might actually love me and have good intentions, and I’ve learned that my Pisces man really does love me. He’s the only person that I know that excepts my flaws and works with them for the better of our relationship. He understands that I need space and understands that I have big dreams and sometimes my temper gets the best of me. He laughs at my jealousy and realizes that I can’t help my nature. We are currently engaged and still fully engaged in each other, I don’t see our relationship failing at any point because of the strong connection that we have I feel like I’m known him all of my life. Scorpios really don’t believe in fairytales or love but when you me a Pisces, the right Pisces all of that will change.

    1. I m a scorpio women , dating a pisces for more than a month. Evry word you mentioned , feels like my story .
      He is just too good to be true .

    2. I can’t believe how 100% accurate this is! You’re right about fairytales and love, never really believed it until I met the right pisces 🙂

  14. I’m a 37 1-2 year old Scorpio female and this is what I can say about my experiences with Pisces men. First, astrology aside for a moment the following is a description of my specific personality because I can’t for all Scorpio women. When I first meet any stranger no matter what sex they are or sign is in most of these cases the stranger looks at me like I have three heads due to my standoffish persona because of the vibes I pick up from these strangers. Therefore, I keep up that wall, clam up and keep an even further distance. And then in the cases in which the stanger is a prospective mate I get extremely insecure and start asking myself all these ridiculous tiring questions, why isn’t he calling? Does he like me? Does he really like me or not? Now bring in astrology. I NEVER have to wonder whenever a Pisces man comes my way largely due to the fact that these Pisces men are the ones who seek me out. This has happened a handful of times. But timing has ALWAYS been the reason in each of these cases that have forced us to part ways. Bottom line is Pisces men and myself vibe together more like no other sign I’ve vibed with. Also in these cases I simpy “don’t have to try”. I can simply BE MYSELF WITHOUT THE BLEEPING INSECURITIES AND WORRY. Being older now, 37, and single right now I have truly feel like I’ve been becoming the more evolved Scorpio and am quite content and simply have FAITH that I WILL meet my Pisces man… Sooner or later. STAY STRONG to everyone out there. Because at the end of the day we ALL have the POWER to design our lives the way we NEED. Take a step back and learn how to go with the flow and be surprised!

    1. I’m also a 37 year old Scorpio and could have written those exact words about myself! Thank you for sharing that.

  15. My pisces is a crazy lovable ambitious assho, can be whack with fake sauce at times. Butg i guess ill never stop loving that..he is tempting me sooo bad right now, talking is his back seat driver voice again!..again love the piscean. Have paitents it will all be gravy.

  16. Im a pisces female and have been in love with my scorpio man for as long as I can remember. We met when we were only 12 years old and I had the BIGGEST crush on him when we were growinp up but I never had the guts to tell him. I could tell he felt something for me when we were teens; always catching him staring at me, studying me and me being so shy, I would only smile. We never really talked but we always communicated non-verbally. I don’t even need to talk to him to feel close, he just has to be in the vicinity and I can feel him.

    Now I live in a different country yet I can still feel him yearning for me and I for him. I think about him all the time, yet I’m scared of such a strong connection. I can’t even explain it. I feel like I can tell when he’s not feeling well, when he feels happy, when he’s angry and I’m so far! Just goes to show how strong the bond is. Last year, I finally got the courage to ask him out while I was in the same country as him but I think because he was going thru a break-up he didn’t meet with me, but I know deep in my heart he wants to see me.

    I swear if I don’t end up with my scorp, I won’t marry anyone else. I only want him all the time, near me and I wanna ease all of his pains. I dream about giving him sweet kisses and being held in his arms. Baby, please come get me. . . I promise I’ll say yes and be truly devoted to you and you only.

    I love you N

    1. Your story sounds so much like mine. I’m so curious to know, have you gotten together yet? I visit my hometown and every time, I pray I get to see him. After 20+ years of waiting, I too want to marry him and only him, and if not him, I don’t care. It really hurts that he doesn’t reach out to me but I don’t even hold it against him. I’m sure there’s a logical reason. I hope that you and your scorpio find each other soon.

  17. I have met this pieces women on facebook we never met physically, I know everything about she really open her herself the connection is really strong and I do not know what will happen after we meet she currently has boyfriend I need to respect that only God knows will this is becoming dangerous in my heart yearning for her now.

  18. Very accurate. At first I hated my partner (scorpio) and now I can’t be apart from him for more than 5 minutes. We’ve known eachother for about 7 months and we’ve been in a very successful relationship for almost 4 months now. I couldn’t be happier with him

  19. I just met my Pisces not too long ago. I want to say like a month and this just completely described this past weekend and how we feel about each other. Albeit He expressed his emotions while under the influence of alcohol, I feel like I’ve found my missing piece. It makes me scare and happy and nervous and anxious all at once but he’s my baby I just know it.

    1. Hello I’m interested into some information I’m a scorpio woman I’m interested into a Pisces male we have been talking nostop from December until now he is in a complicate realtionship with his current girl friend he tells me all the time in details how he thinks about me missing me all above I don’t know what to do we both interested into each other what should I do I blocked him he gets upset I don’t text back he gets upset when I don’t answer his calls he gets upset I really need the right asnwer on what should I do

  20. Everything Abt Pisces Ad Scorpio Ar Rite,my Scorpio Man Loves Me Ad I Do.We Met 4years Back Ad A Super Mrk,i Was Seakn 4 A Job He Was D Ass Manager Immediately I Saw Him My Heart Skipd A Beat 2 Me Mayb Bcos He Was Jus Handsome.I Had 2 Get Anoda Job Bcos I Wasnt Calld N Time.After A Year He Called Me To Say He Got A Better Job,i Was Happy 4 Him Bt I Askd Hw He Got My Number,it Was D Letter I Send I Had 2 Tink Why Did He Call 2 Tell Me Abt Dat?Bt No Ans.I Saved His Number,sometimex I Felt Like Calling Him Bt I Dnt Wan Him 2 Tink I Love Him.After Anoda 2 Years I Was On Whtsap Ad We Wer Frds,i Hav Av Alwayx Worried F I Can Gt A Man Wo Understand Me,He Does.He As 4 My Hand N Marriage Ad I Was Abt 2 Travel I Said No,I Was Scare Of His Tribe Cos Dey Divoice Alot Bt He Assure Me Nver.He Was HAving Dis Lust Ad He Said It Was Me Datx Why He Had 2marry Ad I Cudnt Help.Nw He S Married I Got Mad Ad Blockd Him On Fb He Plead I Av 2 4give Him Ad B Understndable I Respect Understd And Care 4 Him.I Love Him Ad I Wil B His 2d

  21. I’m a Scorpio girl and I can say that this article is pretty darn accurate. I met this Pisces guy a year and a half ago in my computer class, and at the time I was in a pretty bad relationship with another guy so I was always stressed. We were put at the same table in that class, so we always had talking opportunities, but we did not do so until a few weeks into the class, when we had to let other people use our computers. We sat together in a corner waiting until they were finished, and that’s when we really introduced ourselves. Immediately, I could tell he was genuinely interested in what I had to say–a trait that my ex didn’t possess. I showed him some of my artwork, and it was just so nice being able to talk to someone that cared so much even though we had just met. My day was made because I got to talk to him, and later on, I looked forward to that class so much because I knew we would have a great time talking and laughing. Oftentimes when we are together I forget about everything else; it’s like nothing else is real except for us and what we are talking about, and I think people notice it. He is really funny and silly, which is one of my favorite things about him, but he also has extremely good judgement and always admits a mistake–something I need to work on, but appreciate so much. He is also the first person that I think I have truly cared for and loved. I never thought I would actually ever develop those feelings for anyone, but it just happened naturally and unexpectedly. One of the best parts about our relationship is that we can feed off of each other’s energy so easily, and we are even better at talking to people when we do it together. To this day, we are very, very good friends with an amazing bond; we have practically no secrets and we love being around each other even though we see each other constantly.

    1. I needed this! Wow! Thank you! Im a scorpio woman and recently had a handsome son with my ex whose a Sagittarius but was no where to be found the month our son was in nicu. While in the nicu another couple introduced me to a pieces and its like we’ve known each other for years. Hes exactly the man i dreamt of and he wants nothing more but to make my son and myself his whole world. Hes been fighting like hell to get me and my son to move with him and get me out of the situation im currently in (living with my sons father who for a couple days of the week weve been home hes only held him wont help feed him or change diapers i still have to cook and feed the livestock outside.) Ive been pushing my Pisces away because hes to good to be true. This article and more so this response truly helped!

  22. I’m a Pisces and last year I met a Scorpio girl in a class. At first it was a little weird because we never really talked that much, but then in like the span of a week, the ball got rollin fast. I found out that she had such an amazing sense of humor, and she was just such a character. I don’t want to say I was awful with girls or anything, but she was just soooo easy to talk to and relate to. Very few people, I feel, share this sense of humor and to this day it’s still one of the many things I admire about her. From the first week i met her, i knew that i liked her, but after a month, i pretty much knew that i was in love. I had never had those kinds of feelings before, just the usual weird teenage guy ones, but nothing that deep. Everyday, she would walk into the room with a slight grin, head tilted down, and a hurried walk to our table. And let me just tell you, it was magic. She brightened up the room and my life like…a light bulb or something. She’s also incredibly genuine, it’s really unbelievable. because of her, I’ve been able to open up to more people because for the majority of my life I’ve been a lone wolf. And there’s no one in the world who’s made me feel so appreciated. One thing I’ve learned is that all that people want is to feel appreciated and wanted. And she’s done a damn-good job of that. I don’t want to sound cliché by saying she’s changed my life, but I mean…she kinda has. now and then I think about how crazy it would be if we had done a few tiny things differently like had never brought up a dumb Internet meme or a silly video, and would we still have that bond. It’s an awe-inspiring mystery but I’m just blessed she’s in my life. We’re still built on a relationship of mutual growth, and I wouldn’t want to be on this path with anyone else. I’m not able to put into words how grateful and thankful I am for all that she’s done, but I want her to know that she’s a pretty amazing person.

  23. I have to say that this is absolutely accurate. There’s this Pisces woman in my life an all I can do is think of her. She’s an aspiring model an she hosts a lot of events at clubs an she is everything to me! I met her thru Instagram by liking and commenting on one of her pics She responded an I had to make sure that I didn’t offend her by my comment so I clearly corrected myself. Since then I’ve expressed myself to her thru cute little texts an pics. I got to meet her an two of her friends and it was at a time that I needed someone to be around the most bc I had lost my closest cousin an she just so happened to ask if I was in NY bc she needed someone to drive her around being that she didn’t know her way around being a New England girl. So I said yes we didnt really get to spend time with each other as I really wanted but the little time I’ve got to be with her she’s been all I can think of an I yearn for the day I see her again. She knows this an I’m constantly at war with myself to not push her away by constantly reaching out to her an telling her how I feel. She lives in Rhode Island but to me that isn’t a problem bc I can an will drive to see her with one command from her. So I need advice…should I continue to tell her how I feel? Should I let her go?! I feel as though at times I’m not even good enough for her. My friends tell me time to time to fall back an leave her alone an I told her this an she told me to not listen to what people tell me bc she’s been completely honest an I believe she has. I just get scared bc I yearn for this woman and have never really felt this way about someone I don’t know. I’ve fallen for women before of other signs but not like this!! Like I feel she’s the one an i’d wait for her if I knew there was a chance. I know she doesn’t really have the time to be in a relationship and I’d never make her choose me over her grind an her career but I can’t help that I want her..that she is all I want an need…I’m going to send her this link so she can see why I’m so drawn to her an not so much bc of her beauty but bc spiritually I crave her an I hope she sees my comment bc this is from the heart.

