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Scorpio & Gemini

A Scorpio-Gemini match can be both fascinating and frustrating. Gemini has a much more light-hearted approach to love and friendship than Scorpio (for the most part). Gemini does not seem as committed, or at least they do not display their need for commitment with as much vigor as Scorpio. Scorpio is usually a very serious and faithful partner, while Gemini can be freedom-loving, inconsistent, and evasive. The different approaches in the way Scorpio and Gemini shows love and affection can be alarming and confusing.

Positively speaking, Gemini adds a lot of enthusiasm, liveliness, good humor and fun into the relationship. Gemini is likely to think of unique and exciting date ideas and they can always bring up a topic of conversation which is interesting and stimulating for Scorpio. However, Scorpio may sometimes not feel emotionally secure with Gemini, because they seem to have two natures: sometimes Gemini is very affectionate and loving, and other times Gemini seems indifferent and cold. Scorpio never knows what they’re going to get with Gemini, and this can be deeply unsettling for Scorpio. Scorpio fears that Gemini will not always be there for them.

Scorpio likes to know what happens next, and when they enter a relationship they are in it for the long-haul. Gemini, on the other hand, tends to live in the present moment and takes things one step at a time, without much concern for thinking too far in the future. In fact, if Gemini feels pressured to commit before they are ready to, they will feel the need to run away from the relationship. If Gemini is given the freedom and independence they so deeply crave, then Gemini is more likely to be satisfied and remain in the partnership.

Luckily, Scorpio enjoys their solitude because they are very independent themselves. Therefore, Scorpio may not always feel the need to be tied to the hip with their partner. They can be a bit shy when it comes to love, but if Gemini is able to break down their barriers using their sharp humor and witty conversation skills, scorpio will eventually open up to them — but only if they gain and keep their trust and does not play mind games with them. Scorpio is a highly dependable lover, and Gemini should not take their loyalty for granted.

This relationship works best if you both work on your own interests and projects, while uniting when you both need each other’s support. You can make a formidable team if you find a balance between sharing your passions and also respecting each other’s need for seclusion. The key to overcoming the potential challenges in Gemini-Scorpio pairing is to learn to love and appreciate each other’s differences. Scorpio and Gemini are attracted to what makes each other so different. They should embrace their eccentricities rather than change them.

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Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, shifted into Taurus in March 2019, where it will remain until 2026. Since Taurus is Scorpio’s opposite sign of the zodiac, its transit has a direct effect on our partnership sector these next 6 years. Our romantic partnerships, as well as all types of partnerships, will experience a radical transformation from the inside out. This is something that we’ve felt within ourselves, and it will now manifest outwardly. Uranus in Taurus Part II serves as a guiding tool for navigating this 2nd year of Uranus in Taurus. Your relationship foundations are dramatically shifting, but as long as you trust your heart and your instincts, you’ll experience the love life meant for you, Scorpio. 2019 was an emotional rollercoaster, and 2020 can provide greater internal stability, even in the midst of external chaos or change.

This 30-page report breaks down the overall energy of year 2 of Uranus in Taurus, and also highlights specific dates where we may feel its influence most intensely in our relationships. If you’ve been navigating challenges in your partnerships and feel like you’re at a crossroads in your love and social life, this forecast is for you. Empower yourself and empower your relationships by being self-aware and accepting of the changes manifesting in your life, rather than trying to control everything. You are not alone, and you will make it through stronger, wiser, and more evolved than ever.

All orders of Uranus in Taurus Part 2 are available for download immediately after purchase, and will also be emailed to you. Enjoy!

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  1. Oh yes! This is SO true! I’ve been married to a Gemini for 13 years, and he does everything as described. Our biggest issue has been the online flirting with other women, as well as his lack of interest intimately; of which he claims is due to his PTSD. We’re both retired military. They ate VERY complex beings, and after 13 years I still haven’t figured him out. It drives me batty, as I’m very overly analytical lol. We’re still here together though. One thing that I don’t doubt is his love for me, or I wouldn’t still be here. Thank you for this awesome read. I’m definitely sharing it with him.

    1. I’m a Gemini woman and I got raped while I was in a relationship with a Scorpio man..he thinks of it as cheating and broke up with me and doesn’t ever wanna see me but I know he is hurting because his parents and friends are telling me this. He also cried when breaking up. He said after the incident he hasn’t loved me anymore. I don’t have any proof except my constant truth that I know but he still feels betrayed. He said right now he needs space but later he wants to be friends. I love him and didn’t mean to “cheat” on him, I don’t wanna be just friends but I’m afraid to go up to him and talk even just a simple hi. What should I do I don’t know if he will hate me, I’m probably the last person he wants to see but I really want to see him. He means so much to me I can’t explain it. And I’m trying to do the no contact rule but being a gemini I’m always paranoid that he will forget me and move on. Does he still love me and do I have a chance? Will he come back and what should I do?

      1. Why would you want to be with someone who does not understand you were raped?

        Scorpios are generally loyal to a fault, if you are the one…so he may come around, but again I would not want someone who could not be more understanding about such a traumatic event.

      2. Something walking up To a Scorpio and speaking with your heart not your mind that’s all we need But you have to Build that trust and loyalty back

        1. I dont believe that. Not really into the love part of it. But on the business end. I havent had a good run with geminis. My chinese sign is pig. So im more out going then alot of scorpios. But in my dealings. Geminis cant make they mind up, or committ to a decision. In fact ive been friends with a few of em. And they ended up addicts. I find this to be a funny subject. Bc i was thinking about donald trump ass. And got me ranting. Now here i am. Not saying all geminis should be shot and left for dead. But im sayin, grow up. Hardship is part of the growth. Double down and quit running.

    2. I’m a Scorpio just broke it off with my Gemini now he finds a hundred and one reason to text or call even though I told him i need some time to heal it’s like talking to a wall anyone else dealing with this?

        1. That is sooooo True
          , We Gems want what we cant have but uhh eventually ends up gettn it anyway. We’re clever lil fucks

          1. Not when by the time i read this. Hahahaha. I am definitely turning this moody weird 2face gemini who always wants to argue and fight to be right and is too superficial wishing he was able to be in touch with his emotions like us. Btw this gemini is too obssesed, jealous, possesive, controlling etc which l dont like. I need my freedom. I know his mind games already and how he cant make decisions right which makes him unstable. ew.. Bye felicia! -scorpio woman

    3. I’m a gemini female and I can tell you this, if Scorpios just stop tryna play games with geminis to figure them out or have one up on them they will realize they never had to figure them out. There’s none more to a gemini than what you see on the surface. Everything under their surface is trauma and insecurities we have to deal with. So when we see Scorpios discerning geminis trust for no reason we back off after we show you we are to be trusted cause we feel like it’s a personal issue. 9/10 if a gemini does act inconsistent it’s only because we feel their is some nonverbal issues Scorpio is having but whole time the issue just be the Scorpio trying to figure us out.

    4. Hey are you a scorpion woman? Actually I’ll be very happy you if you are coz I’ve been reading all these articles for a long time about the compatibility of both signs and it sometimes make me feel hopeless as I’m a scorpion woman who’s in love with a Gemini man…

    5. I have read that the sexual relationship between a Scorpio and a Gemini is the best thing about this couple. I totally agree with that information. I am a Gemini and my husband is a Scorpio. It doesn’t apply in my situation because he was the one who strayed and I have always been faithful. Horoscopes can be taken with a grain of salt and if you do find similarities its because it is general information. It is for entertainment purposes only.

