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Scorpio & Libra

Scorpio is a very complex and secretive Water sign. Libra, on the other hand, is an Air sign that has more light-hearted emotions than Scorpio. Libra is all about being harmonious and finding the beauty in everything around them, including their immediate environment. Libra enjoys being in the comfort of their home, just like they enjoy traveling to a beautiful country. Libra’s harmonious emotional nature is perfect for uplifting Scorpio when they get in a dark or confused mood. Scorpio is very intuitive and has the ability to read into Libra’s thoughts and feelings. This can make Libra feel ill at ease, at first, but eventually they feel comfortable with it.

Libra has an emotional need to be liked, and this makes them a very social, friendly, flexible, and cooperative person. Libra seeks to be in a peaceful environment with minimal conflict, noise or chaos. Scorpio also enjoys serenity, although Scorpio’s inner world can be quite turbulent. Scorpio can become jealous, resentful, possessive, and hateful — which are all feelings Libra will not be used to. If taken to an extreme, such emotions may even frighten Libra, Scorpio must therefore exert patience and give Libra the space they need. Libra will open up to Scorpio only when they feel completely ready.

Scorpio has the potential to stir up drama in the relationship is they feel that things are running too smoothly with Libra, because Scorpio gets suspicious when situations are too good. Scorpio does not enjoy taking part in small-talk, which is something that Libra does not mind as much, and this can lead to rifts in topics of conversation. Scorpio seeks drama, intensity, and passion in their relationship and will make sure it exists, one way or another.

On a good day, Scorpio and Libra can endlessly discuss the complexities of life, the hidden aspects of human nature, and investigating universal mysteries. Libra is constantly changing, yet inherently remains the same. Libra is attracted to Scorpio’s intensity and lust for life. Libra knows that Scorpio is the perfect person to go on intellectual adventures with, and he is grateful for Scorpio’s companionship. Both Scorpio and Libra need to be given the freedom to love without expectations. They both enrich each other’s lives emotionally and teach each other how to be better, more well-rounded individuals.

For more about how Scorpio’s partnerships and overall consciousness are being shaken up due to Uranus in Taurus 7-year transit in our relationship sector, read Part II of this astrological report. I wrote a 36-page forecast to help us navigate these changes and deepen our connection with our lovers with patience, courage and wisdom. All orders are available to download digitally immediately after purchase, and include a love forecast within the report. It’s now on sale. Enjoy!


Uranus in Taurus Part II: Open Up To Love

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Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, shifted into Taurus in March 2019, where it will remain until 2026. Since Taurus is Scorpio’s opposite sign of the zodiac, its transit has a direct effect on our partnership sector these next 6 years. Our romantic partnerships, as well as all types of partnerships, will experience a radical transformation from the inside out. This is something that we’ve felt within ourselves, and it will now manifest outwardly. Uranus in Taurus Part II serves as a guiding tool for navigating this 2nd year of Uranus in Taurus. Your relationship foundations are dramatically shifting, but as long as you trust your heart and your instincts, you’ll experience the love life meant for you, Scorpio. 2019 was an emotional rollercoaster, and 2020 can provide greater internal stability, even in the midst of external chaos or change.

This 30-page report breaks down the overall energy of year 2 of Uranus in Taurus, and also highlights specific dates where we may feel its influence most intensely in our relationships. If you’ve been navigating challenges in your partnerships and feel like you’re at a crossroads in your love and social life, this forecast is for you. Empower yourself and empower your relationships by being self-aware and accepting of the changes manifesting in your life, rather than trying to control everything. You are not alone, and you will make it through stronger, wiser, and more evolved than ever.

All orders of Uranus in Taurus Part 2 are available for download immediately after purchase, and will also be emailed to you. Enjoy!

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Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, shifted into Taurus in March 2019, where it will remain until 2026. Since Taurus is Scorpio’s opposite sign of the zodiac, its transit has a direct effect on our partnership sector these next 6 years. Our romantic partnerships, as well as all types of partnerships, will experience a radical transformation from the inside out. This is something that we’ve felt within ourselves, and it will now manifest outwardly. Uranus in Taurus Part II serves as a guiding tool for navigating this 2nd year of Uranus in Taurus. Your relationship foundations are dramatically shifting, but as long as you trust your heart and your instincts, you’ll experience the love life meant for you, Scorpio. 2019 was an emotional rollercoaster, and 2020 can provide greater internal stability, even in the midst of external chaos or change.

This 30-page report breaks down the overall energy of year 2 of Uranus in Taurus, and also highlights specific dates where we may feel its influence most intensely in our relationships. If you’ve been navigating challenges in your partnerships and feel like you’re at a crossroads in your love and social life, this forecast is for you. Empower yourself and empower your relationships by being self-aware and accepting of the changes manifesting in your life, rather than trying to control everything. You are not alone, and you will make it through stronger, wiser, and more evolved than ever.

All orders of Uranus in Taurus Part 2 are available for download immediately after purchase, and will also be emailed to you. Enjoy!

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  1. I’m in a longterm relation ship with a libra (7 years) . And it’s not easy at all. He is very immature and take everything I can say as an attack. It’s not easy. I know I’m not the sweetest talker and diplomate girl in the world. But I made effort and I became more calm just so we do not argue . He is selfish. I think that my relationship will not last very long, because he doesn’t change.

    1. I have been in a long term relationship with a libra going on 3 years. I found myself chuckling when I read your statement. It pretty much sums up my relationship. But what I found that works for us is compromising and understanding. Also remembering what drew me to him also helps. Good Luck!

    2. I have been in a relationship with my libra guy since I was 19 and I am now 26! We have ultimately grown up together… at this point in my life we have decided to take some time apart but are still very much in each other’s lives. Since they’re literally different levels of Scorpio’s, I found myself back and forth between the Scorpion-Eagel phase which caused a lot of unnecessary drama for us. It’s amazing to look back and see how much my libra guy was able to penetrate my hard exterior and always be an amazing person to lean on. As a Scorpio I needed that. We are now both on our seperate paths to finding out true purpose in life to make our highest selfs reflect our lives. I have no doubt in my heart that my libra is my most amazing best friend and lover. We will again reunite as lovers when the universe feels we are ready to not drive each other crazy anymore LOL BEAUTIFUL HARMONIOUS MATCH GUYS 🙂

      1. I am a libra, I lasted 15 years with a scorpio. He lied, and yes he hurt me because he let me down. I may be selfish, but I’ll work my ass off to not lose everything. Which he did, he lost it all. I would save him. We divorced not because he cheated or hurt me but I was so disappointed he wouldn’t try as hard as I would. I still want him that’s my downfall.