    1. Tell her how you feel, but don’t let her jerk you around. Pisces female here and I’m not even all that attractive by traditional standards, but somehow I ALWAYS have men admiring me, eating out of the palm of my hands, and being devoted on many levels. I think this is the gift and curse of Pisces females. If she’s not evolved and enjoys the attention more than she seeks a true connection, then she will flounder from one admirer to the next. I do that in between serious relationships with casual admirers. However, I make sure that they aren’t serious about me when I do such. Scorpio men are a weakness for me. I true weakness and every time I’ve gotten involved with a Scorpio, I allow him to break rules, invade my space, and do all sorts of things that no other men of the zodiac can do. Mars in Scorpio men come close, but Scorpio sun men make me want to nurture them and say yes to any and everything. However, despite the many casual dates, and other interactions…I seek true bonded soul connected friendship and love that has a lot of passion and some space (just a little) in between.

  24. I’m a Pisces female and I really like a Scorpio male. I know he doesn’t like me and he likes my Virgo friend but she likes a cancer. I don’t think he will ever like me

    1. Same fucking situation. And he knows I really like him but he’s friendzoning me. We have an AMAZING chemistry. But that’s how it is I guess..

  25. This is so true! I’m a pisces and throughout my entire life scorpios always have been the ones who immediately ‘clicked’ with me. When I’m in a new situation with new people I subconciously tend to approach to scorpios first, like they are freaking magnets. One look into their eyes and I feel comfortable and safe. A friend of mine is a scorpio and it didn’t take long until we both said that we are soulmates. And it’s not necessarily our lifestyles, it’s actually the depth and emotions that connect us so much. Even though we are different on the outside. I once used to be in a relationship with a scorpio and it was so intense between us that I think, we couldn’t handle it and we unfortunately hurt each other. I loved him too much and gave him a hard time after our break up while he was eager to stabilize our friendship. This consequently made him mad one day and we both started a life on our own until we lost contact. But I couldn’t forget about him. Many years later and out of the sudden I permanently think about him lately and realize how much he actually opened up and cared for me. And now I know that this, as a matter of fact, is really difficult for scorpios. I wish so bad I could find him but one the other hand I am afraid he could avoid me for how I was back than. Idk, ever since we went seperate ways it feels like a piece of mine is missing and I don’t know what to do about it. No one ever succeeded in filling this hole in my heart.

  26. My Pisces is so confusing
    Things are very complicated
    But im so drawn to him :/
    And I don’t think he really likes me ,his probably using me

  27. There’s a Scorpio guy in my school, he’s been through a lot of hurt and his ex he was with long-term deceived him, cheated on him and he took it really badly. I was going out with someone who knew him at the time (not with them anymore thank goodness) so they would tell me stuff about him, he was really depressed. One day we kind of locked eyes (in December-time) when I was in a play he came to see, he kept staring at me when I was on stage.. and ever since we constantly make eye contact around school, even when I notice him and don’t look over I can see him looking at me out of the corner of my eye and he’s messaged me a couple of times like on my birthday or over mundane things to do with school. I don’t want to get carried away, like Pisces tend to do (Because we’re romantic, sensitive people!) and think what he does means anything, especially since the break up with his ex as he has been going out with someone and cheated on her himself.. I don’t know, I’m confused over what to do, I’ve been crushing on him for a while now but too scared to talk to him, in case I get hurt. I feel a lot of empathy towards him and his past too.. Does anyone have advice? I leave for college soon so I may not see him again..

  28. I’m a scorpio woman and my boyfriend is a pices. We’ve been bumping heads lately bc he’s supposed to be going to college in California, and we live on the east coast. As a scorpio , I don’t know if I’ll be able to fully trust my pices lover . I don’t want to let go but I also don’t want to build something with him , and he’s leaving . I never did the long distance thing . Any advice ?

  29. I like a scorpio and he (yup gay) flirts with me allt and our shared friend said hes ganna ask me out!!! Eeeek

  30. I’m a pisces woman who’s inlove with a scorpio guy, we’ve known each other for 2 years now, we never met physically but we chat everyday using bbm, facebook or we call each other sometimes & have long talks on the phone, he spends a lot of money to call me. He stays in another country, the connection we have is so amazing, I have never felt this strong connection with anyone. What amazes me is that we sense each other…wow! I can’t wait to meet this guy I have a strong feeling that he’s my soul mate.

  31. I hate my ex Pisces it’s been 11years won’t stop, all we share is a child together, I want nothing from him, is he stuck in fantasy?

  32. I been with my pices for about two months and I never felt this way about any one like I do with him but right now he is not talking to me for the past weekend and I was wondering what can I do to get his attention and to get him back I erased his phone so I can’t call him but I feel like he is my soul mate but I refuse to chase anyone bc I fell like I did nothing wrong beside voice my feeling about how things has change so what am I to do

  33. I need help or my higher power to intervene to speed things up. Please read this post and leave me feedback addressed in the begeinning “@B:” I am a male scorpio who dated a male cancer very carefully Wyeth walls and boundaries up everywhere. For one year Now. He is amazing to me. Like my knight and shining armor. However, he let me meet his son who is a Pisces possibly straight but he just relocated back to Texas after breaking up with his skinny,blonde, rich girlfriend. We hit it right off like distanced pals. I have had to be extra cautious because i know he would not approve of me being his father’s. But he, lets say his name is SS- Well SS is the true Apple of my Eye. But because i have a few chemical imbalances, and bc i sent him a few overwhelming, open hearted honest loving text messages, i heard from his father now that he thinks i am crazy. When i take my medicine and am not stressed i am fine. I truly conquer the world. But i love SS i think,and our distance as i feel i cannot reach out to him not even now with a blank text, it’s just making me feel sick. I want to be with him at least just a friend,if only but to let him in on something. True,i am magical. And a Christian devout from Baylor. He is Christian too, but went to a different private Catholic institution where his skills and leadership would be and was honed. He invited me to two soccer games and we laughed a lot together in front of his mysterious,deep ,complicated father. I really don’t want to lose SS as a friend. I deleted and blocked him over a month ago from Facebook bc i felt he didn’t want to appreciate me, and i set a boundary for myself. But now I’m friends again with his father,and i want to be friends with SS. What do i do? I’ve had one relationship before this time,and i loved him a famous Taurus to me,that it took7 years fire me to recover,and i am improving now at impeccable speed, reducing medicine i used to be more dependent on,and breaking down barriers I’ve put up. This dude even wanted to give me since of his clothes off his back in a Louis V bag because his father or SS KNEW i would use it and be grateful. I know he is my soul mate,bc he has his father’s genetics,his voice fits perfectly against mine, he completes my sentences,and has impeccable style. I don’t care that he dips-i can change that bad habit. If he wants to. But he is from a dysfunctional living blessed family of royalty,wherein his father just went his own way after the kids left,and i no longer want to be his father’s companion;i wish to be a pal to SS. I know he’s supposed to be smart and intuitive,and he will accept me as i am totally,but does he hate me? He said we would hang out at the lake together this summer. I rarely get confused,and either he is a good actor,or he truly despises me. (If he did like me and i don’t know why he would other than he asked for my number the first day we met at his father’s business restaurant, if he does still then what do i do?go behind his father’s back which I’ve been asked not to do because he trusts me and likes me?and tell SS i want to be friends again just friends will you Facebook unblock me please? My first girlfriend was Pisces too, and ti this day i still love her. If i wasn’t gay I may have married her. How do i catch this fish and kiss him?i long to be with him. If you have expert advice and unconditional love or intuition, you can email me at: .

  34. I know 2 Pisces. One is my friend we somewhat get along she is there for me and I’m there for her. The other my Leo friend introduced me to. She acted like my friend but then all of a sudden she wants to hurt me! And me being a Scorpio did nothing to her. So on a degree I somewhat don’t get along with Pisces. I get along best with Leo, Sagittarius, and cancers.

  35. The Pisces I’ve fallen I love with is the most beautiful creature in this universe. I wish to be around her for eternity. I being a Scorpio dove head first and sadly am left guessing wondering and wishing how it could have been if our circumstances were different. Life is far from perfect and I am even farther… But I wish I could have been with this woman, she is the one soul that I feel true love with.

    1. I completely feel you but I’m a Pisces woman who fell deeply in love with a Scorpio man. There are no words to express or explain the love I feel. I wanted to reveal myself to him more than I have ever wanted to any other human being. However, I never told him how I feel and before I knew it he was gone out of my life. I wonder if he thinks or me or if we will ever see each other again. I think of him everyday and long for him. This experience is unlike any other I have ever known. I was too shy and our circumstances got in the way so I didn’t know what to do. When I finally made up my mind and decided that I would take a chance he was done….so sad (I can still feel the emotions right now). Anyway, all is not lost b/c I still have hope b/c I feel he is my true north and though we’re not speaking right now anything can happen. I have learned that life can be unpredictable and anything can happen. I would have love to explore love with him.

  36. I’m Scorpio woman into Pisces man he’s a real mean he’s always been a smartass but when he’s drunk he talks to me real nice an gives me crazy eye contact I’m confused

  37. I’ve known my Pisces man for 15 years we only got together three years ago. I was always attracted to him but it was never the right time. We are getting married next month and I have to say this is the best relationship I have ever had. We just love the same things bands, food, activities etc. I’ve never had a relationship like it. I would recommend any Scorpio woman to wait for a Pisces man cause honestly was worth the wait.

  38. Guys im a pisces girl and have a huge crush on scorpio male… Everytime im around him i end up embarrasing myself in some way. Do you think he’s turned off by me by now? Lol

  39. This is really complicated but, I have had a crush on this Canadian actor from Canada (a Pisces) that I have met at several stage shows based on a popular TV show that has a cult following in the States, and each time we’ve seen one another, people have noticed how much we look good together, and he’s tried to spend time with me on several occasions when he’s here touring in the States. Three years ago he got married, which was heartbreaking for me, but for some reason, that has not stopped him from trying to spend time with me, and I can see in his eyes he didn’t have a say so in getting married. Every time we’re near each other, it feels right, very right, and I pick that up off him too. I think my intuition is on the money about how he feels but my brain tells me I’m wrong as hell. For instance, when he came back to Chicago in December and I saw him after the show and he gave me a hug, like he didn’t want to let me go and I felt that too. I just can’t shake that he and I have this undeniable attraction that hasn’t died off, even when we haven’t seen each other in months.