  2. Scorpio girl here . I have been dating a Gemini man for 3 years on and off ( currently off rite now lol ) . All I’m going to say is Scorpio run for your life this man will bring out the worst in you please believe me . When we first started dating , I wasn’t looking for any thing serious and I really was not interested in him at all , but I said what the hell just have fun . I have never been more attracted to someone in my life . The sex is unexplainable because the thing is I have had better sex in the physically form but he takes you to another place with his sex it’s so amazing. Being a Scorpio I take pride in being loyal Gemini on the other hand wouldn’t know what that word meant if you smacked them in the mouth with it . We are always fighting and not on speaking terms but some how he will never just go away !!!!! And whenever he comes back I’m rite there to answer and take him back its almost like he has a power over me .I love and crave him just his touch alone melts me

        1. Ught im going through the same thing but I notice all this 4 months in and I wanna be with him but I can’t I know he’s bad and he’s a Gemini . I just don’t know what to do but I’m glad now that I read these comments made me notice that I wasn’t bugging out

        2. I’m a Scorpio female who has been dating a Gemini for a few months now. Majority of the time I feel secure with our relationship but then there’s times I’m not 💯% sure. I feel my feelings for him getting Stronger but I also feel like he’s gonna end up cheating or leaving me because of me being paranoid about it at times. I really want things to work between us but it’s like it’s hard for me to put all my trust into him because those thoughts constantly come to mind..

      1. Hi I’m a Gemini and I have been in a relationship with my SCORPIO boyfriend and he left me for a girl for no reason left me never called or texted why he wanted too break up!!! And like a month later he texts me do you wanna get back together and I’d took him back and he started too cheat more and that’s when I started too cheat and it was a hole Lotta bullshit he was texting bitches and I’d I was but then we broke up all the time an got right back together and I’d always told him how I felt and he always never gave a shit and he never gave a shit ever and I was just sitting here in this relationship and he was saying I love you and he started saying I never went too hurt I’m sorry this year 2018 is are 3 year being in this relationship in 2016 that’s when we was babysitting and like August he says this and starts too get tattoos of me tells me how he feels and I just feel like should I still trust him or should I still love him for what he did and what I did. Was alot and he says he loves me but he don’t know should he trust me and I give him my all and I stayed loyal for him I lost all my friends for him BC he was jealous he doesn’t even want me talking too my girl bestfriend BC I have instagram and she comments nice things about me and I feel like the reason he’s doing this is BC he wants me all too him self BC he’s selfish and I love that about him….. But he thinks I don’t care about him or love him but if I didn’t care I wouldn’t never took him back I love him so much and it’s hard too let him know BC he thinks I’m lying and he says no matter what we go threw he’ll never forget me and he says even if I don’t love him he loves me this one day we was arguing about me talking too a old friend that texted me on instagram and it was a boy and I reads it and respond he tells me I told u don’t text no boys and I wasn’t even flirting with this guy’s. And he says go Fuck with him and leave me on read all the way until tomorrow and says I love you Bae and says wyd and I just one day texted I hate you and he gets mad and says what and I’m crying and he says you really do hate me and I says no I hate what you do and now he thinks I really truly hate him… What should I say. And how do I make him forgive me and believe me.!!!!!

        1. Don’t put up with him keeping you away from your bestie pls. I’m a Gemini and I did that and you know what he won’t respect you h

    1. Kia…3 years?! Kudos to you. I am in a similar situation with my Gemini boyfriend of 3 months and I feel like it’s been way longer than that.

    2. Story of my life, three years as well, also off
      Seriously it’s draining and ridiculous but I’m always there to let them come back
      I’m trying to get away…baby steps

    3. Girl… I’m a Scorpio woman. I feel the exact same way! It’s like our souls connect when we look in each other’s eyes and while having sex it’s nothing I could ever explain until I saw your post, so amazing!!! He fits my sexual needs to a T but then comes the next day and it’s a disaster because he doesn’t talk/text as much as the day before and I get pissed and start a fight because I hate being ignored.. We have a connection unlike anything I have ever experienced in my life in the bedroom.. He pisses me off so bad with the lack of what he wants or where we stand but doesn’t want me with anyone else and is extremely jealous over me! Wants his cake and eat it too, that sure as hell doesn’t work with me. Our fights are insane, neither one of us give up until we cut deep but then lol makeup sex!!!

      1. Well I’m a Scorpio dating a Gemini.this relationship has been very draining.So I have started to show him I’m fine with out him..I started giving him his space..I don’t show much concern about his whereabouts and when he’s ready to ghost I’m very nonchalant and then he says I have an attitude..I just end the whole conversation now I’m at a point where he knows he can go because I’m ready to let go for good I love him but I love myself first and my mental state

    4. Ugh wow, I feel you on so many levels. I pretty much cut him off beginning of this year and now I can sense he’s slowly crawling back and it’s been two years.. there’s been so much inconsistency but also so much adventure. He always manages to lure me back in that same vicious cycle/pattern! he’s like Mr. Big in satc (didn’t work out essentially because of the long distance) but when he’s in town, always brings out the best but also the worst in me sigh -_-

    5. Omg, guys this is so me right at this moment with my partner. It’s like he has power over me, and I’m so emotionally weak that I just never fully let go.

  3. Wao, I just was looking for advice about that I can’t get out my head this germini man, so this 2 girls explain my inconvenience so let me read again and again so l can learn how to deal with flirting / nightmare / adorable / love-hate man

  4. I’m a gem woman dating a Scorpio man. yes there are differences ive noticed. We get along pretty well. We don’t argue..But we do have a lot of discussions.
    I don’t know why we are described in general as big flirts and scared of commitment. I actually do want commitment with the right person I can see myself with for the long term. I am not a flirt in general either.

    1. Same hefe. I’m a GEM and been with my beau for 3 years on and off. I can see myself committing to him but he’s still in his shell as well as I am. Idk what we’re waiting on but we’re going to keep trying for the best.

    2. Women and men of every sign are different.

      The men are usually the bigger douche bags, but there are some women who give the men a run for their money.

  5. I am Scorpio lady. He is the best sexual bean that i ever had so sensual and in touch with me in bed, but after 3 months we broke up. He told me that i start pressure and make him feel like he can’t breath, but now after 2 months he is back…again sexual chemistry wild and passionate..we Scorpio are craving to know next step and they are like lets just relax and have fun. Maybe that is what attracts me the most, that free mind approach and loving life style.Don’t know if we gonna make it, but maybe there lies a beauty of all story. But we scorpion’s like to knoooow hahahaha

  6. I have a problem with this because I am a Scorpio woman, and every time I find myself really ‘feeling it’ with a guy, I find the guy is a Gemini (more often than not).

    I know that famously the Scorpio/Gemini partnership is one of the worst in the zodiac, but it’s their fun loving nature; ability to make people relax and their attentiveness that is so attractive to me. I always sense that they are genuine; heart on your sleeve kind of people. However, I always sense a form of vulnerability in Gemini men that is also attractive to me. The bravado so often masks a deeper intellect and emotional wellspring that the Gemini will not allow themselves to explore. So, as a Scorpio I want to help the Gemini to explore that part of themselves, but the Gemini really doesn’t care enough to take the journey; which I can’t understand, why would you not partake of an opportunity to ‘know yourself’ better?