        1. I have been in a relationship with a Libra going on 13 years now, and these comments are SPOT on to what we have been going through, at this point in the relationship i think has come to an end, 2 kids later . It’s his way or the highway with everything and sometimes i feel like I’m not good enough for him! He says he has OCD and everything has to be a certain way . And his temper is HORRIBLE . When it’s GOOD it’s GREAt but when it’s bad it’s BAD BAD ! The crazy thing is , he’s the most responsible , caring person , selfless when it comes to his family . But when it comes to the relationship like i said if things aren’t his way it’s an argument. Granted a Scorpio is stubborn and i am hardheaded but libra takes the cake.

    3. Lol that completely describes the relationship I had with a Libra that lasted just over a year. The shitty part was we were good friends for over 7 years and he turned into a totally different persons as a friend and as a boyfriend.

  2. I am not in a committed relationship with a Libra yet myself and the Libra in my life are very drawn to one another. We have addressed that there is an intense magnetism between us. Although we are both extremely drawn to one another, this compatibility description addresses some of the main reasons we are not together.
    I am intense and eager to dive deep within our relationship because I want to explore and better understand why we are so drawn to one another but he- as the Libra he is- requires space and patience from me. He needs space and often when he and I have intimate moments or conversations, he needs a few days of space. I don’t have much patience for his small talk or what I determine to be “pointless chatter.” Initially his tendency to initiate small talk infuriated me but now I just don’t engage much with it.
    On a good day, our conversations are unlike any others that I have had. It’s amazing but it doesn’t happen as frequently as I’d like- being the Scorpio that I am.
    We have not known each other all that long (roughly nine months). Regardless, his lightheartedness and ease in life has taught me a lot during these transformative months. As I am in the process of shedding many skins, there are days or weeks that I am incredibly turbulent and caught within much of my darkness. So long as it is not a terrible day in which I am cynical and negative, his lightheartedness helps me break from the darkness. His presence in my life has been very beneficial, regardless of the unclear terms of our relationship. Granted, I recognize there will come a point that I will want to make the terms of the relationship VERY clear. We will see how it all plays out.

    1. This sounds exactly like my relationship with my “best friend”. I love him, he drives me crazy, he will probably never be ready and we can’t stay away from each other. I have learned so much from this man, it’s unbelievable. He’s teaching me trust, patience and understanding. However, there are some days when I want to give up on it because ge takes me there and then pulls away from me. I don’t know how much longer this can go on though.

      1. Hi Celina,
        I have almost the same story going right now.. and I don’t know if he’s got sth towards me or not .. although he is really very nice, asks me about almost all his important decisions, helps me in mine and we are like partners in everything except we’re Muslims.
        I need to know what happened with you.. what was the end of your story.. or it’s still going??
        Thanks a lot.

      2. Call me pessimistic, but I had a similar situation with my now ex-boyfriend and ex-best friend and it didn’t turn out great. I not only lost my boyfriend. I also lost my best friend. Few months into the relationship I already lost my best friend. He just wasn’t the same patient man I knew from before, and that itself is enough to make a Scorpio feel very betrayed.

    2. Hey Emily damn you hit it right on the spot man I’m actually in a relationship with a Libra and I’m a Scorpio myself I want to know how things are playing out for you . our stories are very similar

      1. I Am Libra And My Guy Is Scorpio. And He Drives Me Nut With His Mood Swings, Dark Nature And Jealousy But At The End Of The Day, He’s My Lover, My World. And Sometimes I Can’t Even Stand Him Near Me Because He Always Swirls Chaos Because Of His Jealousy And Being A Libra Lady, I Hate Drams & Conflicts. Nonetheless I Love Him And I Think Patience Is What We Require The Most. I Am Optimistic Whereas He’s Pessimistic But I Hope With Time, We Can Grow As A Person And As A Lover Because Trust Me, Librans Out There, No Lover Can Understand And Loves You More Deesply Than A Scorpion Lover. 😊😉

    3. Basically my relationship with the last libra , that magnetism is unmet, i have a special spot for libras man but we don’t work out. Virgo matches and fellow scorpions also give me a strong connection, all 3 are great and fulfilling in different ways.

      Friendships and emotional connections with cancers are great tooo.
      Caps get an honorable mention…boring tho (men) love female friendships

      They say Pisces and taurus go well with scorpios but iv never really liked men under those signs.. like ever lol..its alway scorpio virgo and infuriating libra

  3. I have been in an on-again-off-again relationship w/ a Libra-Scorpio for 5+yrs. It hasn’t been easy, and sometimes I have wondered if it is even worth it, but we can never stay separated for too long. I think we have emotionally (and intellectually) manipulated each other until we, somehow, redefined it as Love. He is everything that I am not. I am everything that he is not.. yet we are the same. We fulfill each other, and too often we destroy one another; however, we learn to Love all over again.

  4. I was in a 7 yr long relationship with a libra. It was a roller coaster of joy and pain! We ended very badly and I spoke on the bad with people only. We didn’t know how to communicate correctly, so with my Scorpio traits we clashed hard. Every time we separated it would be short lived, even after cheating I would find myself drawn back to him. It has been an entire year where we never spoke or saw eachother in person. Dated people but I have still been messing him and his libra ways! We recently ran into eachother and spoke. Everyone I spoke with threaten not speaking to me if we get back together and yet our signs magnetism is so strong. With how deep we scorpios are I am going through so many levels of confusion trying to figure out if the we can truly be in a relationship. There is a lot of work involved when trying to make a relationship last between a Scorpio and libra! As side note I feel like I need to learn how to deal with libras more In-depth due to the revaluation I did when I figured out I have 2 sons, mother, boyfriend(ex, or idk now) , step-son, brother-in-law, and I’m forget getting some but they are all libra!!! As a Scorpio I am surrounded by libras in every area of my life!