  40. Wow how to even begin! 31 yr old Male Pisces here has been with nothing but Earth signed females (Taurus, Capricorn). About a year ago I came across a female at work that I was immediately drawn to upon first glance. Being a timid Pisces that I am it took sometime to build up courage and I approached her and explained to her what I thought about her. We are friends she was honest and said she couldn’t be anything more than that at the time I was honest with her and told her the same held true for me we didn’t go into details but I’m recovering from a recent parting with a Capricorn. I’m trying to earn her trust and show her that I can be a good addition to her life. It was only after we started talking that I found out she is a Scorpio. I’ve never in my 31 years felt magnetically drawn to anyone like I have this woman and it has me experiencing emotions from every spectrum.

    She’s a few years older than me but I don’t care and don’t think that matters to her either. While I can’t say I know everything about her I definitely feel that unexplained connection as if we knew each other in a past lifetime. I always find myself complementing her she sparkles brighter than any gem in my eyes. In time I’m hoping we can become life partners I want to dedicate my life to making her happy that alone would be an ideal life for me. The crazy thing is I feel this way and I don’t even really know her that well but it feels like I’ve always known her. She’s on my mind every passing minute of the day but it’s not to the point where it’s an obsession it’s just indescribable and exciting. I’m cautiously optimistic about my future now.

  41. I am a Scorpio woman and my best friend was a Pisces. We had an instantaneous, indescribable soul connection. Sadly, she passed away a couple years ago so we only got to spend a few years together in this lifetime. Those years we were inseparable and constantly laughing! We were also spiritual and constantly talking about synchronicities in our lives which we didn’t understand then being so young, but we noticed them and were fascinated by them. There seem to be a select few signs that show up as important people in my life, and Pisces is by far on the top of that list, along with other Scorpios.

    I have also recently met a handsome Pisces who has shown interest in me. I am very attracted to him, but I’m afraid to let my guard down or even give him a chance because other women I know have had bad experiences with him. As you all know, it’s so hard for Scorpio to be vulnerable and risk getting hurt, so I’m struggling to decide whether or not to give this lovely Pisces man a shot. Any advice would be much appreciated!

  42. Okay, so before I go into anything: I’m an eighteen year old girl (Pisces). My “guy friend” (Scorpio) is about to be twenty. He has a four year old daughter he had when he was sixteen. Crazy baby mama of course.

    So we were friends freshman year of high school and I liked him but wouldn’t dare try to break up him and his girlfriend. The girlfriend cheated on him on a couple occasions but he didn’t leave her. She left him a few months ago. The relationship was extremely toxic.

    On one of their breaks, he found a girl he seemed to be extremely fond of. However, the baby’s mother attacked the girl, and her family did not approve of them seeing each other anymore.

    So about a few months ago, he snapchated me and we began snapping, texting, and face timing all day, everyday. There was not a day without contact for months. He introduced me to his daughter a few times. She would always talk about how much she “liked her Daddy’s friend”. We hung out from late at night until late afternoons, just talking. Every so often, we would go out to eat and he’d fight to pay. He would surprise me with favorite snacks and such, of course I would do the same. He hung out with family and I, on a weekly basis. So, for a few months this was how it has been going.

    Earlier in the month, we had hooked up.

    About two weeks ago, it came out in conversation that I made him feel loved and I explained to him that I do love him, however I understand why it would make him uncomfortable with me saying that, considering the damage the previous girlfriend had put him through.

    I’d say a day or two after that, he began to heavily withdrawal (not speaking to me as much, one words, very short). After a few days of this behavior, I had asked him what was going on and if he was okay, which he had said, yeah, work is just crazy. I knew he’s worked crazier hours but continuously talked to me everyday. So I told him to be straight up with me, I was here for him no matter what. (Now we both know we like each other, from mutual friends, but we have never discussed it). Finally, he said, I just need to be alone. “It’s something about my life right now, I’m not trying to be a dick. I’m so sorry I’m being this way. :(“.

    Can someone maybe try and help me understand? I don’t wanna push him away, but I don’t wanna give up. HELP.

    1. I am going through the same thing with my Scorpio guy. It’s been 5 months now and I feel as if we are drifting apart,he just changed n started being distant.. But I think eventually he will return to normal. Just keep texting or calling just to check up on him.

    2. I’m a Pisces female and my Scorpio guy who’s 4 years older than I am has a 6 year daughter. He had her when he was 16, just like yours! His baby mother is beyond crazy. She tries to use his daughter against him when she’s not getting her way. Anyways, my advice to you is to give him space. Since you guys are both water signs, you need time away from each other or you guys will drown. He will be back trust me. My Scorpio disappears once in a while to figure out his feelings and I let him be.

  43. Your article brought tears to my eyes. Me and my scorpio worked at same place. Around 6 months back I became victim of his famous gaze. Man! how much I love the attention I got only from him. Nobody ever came close to what he made me feel, without talking, ever. We are almost strangers. He tried to approach me, atleast it appeared to me. But my shyness held me back. We have gazed into each other’s eyes for long. We can communicate with eyes. The trouble is, he moved out of my workplace a few days back and I am not sure where he is. I saw the pain and longing clearly in his eyes, many times, but was unaware that he was about to leave and desperately wanted to talk. Maybe my shyness went across as denial. Ever since he left, I am in pain, shattered. I cant sleep or eat properly. I am completely restless and helpless. Should I contact him. Please help. I keep dreaming of him ever since I fell for hom His thought isnt leaving me. Is approaching him a right thing to do?

  44. I wonder if I’m the only Scorpio who does not mesh with Pisces, but rather finds them repellant. If I meet someone who kind of rubs me the wrong way from go..they tend to end up being a Pisces. My experience has been that they are not the nice sweetie pies that they are said to be, but insecure mean spirited bullies with a ‘woe-is-me’ victim complex. I don’t like them as friends. I don’t like them as lovers. The only info online talks them up as the greatest match in the world for Scorpio ..not for me at all. Cancer men also hold no allure. I guess I’m an anomaly within my sign!

    1. I agree, I am a Scorpio woman, absolutely hate Pisces n cancers, can never get along, I hate how they do all the shit n come at us n bully us, n emotional escapists like eww such a turn off, I am an anamoly within my sign too. And I find them extremely boring too.

  45. I am a Scorpio and the love of my life is a pisces . We would be going on three years in Janurary . Well we recently just broke up And I have been devastated since I love him so much . This love is so real to me never felt this way about any guy but him.. Well he lied to me about something that could’ve been prevent it . I am giving him his space now I really think we was just stuck under each other too much and things just went left… We still talk to each other and even after the fact he came clean and finally told me the truth about the lies he told me . As a Scorpio I HATE being lied too I rather my mate tell me the truth before someone else tells me something different from what your telling me . Long story short I really hope he comes back to me he understands me we get each other . His literly my best friend and now that I can’t really talk to him everyday like before it hurts me. I really hope that this space we are giving each other makes us stronger and our bond gets solid.

    1. I’m going through the same thing. I hope my Pisces come back home to me too. We both are very intense and passionate. But us Scorpios are clingy and controlling at all times. Scorpios can be pissed and still want to be around you. So I understand your pain.

  46. I’m a piscean man and a kid at heart. I’ve always been fascinated with the stars and its influence on our character. When I was small I never understood why I was the way I am. I was always sensitive, always the nice guy, it was always easy for me to cry and get hurt from people. I was always the one that rode a relationship and ended up being hurt. Seriously I’ve been dumped 7 times to this point and its always out of nowhere the way I see it. My mom asked me one day when I was young “why are you crying?” Hahahhahaha she’s a Pisces too and it literally didn’t even look like I was crying but I told her my girlfriend broke up with me so she laughed and said “oh god, get over it!”. That made my day actually. I remember once my parents asked me at 14, son what are your plans? What do you want to be when your older? I said I love music. I love piano and I want to study music! They told me don’t waste my time and there is no career there. Sadly, true, but I think I really had something in there for that career choice. After times past and I bumped into reading about these 12 signs of the sun and the stars, I couldn’t believe what I was reading about me! It made so much sense it was like reading myself! Everything down to what we’d want in a relationship, nothing but to satisfy our partner and love a deeper love to a point where its intuitive where its our hearts and actions that love more than words can say or describe. I’ve never been with a scorpio when it comes to love, but I do have a few Scorpio friends. They are by far the most amazing people I’ve met. My best friend, a male Scorpio, he’s the only one that brings out the inner me. I can just be myself and not worry about anyone or anything. There’s times where we’d just sit there and literally not talk but that was fine because it felt as if we were talking but without words. Not sure if anyone can relate! As for my Scorpio female friend, wow. We are just the same and always excited to see each other! We’d talk on ends and just find topics to debate on! Just talking to an intelligent person and especially an intelligent woman that knows what I’m thinking is my type of remedy. I never knew how much I was intrigued by Scorpio until now. There is this Scorpio girl I’ve met and we haven’t talked much but all I feel is a powerful magnet from her. She’s amazing and has a powerful aura that I just get dumbfounded everytime I see her! She’s just so hard to get a hold of, literally. She’s an adult living with her over protective parents and she’s a home body -_- so I see her rarely. I’d just really love to know her more…

  47. The day I met him I was instantly attracted to him. He is sexy as hell but a true country boy so not stuck up…we been seeing each other from the day I met him…3years later I look at him and attracted like I just met him…..power

  48. I have a guy that i like..his name is Jose Luis.He is in the same class with me and we like the same things anime, drawing,dubstep,being random ect. Thing is he has a gf n my feelings are rushing out..he is a Scorpio and im a Pisces its hard to hide my feelings cause he is always looking at me and chilling with me smiling and always draw my attention..its like the same tention we feel when we look at each other and its only been 4 months god…this is hard for me i dont know what to do cause everyday we get closer and understand each other more..its unexplainable..i dont know what to do..

  49. My Scorpio friend imprinted on my heart since the age of 14. I am now married for 20 years to a Aries Warrior, with 2 grown kids. My heart always yearns for my Scorpio friend, He is divorced with two kids of his own and lives in the SW USA, while I’m in the NE USA. We are so far apart but I can sense his pain, and loneliness my heart breaks for him we talk quite often, we are both careful not to cross boundaries as to not complicate our friendship but I know he is a very special soul in my life and never want to lose connection with him. I do Love him very much, and even told my husband.

  50. Scorpio and Pisces relationship is like Lion and Lamb. When she(Pisces) know she is in the Lions jaw, she submits herself completely to scorpio.