    The biggest problem with the Scorpio/Gemini combo is that the attraction is definitely there when first you meet; and you can have so much fun together, and genuinely like each other as people, but it seems that the long term outlook is grim. Perhaps Scorpios and Geminis are destined to be ‘just friends’…and occasionally ‘with benefits’…ha!

    …I just wish I would stop finding Geminis so damn attractive though…

    1. I recently started seeing a Gemini man who has been a family friend for all our lives. His sister was my best friend but died in a car accident 8 years ago. She tried to get me to date him about ten years ago but I valued her friendship too much. Their mom tried to get us to date several times since then but he just doesn’t seem like my type. Now after over a year of being apart I am helping him through a difficult breakup. He wants to jump in and be serious but I am overly cautious. He doesn’t have boundaries and he is manipulative but he plays it off like he is such a “heart on your sleeve” good guy. Which, it’s true, he is generous and helpful but usually when he has ulterior motives. I have allowed myself to get too close to him but will not sleep with him. I wish bi had never gotten so close because bobbin having a hard time breaking it off with him especially because he has been a friend for so long. It’s extremely hard for me to trust people and we are such different people, in a way that repulses me from him. I have told him that I just want to be friends but he continues to push my boundaries and overstep them and be overly suggestive that there is something more between us. I agree, run away as fast as you can Scorpio. Do not allow yourself to be vulnerable to this sign because they will steal your energy 10x over. I’m working on an escape plan.

    2. No, Scorpio women are into the game and trying to figure someone out!! Problem is, one day you know the Gem the next day you don’t (maybe?) I feel that he is confident yet insecure, you have to understand both for him to open up!! Ha. He doesn’t get to figure me out like that and I like it that way, leaves him guessing!! Play his game better but not falling in love is the trick. Don’t allow the confusion and emotions to consume you, stay in control over the situation! Scorpios will always be 5 steps ahead of the Gemini..

  7. Omg, this is SO us. I am a Scorpio and he is a Gemini, been together 6 years, but somehow spent many of it apart, (jobs, school, a separation, travel, ect) We’ve always gotten along so much better when apart (if he can stay in communication with me). My Gemini also has issues flirting/talking to random girls online, and we don’t have much of a sex life at the moment (his choices, NOT MINE) which is a big issue for me. I could go on and on but this is just so us in so many ways. I always wonder why I stay, then somehow I remember when it’s good why I stay. He’s pretty complicated and I never know which him I’ll get when he wakes up in the mornings, but I think I’m much more complicated, to complicated even for myself sometimes. No wonder he can’t handle me most of the time. Sigh. Wish things were simpler!

    1. I’m. gem woman. Involved with a Scorpio man. He acts the same way as your describing the gen man. I mean the same exact way. It’s so weird

  8. I can’t believe I was reading my story…Kia just describe myself and my husband…we love each other but can’t be together… KIA explained how she didn’t like him at first and the everything happens, about the sex same thing not the best sex but he is just amazing… But he flirt a lot and I got tired and kick him out…I miss him so much but he is so cool and flirt to much I can go crazy, I know he loves me but we can’t be together… He will always be the love of my life.

  9. Accurate! This is share my story.. But I really love him. Beside that he is sering another zodiac which is a capricorn. I just wish he made his choice asap!!

    1. Exactly what I’m going through with him 3yrs off and on broke it off to be with a woman who bought him a car.. ( they are opportunists as well) but after months of trying to stay away… As soon as he calls im there.. Smh… I hate it that I love him so much.

  10. Im a Gemini woman and I’ve fallen for a scorpio. In all relationships you’ve gotta be patient with the growth of your partner. So dont pressure your Gemini into anything they don’t want to do. Btw gemini love deeply. I’m a flirt but when im in love I’m committed to my man a 100%. stop thinking too much scorpios.

    1. You are right… I’ve noticed that a Patient Scorpio will get through to a Playful Gemini. But for sure Scorpios will over analyze everything… that’s something I’m still working on!!! Thanks for the pointers

  11. I’m a Scorpio man, my Gemini woman has several guy friends, and many other time commitments. I see how the time apart allows me to recharge and space gives understanding. But I can only imagine a future where I am never quite immersed in the relationship, where I have to settle for living out my independence (which I love) but without someone waiting on me. This is just odd and hard to grasp. -Josh

    1. Josh so as a Scorpio you like it that a Gemini has their own life and can pursue her own dreams while you recharge? I love my Scorpio but he can be suffocating at times and then painfully distant. There’s no in between. I know now that when he’s distant he’s recharging from what I’ve been reading. But he says he trusts me and loves me. Any suggestions? I can see myself completely immersed in him but being such an independent sign I can’t live like that. I think that’s why we do so well together because when I’m independent and doing my own thing I reassure him that I will be home and he has nothing to worry about so he can relax and focus on recharging and doing him.

  12. I am a Scorpio woman and i am currently in the process of getting to know a gemini woman. It is soo hard because it is confusing as hell knowing id she wants me or not since she loves her freedom, but this describes both of us soo perfectly. But i guess with time we will see if this hopefully grows into something because I am already attracted to her. Emotionally and physically

    1. I’m a scorpio woman in love with a Gemini woman and it’s awesome. At first me and my gf was like this for 4 years but thats just a Gemini way of saying they aren’t ready and unless a Gemini heart n mind is not made up and isn’t ready to commit it would always be back n forth but hold on I guarantee you when a Gemini fall inlove and wants to commit to you it’s the best feeling in the world!!!!

  13. Oh my god this is so me and the gemini guy I’ve been dating!! I feel like we are going to break up every week and we are always having deep conversations about our differences like how we show we like each other in different ways. I totally want to know what’s next for us and want him to commit and he is so go with the flow and doesn’t want to be tied down. It’s so frustrating! But I think I’m starting to understand him a little bit more and just accept the differences and embrace them. I hope our relationship works out. I’m crazy about him. <3

  14. Wow this is so true I’ve been with a gemini man for 8 years on and off mostly on but its like a rollercoster ride thru hell then heaven constantly!

  15. Hahaha OMG this is exactly me and my girlfriend. I’m a Gemini woman dating a Scorpio woman. Actually. If you are open n honest n loyal to your Scorpio then you’re not gonna have any problems.
    Key is communication with the Scorpio . No secrets. No lies. Be open and honest .
    I actually want to settle down . Not be flirty n flaky as what my sign says. OMG.

  16. OMG!!!!!!! This is soooo me. I am a Scorpio male who is falling in love with a Gemini male. Every week I try to separate from him , because I can’t figure him out. I can’t though it’s like I’m addict to him. Then he’s so charming he pulls me in everytime. I am a loyal person but I can tell appreciates it but still he wants to be free. He’s a very flirty guy and it pisses me off I hate it. Then he keeps telling me be patient and open minded and stay positive and like we are going to move to the next step. He is a Dl bisexual guy so that does add an entire different dynamic to the situation. There is defiantly a bond between us. I love him.

    I had a relation with an gimini before and that was a rocky 4 year relationship and ended badly. Knowing this I still find myself very very very attracted to gemini’s even though every horoscope says we are terrible together. Although when I I’m with an Gemini sparks fly. I just don’t understand, and Pisces men are impossible to find. I’m starting to believe Pisces has the lowest population out of the zodiac signs.