  5. Im the libra
    Hes the scorpio
    Hit it off kmmediatrly
    But gor tgese very reasons ive pulled away
    Verbally abusive very possessive
    We were roomies
    Not lovers
    He insued his controling tactics
    And i literally packed up and moved to another state
    This dud mot keep us from tslking again
    I hated that hed be so vengeful and reeentful
    Like seriously how can you harbor such horid feelings and wish desth on someone?!?
    Overall hes a great guy with a huge heart
    A little fake at times just to get ehat he wantd
    But overall genuine and passionate
    Anywhoo my mother was s scorhis mom is a lib
    So the affinity was there
    It still is
    But i know i cant be with him unless i am
    In a more confident and secure place in my life
    Because he. .. Insists on it being his way or the highway

  6. Had a tremendous attraction with a Scorpio girl but being the shy Libra, it took me a few months to call her for dinner at home..Alone. And then a month more to ask her out. But things were intense for her even before i called her home for dinner. Running around me like a nymphomaniac, trying to find ways to get close to me and touch also sometimes, standing near me doing nothing, bending down to show her a** purposely and all the usual scorpio desperation i guess.
    Things went well until with the first date. One fine day, i said something untentionally that SHE didn’t like. BIG FAT EGO got hurt, it picked up a grudge and she got her revenge in this way:
    We were having a casual conversation about trying a frappucino from my store and i said i could buy one and bring it to her. She said it would be hot by the time i reach her place. (Usual Scorpio drama, which we Librans HATE by the way!!)
    Since it was a nice sunny day, i asked what she thought about stepping out of her home for a frapuccino. I agree that it is rude and this question did not come out as well as i thought it i instantly asked her out for a frapuccino, realising i made a mistake with the question earlier. I guess that wasn’t enough!!
    We decided a place and time for the next day and she insisted i decide the place quickly because she had to go to sleep at 8pm(Scorpio drama again!!!)
    Next day, I reached the decided place before time and waited for her 3 hours at a transit centre nearby. 3 hours!!!!!
    She never showed up.
    Best part happens now.

    She sent a text at the end of the day saying she forgot her house keys inside her room, which she locked by mistake with all her belongings, including phone, and that she did not remember anyone’s contact info. Everything a BIG FAT LIE. Just like her BIG FAT EGO.
    I was upset that day( and for the next two weeks). Next day, i sent her a text saying its okay. We’re all humans and we make mistakes.
    No reply. Two days later, i asked her how she was doing. No reply. I broke down emotionally after two days and sent a long text saying that it was obvious that her excuse was a big fat lie and i’m not going to wish her on her Birthday(Scorpios hate that, i know) and that i am done with her for this life.
    A week later, she sent a text saying if i am not going to talk to her ever. (Another BIG FAT LIE)
    I didn’t feel like talking to her at all but after a week more of sulking, I thought about asking her why she wrote such a big lie and then she had tons of lies more to cover up her initial lie. “My phone must have been off, i never received any of your messages after the day we were supposed to meet” “The world is not perfect” etc. etc.
    Trying to act normal after her devilish action!! And she also had the audacity to ask me for coffee after this incident. “Just want you to be okay with me” she said What a crazy, manipulative and predictable woman!!! That’s when i decided to cut things off forever.

    Who does such stuff with people you care about?? I know she cared about me but i guess Narcissists care more about themselves than anyone else. That’s what most Scorpio’s are, aren’t they?

    Complimenting her appearance, helping her deal with a challenging career, being helpful in finding a new place for her, encouraging her to study more and learn to cook so she could improve her earnings and reduce her expenses respectively. And tons of other gestures from my side, because I truly cared for her. And by the way, Scorpios can only care if others care, other wise they don’t give a sh*t. She started caring because i cared so much about her. Turned out to be Frickin’ narcissist.
    None of the above was enough for the egoistic girl i was planing to date. Thankfully, i cut myself off before she could intentionally hurt me more for something hurtful i unitentionally say. I don’t even reply to her texts now.
    I did wish her on her Birthday and will continue to do so as a ritual till the day she realises her mistake. Honestly, I will be more than happy if she finds a good guy for herself. (We Librans care that much, just so you know)
    I could have turned her whole life upside down for what she did and the lies she said but we Librans aren’t egoistic and revenge seekers like Scorpios. And miserable people like her will find a way to destroy their own life. They don’t need my help.
    Karma, bith**s. :^D
    Librans very very rarely expect anything in return from others and in my case, I just wanted her to be a good friend, if not a girlfriend, but for reasons explained above, I can’t even be friends with her anymore.
    She still sends me a message to wear something warm, if she sees me in the bus someday wearing a light sweater in somewhat cold conditions. She wouldn’t give a sh*t even if i had died waiting for her!

    In fact, now i just don’t care whether she suffers or stays happy without me. (Be very afraid because Librans can be colder than the coldest of scorpios)
    You are the worst human beings, Scorpios. Period.

    1. Great comments, all so true……That is so on point! Scorpios are so miserable, abusive, vindictive, and totally narcissistic. I am a libra always looking out for my scorpio, and bringing him lunch, listening to hrs of complaining, always trying to manipulate and twist reverse physiology, and he is “always right”, he says on a daily! Lmao, totally not even 20 percent of the time maybe. I can call him ask him out to go somewhere pay for it and do all the work and he will totally want all the credit, and will lie so hard, he will swear on peoples lives and call people get them in on a witness (lying) and try to turn your friends against you, just pure drama and then call later on way home and ask if ya need anything, (holding his breathe you say no), give me money for groceries and then throw in my face next day he gave me a 100 dollars, like I went out and bought an outfit for myself. Jealous of everything I do and buy for myself, and if anything goes wrong with anything, I messed it up. They are so dirty it is like world war 3 to divorce one. They try burn shit to ground before they would give you your own underwear.

  7. Thank you for all the interesting comments. As a libra involved with a scorpio a lot of your issues are on my plate as well. But i would like to thank a few of you for expressing the fact that there is lots of relationship drama with a scorpio. There is only it always looks like i do something wrong lol like its always my fault. So thank you I’m going to secretly start rolling my eyes and reminding myself that its just drama.
    I also feel the idea of walking away very acutely at times. But cupid hit me with one of his infernal arrows and I am completely helpless. At my age the pros in the relationship far outweigh the cons. And I think in our society today we tend to be quick to decide to just bail out. By all means if you are truly being abused some way then pull your pants up and get the hell out of it. And no I’m not being uppity and just saying that. I walked away from a 31 year realtionship with someone who will possibly never admit he has a problem. But I am proof that you can leave. And life is better when you dont have to listen to them, see them or do anything with or for them.
    I have raised a few children who are all very successful despite the alcoholism they grew up surrounded by. It was worth counting the pennies and nickels and dimes to buy milk for breakfast some mornings. At this point in my life I wont be making any more babies and I dont want to raise anyone else’s either. My remaining years are my time to be lived as much on my terms that the forces of the universe will allow.
    Ultimately only YOU can decide if a relationship is going to be good for you. No one is perfect. And no one will ever be perfect. Anyone we meet is going to require that we practice Acceptance or the list of failed relationships will just continue to grow.
    Do your best to be your best YOU. And work on making sangria out of some of the bruised fruit that you come across on the road of your existence. Good Luck!!!