  51. To the scorpio women out there…………I ran into honestly, the most beautiful woman of my dreams. I thought I was doomed to be alone because my game to date women is so terrible. I’m a very attractive guy but I just don’t have that feral attack attitude to get the women I know I can get ahhaha. Anyhow, this girl shows up out of nowhere and I kept running into her at this coffee shop I frequent(kinda my home base). That report is accurate about the “looking across the room and seeing him/her stare at you like it’s telepathy.” We hit it off but I found out she’s a sex addict. I want to tell her how I really feel but I don’t think I should because I’m a monogamous lover and very loyal in that regard. I guess my too niceness is going to doom me to oblivion so here I vent. I just loooooooove her personality though and her taste in music(coming from a musician’s perspective myself)……..let’s put it this way, she has challenged me in my all knowingness in the music almanac. She actually inspires me to work better at my craft and SHE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW IT YET. I fear that on my side I’m feeling all these unbelievable feelings and I think that maybe I was just another catch on her list. If she only knew how much soul love I’d give her maybe it could work………but yeah fellow Piscean males out there, these scorpio women and their deepness through their gazes. I’m floored and honestly this is the first time I’ve ever typed something like this to vent. She is the women of my dreams and it might not come to fruition……….

  52. Question: If you do puss a Pisces off to the point where they say “Leave me alone” do they just need space and time? Or are they done completely. My Pisces and I have been together since June 29. We recently started having problems two months ago. And never came back from it. I love her dearly. If you lose a Pisces attention can you easily get it back?

    1. If it hasn’t been long and you promise to change whatever it was, you could win her back. You will have to be very, very romantic and make a very sweeping and sincere gesture, but they do forgive and heal quite well as long as you really won’t keep doing whatever upset her initially.

  53. First, sorry for my spelling errors- English is not my A language.

    I am 3o y.o woman and I have had 3 heart- breaks by 3 Pisces man. 2 first ones were short relationships. With the last pisces man we were together 8 months and also engaged. First, he was depressed whole through the relationship. I tried to help him as much as I could, but it was mission impossible, because basically he did not help himself. Also, I am very insecure in relationships and this was issue in our relationship. we argue and fight a lot and in one point he lost his nerve so badly that he strangled me and screamed he want me to die… after that it didnt work at all and we called it off. it is always hard to break up with pisces… because they have ability to open your heart and I let them very close to me. Well… now I am in process of recovery… and as real scorpio… I know it can take some time but I know also that when I am over, I am over. But for now it f…ing hurts

    1. Everyone’s probability of how someone will react to telling the person they like him/her is different, Kj13. I say when the moment feels right, tell him, I think he might be happy you told him. I only wish I could have told the man I have a “thing” for on Saturday how I truly felt about him. We both have been attracted to each other (at least I think that’s the case) for the last 4 years. Even though he married three years ago, he still made an effort to see me after a performance he was in this past Saturday. I could have told him then, but I know he would have just shrugged it off or told me what I already know, so in my case, I left it right there, I hugged him, gave him his gift and left.

      My situation is complicated but yours doesn’t have to be. Go ahead and tell the man, when the time is right, of course.

  54. I want to use this opportunity to say thank u for taking your time to write this article, because everything u say on here is 100% true; I will use your advice to try and get my love back , because ever since we brake up i have never stop thinking about her and i know she is going true the same too; even tho she is acting tuff ;But now i know that’s the work of Scorpio ladies lol. But all the same i will try my best to get her back. so please everyone help me pray so that i can get my happiness back.

  55. I am a scorpio women who was with a Pisces man for 20 long years. 3 kids and a long road of ups and downs. THIS SCORPIO HAS become feed up. I came across this post and I usually don’t do alot of comments on the Internet but after reading this I HAD TO for this post is SO TRUE!!!!! But left out a few things. NOW yes the Pisces man does love endlessly and they are very affectionate people. But what this post fail to mention is they are SNEAKY, LIARS, AND VERY flirtatious, tic for tac kinda people (you do something they don’t like they are prone just to get under your skin they stoop to your level) and this post hit the nail on the head when it said how the scorpio women usually is the leader. Well in my case I was the EVERYTHING. I had to basically HOLD HIS HAND ON EVERYTHING his drive and motivation skills sucked. Now when it came to my pregnancies and being there for me HE WAS but hell he should have been knowing how there I was for him. I mean I helped him get his c.d.l…. I helped him find a job I mean sometime I would have to help him get up to go to work on time no ambition or drive THIS IS A MAJOR TURN OFF FOR A SCORPIO WOMEM and over time being the kinda scorpio women I am IM TO STRONG TO continually put up with THE WEAK. I loved him (and I’m not even going to lie I STILL DO 20YRS WITH SOMEONE) but I’m not in love anymore. He lost his job (this was the breaking point) not that he lost it THAT HE SAT ON HIS BUTT WITH 3 KIDS AND A WIFE and set back and watched THIS STRONG SCORPIO WOMEN TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING. I mean if you truly know a scorpio woman than u already know WE MAKE IT happen we can’t sit back & watch our world fall apart And he knew this about me as well so he became relaxed not fazed. I would pressure him on the daily GET A JOB he felt like the job had to be a driving job (his field he’s a truck driver) and he was unable to do anything else. And unless that great truck driving job didn’t FALL In HIS LAP (BECAUSE HE SURE AS HELL WAS NOT LOOKING FOR IT) HE WAS NOT GOING TO WORK. Well one thing about us scorpio women when we REALLY LOVE YOU WE WILL PUT UP WITH ALOT OF YOUR Crap. but when we are done WE DONE. THIS MARCH WILL BE 1YR WE HAVE BEEN APART. THIS HAS BEEN REALLY HARD on my kids there young and where there dad was not working he was home with them alot and now he is gone. It’s been a real eye opener for me as well the holidays have pass and it’s my 1st YR without him. But I had to move on as much as I hated the fact of being a single mother ( which by the way he still has no job doesn’t even SEE HIS KIDS THAT MUCH) IT’S BEEN A STRUGGLE FOR ME but I am a strong believer IN God and I know he has my back (in tears literally while I write this). He says he can’t believe I put him out I act as though I never loved him HE CLAIMS I’M SO COLD NOW. ………. and yes one thing about a scorpio women WE loyal, loving, supportive, very family oriented people BUT WHEN WE DONE WE ARE DONE. Happy new year 2016 to all who reads this. God bless you and just know get your life right with God for we are definitely in our last days just TURN ON YOUR NEWS we don’t know the seasons I’m from Texas Christmas this year it was 80 degrees outside OPEN YOUR EYE PEOPLE our LORD IS COMING GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER REPENT FOR ALL YOUR Sins And try to do better.

    1. Damn im sorry you were with a sorry ass pisces… each sign has a sorry ass liar, cheater, and a sneaky prick so…
      I wont say that all pisces are like yours

  56. Hello! Fishes….I’ma piscean,
    everything is so damn true,
    last year I met a Scorpio lady
    at my working place she was
    so attracted to me but couldnt tell why…
    she asked the manager about me
    he told her we are living in same hood just some block away(through my CV), she approachd me the same day and ever since then we became more of partners she calls me or waits so we can go to work together, we eat lunch together, automatically we do every thing together wen am broke she calls me up
    and gives me provisions to take home she’s an amazing Scorpio. the sad story here is that she has a son and she’s stayin wit her baby daddy she’s 27 while am 24 she has talked about me a lot wit her baby daddy that wen ever he sees me the looks on his face always tells me he doesn’t want me around his crib…so I gave her space but….
    after 5months of not seeing each other she’s now on fb sending new year msg all over my timeline. what do I do?

    1. Look man, as a pisces guy here whos spent enough years in his life to know any better, you having that scorp lady in your life who will feed you when your chips are down while she still with her two kids to feed and a hell of a lot of mortal responsibility behind it -that is whole hearted devotion, cause I never knew a woman who could do such a thing. She went out of her professional boundary at work just to look you up, finding out that of all things -heaven sent, you were put there to live in the same block. meanwhile she’s still being held as a kind of emotional prisoner in that hell hole with the guy who probably has a way with her weakness (it could be situational, financial, emotional or the kids being used as weapons) to keep her in that state. He’s an asshole who doesnt love her anymore yet is preventing her from moving Forward. He just wants the cake to rot in his presence cause he wont eat it, but he wont let anybody else have it either -personally I’d walk in there and bust his ass into an early grave, if even just for staring at me with that fucking face. If you don’t like to go extremes, I’d tell you right off the bat that this woman is meant for you and she is yours. The only problem is you are both living in fear and that is the only reason you are not together! and if you believe that you should be together, one of you should take that one step forward to take what you both are longing for and so rightfully deserve.
      For a woman with child and such burdens, she has much more at stake and much to lose. You are a young man and single, free and in every position to fight to have her at your side.
      From now on You will work hard so that you can feed yourself, and feed her, and help her children, and offer to protect her and deliver her from her current hell. Even if not now, you are prepared to do everything to make it happen, so you can have her back at your side and in the most concrete manner. This woman is strong for all that you wrote and I positively believe that She will fight for you, and fight with you, but you must do the same for her with fear or without fear! Write back to her now and tell her that this is what you will do. She is desperate, alone, and abandoned by you and her life is sad enough as it already is… she needs you! The sad story is over, you have the power to turn it into a happy one. Now go out there like a brave and take her back!

  57. Hi there,so I’ve met a scorpio guy this summer..and I’ve felt in love with him,we’re in relationship,he’s mysterious and he nevers talks about himself I feel like he need someone by his side..that’s why I love him actually,I feel like he’s afraid of being hurt or something
    but the problem is that sometimes he tells me that he’s in love with me,and he’s too much romantic but the day after he completely change! idk what to do

  58. Hi… I am a pisces female and was in relationship with a scorpio male. We broke. He was complaining that I was always taunting him and never understood him. While he frequently verbally abused me. He used to crush my ego and I never objected him just to secure our relationship. Well I guess it wasn’t our to be together. By the way he was O.neg (blood group). I read somewhere that blood group has effects on personalities.
    I still cant help myself praying and thinking about him. Can anybody specially male scorps tell me that do you guys go through these sort of break ups easily or not. Bcz as being pisces , it is very very tough.

  59. I just recently got together with a Scorpio and even tho I’ve known her for about 6 years. We never got a chance to do anything cause she was in a relationship at the time but that has come to an end. So now we have started communicating and finally got together and I will say the first kiss was awesome and I’m looking forward to so much more with this Scorpio woman. I think I may have found my true soulmate. Oh and I am a man that longs for a living woman.

  60. This man(pisces) since we met have been smitten. We are going slow and learning about each other. My significant other died earlier in 2015. I did not feel id ever breathe again. This man has brought out the feeling and desire that i just want to be around him. I get a smile in my heart that i feel in my soul. He says i kinda saved him too. Taking things slow i dont know how to do that very well. There such a different connection. I would feel robbed if we werent friends.