    1. It’s because Pisces are always hiding!! My best friend is a Pisces gay man and he is always complaining about how he can’t meet a good guy that wants a stable relationship. It’s because he is always looking in the wrong places and doesn’t put himself out there into groups that have his interests in mind. He’s usually going to cafes, the gym, and all these hetero normative places that don’t allow him to mingle with other men openly. He is also very much a homebody and he likes to shop for his home. Hopefully that helps you. Stay away from Gemini! :p

  17. I am a Scorpio female who seems to attract Gemini men like crazy. I don’t know what it is, but it honestly drives me nutz. I recently started seeing one AGAIN and it’s been back and forth, but he makes me laugh like no other. The sex is really great and only gets better. It’s the push pull. I also wonder if this guy is my twin. I’ve realized a lot of things that piss me off are things I am guilty of myself. Although, I wouldn’t say I am inconsistent like this mofo. Seriously though, I don’t need him. But I do want him. Like crazy! As long as the Gemini man keeps it real, honest, and loyal, I’m so down.

  18. I’m a gemini female deeply in love with a scorpio female and everything I’ve been reading has been similar to my situation. I had several stings from scorpios and yet can’t get enough of the scorpio sting. My closest relationships have been with scorpios. They are super supportive and loving and then theres the side that is way too serious. I don’t know how to get deep emotionally with a scorpio because of the intensity that emotions bring. My recent ex scorpio and I broke up due to me just not being ready for the full on relationship. Its so intense between us when we are together officially. She wants the security that I can provide yet she does her own lil flirting and always befriending new thirst buckets lol. I personally am not pressed to be with anyone. She likes her ego stroked and I don’t stroke ego. I tell her the truth and its received as me judging her. I don’t feel I can keep it real with her about her and so when I feel I am restrained from expressing myself freely I don’t want to deal with someone. So I broke up with her. In less than a month after our break up shes in another relationship. Our on and off situation has been over the course of 2 years and it always works out where one of us are coming out of a relationship or situation. I felt like our friendship was best but our love runs so deep for one another. Its wild how we are drawn to each other yet so at odds with each other. This is the first time I’ve experienced the back and forth with an ex. There was one that I dated and we never got back together but had a connection. This time around I’m learning to accept how much I love her and still move on. You would think love could be enough but its definitely not. I pray for that woman every night for her happiness for her safety and for her health. I try to stay close enough so that the line of communication is still open but not be too vulnerable. I hate feeling too much at once. It over whelms and when I can just be a friend and keep it real that’s the best feeling. To share my thoughts and ideas is another great feeling. Well to those who are still together you definitely give me hope.

  19. Am a Scorpio gal, Gemini moon in a relationship with Gemini man, Scorpio moon. We def are a yin-yang couple. Started things quick, in a span of 5 months. Feels like we been together so much longer than that. He is my best friend and we been through some crazy stuff along the way. We both learned a lot about eachother and still are, the good and bad. And the reason I feel we are a power couple is because I continue to understand patience with him and myself. Gemini’s can be hard to figure out at times, but that’s what it is.. give it time. Of course my Scorpio ass starts to think all things that can go wrong but then that’s when I start to work on myself cos that’s a insecurity problem. I tend to drift off myself. We both want power as well but we seem to compromise that in certain situations. Sex is out of this world. I feel so much love from him than I ever did with anyone. I can see however reading from the other stories the many obstacles you can face. And I’m analyzing why is it that him and I are so good together. We are just honest as fuck and loyal. Yes they are natural flirts but shit so is scorpios at times. If something seems off it will be addressed even if it’s abit uncomfortable we manage to end our discussion positively. We are very focused ppl at this time of our lives. We got other things going for us. Constantly helping eachother other to help ourselves and be better people. We try not to look to deep into the future, I keep it realistic though, if one day it doesn’t work out then so be it. But I know right now things are just so great and will continue to be.

    1. This is Hopey and yes I and a Scorpio gal. Lol I am dating a Gemini Guy! We’ve been together for about a year n a half and I just love him deeper n deeper every single day! He is so romantic, handsome, and charming! There is something about him that honestly I find so charming and irrisistable!! Sometimes we have ups and downs and it may feel like a rollercoaster but at the end of the tunnel he’s always there for me! With Gods help we’ll always stick together no matter how different or a like we may be from each other! He will always be my love and my life!

      1. Power couple! Yes! I’m a scorpio female newly engaged to my Gemini man! (I figured him out!) We love to talk. honesty and communication is vital. And trust. We started off and on. Gemini wasn’t ready. but as you pointed out, that taught me patience. I was super jealous, clingy and possessive at the start. no wonder he ran a mile. But I soon realised, if I gave him my trust and his personal space, things we’re calm and settled. In return he helps me grow and understand myself (important to scorpios) and yes the sex… it’s next level stuff! Gemini needs to retreat sometimes to free himself from his inner demons and when he’s ready we talk about what’s up. Growing together and loving each other every day. laughing so much. if both scorpio female and Gemini man can be honest, communicative and trusting… you’re set. So yes the first year was on and off, then together solidly for 9 years and finally were engaged. Geminis don’t make that decision lightly. But my patience paid off. Love love love.

        My previous partner was also a Gemini. However this guy was a compulsive liar. he knew how to blag his was through life and manipulate others. he told so many lies to so many people I don’t know how he kept up with them. he also found my weaknesses and used them against me. I became a shell of my former self. so that relationship had no trust or honesty and it failed big time. to the point he repulsed me. But with my fiance it’s different because he is an honest communicator and trustworthy. Two totally different Gemini men.

        You can learn a lot about yourself Scorpio lady if you love a Gemini man. And don’t we just love doing that. 🙂 Good luck scorpio sisters. Patience, communication, honesty, trust and give space. Both ways. That’s the secret. But if your man doesnt treat you right or if you’re not in a place where you can stick to that list, you’d be happier finding a pisces. Probably at a recording studio or gym.

  20. Hey guys! So I have been dating a beautifully handsome gemini for 3years and 7 months now and it feels amazing to tell y’all that it is going amazing!
    In our relationship he has been very fucking loyal, even more than me. We have an Oh my god so great sex life!!
    Yes we tend to enjoy more when we meet after some intervals of time but even when we meet daily, it has a different kind of fun. We are very intimate, we understand each other, help grow our trust, each other and out differences, also I’m very patient with him and that’s so easy, being funny works to explain him things . Even if you’re not a scorpio you should always keep relationships like sand on your hand. Never tighten your grip or the sand will fall off. In our case , mashallah it is not so fussy as I’ve read many a times. We pray , and we avoid these zodiac things because they complicate our life. It is just a belief and believing it is upto you. Cz i am telling you these years have been THE BEST!

  21. I’m a Gemini woman very much attracted to a Scorpio man who btw is MARRIED. Everything I’ve read about us both is spot on. I wish I wasn’t attracted to him because he’s married, but it’s something about him that has me so drawn into him…

    1. Gemini woman, that’s very bad. I’m not saying you are a bad person. It’s OK to have fantasies and wishes even if they’re wrong. But when it comes to deeds: even if he’s flirting back you should be staying away from him. It’s fair towards his lady and you will be treated the same by your future husband too.

  22. Scorpio man that’s been after my Gemini woman for about a year now. Very Magical, very intense. But she is so evasive it’s frustrating! Her nonchalant attitude makes my super serious one seem extra. She’ll ignore me, I’ll blow up, she admonishes me, & I’m forced to fall back and check my ego. But I can’t quit her. I keep coming back for more. Everything that’s been stated is spot on. I understand to pull a Gemini takes the patience of a crocodile. & the confidence of a Lion.