  8. Hello,
    I am the Scorpio and the guy is a Libra.
    So I am going to tell you guys a story, So I met this Libra on the first day of college, we were matched in an uber pool. I honestly did not know what was going on because we both came from the same school. So I was just standing there waiting for the uber driver to pull up and next thing I see is a guy going inside the uber (I didnt expect the person I matched with went to the same school as me) and I was like “wait is this my uber?” so I asked the driver, “Is this for Cat?” he was like “yeah” then the uber driver asked the other dude “are you so and so” he was like “yeah.” Okay, usually all the guys that I would pool with aren’t my type whatsoever, but him omg it was crazy. So we me and Libra started talking in the uber. At first I was kinda just ignoring him because I was so tired and I just wanted to go home but he had some interesting topics, anyways, he has all the qualities I find in a guy like who knew? We had so much in common, like we both found out we have a love for political science, we both love being independent and we love talking, like we are both super social. Anyways, after having a 30 minute long conversation with Libra we finally got to the part where we introduce ourselves LOL. He also lives in the same city as me!! So like I meet a great guy in an uber from school (which is 30 mins aways from where we both live) Here’s the interesting part, I think it is a Thursday and I have astronomy at 12pm I usually sit towards the back but I was kind of late that day so I had no choice really, so I had to sit in the front. Next thing you know it, I see Libra sitting a row in front of me, diagonally from me!! We both were so shocked and we just laughed it out. Class was starting, I could see in the corner of my eye that he couldn’t stop staring at me, like I legit caught him staring at me once bc I looked at him. I honestly thought it was cute. He kept doing it for a few days and I was like okay yay!! he’s kind of noticing me! I found him on instagram and I followed him and I messaged him on instagram ( he followed me back) and we had a great conversation until I mentioned asking for his number…I dont know if he is a conservative but it seemed like he didnt want to give his number away to me because he read the message and didnt reply, so I just said “well goodnight!” and he said gn back… It kinda made me upset, but anyways I guess I got over it but he kept staring at me in class because knowing me, if a guy gives me any sort of attention, I think hes in to me, and I hate that about myself, so I would focus on the negatives, the cons of me ever liking him, but it did make me smile when I catch him staring at me. His birthday comes, He sits right in front of me, like seriously bro, anyways he tells me he just turned 20 and in my head I’m like “but your’e a 2nd year in college and he graduate hs in 2015” and t he couldnt have been held back a grade because he is so smart. But anyways I told him my birthday is in November so like a couple weeks from now and then I told him I was turning 18 and he was like “so your’e 17” I was like “yeah” and then like what I’ve noticed recently, he wasn’t really looking at me, like it made me lowkey sad that he wasn’t really looking at me and smiling. Anyways, I know this may sound weird but I’ve been really thinking about him lately and I’m just trying to get over him but it seems like everything I do isn’t working. My bestfriend tells me I should just say hi and start a convo but I am scared too. I dont know what to do, please help what do I do?? (if you read this far your’e a real one, just saying)

    1. Hey. It sounds like he might be playing hard to get or perhaps he wants you to be the one to initiate any kind of convo & such. Libras like attention they need to feel wanted and like when people are interested in them, they seek to be accepted and when they aren’t they feel rejected and perhaps a little sad. You probably aren’t making things any better by debating whether to make a move or not. You should just go for it. Also you may have come off too strong too soon when you asked for his number. This turns libras off when people come off too strong. They like to only really touch the surface of things (unlike scorpio) & never really dive head first into any sort of commitment. I say give him what he wants. Engage him in small talk, go back & fourth with him, libras love that. Until one day he might decide to really give you a try. But until then, give him space he needs that he will appreciate it. Be the best you possible. Show your best qualities. Avoid being the negative half of yourself around him. Libras hate conflict so don’t be confrontational no matter what. I myself have been head over heels over a libra for almost two yrs now ! & have gotten no where except a few dates & a lot of laughs. They really need space ! A shit ton of it !! I think our feelings towards libras are 3x more than libras feeling towards us. They can’t help it its who they are. Your probably over thinking it. Don’t! Just go with the flo & like i mentioned give him space !

    2. Maybe he’s facing à deep trauma that can explain that sudden change or maybe he’s scared that you reject him.
      Through what i read he seems hiding something you know Libras show even when they’re facing big issues on their lives they’re Well known for that anyway whatever are his emotions towards you try to talk to him but and try to get his trust step by step and he’ll open his heart for you.
      I’m a Libra Man by the way lol and trust me sometimes you should follow your heart more i wish you good luck go ahead.

  9. So I’m a Scorpio Sun with a Libra Venus dating a Libra Sun with a Scorpio Venus and Rising. We love eachother truly and it’s hard to stay apart, but Libra and Scorpio are not easily compatible at all! Prepare for a constant back and forth, but it’s the sexiest sign and prettiest together!

  10. Reading these comments made me realize that telling my Libra boyfriend today I can’t be his woman anymore was the right thing to do….we cannot communicate, it’s always a debate and I’m being defensive. He stuck in his own ways and feel like I’m always coming for him…and although I’m the same way, I do listen and try to change, he doesn’t. He doesn’t like my fiesty-ness but try to tolerate and I can’t be with someone who is tolerating me, I’m a Scorpio and always gonna be one no matter how much i change or calm down. We scare them too much libras aren’t ready for us…friends is all it should be…if that even lasts smh…i give up…love him dearly but I want to be me.

  11. I am dating a Libra man as a Scorpio woman. It definitely has its ups and downs…lol. But, weirdly enough we can’t get away from each other. We have both tried and we just always come back to one another. It is insane. We have the same friend group and our friends basically watched us dance around each other in a deep, dark trance until we actually got together. It was our mutual issues with the “spotlight” and “public opinion” that really tore us apart. Once we got together, we were both scared but neither one felt it was a legit option to leave. He’s never been this close and forthcoming with another person, and neither have I. It has been the most intense experience of my life. He calms me, he makes me practice mental discipline, he makes me feel alive and doesn’t even realize it. He’s the only person who has never succumb to this weird Scorpio charm I have (due to the fact he has mercury and mars in Scorpio). I found him fascinating. He found me stressful and beautiful. I feel like in a weird way, we are the gender-bender version of the Beauty and the Beast.

    As a Scorpio woman, we tend to get obsessed about finding out how much someone loves us. Are they willing to care about us? Are they willing to climb into the unknown and be willing to take the first step just in case it’s too dangerous? We pry, we poke and we are never satisfied with answers. We’re disappointed easily by love even though we keep trying. We smother them with an invisible blanket that they don’t even know they have on until it’s too late.

    This was true until I met him. He unlocked the most beautiful things inside me. I feel that I am slowly becoming one with my mind. I have found someone to organize it, heal it all without even trying. I have found myself by loving him.