  61. Hi scorpion women.
    I have been dating a piscean and he is a divorced person. Initially,he was good to me and used to stay very possessive. But gradually he started behaving rude to my care and behaviour. We got physically involved but he never considered me as his gf. After 6 months I proposed him. But he refused. I was in a picture that he was hurt coz of past sour relationship so he didn’t accept my proposal. But after I went out of his life he turned up after 15 days. Then he started to make things fine as I started creating gaps between us. But 3 months ke kept showing concerns and possessiveness. He never added me on FB and he used to delete my chats when he used to meet me coz he used to get more suspicious that I may blackmail him or spoil him. Then after those three months passed we started to have more fights and he started to block me every now and then from watsapp and calls. Since then I found a change in his behaviour. But when I started to be like I dont care about him and never initiate chats since then he used to turn up. But when I used to meet him personally he was most of the time a cold person. Only hot while sex. Now he lied to me one day that he is going to be with his brother and when I traced him he was somewhere else. His phones were on flight mode all day night. I blocked him from whatsapp fearing cheating. when he turned back he got angry and blocked me from that day till today. When I tried to soeak to him he says m not urs. M a gigolo only. Don’t wna u be even as a friend coz u behave wierd. He is not being fine at all. Just blocked from everywhere. When I asked I wna meet n sort out he is like if u have ample money get me a phone that wasting it to meet in hotel. N he would meet only when I get a phone for him.

    Now u guys tell are these traits of a piscean or a psychic. N even after being possessive nt speaking to a guy he was speaking to n number of girls. I love him can I ever get him back. He is 24 feb or he would behave like this and finish friendship pls suggest what do I do.

  62. Hi, I’ve been waiting for my scorpio for over 20 years. He had a way of looking at me that seemed to push passed the exterior, to the very core of me. He was the most good looking boy I’d ever seen and I was terribly awkward. We grew up in the same neighborhood so I’d seem him ever so often over the years. As an adult, he is beautiful. He is the best looking man I’ve ever seen, and it is impossible to forget him. The attraction is so magnetic. The difference in my story is that I’m the more ambitious, independent one who left home and travelled the world and eventually settled in a different city. He still lives in our hometown. Decades have rolled by and I’ve dated people during this time but none compare to him. I’m still waiting. I’ve tried googling him but I can’t find him online. I don’t know what to do. I would love to meet him again but it seems like a dream. It hurts me that I’m really easy to find online and he hasn’t tried to reach out at all. I last saw him 5 years ago. Sometimes I think I’ve lost my mind.

  63. I am Pisces female. I met my Scorpio guy 5 months ago. When we met it was so strange because we instantly connected as if we knew each other for years. The first 3 months were great a dream come true but since 2 months he has changed he has become distant n hardly call or text. When I text I get no reply until a day or so. I spoke to him about it and he said work is taking up his time. He told me to give him some time and be patient with him. But I have and it just feels like we are drifting apart even more. I really like him because he is like no one I ever met and I know he likes me too. But I just don’t know what’s wrong n he is telling me nothing. Sad thing is I think I might love him n I don’t want to get hurt. He is like a dream come true. I pray we will workout soon cause I don’t want to lose him

  64. I think I’m in love with a Pisces man and I believe his feelings are mutual for me..but he’s in a relationship. A very serious relationship. We can talk for hours about anything.. We can be anywhere and tune the world out with just US in conversation, in lust, in deep and intense communication. It’s breath taking. It’s like we just get each other. I do all I can to stay in my lane and respect his relationship, but each day I like him even more. We’ve known each other for about 2 yrs..and it’s been cat and mouse every since. Over time we’ve developed a connection that’s undeniable. He also bonds with my children. Surprisingly, I also bond with two of his. He’s dreamy. But I often think that IF God ever allows us to be together, would I be able to trust him?.. Based off of what he’s doing in his current relationship?.. We talk about sex a lot..but we haven’t slept together. I feel like if we do sleep together it will become a never ending battle on the subject of if he’s leaving his relationship or leaving me alone for GOOD..and I don’t want to ruin anything by letting my scorp nature will take control. I really don’t know what to do. I can go weeks without talking to him, but once we lock eyes all of the feelings and emotions rush together overwhelming me! What am I to do?.. do I let him go?.. Do I wait?..

    1. I recently met this scorpio. Shes my neighbor and we’ve seen each other but never really spoken. About 2 weeks ago thru god or fate we found ourselves outside talking thru mutual friends. Let me tell you when you say talking for hours about anything and no matter where you are and with its just like its only you two there THAT SHIT IS SO TRUE. mannn the people that was outside with us ended up getting mad and leaving. Lol i mean it was as if we was the only humans on the planet lol. Good post coco really dig this chick there something deep between us i can feel it.

    2. This is Scorpio Seductress here. Do you have to ask what to do? He’s NOT AVAILABLE! Don’t put yourself through this fellow Scorpio woman. And don’t get me wrong YOU KNOW I UNDERSTAND VERY CLEARLY ABOUT THE CONNECTION! But sweets YOU, in the end will be the HURT ONE! Throw this fish back and catch another one! That is my GOOD ADVICE to you! Been there and done that girl. You don’t want it trust me! You’ve be devastated!!!

    3. CoCo-Scorpio31 – I have no idea if you will see this message? But I hope you do! If I were you, I’d put the brakes on this thing with the Pisces like yesterday!!! Let me tell you a story about an “unavailable” Pisces “younger man” that I fell head over heels for. He was a Student Peer Councilor at my daughter’s high school.

      At the time I was in my early 40’s and he was in his 30’s. Anyways, I usually don’t date younger men like that. And it was definitely NOT planned! I noticed him noticing me and vice versa. But we never said much to each other. Only a few things here and there. I ALWAYS kept it professional with him. Then one day during a meeting he told me to call him by his name. And not Mr. so and so. I looked at him and saw how serious he was and said OK then! Still I made no moves towards him. Plus this was my daughter’s school so I wasn’t going to dare embarrass her like that!

      Fast forward 3 more years and she was Graduating. And there was a celebration he was there. So I thought to myself this is probably the last time I will see this guy. Since I had my camera with me. I decided that I would go over to him as ask if I could take a picture of him. ha I got my nerve up and started walking toward him. Once he saw me coming he just stared at me. Well you know damn well I starred him back down! lol

      When I got up to him I thanked him for all that he did for the student’s/my daughter. Even though it seem like a formality he went with it. ha Then I asked if I could take a picture of him for memories? He did me one better and said take a picture with me. 🙂 I was like are you serious? He then called a co-worker over and said “Man take a picture of us”. I was cool all the way up until he put his arms around me and let me wrap my arm around his waist. Once I felt his body and how strong he was. And he smelt so damn good to! lol Girrrrrl I was done! There were jealous on lookers to. Because he had caught the eye’s of a lot of admirers.

      Anyways, I abruptly said ok it was nice knowing you and take care. Then he said “He stay in touch with me by email”. I causally said that I would! Then he said ” LISTEN stay in touch with me”! I looked at him and knew that he meant it. I was like ok i will. I finally contacted him a few months later. We emailed back and fourth. Then I told him I would like to see him. We made plans with him procrastinated and procrastinated. Then I called him out and told him that he was the longest “rain check” that I ever had! Laughed then told him it was ok. And that I wouldn’t ask to see him again.

      After that he decided to see me. The story is too long to tell. But we ended up seeing each other for 3 years! But I Never had him for myself. He did fall in love with me as well. He told me so. But we both knew that he was living a double life. His son’s mother, his Nigerian family and friends would have never understood it. So we parted ways with heavy hearts! As Scorpios we all know that we DON’T fall in love easily. But his man penetrated through my heart all the way to the other side! And even though I felt oneness when we made love. It was actually when he would be kind and tender to me that made me love him more. Especially when out of the blue he would hold my hand while love making or just walking together. So I get what YOU are saying. But girl save yourself some heartache. Because my love tears stained many pillows! This will break your heart into pieces and “hurt” too bad! You know that we LOVE ALL THE WAY!!! Let him go…and find someone that is ALL yours to keep! YOU deserve that….

      1. CoCo Scorpio31 – Continuation Just a few more things I wanted to mention. We would stare into each other eyes all the time. It’s so crazy to speak to someone without speaking. It so beautiful! But how I knew he really loved me despite what was going on.

        This is how he told me. It was simple but profound. We made love that night BUT he didn’t tell me while that was happening. While we were both lying in the darkness. On our backs in the bed staring up to the ceiling. Just being silent with each other. He said softly ” I LOVE YOU”. A shiver literally ran through my body. I asked “What did you say?” Because I had to make sure I heard him right. He said “YOU heard what I said”. I knew he was feeling vulnerable. So our course I told him I loved him to! I’ve had other’s tell me they loved me before. But not the way he did it. It touched my soul. So my point is, It’s unbearable to feel a love like this with someone YOU can’t have!

  65. I’m a Scorpio female and lately my attitude towards my love life is so all over the place. I married a Sagittarius who abused me physically, physically, mentally and emotionally. While going through this my Pisces guy saw me going through this…at the time he was in a relationship with an Aquarius whom hurt him also….it seemed like everything was happening to us both at the same time….I was so caught up with my Sagittarius that I wasn’t sure of him….he seemed immature which he was younger than me but I could see through that….I saw him hurting….over time I felt something I could not ignore but I wasn’t sure if he felt the same and plus I felt I wasn’t good enough for him. Let alone we were connected through my sister and his brother because they had a baby together….but the feelings were their before my nephew came but my sister swears that’s not a good look…..we both have this unspoken feeling for each other but I’m unsure because we never speak on it….once we had this convo through text and it was a read between the lines type text but still I was confused….neither of us have been in a successful relations since our last maybe due to the pain or maybe we’re waiting for each other…..I just hurt right now because I luv him but the odds and my insecurities get in the way…..and maybe all this could be in my head….but my heart tell me different….he wants me to pursue him but I want him to do it because he’s a man and I believe that’s the way it should b done….we both stubborn….but idk….I’m just tired of wondering….I kind of want to just move on and cut my feelings off..

  66. I recently got involved wit a scropio man I’m solo on love with him. We planed to move in together he doing everything he said he will. But there’s this Gemini girl I see him watching her with the same look he gave me and his smile he even gt nervous wen I’m around and she is there I pretend to not see but it kills me. I am almost always right about my feelings but I love him and things r gd between us and I don’t want to confront him. Should I be worried I don’t want to make him unhappy I love him so much but if he love her I let go. Should I ask him I hate for him to be with me and wanting someone else but I really really love him

  67. I worked with a pisces girl for almost a year, and only within the last month of our contract did we start talking. Our group took a beach vacation together, and as two water signs I think we both just hit it off by the water. I freaked out silently when I found out she was a pisces because I had heard of the legendary bond between pisces and scorpio. We had this instantaneous connection, and I had never experienced anything like it in my entire life. It was like the wind was knocked out of me, and some beautiful human being who was completely non-judgemental, sweet and innocent just popped into my life. We both had girlfriends, but I knew my relationship with my virgo was about to come to a close. Pisces and I kept growing closer, and I eventually told her how I felt after I thought she felt the same at our end of term party. She was apologetic because she felt the connection too, but since we were both in relationships she brushed it off as fun. She couldn’t look me in the eye for the last week of work, and after I broke up with my virgo I moved away. I wrote her a very detailed and honest letter explaining how I felt like something very important happened when we connected, and she responded with that she felt the same, but she is so deeply in love with her aquarius that she isn’t interested in trying. After that I told her I couldn’t actively be friends with her because it would hurt too much. I haven’t seen her since June. I have been trying to get her out of my brain, but my scorpio will power just won’t let it go. She texted me and snapchatted me once or twice since I left, and I haven’t responded. Even after so much meditation and yoga there is still a part of me that thinks we can be together. I know she still looks on my social media. Am I being delusional, or is this actually something that could happen? I refuse to make a move to her again because my pride was deeply wounded when I was rejected. I almost wish we hadn’t met so that this pain could go away. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    1. *I’m a Pisces girl and I can tell you right now- she’s not going anywhere. If she thinks she really loves this other guy then she’s going to put her heart and soul and loyalty into the relationship. We put our partners on pedestals than no one else can reach.