  23. So true all of it
    Gemini man that loves a scorpion women.
    Nether of us wanted to fall in love
    But the contention was to strong the sex to good an keep getting better.
    Neater of us could stay away from each other. But not only did we have great sex we wear good best friend.
    .Haven’t seen her in 6 years an still
    She is all I want.
    Say what you will but she brought something into my life that was missing. An I haven’t found since.
    I believe the combo can an will work if both can stop thinking. An stop worrying about dumb shit..
    your togather with your soul mate yes I believe the tow signs are or two halfs of a hole. I know she loves me still. An she still craves my touch. As I do hers
    Not sure how I know I just know
    Never has any women gave as much pleasure or had me wanting to satisfy any an all her desires

    She will always be dancing in my dreams

    So my advice to a male Gemini is don’t wait for her to come back cause she won’t go get her if you don’t it’s goon hurt an you will never get her out of your head an you will be kicking your self in the ass when she moves on

  24. Hey all.
    I met a Scorpio guy over a year ago going in two, I’m a Gemini guy. When I first saw him I fell in love with the guy. Literally as soon as I turned to face him I got stuck to him emotionally and I still am. The only thing is, It’s not going anywhere, which is ok because technically he’s straight. But back to when I first saw him, I got a wave of emotions running through my body and heart. That’s only happened to me twice in my entire life. He left an imprint on me forever. The last guy that made me feel that way was also a Scorpio which was pretty weird. But this guy looked at me too and just put his head down, that was the first one I ever met/seen him. So what made me fall even more into him was when my coworker told me he said he wants to hang out with me and that he likes me (as a friend, I’m DL and nobody knows) but it didn’t sound weird it just sounded normal like he wants to hang out. That made me really happy yet sad because I knew how this would end. Anyways, he is such an awesome person, I don’t really know the guy but I felt like I did and I wouldn’t care about his demons, I just want to love him and him recoprocate the feelings but no. Anyways, later he transferred and I couldn’t let him leave without telling him how I felt. So I went on and did it, slowly. But I asked him if I can confess something to him and he replied with “lol sure”
    I told him I found him attractive. He never replied which was okay i understand that’s not normal. A couple days later I wrote to him again asking him if we are still okay, he said “yeah we still are” (my heart got really warm) I just replied with cool, thanks for replying.

    Then many days apart almost months I text him casually just to see how’s he doing, he gives me the “I’ve been busy” type of reply. Loving this guy seriously made me really depressed and I’m a Gemini, we don’t really fall into that.
    So months passed and I text him, he didn’t reply but I shown he has read my message. Hours later I just text him back saying that I don’t regret meeting him, I’m sorry if I freaked you out, you are such an amazing person, these feelings happening were out of my control etc. I finished it with saying, “I want us to go back to as if we never met, nothing against you but I have to do this to protect myself (my heart).”

    Then weeks passed and I saw him, I tried to ignore him but I can see him looking at me from the corner of my eye, he then came up to me and gave me a light soft handshake with a serious face, he’s always given me a handshake like that. I love this guy and it’s only making me feel really bad about myself. I pray to god to help me forget him.

    What do you guys think?

  25. April 11 2017 I will have had my Gem for five years. I have found a new patience. She isn’t as weak minded as the women who came before her. She is like an ever blooming flower, and she fascinates me even still. So I give her space to run, to pursue any ambition, and she lovingly finds her way back to stable every night. Our fights are usually to the death, and our sex is always stellar. So I can say that this is quite accurate, if you as a Scorpio want to engage in something meaningful with a Gemini, learn the meaning of the word, compromise. Remember that a fight that is not ending, is usually over, now you stubborn asses just have to stop yelling and calm down. Remember that they can’t be caged, but when one falls for you, you won’t need one.

  26. I am a Scorpio woman and I can relate to everything that’s being said about a Gemini Man. The sexual chemistry is absolutely amazing. It makes you question everything you ever knew about sex. It’s very difficult being with a Gemini because he is not as expressive as the way we expect our lovers to be. As we are very expressive as a star sign. We require constant love and nurture. With a Gemini it’s kind of what you see is what you get. He has never lied to me even when we first started seeing one another he had a girlfriend but the sex was so great we developed into something more. He left his girlfriend and has been on a military training this year. We are giving it a shot it’s been about 4/5 months being in this open relationship. I think being in an open relationship eases him into the idea of us being together without making him feel pressured. He knows how to step up to that table. He has been a great boyfriend for great boyfriend for the past few months. I can tell he is trying. As a Scorpio I have a very controlling compulsive nature and he is the exact opposite. I embrace him, I embrace his change. To be honest I’m really just going with the flow, but I have never been so intrigued instantly by someone. They are extremely gifted sexually. As gifted as a Scorpio. We started off as beneficial friends but through the world win we grew a close friendship and now a pretty decent relationship. I always question his feeling and motive and carefreeness but what I realized about a Gemini is they don’t do something they don’t want to do. So if his with you, he kind of actually wants to be with you. Don’t question it. Enjoy the ride. It’s not as easy as my other compatibile relationships such as a Cancer, piecies, Virgo, Capricorn and even my opposite sign, Taurus. But once you guys figure out how to communicate with each other, the rest follows. Geminis have almost the same intuition we do.

  27. I am a Scorpio woman with a Gemini man. And yes, they are very tricky. Never to sure what side your going to get. Its like Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde… One side is so loving, understanding and the most wonderful person anyone could ask to be around. The other side, well lets just say the devil has his match.. lol!! We’ve had our differences and disagreements. But he is by far the most honest, real man I have ever met. I know his love for me is real, and does everything in his power to love and protect me. Even if he is an ass… Our sex life is AMAZING!! And i can honestly say he brings a side out in me I’ve never known before.. It’s far more than physical thow. When we make love it’s like our souls connect, and at that moment we are truly one in spirit and nature. Its beautiful!!!! He has been able to break down my walls and help me open up about past abuse and I can trust him with everything that I hold dear in my life. He’s a GREAT dad to our blended family. And yes, he is a flirt and loves to be the center of attention. As well as I am. But it’s who he is. I never worry about it going to far or it being something else. I accept him, for him. Just as he accepts me for me. Together we are truly a head turning couple.. It hasn’t been easy, and oh have we gone to war with each other. Because we are fixed signs there is a clash of tempers. Like a hurricane!!! But I would never give him up for anything in this world.. He is my soulmate.. And I love my Gemini man like no other. Hard to understand at first, but once they love you. They will make you a queen like no other can. He will protect you, provide for you and do everything in his power to show you his undeniable affection and love.. Just listen to your Gemini man, he needs alot of love and attention. Show him he is your King. Treat him like a man. Let him go with the boys for some fun, dont blow his phone up when hes crabby from work. Let him unstress first. Treat him in private like you would in front of his mother.. And I promise, your relationship will be amazing..

  28. I am a Scorpio woman who has been married to a Gemini man for 18 years and we were together for 5 years before that. I am just here to say we can definitely be more compatible then you might think! From day one he made me laugh and since we have a similar sense of humor we always enjoy being around each other. Only two areas in our marriage are challenging, and I would say to talk over for other Scorpio/Gemini match ups. One is, if you plan on being parents then discuss your philosophies towards parenting (we have two). My guy is an amazing dad, always there for his kids, very devoted and loving. He gives all of his time, patience, love, money, everything to his children. We are devoted to them together. However, he is far more indulgent than I and I am the stricter one, but it is hard to be strict when both parents aren’t on board. One other area is, although I have more close friends from childhood still in my life than he does, I don’t make new friends easily as an adult and we do not have a lot of “couple friends” to go out with. This is not an issue for me but is more of an issue for him. He loves his nights in (thankfully!) but sometimes he craves more couple companionship. So give your Gemini guy as much social time as you can, either with other couples or also with his guy friends, it will go a long way to keeping him happy.
    But our philosophies on life, religion, finances, how we run our home, importance of our relationship, importance of extended families, we are on board with all of this. One other blessing is we are both neat freaks! A match made in heaven I would say.