  12. I’m reading all the comments on this match and none of it seems to match what I have going on. I’m a libra involved with a scorpio who is very talkative we have great conversations and understand each other on this deep level. It’s always been there these feelings. We make each other feel safe and have a hard time saying goodbye. My point is is that it depends on where you are maturity wise if you haven’t fully found yourself of course you aren’t going to be happy because you still have a lot of growing to do as a person but at least for us we both know who we are and we respect how different the other is and that makes things go a lot smoother.

  13. I’m a libra woman who currently has been getting on with a Scorpio man very well so far.
    Most of the comments I’m seeing are Scorpio women complaining over a libra man. It’s better if the libra is a woman in the relationship while the Scorpio is the man. Most libra men tend to be too soft or too emotional. I’ve seen it, trust me. Scorpio women tend to be a tad bit more intense than Scorpio men, especially in regards to attitude. That behavior tends to push libra males away because every libra strives for peace and balance.
    But besides all that, I’m a libra female interested in a Scorpio male. We’ve been friends for a while and I’m planning on actually moving to his state and meeting him in person for the first time. We video chat and talk over Xbox (we’re both big on gaming). The relationship was almost blissful at the start. We would flirt a lot and have deep conversations about everything. He’d tell me how much he wanted me in his arms and how he wanted to just hold me close. He’d tell me how beautiful I was and how cute I look when I blush. Those little cheesy things would get to me. I’d melt like butter. Gradually over time, he started getting into trouble and became distant. He’s slowly coming back from it but I won’t give up. We argue and bicker over small things but nothing serious or dire that it would damage the relationship. He does brood a bit and say some rather mean things from time to time. But I’ve learned to accept this as his way of being honest with me. He’s helped me get out of my shell more and I’ve helped him with communication. He’s a lot more talkative now since he’s been speaking to me.

  14. Hello. I have also being in companionship of childhood friend who is Librian . Now I feel to be more than one with him like his Partner. Since he’s not talking to me after the quarrel like he was before. Awaiting me. I would be happy if we stay together for the rest of life.

  15. Of all the people I’ve known, it’s that stressful turbulent but beautiful scorpio I can honestly give my heart to. Never have I felt such intensity with another person, some of the best conversations with emotional strings pulled and drama but despite all of that deep down inside I can say I love her to bits. As I’m typing all this in reminisce, it has been a while since she’s gone quiet on me but I miss her so so much. Slightly afraid to tell her in fear it might not mean anything to her anymore so here I am…

    The libra dude

    1. Thank you, this is a beautiful comment and I’m so touched by it.
      it sound like how my Libra would feel right now even though he doesn’t talk about his emotions to me because we recently broke up a 3 year relationship. Now we just talk like we’re trying to be friends but I know he’s feeling how you feel. The Scorpio girl you’re talking about will take it to heart and she will care she just won’t tell you.
      My libra he’s an amazing man and I’m a crazy Scorpio woman who has caused him stress and drama when we were together and when we broke up I was in trouble and he was the first person I called in an emergency because it was the only person I could think of.
      in a way I broke it off because I was bored and lost in myself. he was doing so well for us and he did everything he could for us. I wanted to be better but I didn’t know how and I didn’t want his help because he’s always helped me so much. What I told myself was “i loved him at his best and he’s always been good to me but I’ve done so much stressful and stupid things that he deserves someone who is better and doesn’t cause problems; and right now I’m not that person”

      I hurt my heart by breaking up with him but I did it for me and I did it for him and he won’t understand that. As much as I want to come back and feel secure and pampered I can’t because he deserves someone better and I’ll just crawl back into the security blanket he’s made for me. It’s not right but I hope he finds someone beautiful who can love him as much as he loves. I hope I find someone who can love me like he did again maybe even better when I’m in a better place.

      For me a libra man if you catch him on the long term he can show an unconditional love, through his actions his words can seem harsh sometimes but when he is there; he’s there. Do not take him for granted and show him you can love him the same or more because even though he may not want anything from you in return of his love, just fucking do it.

      – happy and heart broken Scorpio

    2. Talk to her…I’m a Scorpio woman and If I know a man is not looking for me or trying to come for me, I just would think he’s not into me or something else has gotten my attention that is standing out mkre than you are. Sometimes we go quiet but our minds are running and running….and thinking and thinking….tell her something like hey, we should plan on going out for dinner and maybe talk about us…to that, I would say ummm yes! Yes! Yes!! Get her attention and quickly! Good luck…

    3. It’s a late comment but let me tell you something, Scorpios will never end a relationship if it’s worth any good to them in any way. They are the ones to stick around in most undesirable circumstances with their love mates if they feel even 1 reason to. But the problem with leaving and going quiet is that she probably has gone far that limit and realised it was not worth it at all. She has realised some serious compatibility issue with you. And one thing more, it’s useless to wait for a scorpion woman who left u since some time.. she won’t return..even if she did she will definitely not be a lover. Trust me, Scorpios never forgive or forget for eternity. So it’s always better to move on. If you meant any thing for her now, she would be in touch with you. If she is avoiding you, take it as a very strong sign that she has had enough and it’s a very bad idea to disturb a scorpion woman who tried n lost with you. She can become the most hurtful heartless one if you keep on poking her. If you leave her alone, she might atleast feel humanity for you like everyone. But don’t expect love once it’s over for good from her side. Scorpios never accept left overs. They see things as black or white only.. definitely no gray.

  16. I’m Libra and he’s Scoropi I’ve never been so fasinated with someones mind..the physical attraction is usually there first but ive been caught off how will i know hes going in my faver

  17. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for two years now. We dated back in high school for awhile, and met up when we were 21. He is a libra, and I am a Scorpio woman. He is literally the most calming, understanding, balanced human I have ever met. I have learned such a great deal from him. He thinks with his head, basing his choices on such. As soon as I feel something, my heart takes over and there is not controlling my emotions or what comes out of my mouth. Dating a libra man is diffcult for me. I want a dominant man, someone to put me in my spot. I also indulge in drama. I love to talk about what pisses me off about certain people or things going on in my life. I often find that it’s drawing a line between us. It makes me so sad because I never want to push him away. He also frustrates me because sometimes I feel like we don’t contect on the emotional level I want. I want him to understand me as I do to him. I have never fallen in love like this before, and I know he’s someone I want to share a family with. He worries me because I look so much into the future and he doesn’t. He’s not worried about owning a house, raising a family, getting our life in order ( although he talks about it). I don’t know if it’s just wired into these libra men or if he is willing to hold up to my intense feelings and goals

  18. Female Scorpio: I was ” with” my libra for … maybe 2 years on and off.. the worst relationship of my entire life!
    Every Libra I have encountered has been extremely freakin rude and i cannot wrap my head around this. The smallest things piss him off and i don’t do well with being talked down to..something they love to do when theyre angry!
    On the other hand, he was my best friend because in most aspects we would get along. Going out and doing things together.. the sex. but yes very immature and yes i’m going to say super MEAN! #ScorpionWomen
    there is only so much i can take so it is now officially over and i am super thankful for that..