  68. When I met my Scorpio man 4 years ago I think it was love at frist sight. I literally looked in his eyes and felt chills run down my back. Our first date lasted 6 hours we’re we talked about everything and anything. That frist part of the relationship was so magical and amazing. In the last 2 years things have cooled off… He wasn’t there to support me when I needed it the most. We fight a lot because of it. He thinks he’s done nothing wrong and acts so immature. He claims he wants to marry me but only thinks of himself. He says one thing but his actions are the complete opposite. Help?! I’ve been hurt by him one to many times. I miss those days we had before. It was more than “the honeymoon stage”. We connected, we flowed, but now I don’t know how to get back to that. We come from opposite worlds and everyone around me claims that’s our problem. But this fact was what attracted me to him in the frist place! He was different- different perspective, different experiences, different life. Now it’s a negative thing?!? I’m trying to communicate how I feel but nothing gets through to him. I’ve yelled, cried, screamed and even walked away. I don’t think it’s impossible to make me happy… How do I get that thick skull of his???

  69. Hi I am a Pisces female I met my Scorpio male a year ago,we were together for 8 months. Reading this article makes me understand why I am so drawn to him. From the beginning we had an instant connection I have never felt this way with someone before. He understands me so well n shows me so much kindness. Never has a guy been this nice to me and not because of sex. He tells me all the time I make him feel appreciated n he loves how I am kind to him. I bring out the best in him. Sad part why we parted, he has a 4yr old daughter n of course a baby mama who is a Virgo. He always told me she doesn’t treat him good but he does things for her n she does nothing for him.. He lied to me they were still sleeping together n she got pregnant again. She was the one that contacted me n told me they are still together. I felt so sad like I was betrayed. He disappointed me so much worse when he turned the blame on me for talking to her. I felt so hurt I cried for days. After a couple of weeks he called n said he was sorry n they are not together n he wants he n I to be friends. I said yes n couple days after when I didn’t call he called n said I gave up on him just like everyone else. I felt bad because I didn’t I liked him a lot n I would never hurt him. Then he went abroad for a month. It drove me crazy not hearing from him as he always text me on Fridays. Soon after I started telling myself maybe it wasn’t meant to be. By the other month he called me out of the blue to say he is back n how am I doing. I could hear in his voice he was happy to talk to me. He said in the future things will workout between us for now he is going with the flow. I said okay captain let’s go with the flow. Fast forward to his birthday dinner I planned because he made my birthday special. He was so happy to see me n he loved it. We saw a couple kissing n he smiled n said that’s how I want to kiss u tonight and I did. When we kissed I felt the strong connection we had when we first kissed came right back. Throughout my rough times he stuck by me,motivated me n cared for me. My heart have been broken so many times but for the first time I like someone n it feels so right. He makes me feel like I can take on the world. In my heart I know we were meant to be n God brought us together… But I am afraid to let him back in because of the baby mama as she still thinks they are together although she says she don’t care about him. I don’t want to break them up although he let’s it seems he is just there because of the child. I want him so much n I think over time I started loving him n I am scared. He keeps telling me in further things will workout n he always wants to take care of me. When I am in need he is there,he calls sometimes, he texts. But what about her n her feelings n why hold on to me when she has his kids. Why me ? When he takes pictures with her he is not smiling n by looking at him in it I know he is not happy.. I am confused n don’t know what to do. Does he seem to want me ? Please help because I love him n I don’t want to get hurt.

  70. I’m a Pisces gal and I’ve been with my Scorpio husband for 12 years. It has been a rough road, only because his background is VERY different from how I was raised. I will say, I have NEVER felt like he would cheat, leave me or be interested in another woman. He’s very faithful as am I and it works out, we get each other. It has been tough because he has an aggressive behavior which has calmed down, I’m an emotional, not so aggressive person. It’s something I’ve had to work on and getting to understand him. If you’re a Pisces woman and with a Scorpio man, just give them space if they are mad, DO NOT nag them, don’t keep poking at the little things because they will explode. I wish I knew years ago to not keep pushing buttons, being Pisces I need the answers now and why someone feels or acts a certain way, but if I knew to give time, we probably would have never argued.
    This is the first and only Scorpio I have ever been with and he’s been the only partner that I could be myself 100%, didn’t feel as if he would cheat, and knew he understood me!

  71. I am a pisces woman and have a complicated relationship with scorpio man. However, he cheated on me and he is very secretive and he keeps telling lies, but I always caught him from the way he talked. Anyway, he left me even though he knew that I am pregnant because of a capricorn woman (who’s married to a foreigner). He said that he loves me and he also loves her because of the money, material thing that she could give to him and a promise to help him to work abroad. I keep on forgiving him and trust him that he will changed and be a responsible man for us. But instead he choose to be irresponsible and he said his mind is stronger than his heart and he can’t do anything about it. I wanted to help him but I decided not to for the sake of my upcoming child and self-respect. I just prayed that he will changed and help me to achieved my future plan for our family.

  72. I’m a Scorpio female and I’ve only gone after 2 Pisces men that I can remember. They both turned out to be players and extremely aggressive in bed. In the beginning it seemed like they wanted a long term relationship just like me but ended up loosing interest after sex was terrible. It’s unfortunate because of all the amazing things I hear about this love match and what the guys led me to believe they wanted in a relationship. Oh well sun sign compatibility can only tell you so much

  73. Pisces guy here, I’m not really all that great when it comes to flirting. So I asked a scorpio woman if she’d be interested in discussing plots and characters since we’re both into reading. I think I’d get along with her but I’m not holding my breath because I don’t think she’ll find me attractive or particularly interesting. Is there a chance that a scorpio woman would find me to be the complete opposite of how I see myself?

  74. I met this male Pisces when I was a 13 year old girl. We automatically clicked. We spoke on the phone all the time everyday. He was my best friend and I was crazy about him. He even told me he didnt know what love was but he thought he was falling in love with me. Sadly, I was too young to date and I wouldnt sneak behind my parent’s back. I asked him to wait until I was 16 and he said he would but things got complicated. We started to fight and he ended up telling me to choose between dating him and being loyal to my parents. So because of this we didnt speak. I ended up turning 16 and was allowed to date but he was nowhere to be found. He would come back into my life over the years and it would be as if we never stopped speaking. However, he seemed closed off. We kissed but nothing was ever question. Then years passed and we physically got together here and there and sometimes I would sense he was hiding his feelings…but he kept telling me he wanted no strings attached. Now 8 years later…Im still head over heels for him but his feelings are still questionable. I blocked him because I couldnt stand being hurt anymore…and he went crazy. I told him he couldnt be in my life if he didnt have feelings because it was hurting me yet he wouldnt leave me alone. He said he felt I was being stupid. The most recent thing is that we spoke and I once again spoke about my feelings and he told me to get over my obsession with him and that us being together wasn’t realistic. But then a month later he asked to see me and never did and ended up going back to college. Can someone give me advice on this…if he might feel something still and i should wait…why he’s doing what he’s doing…or if you think he doesn’t…how does a female scorpio get over a male pisces. Please help.

  75. Hi there,

    Than you for this. This read has been really good for me in terms of closure. I am a scorpion woman in love with a Pisces man. And it’s been a tough few months because i have been friends with my pisces friend for the last 4 years now. We met briefly once and since then he had messaged me online and i responded. Since then we spoke all the time because, he was always travelling anyway because of his job. And i was dating someone else and so was he. We alays spoke about deep things, like religion, shared music, spoke about family views. I could share so much with him but i was still quite sercretive about my love life with him and so was he until i would ask him. Our friendship grew and blossomed through online chatting because we were always so far from each. He helped me alot with my hobby and i supportd him in his career.
    It was then time to meet after 1 year of non stop messaging each other every morning and night. Wishing each other good night and good morning. I was afraid to truely share my feelings with him, i did not want to get hurt because of our distance, i couldnt bare. But anyway he proposed that we meet and hang out. So i invited him over to where i am living right nw (a country very far from him). He came over and in the next 2 days he had confessed his love for me and i did too. It was beautiful we spoke about we feel we know each other and this connection is something so different from anyone we have ever been with. He stayed with me for a month and then had to leave because of his work and he came back 2 weeks later for 1 week. We spent all that time together and it was beautiful and we spoke about how we would try this relationship out despite our distance and his career. I have never been treated with such a warm and caring nature, before he left he warned me that he does get a bit dreamy sometimes and that would lead to his communication being a bit flaggy. I said ok believing him but not realizing it would happen so quickly.

    A week or two passed after he had left seeing me for the second time and he started to become distant with me. I could feel it from where i was. The communicaion was different everything was different – and with my intuitiveness i sent out a long email to him asking is this really gonna work. You’re so far away we will hardly see other, what if you cheat you i would never know. I wanted reassurance from him or i wanted to spark a conversation of things which i knew he was thinking but he wasnt making the first move. We broke up in the end of February (i think that was just before the Venus retrograde or during it, not sure).
    He said he had feeling the same that maybe we got into this too quickly without thinking about it in the long run. I am now in love with this guy but it seems to me we have had a major freak out because of this distance – that we will hardly see other. I have never felt so deeply to a man in my life and i am convinced he is my life partner but right now he is ignoring me and its driving me crazy and im learning to give him his space whatsoever. Because i love him and i hope hes ok and i know he needs and loves his space. I am struggling. I hardly ever say i love someone. But i do with this guy and he completes emotionally. What should i do? Give him space?? Is says on your compatibility here that Scorpio will get turned off with this from a Pisces and yes i am turned off about it but i still feel the same way for him. Why is he pushing me away ? Is it just for now?

  76. Can 100% identify with this. I’m a Scorpio with a moon, saturn and 10th house in Pisces. Besides my leo mars, my natal chart is heavily in scorpio ( I was born in Pluto in Scorpio generation)
    My dad is Pisces, my best friend who I flat with, and a number of my good friends, a mixture of whom are no longer in my life and some still in, all Pisces. They usually were ones that had a fair bit of air and fire in their charts, which is something I usually struggle with, having a water dominant chart.