  29. I am a scorpio lady & I have an extreamly srong bounded relationship of 8 years with my best friend Gemini man we met at collage & we are best friends ever since
    We have been apart for a year after gradeuation but he managed to find me again….we have a strong mental – soul connection sometimes we say we are soulmates some sort of a mirror actually!!!!
    I like to give alone spaces to people around me coz I believe I need my space too…but generally we are here for eachother sometimes the intensity of me as a scorpio turn me a bit emotional & claches with the unreal cold exterior of him as gemini ” which I try to control’ to avoid any damage of the relationship that I really gratful to have but fortunatelly I know he understands me better than anyone ….we may not connected sexually coz we are not friends with benifits but to scorpios out there if any of you have a feeling the gemini guy in your life is more than just a fling or a sexual intrest ….keep it simple with him be his best friend give him space & believe in the relationship you have & dont force things hard I know its a hard task for an intense scorpio but every thing that worth needs time & patience & every door needs the right key

  30. Didn’t initially come to this site to read about compatibility with geminis but I had an ex Gemini and upon reflection, why not. Bland relationship with my ex Gemini from memory but we had some fond sunshine memories. A good companion to have in life but not really a romantic partner (personally didn’t match me). We haven’t been together for a couple of years now and I do miss my Gemini and the ups and downs the surprises and excitement, always full of laughter – the way you would miss your good old friends. Even sitting here makes me warm and smile on the inside. Always cheery, but I had a more sentimental and deep side. It wasn’t until I met someone else that I saw what true romantic love was. We both have parted our ways now and each found our new lovers. I’m lucky in a way that we ended it on positive terms and that we still keep in contact over social media – not many couples end on good terms so I guess I was lucky in that aspect. But we are both so much happier and fulfilled with our new lovers. I still wish my ex Gemini all the best but sometimes going beyond your boundaries allows you to see what you didn’t see before or realise that thing you were missing in someone.

  31. Continuing on my previous comment, my ex Gemini was a safe bet but when you take risks, who knows you might end up with someone much more matched for your soul. I know I took the risk and let me tell you, it was worth it.

  32. I’m a Gemini woman, that’s attracting a lot of Scorpio women, (i’m Bi and i just completely run away from Scorpio men period, that ain’t nothing but good dick and drama), the women however, just pull me right in. Scorpio women are very intuitive (just like gems), but that testing you shit, pushing your buttons and the head games are just to much at times. That really gets on my nerves sometimes (because i appreciate a challenge but damn) what’s so hard about being honest about your feelings, Scorps can be brutally honest about everything else, but wanna play mind games when it comes to feelings tho. what I like about a Scorp is that they are so different, and we can have a lot of fun together, and of course the sex is great. we really match each other imagination and stamina wise. but the way they can switch up at times and just start shit out of nowhere, Uhghh. just tell me what you want and stop playing games. Scorps love to make you feel like your the only one feeling some type of way, knowing damn well they’re feeling what you are times 10.

    1. Ooo step backkk someone is like a moth to a flame! Hey gem, instead of questioning ‘what’s so difficult about being honest’ about our deep feels (and hey don’t you dare roll your eyes!)… try understanding first then you can judge or better, DONT JUDGE AT ALL. I laugh way too hard. Gem, why don’t you take a step back and look at yourself in the mirror, maybe with a pair of binoculars, and ask yourself, are you really that special among all other zodiacs? and wait, did you just call yourself intuitive? did you just make that claim? Sure, anyone has a right to their opinions but hey, if you were so intuitive why did you later ask ‘just tell me what you want and stop playing games’? Because if you were so intuitive and matched our ways of thinking and being, you would know without having to ask. If you were so intuitive you would know what mind games we are doing and you would know how to handle those mind games. If you can’t pass them well that’s just too bad. Also, you call yourself high on stamina? Who do you think you are? Gem is no match stamina wise to us Scorpios… how can a flakey gem have as much stamina and determination as us intense Scorpios? How? Tell me how? There are other zodiacs out there with more stamina than a gem. Now stop whining like an immature kid gem, and grow some balls.

  33. I’m a Scorpio guy with a Gemini guy and this by far been the most frustrating, confusing, highs and lows kind of relationship I’ve ever had in my life. Any sense of any stability or security is thrown out the window. I met him when I first moved to the country I’m based in now, and haven’t really properly dated anyone since meeting him (I met him in the first week of relocating). I wasn’t really looking for anything super serious and neither was he. We ended up hanging out all the time, him staying over at mine basically 50% of the time (sometimes more) and basically I felt like I was devoting all my time to him even though I didn’t always want to. And yes, we were sleeping in the same bed, always naked and cuddling every night) After about 3 months, I ended up with the impression that we were “together” and when broached the subject, he told me flat out that we were not together and that he just really enjoyed hanging out with me. Obviously I was left confused, hurt, unsure of myself and feeling incredibly silly for even assuming that in the first place. We still hung out all the time after that and started calling him my boyfriend anyway (I could resist myself—or rather it was the possessive side of me). A couple of months later, during one of our frequent arguments (he calls them “discussions”), he told me that he never felt comfortable with my calling him my boyfriend. Que the same emotions from before… So I basically said to myself—fine, whatever, I’m not an idiot, I’ll just take it as whatever “this” is. Until I find someone who was happy to commit to me. The relation between him and I went pretty alright from there on out. But obviously more arguments about the silliest thing happen again and again. I keep wanting an out and decided that I would do so after New Year’s— so that we could at least enjoy that. He invited me back to his hometown for Christmas to spend it with his parents and I agreed. There was a 3 hour train ride to his hometown and on the train we had a “discussion” about my “attitude” and how I was always such a downer, etc.—the stuff people usually complain about when they are too close to a Scorpio. I was very honest with him and basically said that I was tired and can’t do this whole we’re friends and yet have a a relationship that basically mimics a committed one. That I was essentially “check-out”. More words exchanged and basically, it was BAD. But I was able to put it aside once we were in his hometown for 3 days and we had an amazing time. On the train back home, he wanted to talk about it more and I basically just told him I was tired and didn’t want to spoil the mood. And then lo and behold—he asked if I wanted to try being a couple, like a legit proper one. I said I had to think about it. But you know what… I never even gave any confirmation and now we’re together. But obviously this is not the end of it—I’ve gotten jealous and moody and grumpy over his lack of attention for me or concern about what I’m feeling since we “officially” became a couple. And every other day I question why I’m with him and how I should break up with him. I feel like shout at him and asking him to “set me free please”. But I still haven’t found the courage to do it. Dating a Gemini as a Scorpio is just way too much—but it can feel almost like a drug. When it’s good, it’s so good. When it’s bad, it’s f-ing hell.