  19. I recently been talking to a libra man. I have to say it been a hell of a roller coaster ride for me. When I first met him I thought he was this sweet great guy but after meeting him he started pushing me away just like that. He used to be engaged to someone he dated for years and from his story she hurt him because he found her texting her ex and other guys. Anyways, from the beginning he has been lying to. And, be a Scorpio women I always find out the truth someway somehow but he doesn’t know I know the truth. Because when I ask him I want to see how honest he is with me. What I hate with him is the he’s been telling me that he wants to get to know me but yet all I been doing is always coming over at night then going right to bed because I have to go to work the next mornings. Every time I have been around him it’s always around him and his friends and I never get enough time to talk and get to know each other. He has said he would love to take me out to eat. Hasn’t happened, I have even asked when he would take me out he would either ignore it or just say” I got you” he has ditched me when we were supposed to hang out. And one night when we were supposed to hang out. He never texted back to come over (which he never text back) so I went to bed. 2am I get a txt from him after he’s coming back from the club with his boys asking what I was doing. I was mad I told him I thought we were supposed to hangout but I guess not. He said I could still come over. I said I was good and that I was done with him because I don’t want to play his little games anymore. Thinking it was over the next day I heard from him saying how he really liked me blah blah blah.. he kept trying to small talk me and I did answer but he also flirted with me and I told him I needed him to prove that he wanted to get to know me. I then started to get him another chance, I been nothing but caring, and nice to him. When he calls me in the middle of the night to come over I did it. I have cooked for him brought over food to him. But he hasn’t done nothing for me even a simple little thing he makes excuses or ignores me. But he doesn’t like when I ignore him. Now I’m done with him and haven’t spoken to him after I ran into him in the city and I confronted just so he could see I was looking good out with my friends he also told me he would call or text me but I still haven’t heard from him and it’s been 3 days. he owes me money and I’m debating if I should text him and get my money or just forget about and continue to go on with my life not communicating at all with him. I feel like I was taken advantage of and constantly lied too so now I want nothing to do with him.

  20. I am a libra woman quite convinced I was meant to be with a scorpio man. I have been reading about the compatibility between these two signs and the general consensus seems to reflect the common phrase, “men are from Mars, women are from Venus.” Of course for Scorpio and Libra this is literally true. I have always been surrounded by scorpios, including my brother, my very dearest friend, and my most recent boyfriend. No one in this world has been more loving, gracious, hardworking and compassionate as these wonderful people. I have been challenged, touched, cherished, and transformed because of these relationships. My ex was an incredibly passionate man who was so serious about his career, loving and loyal to his family, and incredibly intelligent. It was not easy, but easy honestly seems boring to me in any relationship. I believe you should be with someone challenges you and teaches you, and in this case I learned a great deal. It takes someone really special for me to want to sacrifice my independence, but with him I realized I want to marry and have children some day. Unfortunately we were in two very different places in life, he was 25 and sadly I moved away to finish college before I turn 30, but I am sure of the person I want to be and who I want to be with. Maybe because I have Venus in Scorpio, Scorpios tend to go past my people-pleasing facade and see me for me, to my depths. There is no one in this world like a Scorpio.

    1. I met a scorpio man last year. Peior to him, I’ve never been with a Scorpio but have had several female Scorpio friends who for some reason even long after middle school and high school will randomly message one another seeing how eachothers doing. Its like a never ending love between libra and scorp, albeit a very abstract enigmatic love. Well, this scorpio fellow and I connected magically. All of our encounters felt like a scene in a movie..we couldn’t fully commit due to other circumstances so we had eachother but not fully. It ended a short while ago…after a few fights we were in this weird gray area where we both felt like we were losing eachother but didn’t want to fully let go. Until we finally did let go the other day. I’ll never have a connection like this again and I’ll miss him dearly, infinitely.

  21. I’m a Libra male aged 60 married but a bad one met Scorpio woman at work we got on really well, she’s 48 has a boyfriend. a bit of a whirlwind relationship we kept having fallouts not quite rows but close i said to her one day after she dropped hints about our star signs being close, that we don’t get on she froze me out then cam back but told me she loved me via fb stealthy through a secret way of contacting each offer no not messenger. I know it think she is just messing with me now, she even moved house with her boyfriend why is she leading me on i thought we were just friends.

  22. Wat if you are over with a Libra man, you can’t love him, you feel nothing for him and his mere presence seems irritating but he just won’t leave.. why does he not leave?? How can he be so consistently controlling and manipulative with someone for so long. I am the Scorpio woman and i am done with him on every level.. why can’t he just get that.. I just don’t need him or his love, when would he get over with his fucking immaturity and just move on !!

    1. Because libras can’t make a decision to save their lives. If it’s a decision that “we” make, then nothing can be their fault. And if we make the wrong decision, then we are the one to blame. I wish mine would leave too. But he won’t. He relies on me too much and making a major decision to move out after 27 yrs…. his mentality will be that I broke up our family – not him. Ugh!

  23. My Libra man is amazing he is patient sweet loving caring handsome everything you can ask for in a man. I am possessive secretive and manipulative. When I realize I let my bad scorpion ways get the best of me I feel like shit for the way I treat him. All our fights are petty but always so extreme. When we love we love greatly, I can’t detach myself. I hope my positive Scorpio attributes can outweigh my bad. I’d be a fool to lose something so good. Our relationship is complicated and it does frustrate me and sometimes I do try to take the easy way out I’ll admit, the least I can do is give him a real chance. I want his love, I have it…I must learn to now keep it.

  24. Whoever you are you are my inspiration!! I read your story and i cant even begin to describe this rollercoaster ride from hell ive been through im a libra female almost broken by a scorpio male they are horrible people and liars about EVERYTHING selfish kiniving cheats!!! And to think i still have feelings for this piece of shit of a man who extremely hurt me. He damn near broke me they are cold selfish careless people i learned so much from your story i could talk for days but just know youve touched my heart to know im not alone and may Godbless you🤗👋💪❤

  25. I’m a scorpio woman with heavy sag placements, pisces rising and virgo moon. My libra man has heavy scorpio placements (he sometimes acts more like a scorpio than me… the paranoia and obsession drives me nuts!) and i just can’t take another second of his selfishness. I have dated libra’s before and have found them to be, on the whole, LAZY and self-absorbed attention seekers. They only care about how they are perceived by others. I contribute to my libra’s life and care for him so deeply…. just for him to shit all over my efforts and act as if he isn’t even in a serious committed relationship. Some examples of his laziness/non-committal behavior: giving me a chocolate gift basket he received from his work and acting like he got it for me, giving away a souvenir from a vacation we went on because he hadn’t gotten a secret santa gift for his coworker in time…. the list goes on. I’m really sick of being unappreciated, under-valued, and just generally not even acknowledged. Sure we have incredible explosive chemistry. Sure, I feel more understood by him than anyone else in my life and comfortable to be myself. I will always love him. HOWEVER, I won’t wait around for him to change…. not anymore. I’m too hurt, too spent, and my love feels wasted. Good luck to all my fellow scorpio women trying desperately to make it work with a lazy libra man.