    Anyway, I started messaging an ex of one my good mates in April this year and we hit it off. We had not conversed much prior to that, however they had broken up in January-February when he decided it wasn’t to be, when he moved overseas for work.

    I wanted to gain some information about her, so I checked out her chart. The similarities (shes a sun moon double pisces) and has the same mars and saturn as well, were so striking, I knew the relationship could go the distance.

    It was May 9th when we had the Scorpio full moon when I was messaging her and I knew I was in love. It was in my subconscious but such a powerful feeling, and being the private and conventional scorpio, I kept my feelings to myself.

    We have some much emotional synergy, and common interests like yoga and music. We are so sweet to each other and understand each other on that “other level” that so many signs can only dream of.
    It was going into early June when there was a music festival here in Wellington New Zealand that I was at a crossroads. I wasn’t sure whether it was right to ask her out. I was so scared!

    In hindsight I should have. I was and am, in love with her. Then I found out when we were talking about sport she was watching her new partner play soccer (private I was shocked, but I kinda knew this was her way of asserting herself, which pisces women only do when they feel threatened, and usually over what others would describe as trivial matters), my heart sank, but let it pass to protect myself by saying “fair enough.” The soccer game happened to be near by where I was refereeing rugby as we play here, and we had a short exchange where neither of was sure what to say.

    We still message here and there, and I hope I may get another chance. Maybe when Jupiter moves into Scorpio. My natal Jupiter is in the 7th house, which is all about partnership.

  77. Lucky for you Scorpio woman 🙂 I am also scorpio woman and got involved with Pisces man and I feel the energy between us like I never felt before and we now know each other for 9 years and i don’t know where I stand.When we are together i feel like the world stops…but thats all i know we won’t be together as a couple but still I am afraid of loosing him

  78. So I’m a Scorpio woman who’s totally interested in this piescies guy. He had a tough childhood divorced parents, they moved around a lot. His a financial advisor in investment banking so his always busy. We made a connection instantly used to talk everyday then finally we met up we shared an amazing kiss and an amazing connection. We then met up again on a test date, but we ended up having serious Conversations about relationships and commitments. He made it clear to me that his not a relationship guy. I really enjoyed our time together. He was basically holding my hand and cuddling me the entire date while his basically telling me we don’t have a future. I am so confused by this. I feel like there’s a spark between us, even though we are both on such different paths, his working I’m still studying. Can somebody advise me on this?

  79. i need so much advice right now, you see i’m a pisces who has had a crush on the same scorpio guy ever since we were kids, we became really close in elementary and everyone said that he possibly liked me, but now it’s high school and for some reason (unspecified) we don’t talk anymore, yet i always see him everywhere, either about two tables away from me at the cafeteria or every time i’m in the hallway, or even when i’m at the school clinic. by everywhere i mean everywhere. some people even say that he’s doing it purposefully. i always catch him staring at me too. all i wanna do is talk to him but i’m so scared. scared that he might actually dislike me and everything else before was just a major list of consecutive coincidences?? i don’t know maybe i’m going crazy. any advice? 🙁

  80. I am a piscean woman who had dumped a Scorpio male after 3 dates as he was distancing himself…no call no msg hence thought he might hv lost interest in me hence I sent him a breakup text it’s been around 3 months dated quite a few ppl around de zodiac including other scorpions aswell … but when ever I’m dating other person or wr ever I am all I can think of this asshole scorpion .. hell I’ll even sleep hugging my pillow hoping it’s him I’m soo in madly love wid him I did contact him send him msg but der was no response I thought ok fair enough I did hurt ur ego but I’m secretly hoping I’ll bump into him sumtym and try n get this sorted as sure as fuck I am I wanna spend time wid him hold him pacify him I wanna do everything in my power to mk him feel happy but how do I convey this to him my thoughts n dreams hv been haunted by his Scorpio asshole whom I call loving dearingly

  81. Lost my Pisces man almost 2mos ago after a 9yr of off and on of a relationship. I love him unconditionally but ive never seem to get over my possessiveness and insecurities. He always reassured me i was the only one and always gave me my way in our relationshipeven if it meant letting go of friendships or family but my jealousy and controlling ways sent him into such a rage that there was no coming back from it this time. We left each other for 2 yrs and he found me again i thiught this time it was meant to be… I dont know what to do because SORRY won’t fix the Mess i made… not this time… my friends tell me im better off but only i know how much we complete each other… im heart broken and devasted i can’t think about moving on without him… not again…. please HELP!!!!

  82. Wow. I agree completely with almost everything you say. I was with a pisces for three years amd the last two years were far distance where we saw eachother three times a year. That first year together was so deeply beautiful and I would never let go of it anymore. But I moved to America to pursue my acting dream. It got really hard to stay loyal and I couldn‘t do it anymore. I fucked up. And I wish there was some way to make it all good again. I wish I could turn back time or something because even though I did the meanest thing on earth, he os the one I love amd would lile to spend every day for the reat of my life with.

  83. back in Dec I told you about my devastating break up after 9 yrs of an of and on relationship with the Love of my life Pisces… last Friday I received a friend request from him on social media… I’m so confused as to why he wants to “friend” not sure what to do at this point bc I don’t want to give myself false hope of being reunited once again or anymore heartache that i truly cant handle… it’s been the longest 2 1/2 mos of my life… nit sure what to do or what to say to him HELP!!!

  84. I have come back to this piece over and over through the years and it still runs true. Some advice needed from my fellow Scorps…

    I met a beautiful Pisces boy a few years ago, he is 6 years younger than me (now 31). When I met him he touched my hand and I felt an indescribable buzz pass through my hand. So weird and I’ve never felt it before or since. He looked at me so straight in the eyes I felt unsettled and started blushing – I’m normally a confident Scorpion, it was like he had instantaneously knocked down my armour.

    The situation at the time was he was in a long term relationship and I was married with two children. Over time we back good friends, we are both freelance and work in similar industries and I found myself finding reasons to spend time with him. He split up with his gf and was now single and my favourite part of the day was going to his house to work on something with him, talking about anything and everything, laughing like I hadn’t laughed in years and feeling young and happy again. My Sag husband is very abusive, emotionally, financially and verbally and my Pisces friend would tell me to leave him. We never did anything physically. When we were together there was so much sexual tension in the air but I’m so loyal I could never cheat. We would meet up for lunch, go to the cinema or just hang out. It was bliss.
    Then one day all went quiet. A few days passed and I hadn’t heard from him. After the third day I messaged to say hi, are you ok? He told me he’d met a Russian online who told him she lived nearby with a fake profile, turns out she lived in Eastern Europe. He was off to Paris to meet her. I was heartbroken. He told me he’d ring me on his return on a few days. 5 week’s came and went and I heard nothing from him. I felt like I’d lost my best friend. That was a year ago and I’ve seen him a handful of times since. I’ve finally found the strength to leave my husband and have missed my Pisces company. This week I went to see him, he’s still with the Russian although she’s moved to China to teach. It was as if not a day had passed, we chatted, talked about future plans. He sat across the table from me and stared into my eyes the whole time and I found my self falling for him again, even after all the heartache. He’s agreed to help me with my portfolio and that will mean spending more time together. What should I do? My head tells me not to get close to him again as I can’t control my feelings but my heart is telling me tell him how I feel as I’m so sure it’s not unrequited. We are perfect together in so many ways.

    1. You want honest opinion?

      Do the thing Scorpios are Best at.

      Seducing or tell the Truth.

      Although aince youre single…

      Im Single. 😁 Lol.

  85. I am a Scorpio woman and my boyfriend is a Pisces. We have been together as well as known each other for years. we have recently decided to rekindle things with each other and its been great! He understands me emotionally, spiritually and physically. He’s really like my other half, he helps grow as I do him. I would say when things gets tough he is the one who balance it out. He doesn’t hold onto grudges as much as I do, so when it times to make up hes ready to let go of the past and ready for us to keep pushing forward. We are both very stubborn with a strong pride. Sometimes that can get in the way. Other than that he is great and truly is my bestfriend.

  86. I met my Pisces man the 3rd of Janurary. I literally ask myself if this man is real because to me he is the sweetest and most precious gift. He gives me tons of love and affection. We are very playful together and when we first met I knew he drfinetly wanted to get pants…we literally went to his house where he stripped down nake and made out while i kept my clothes on…he wanted me to have sex with him then but I didnt want to give in to him physically until I felt ready. He eventually asked me to be his girlfriend and we’ve been dating four months strong. In this time we have imagined and started to plan for our future together. Everything with him almost seems uncannly perfect…I was in a past relationship with a gemini for 7 years so I admitt I have been holding on to that emotional even though I had been dating other men for the past year. My pisces man actually call me out on me still being in love with him but I strongly deny this because I dont want to miss put on his amazing love and all the postive vibes we share. Gemini broke my heart and never had time for me and was harsh in the way he spoke and not to romantic but more absorbed with his career goals than anything. There is a such thing as balance and I think me amd my pisces masterpiece from heaven have that. I wouldn’t trade him for the world. We are so lile minded and love being next each other holding hands or cuddling and the love making is something I’ve never felt before. Are eyes lock.and we literally stare each others soul down amd the feeling that arrives within me is totally different any sex I have ever had….however he is still a mystery to me in ways. We are only four months in amd yes it seems longer but he is mild manner and not always open I see this changing with me but sometimes I do see his mind wondering or wonder why he has grown suddenly distant when we where just having tons of fun…i thinl its just him going into his thinking place were he visiualizes . either way Im hoping maybe God will reveal a soulmate in him….idk he says Im going to have his baby in two years but doesnt beleive in marriage
    ..idk we will see.