  34. I am a Gemini female here and all the greatest loves of my life have been scorpios. I don’t know why I’m just so drawn to them maybe it’s the passion maybe it’s the fighting maybe its the amazing sex I don’t know. I’m currently dating a Scorpio yet again and he is by far the craziest, passionate and hot headed i have ever been with. We keep each other on our toes. He drives me crazy with his bipolar nature but i just can’t quit him. He is also 11 years younger than me which is crazy. When I am with someone I’m loyal and faithful but I hate the jealousy and the possession and the need to control every aspect of my life that’s what drives me crazy about Scorpio. But i just can’t walk away and they draw me like a moth to a flame. Ugggggh! No other zodiac has such a pull on me like a Scorpio. Why are you all so damn magnetic.

  35. I am a 43yo scorpio gay male dating a 22yo gemini bisexual male and he loves me dearly and vice versa but my boyfriend is strictly asshole but I know he loves me but he always wants to have his personal space but my God my God the sex is wonderful when we do have it but yeah the sex could be alot more frequently

  36. We all know geminis don’t date for love. They date for money status for themself? ? Self delusional. Demanding this and that here and there, everywhere . Why don’t you be like them why don’t you do this and that for me, comparing to other couples. I’m a Scorpio and I don’t date for status or for face or for proving to others we are the cutest couple sayingng be jealous to everyone I date for deep authentic love. No flashes, no showing off, no comparison to anyone, no living up to expertations, no having to prove anything. I don’t date someone to make myself look good. I DATE FOR LOVE. Stop expecting so much materialistic shit. Just because everyone else blows up their hard earned money on luxuries only to post and raise their ego and confidence in others approvals of their relationship n envy, doesn’t mean we gotta do the same. Who do we have to prove? What for? – like GOALS *insert sarcasm and bad ass laugh.

  37. My advice to the scorpios (I am one myself) is that you must be patient. Time will do its job. If you have a disagreement, don’t panic, take a second to look at your actions, its a perfect time period to improve your bad habits while taking some space from each other. Geminis are very social, let them be in a social gathering, do your own thing. Why not meet new friends yourself? Something I must insist is that you should not doubt their love for you. They are with you for a reason. Don’t overthink things and when discussing, be honest and if they don’t understand right away, give them time to understand, don’t yell or whatever, they aren’t mind readers. Geminis are warm people, mine always showers me with a lot of love. For Geminis my advice would be to be honest and real with scorpios, don’t hesitate on giving them a loooot of love. Tell them you love them, shower them with hugs and kisses. Believe in your love! I am really happy.

  38. Ima Scorpio and my boyfriend is a Gemini , he’s sooooo stubborn and makes a lot of assumptions with me even though I’m completely faithful to him super annoying… but so do I with him. He tends to switch up his mood a lot and it takes me by surprise but I’ve gotten used to it and i don’t take offense because that’s jus how he is but overall we love and care about each other very deeply. At the end of the day we wouldn’t want to be anyone else and he doesn’t always show his love but when he does it’s very sincere and he’s even cried to me . I feel like Gemini’s only show their passionate side to you when they truly mean it and when it’s behind closed doors. He’s done a lot of mean stuff in the past but whenever we argue, he always turns into the bigger person to apologize because I can be super stubborn too. Ahahaha but he’s super charming , definitely flirty, super jealous and always wants to know where I am or who I’m with. He does a lot of things out of anger and frustration, he never means it and of course us Scorpios get butthurt over little things a lot ahahaha I always think he’s up to something or thinking something but in reality he’s on a different page than me and sometimes I remind myself to chill out. Be calm scorpios, if ur Gemini really loves you, he’ll show you more so than tell you. If he doesn’t take you serious, he’s probably looking at other girls than u . Ahahaha when u know , u know.

  39. I’m still madly in love with my gemini he & i are currently not together but we speak occasionally. And it Always goes right bck to…fuck i miss you! every inch and yep the sex is fireworks times 1000x. Things my soon to be ex husband couldn’t even achieve in 11 years! I keep debating fixing things and he makes it clear he still loves me and my son tremendously. But how do I trust when my trust has been broken by sooo many? I can say the short time spent with him were ONE OF the best moments in my ENTIRE LIFE. And that love thing.. has NEVER felt as accurate as when I was with him. Funny thing is my Gemini is mysterious too and it drives me crazy! I want to know every part of him it’s been 3 years damnit! & Im still head over fucking hills but trust is key & honesty. He is a flirt too. (irritating but not worried) And UNFAIRLY SEXY! And I mean Sexyyyyyyy! Guess we are all in the same point *sigh* that man was my best friend! & I want him back! Done lying to myself . #ScorpioProblems

  40. Currently in a dilemma to break up with my Gemini’s fly ass. My Gemini man has a very good way of twisting words and lying to me. As a Scorpio woman, I can detect lies from a mile away. When they say Gemini’s have exceptional communication skills and have a natural knack for words, trust me they do. Their manipulation of words is so clever that even as a Scorpio I didn’t even pick up on them. As admirable as these traits may be, lying whether it’d be white lies half ass lies any sort of lies … to a Scorpio is never a-ok.

  41. I’m a Gemini and my boyfriend is Scorpio together for 2 years and he’s not exactly ‘loyal’ he invited my ‘friend’ (one of those hi and bye relationships) to his house and and apparently fingered her. I was told by my friends coz they found out and I asked him so many times and he lied and said that never happened, the next day he texted me that he didn’t finger her he rubbed her clit ( like that’s suppost to make me feel better) he described to me she played music laying in his bed took off her knickers and pulled his hand down? He is physically strong so why would he allow this to happen and then try and blame it on her? Anyways I was heartbroken and my confidence instantly dropped ever since, I still feel like an idiot to this day. Long story short we got back together, everytime we argue and he hurts my feelings he NEVER apologised EVER and he tries to turn it around on me even though he’s in the wrong and as crazy as this sounds being a argumentative Gemini I always swallow my pride and apologise and message/call him first. He never tells me anything but I tell him everything and more, when I hear him talking to his friends he’s so enthusiastic and happy but he talks to me he just answers my questions like as if I’m interviewing him because if I don’t talk he won’t and uses the excuse of being bored to have sex with me when I don’t want to. Which means he must be bored ALL the time but I don’t know why Coz I’m always talking and suggesting things to do even if it’s to walk in the park. He recently dry humped a girl bent over in a party (this girl was/is literally my worst enemy on earth-beforehand) and told me as a joke and bragged that he even has the video. I literally walked around town crying in the night because I was so embarrassed that he would disrespect me like that. Out of all girls it could have danced with, why her? His excuse was because he didn’t know it was her until she turnt around?! Why are you dry jumping people in the first place!! Again my confidence has dropped very low and as a Gemini I’m usually the soul of everything but lately I’m quiet, in college I’m quiet, I just smile and nodd and now he says he’s not feeling our relationship but he loves me, he hasn’t broken up with me so I don’t know what game he’s trying to play but it’s literally braking me. I’ve cried all day everyday and I tell people when they see my eyes watery (from just crying) that I just yawned and I’m tired, I cry till the point I get a cold and I fall asleep. I’m just honestly really heartbroken. I always try to fix us by myself because he doesn’t try ever, I remember when I was going to brake up with him for what he did, this first thing, and he told me he loved me and that if it’s what I wanna do then I should do it because he doesn’t want to force me in a relationship, he had a very unbothered attitude about it but when all I want him to do is beg me to not do it or at least show me that he actually wants me. But yet again he doesn’t try and it’s always me chasing after the relationship I desperately want because I really love him and it hurts.

    1. Im a gemini married to a scorpio. They like pursuing and chasing. If they did something wrong they will apologize and drive you crazy trying to win you back. If your scorpio isnt doin any of these these or making an effort to get you to forgive him then hes playing games and doesn’t really want your relationship. Ghost yourself miss his calls dont reply to his texts let him know you deserve better and if he cares about you he will do better.