  26. ME AND MY WIFE: I’m an Aries sun, Libra rising man (more Libra-natured than Aries) married to a Virgo sun, Scorpio rising woman (who is heavy Scorpio). I’m not a philanderer who flirts openly or cheats, but I do find that I like to feel admired by everyone, even sexually. I don’t know why, but I do. Also, I do care about appearance and the way things look, probably too much and am very vain (always have been). I have never been into astrology, but my wife got me into it. I find it interesting how much I act and feel so Libra; it’s like a revelation. I can even relate to my dad better after having looked into it. The reason I’m commenting now is because of struggles in my marriage with my Scorpio wife. I hope to hear back from some of you who are in this type of relationship regarding how you resolved some of these problems.

    PROS: She’s gorgeous and has an intensity that far surpasses the vast majority of people. She is smart and we have very interesting conversations. We first bonded on our shared values (religion/spirituality) and have a lot in common. We’re both into fitness (I’m a former personal trainer), we have the same political views, and shared goals (house, family, stability). She is also the most loyal woman I’ve ever met. She literally only has eyes for me and says she doesn’t even notice other men, or find them attractive, as hard as it is for me to believe sometimes (because my Libra nature is to notice beautiful people, places, and things all the time, so I couldn’t say the same, which is part of the problem I’ll get to in a minute). The sex is the best ever I’ve had in my life and she agrees. That area of our life is 100% mind-blowing every time. There are more pros to mention, but what I need to figure out is what to do about the cons, so let’s move on.

    CONS: She is honestly way too intense and this causes problems. She is like a volcano erupting over things that, to me, are no big deal (but if I treat it that way, she gets even more angry). In the beginning of our relationship, it felt like I kept stepping over the line with her, in one way, or another, which would cause huge blow-ups because my sense of justice would cause me to rationalize that her blow-up was not justified. To me, it would be like stabbing someone in the eye because they bumped into you on the street. She lacks objectivity and can’t see an issue clearly; she feels all her emotions first and then maybe hours later, when cooled down, she can see reason. When I would tell her what I meant to say, or do, she would say I was deflecting responsibility and not taking accountability for what I did. She would say I was making excuses for myself. In my mind, there is gray area when it comes to agreements between two people, though, because there is always a meaning gap, like lost in translation, especially when it comes to communication via text, or just misunderstanding someone’s way of wording things, so there should be some amount of understanding for that. To her, however, it’s very black and white, so there’s zero understanding and this makes my Libra sense of justice go into overdrive as I try to justify myself even more (although it has the opposite effect and she says it makes me look less masculine when I do it).

    Over the 3 years we’ve been together, I’ve stopped doing this and started internalizing everything, but this created new problems. Libras apparently avoid certain types of confrontation (even though I’ve never been that type), and for me, that’s been relationship confrontation, as I found out. Why? Because I didn’t want to upset the apple cart of my wife’s feelings about things (I CRAVE peace). I’d rather go inside my head and figure things out there and tell her later what I’ve come to understand, if she is interested in hearing. I’m not sure if this next thing is a Libra trait, or if it’s just me (but apparently it is a Libra trait too) but my roaming eye gets activated when I feel dissatisfied in a relationship, plus feeling stifled and not being able to share those feelings for fear that my spouse won’t understand, which she never does because everything is “my fault” is just a bad recipe for a marriage.

    I heard that Libras are always looking for the perfect relationship and can become very critical and judgmental, sometimes picking apart their S.O. and this has been true with me, I admit. The sad part is, it didn’t start off this way. I started doing it more after we would get into repetitive fights over her sharing her feelings and me reacting the same ways and the inevitable blow-up that would happen. I explained it to her like this: she blows up and a lot of times she’s right for being upset, but the ordeal is so stressful for me and so ‘world-ending’ for me because of her yelling, cursing intensity. It’s so stressful and upsetting to me at the very core of my being that the thought of not having to deal with it became such a pleasant daydream to me that I think I started to fantasize about women who were more agreeable and projecting those qualities onto strangers who seemed to have those qualities. Either that, or I naturally tend to be too interested in other women anyway, which is what my wife thinks. Again, part of me thinks this might be a Libra thing. Well, after much prying and strong intuition on the part of my wife (something I think she’s psychic), I admitted to lusting after certain other women and she wanted to know which ones and when and exact details and having that conversation with her was more stressful than anything I’ve ever dealt with in my entire life. I know you Scorpios are thinking, ‘Don’t complain about it being stressful, you pussy! Instead, think of what you did to her to make her feel that way! You’re so selfish!” That’s pretty much what my wife says too and I admit, I did mess up and I accept responsibility for my actions – it’s still stressful though! The problem is, she says that, now, the idea of me only having eyes for her has been shattered and she doesn’t want to be with someone who thinks critically of her in any way or who thinks other strangers are more attractive than she is – I don’t really think they’re ‘more’ attractive though, but maybe just attractive in a different way, although she takes it as me thinking the others were ‘more’ attractive. Look, I’m a jerk for what I did, but keep in mind that I was a porn addict for almost two decades before her and I met and now I’m realizing, maybe I have this natural tendency to take in the beauty I see around me. I’m not saying I want her to accept that I’m going to lust after other women because that’s not what I’m saying (I think it’s reasonable to expect a spouse to not do that in a marriage), but maybe to have some understanding if I ‘notice’ other women and then look away. I just don’t see how it’s possible not to at least notice people around you. I would feel like I’d have to wear the blinders a horse wears in order to not see certain things. My wife says that even when I purposely don’t look, she still feels my energy of feeling nervous about trying not to, and it still makes her feel insecure and self-conscious about herself.