  87. Also Pisces and I love to swim ! We laugh and play my pisces man is very light hearted and ssensitive as am I. I like being tough and not showing my emotions much but with him it is hard to hide what im feeling.i try to lie like nothing is wrong but i sense that he knows . he ask me iver and over are you sure nothing is wrong. Honestly i am a brat and when i am upset i like to distant myself but it is hard for me to stay away from my pisces man he does not push me away like my ex gemini man did which made it eaaier for me to be ok woth being by myself. Im a scropio woman just to clarify. Me and gem always clashed and bummed heads he liked to debate about everyrhing and i liked being right or at least acknowledge for my insights so it was always a fighting game with gem while my pisces and I do have differences in opions at times but are able to talk calmy or even if we so yell ww bring it back down and are able to find ourselves kissing at the end of any foem of disagreement. We teally love each other amd respect each and its been a real peace and sense of harmony for me….and hmmm just to add now my old leo lover from last year who I wasted my time with knowing he wasnt trying to commit and play the field but also he did find out that I had made a trip to visit my ex and cold shoulder me pretty much and only reached out for butty calls trying to ingorne whatever feeling he had for me when we first met claiming he would never let me go …well I wanted him bad like so obessively but we were never offical and now that Im with my pisces he comes out of the woodworks pursuing me asking me out on actual dates im like where were you before sir smh but its to late and I realize I really need to leave all this baggage behind me because even the cancer man that i was breifly involved with and fell head over heels for but then disappered guest I tried to pry to much and then he reappeared also after I found my true gentleman of pisces. I dont ever want to hurt this man! He has my loyality my heart and full attention but Im just kind of scarred and I know I love him but it is hard to get through the emotional blockage of my past, it has been challenging and i kind of feel love numb. So im putting this in God’s hands truly now because this man is so good! Possibly My other pea in the pod

    1. Are you drunk or having sex atm while you write this? Lol

      Some people have sex while 4 months of dating? And then complain aboit emotional distress? 👏👏👏

  88. I’m falling for a pisces man, hes older, he’s 28 to be exact. and well im 18. He seems to always be interested in me and being the scorpio I am, I act cold and like I dont notice, but I do. He has such an amazing smile, and he’s always staring. if not staring, finding a way to speak to me. But a lot of girls like him, so it makes me feel like he’s just being nice. I don’t know maybe I’m just overthinking it. I don’t want to fall cause when I do I fall HARD. I don’t think it will ever happen since he’s way older. I’m probably still too immature for him, he probaly wants a real woman. Not a kid like me. I’m really possessive btw, of course I’d never show him that. Whenever I talk to other guys, he always looks. Watches. And then he will ignore me like I did something wrong. I just want to know what is going on. He’s such a flirt, ugh my poor pride. Shattered by a leo man, only to be shitted on by now a pisces man?

  89. I know the feeling
    I met 1 year ago a pisces man he is soo perfect. When i just saw his eyes exactly like mine. It was like a dream. But he has a scorpio wife so it’s too late

  90. Pieces male..lost scorpio 30yrs ago …last yr I sent email to her outta blue and reply was please let this be over …..yet I’ve heard that she has me on mind occasionally and I do most days…however she was then (1yr ago married to scorpio since 2002) and idk what the heck to do sitting out quietly is all but wanting to know will WE become US again with a renewed and tighter bonding…please help ….( shes in different state then I as well)

  91. Hi Water Signs, can somebody plz advise me what I’m doing wrong. I am Pisces Sun/Scorpio Moon 2 of each planet in my astrology chart. I am attractive, fit and healthy I cannot seem to find any male Scorpio’s late 30’s they’re prob all taken:-(. I don’t understand why at least one has not offered any interest I’ve been holding out for very very long time till I meet the one. What do I need to do?

    1. Interesting, i also have pisces sun and scorpio moon, i am man though lol, from what you posted you seem happy and content, only thing you can do now is dont give up, be patient and open minded, which should be easy for you, and good luck out there, it is totally worth the wait 🙂

  92. I reunited with my pieces after 20 + years. We were Jr. High sweethearts. I was her first boyfriend. Her first kiss. We lost our virginity to each other. I subsequently broke up with her. Moved halfway across the country. We did not speak again for over 20 years.
    3 months ago we met up again on Facebook. Met at a restaurant we both frequented. And from the moment I saw her I fell in love all over again. We spent hours talking that afternoon, which turned into evening. 7 hours past without us even realizing it.
    Things were going great. We live an hour away. So we would see each other when we could. Mostly I would drive out to her place. she went out of state for 5 days with some friends. A trip she had already planned. I was cool with it. I missed her like crazy the whole time she was gone. She missed me also. She got back the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I went to her place and we reunited again and told each other how much we missed each other. We spent Thanksgiving at her parents and the rest of the weekend together.
    That Saturday she got the divorce papers she had served her husband signed. He also included a letter. she told me she felt bad for hurting him. I told her she gave him a chance to fix things and he wuoldnt listen. So she had no reason to carry any guilt.
    The evening went well.. the next day which was Sunday went well for the most part but I was beginning to sense some distance. We hung out for the rest of the day had dinner then I went home. She went tohang out with her girlfriend. The next day we are texting like normal. I call her at lunch during the conversation I ask her if I could come over she said you should be able to ? Then an hour later I get a long letter about how she can’t give me what I need and how it’s not fair to me she doesn’t want to hurt me. I was crushed.
    We kept talking a week later we met up had a great talk, dinner, make up sex. She had plans that night with her girlfriend so I left and went to a strip club which I do on occasion. We got in a fight because she said I was being spiteful because she went out with her girlfriend. I got angry and cursed her out. Over text.
    We are talking again. And I know she wants to get back together. She has hinted at it. From what I have read on pieces since being with her I know they can easily feel smothered by Scorpio. So I just want some advise on how to work through this without pushing too hard.
    Thanks for the input.

  93. I’m a Scorpio woman… i have a Pisces boyfriend I’ve been with for 6 and a half years.. and i honestly want to break up with him… and i hate feeling like that about him because he really is sweet he just doesn’t do things sexually that i want.. plus i really do feel like he’s a cry baby, does anyone feel this way bout their Pisces? like literally i understand we all get depressed and stuff but im like really??? it’s a turn off.. plus he’s a drinker so it’s like cry baby to the max / sob story when he’s drunk. it’s just a MAJOR turn off… after so long i’m over it. but it sucks cause clearly i know he a good person but there’s just too many cons… i’m torn because of the flaws i have to give up my almost 7 years of relationship and im stalling cause he is so sensitive and doesn’t wanna give up… i wish he would have gave me space when asked for now i’m just over it

  94. Hi
    I am a Scorpio woman. I first ever met my Pisces man nearly 14 years ago at college. It was outside the canteen i felt something. We got to speaking then begun our relationship. Time went on and we got pregnant but then we lost it. He was not supportive as i needed at the time and we broke up (keep in mind we were 17 at the time-now 29) and never got to speak about it. I then decided to hide the miscarriage out of mind. 6 years later i saw him. He called me. I was going to ignore him due to how he just up and left at a very vulnerable time in my life. I then had a change of heart then turnt around and heard him out. He actually said he had been wanting to see me to apologise for his lack of support and explained he was hurt and young and understood he didnt react well. I needed that and keep at the right time. The sparks was still there but then miscommunication led to us not talking. Then 6 years later he sent me a friend request on fb and after a while of thinking i accepted it. We’ve been speaking ever since. But this time feels different ish as we’ve both gone through alot since then I’ve even had 2 children. We were to go to lunch today but he got called into work & the weather and my health was a issue. But we wanted too. I was so nervous though. I think he was too as his much more shy than me. His been a inspiration to me since this 3rd time uniting. This time we both dont feel the need to rush anything.
    I dunno though. I want advice. Do i leave it alone or wait and see. He cones at the right time. Is he here to heal me?
    Ive been following scorpio mystique for a while on instagram (@momma_….) always so accurate.

  95. From what i see here it seems that the pisces keep us in their web, 🙂
    i`ve been on and off with a pisces man for 3 years now, we re both in different relationships,but i `ve come to realize that it doesn`t really need to have a happily ever after, even if us scorpios need the guarantees and stability and reassurance, all the moments with them are actual gems that we will never forget, not us, not them. My advice for all my fellow scorpios, try to give in to the moment and enjoy it, fully enjoy it, live your perfect momentarily love,
    some people are not this fortunate to find relationships like this, don`t push things, don`t think so much of the future. Most of us will probably end up with a healthy taurus or capricorn :))
    But please enjoy the amazing moments,
    pisces always come back to us btw..

  96. I’m 100% Pisces woman. I’m attracted to a Scorpio woman, really can’t tell if she likes me or not. It drives me bonkers. mysterious but keeps you in their aura of mystery.

  97. Reading this compatibility description nearly brought me to tears. This perfectly describes to bond and feelings I have with the Pisces man in my life. I am a scorpio woman, 26 yo and I ended up falling in love with a pisces man, who is my best friend. The timing has been horrible though and I am worried we might not pursue a relationship together.

    He was actually my ex husbands good friend, and we were all roommates before me and my ex got married. The Piscean and I quickly grew extremely close and he became my best friend and one of the people I always went to when I was down. He was the best roommate, always helped me around the apartment, we took turns making dinner.
    My ex was abusive and my friend saw this first hand and he would come pick me up when I was a crying beat mess and take me home no questions asked. And one day when his pet chinchilla died, he was sobbing and a total wreck at home. I held him close and tried to comfort him. I had to fight the urge to not kiss him. I was already falling in love with him then. That was three years ago. The thought even crossed my mind that I was marrying the wrong person but I went ahead with it anyways. Neither of us would say or act on anything out of some sense of loyalty to my ex and each other.

    Fast forward to present day, I am separated and in the process of getting a divorce. The Pisces man has remained one of my closest friends and we have been there for each other through a lot. At the end of last year, we had a night where we both got drunk and I went in for a kiss. It was so passionate and I felt such happiness and we spent the next two days together just cuddling and kissing. We didn’t even talk about it really. it just happened. When I went home, he messaged me asking to meet up so we could talk about what happened. I was scared, and not ready for the conversation or what it could lead to. I was still in the process of healing and “living the single life”. And we fell out of contact for a little while.

    Come to find out in January, he got a girlfriend. I was a little sad, but still so happy for him at the same time because he looked happy. I knew he had had a hard time with love and relationships in the past. I went out with him and me this gf. But the feelings were still strong, But i pushed them down. All the way down. We fell out of touch again.

    Now the last couple weeks we got back in touch because I sensed he needed someone to talk to. And we had been talking every day since. I went to see him on Friday because I missed him and we both agreed it had been too long since we had seen each other. When I saw him that day and ran to him and hugged him, his embrace sent butterflies through my whole body. I didn’t want to let go. After what seemed like forever and we finally pulled apart, he ALMOST kissed me. But he held back. Throughout the night, there was moments where the tension was almost unbearable. but out of respect for his relationship, I did not act.

    The next day we were texting and he told me he didn’t think his gf was the one for him. and I sympathized and tried to make him feel better. He felt bad about possibly breaking her heart. He is a pisces man after all. Extremely sensitive and emotional. To the point where he gets depressed and has thoughts of ending his life. Which I can understand. I know how he is and who he is and I just always try to be there for him. But I am so scared to lose him. I told him that. Then I told him that even though it might be wrong of me to say, that I was in love with him. and he admitted that he was also in love with me and he started falling for me back at our apartment too.

    But now he has pulled away, because everything going on in his life has become to much for him and he can’t get out of his head. A true pisces. And I am sooooo sad, but I told him I will be here for him no matter what and I will give him all the time he needs.
    Now I am scared that maybe he will decide that due to all of the circumstances surrounding our relationship already, he won’t want to pursue a romantic one with me anymore…

    But I know I will never love anyone the way I love him. And I know he loves me too. I just really hope that this can work out for us.

    He is the only person who can look at me and I can look at him and we just know what we are feeling or thinking without saying a word to each other. His gaze and touch make me melt. And all I want is to be with him. I will never marry another person unless its going to be him!!!

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