    1) Is there any coming back from the betrayal she feels? (She goes back and forth between saying she’s trying, and saying she will never be able to heal from it and might not be able to stay married to me)

    I want to stay married to her because she is so special and an amazing a person, really and of course, I love her. The problem is, I can see how the issue above and the numerous arguments/strains on our marriage have hurt her (the cumulative effect of them) and it hurts me that I hurt her so easily. I’ve punched and hurt myself because of it in the past. I hate feeling like I’m such a failure when it comes to making her feeling loved (at least, that’s the way I’ve felt for a long time and I told her this). I just feel like this relationship has been hard on both of us (even though she would say it’s only been hard on her, from her POV). I want what’s best for her, even though I love her and want her to stay with me. We do complement each other and fill in one another’s deficits in a strange way.

    2) What should I do?

  27. Hi mate, sorry to hear about this.

    I do sympathize with your wife but at the same time, I sympathize with you in other aspects.

    Both gender Scorpios are very but very hard to tame, understand and to truly see their inner beauty, if they want you to see it and you achieve it. When she says she has eyes for you, it is true. We are one of the most if not the utterly most loyal star sign. If we are deeply in love we mean it that no one is more gorgeous than our partner. Granted, you can tell when someone in the same room is better looking than one, we might notice him/her but overall we mean it we don´t care a damn about them.

    Now, Scorpios are very jealous, some more, some less. Just like any other sign, the thing is we make you know about it. We don´t keep quiet about anything. If we have eyes for you, then you must have eyes for us too. Just like any other person wishes. Basically, women can look at other men but men can´t look at other women. Look if you really want to put an effort deal with that and just grant her that wish, I bet she has granted you many more as well for irrelevant things too just to keep the relationship healthy. I understand your POV but many women are like that, trust me, regardless of star sign, and many men are too.

    However it is normal to look at someone else but the difference is between looking and getting the other person naked with our eyes, which maybe I think your previous addiction kicks in. You might not see it like any other previous addiction but the addicted person or previous one does not control his/her reactions and the rest of the people can see it clearly as an open blue sky. This is for any addiction. Moreover, as you rightly point, Scorpios can read people and feel people (psychic) and women in general even more so.

    When Scorpios feel betrayed that´s about it. Unfortunately, we do hold grudges. Nevertheless, it is not completely lost. You really need to try to amend things but moreover, your case really is about couples therapy (counseling), especially because of your previous addiction which I think has something to do with it.

    Good luck

  28. Was in a relationship with s libran for 5 years, we separated back in July. To begin with it was great, I’m a Scorpio btw and no push over. But as time went on, found him to be controlling, extremely self centered and all about image, but as well, not a particularly nice person- angry/violent at times, seemed to get a kick out of trying to make you feel inferior and tried to tell me how to dress, how to spend my money, how to have my hair, etc, etc. In particular really didn’t like my independence. Think Librans are shallow, self centred people who put on a show for everyone else, cos they really need to be liked, it’s all about them. Glad I’m shot of him and good luck to her, as he was already cheating or had her lined up as soon as we split. Another thing, Librans don’t know how to be alone, even for a short while. In my opinion Librans may be attractive on the outside, but their inner self really isn’t and they lack self confidence.

  29. Agree with a comment I read however, sexually libra and Scorpio rock and he’d always said I was the sexiest person ever. Apparently I was his soulmate too and it was always me, as we had alot of history, he tracked me down after 13 years, but obviously it wasn’t meant to be in the end. Apparently he’s dating s pisces now.

  30. This was very helpful to read through. I’ve been with my libra man for 6 years now. Though I’ll admit, I feel I should have left him 3 years ago, when i first felt like things were going downhill. My libra man is extremely selfish and has issues with intimacy, physical and emotional. He is not motivated in life and blames a lot of his problems on everything but himself (which is hard to watch because I watch him create these problems for himself). I try so hard to be there for him, and supportive and loving. A lot of the time though, it makes me feel like I’m his mother and not his partner.
    I don’t feel seen or heard. I don’t feel supported. I’m sexually frustrated. I’m just tired of putting in so much effort and not getting much back. I’ve poured myself into him and have respected his space when he needs it. I just feel we don’t line up anymore. I feel like I’m wasting my time now.
    We’re still very close to one another and it’s hard to imagine not having him around. But I feel like my life is on pause. I can’t stay in this anymore because I feel my soul dimming. But at the same time, I’m so worried about him and what leaving will do. I still care for him greatly because I know he’s lost and doesn’t know how to help himself right now. And I do love him. I just don’t think I’m IN love anymore. I just want to be alone for a while. I feel like I’ve lost myself.
    He hasn’t put much into our relationship. He guilt trips me over petty things. I rarely have a clue what’s going on with him or how he feels. We don’t go on dates anymore. He’s grumpy a lot and clearly unhappy with his life but does nothing to change it. I assure him I’m here to support and help, and to lean on me if he decides to shift his life towards improvement. But he closes off from me and sinks into negative habits. I’m careful with how I approach him because he gets defensive very easily. Always acts like he’s being attacked or blamed.

    I’m exhausted.

  31. I’m a Libra she was Scorpio, as you can see i used “was” 🙂
    I was reading every comment here before i started dating this Scorpio, deep down i felt that something won’t go as it should, but this Scorpio is so beautiful and smart, i just had to have her, Scorpio women have everything a Libra man needs, EVERYTHING… but we just can’t merge, it’s like everything in this universe is against this duo.

    From my personal experience if you are a Libra man and you finally found a way or somehow the planets aligned in such a way that offered a Libra and a Scorpio to find a mutual language and attraction, please do it, even if it’s for a short time, DO IT, you will learn a lot, the end will actually be really OK and friendly even if it doesn’t look like it.

    Scorpio women are very cold and cool, but deep inside you can see in her eyes some type of emotions, i was so curious, but i simply couldn’t understand it, i really tried to keep this Scorpio women, but Scorpio is like a river that doesn’t stop, i’m actually sad that i couldn’t understand her. After this women… i wish i was another sign, just to be with her, just a bit more.

    You must understand for Scorpio is the same, we are like a Oscar winning movie with German voices and Japanese subtitles, they look just because we won the Oscars, they will feel the movie and message it wanted to send, but they will never understand it, because our Scorpio doesn’t know German or Japanese. :)))

    Funny tip: Best way for a Libra and a Scorpio to understand each-other is in a quiet place preferably at home, be sure to have alcohol and some funny games. After some drinks Scorpio gets into a strange place and is becoming like a different person and if is just the two of you, she may finally say something and talk in your language.

    I wish luck to everyone who will go on this adventure and hope for things to work out for you guys. My Scorpio and i, we had the attraction, love and issues, in the end we both just agreed to let go, we tried, i tried, i know she tried, everything in me tells that she tried, even if i couldn’t see it, i felt it. All i could say in the end is that i finally felt, as a Libra i was always logic and reason, no i feel, but just for her.

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