  42. My gemini and I dated for five months and he went completely ghost on me for six months and then came back and genuinely apologized for all the pain he caused me. Being a scorpio, you are one of the most intuitive signs. In my heart, I felt his love even if we were not speaking. It hurt and I wondered about it everyday, but I knew he was going to come back. The problem with gemini’s is that no one understands them. They’re flighty, flakey, indecisive, and distant, so you don’t have to be obsessive, scorpio because they do care. If you have the energy and drive to stick around, it is worth it. Easier said than done. I have a gemini moon so I can empathize with them. My gemini and I always gravitate towards each other again and every time, it’s mutual. We have a long history. We can’t get enough of each other. I understand his time when we are apart and everything is open ended. The love is so real, and it is so rewarding. I feel lucky that we are existing in each other’s lives. I would saw people when he left me, and the connection wasn’t there. I kept finding myself comparing every romantic encounter I had to my gemini and no one has ever compared to the love that I feel when I’m with him. Trust the process, trust your intuition, scorpio!

  43. Ahh, I find myself aggressively nodding in agreeance over many of these comments! I’m a Scorpio Woman, dating a Gemini Man. It’s been a year, and I honestly feel like I get so swept up in the stereotypes of Geminis being unfaithful, that I create issues that weren’t there. He is a very open and honest man, and has the patience of A SAINT to put up with my overly emotional reactions. It’s important to remember that in differences, we learn new things, and can be shown things in a way we would never otherwise see. Romance can hold a different definition in your book as to your partners. I am quite extravagant, and love to be out and about. He is a bit more quiet than me, and enjoys slower things. The patience and love of a Gemini will have you weak, and grateful for the experience of knowing them on a daily basis.

  44. I am a Scorpio woman with a leo rising, who once fell for a Gemini man…with a Capricorn rising. A tip of advice is to believe in the astrology and the incombatibilities they say… It makes sense for the Gemini to fall for how he saw me (a leo rising as rising signs is how people view you) and myself as a scorpio attracted to Capricorn risings which my Gemini man had. IT WAs only until we got to know each other more and spent more time together, we started to see our true sun signs emerging and clashing. I began to see his Gemini inside which I wasn’t incompatible with his airy ways and he wasn’t into my intense and serious ways. He thought I was the self confident fun persona that Leo’s portrays, but that was only my rising sign. And I thought he was the more stable serious ambitious hardworking Capricorn I thought he was, but that was only his rising sign. The truth was his soul was a Gemini and I, a Scorpio soul. I’m not saying there are good and bad signs. They all have their good and bad traits, but some just don’t go with others And just don’t balance each other out unfortunately.

  45. Okay…well for starters I’m a gemini male. My partner, she’s a scorpio female. I agree with some of these post and disagree at the same time. Me and her do have differences but yes we’ve learned to accept them and push each other to do better. Because we saw one goal, which was better our ownselves for each other. As a gemini I will agree and come forth and say that it seems that we take a lot of things for granted not just people. Me and her broke up a few weeks ago but I still keep contact with her. The reason why we broke up or as she says “taking a break” was because she claims she lost herself in me, and she just wants to be alone for a bit. I’m not going to lie when I heard this it sucked, and like any other person who holds strong feelings for another, I panicked. I was very confused as well. I care for this girl so much. Sometimes I question myself if it’s because we were just used to each other or because I actually care (note we were together for 4 years and a half) and I end saying that yes I really do care and a lot which is to me is honestly sureprising but I enjoy that I care so much for someone. Yes, I will agree it’s hard to understand one another. Us géminis are really social so when someone tells us things like “I think we need to take a break” it causes us to be uncomfortable. I’ve also done a lot of research because to be honest I want this to workout between me and her. What I’ve learned was that Scorpios need some alone time sometimes and not because they are mad or upset, but because they just need that alone to time to find reconnection with themselves. And yeah it kinda has been hard, we are both in college which causes a lot of stress so I can see how she probably felt like when I was busy with school and i wouldnt reassure her that she was a priority to me. For a gemini this has been pretty hard to understand. She’s a good girl, and I feel like I can trust her. I’m not going to lie the feeling of loneliness sucks. But what can I do? Just give her time and respect it as much as I can is all I can really do. But I do let her know that I still think of her but I try to limit myself in contacting her so I wont be a burden of letting her be herself. Ways that I show that I’m still wanting her is by sending her flowers along with a letter. Or sometimes I place a letter on her windshield, which she claims she really appreciates a lot, but I wonder if I am doing way too much? I can see she still cares a lot about the both of us. And I do understand a bit more of how alone time is important too her. I try not to overanalyze her actions because if I do itll just stress me out and then I would probably end up blowing up her phone with a bunch of texts which will only cause her to be stressed. Now, I agree when it talks about that géminis like to live in the present moment. This may catch a scorpio of guard in a way. But when I would say this, what I meant was that I want to live for now to secure a good future not just only for me but for the both of us and too have fun with each other and spend quality time before taking the next step, which of course is marriage. Both me and her are young. And we still have a lot to live but I do feel something different in her than what I felt with any other person, its actually pretty hard to explain but that same something is what keep’s making me running back to her and try to fix things. I guess for now all I can do is be patient and do my best to understand her, and too also shoot little reminders that I’m still around and of course try to make contact with her every now and then. if I truly have feelings for her I believe I can do this.

  46. I’m a Scorpio woman with a Gemini man. Yeah they are hella fun, but sometimes I just feel more of a friend connection with them more naturally than an intimate relationship. I am at a lost state at the moment with myself. He is carefree and takes life lightly compared to me. I do love him but sometimes I think it’s a companionship friend type of love. If I compared it to the love I have with my friends, it’s almost the same type of love, because I truly care for all m close friends as well. Help.

  47. Gemini girl here. It is true I am a flighty like my freespace but I am 100% loyal and faithful to my Scorpio man. I get really insecure and upset when he becomes distant and I get really down that it effects people around me as well. I just want this to work.

  48. GEMINIS ARE SO SO ANNOYING!!!! AND THEY DRIVE ME INSANE!!!! AAARGHHHH…. I like to think I’m quite a chill scorpio but whenever geminis open their mouths, I immediate lose my cool. And When I lose my cool, I lose my swag, and that’s not cool?!!?! I find myself rolling my eyes everytime even when I try to stay interested I just don’t give a fuck!!!! how do I get away without hurting their feels

  49. Help I am bored as hell in my Gemini relationship but I feel bad if I were to leave him. There is no romantic feel just platonic. :/ think we are compatible in real life but m I feel our souls don’t connect. I want that soul connection man!!! I want to feel everything!!! No matter how hard I try to brainwash myself to thinking I’m attracted to my Gemini man, it I should just superficial. I need that soul attraction too!!! He is a really nice gentleman too, nothing wrong with his personality, just why can’t I connect people????? 🙁 I want to be that ‘it’s rare to find true love’ 🙁 I want that spiritual soulful passion not just physical. There may be some mental connection but no spiritual soulful connections. Man this is tough and irritating !!!

  50. I am a Scorpio woman. I’ve known a Gemini man since about 2015 we met at a nightclub like 18+ Latin club as we are both Dominican. When we met the spotlight was on the both of us people had already cleared to the bar to watch my moves so when I saw him it wasn’t difficult. He was right there watching me the dj started playing music for the both of us and I worked my feet over to his waist… he kept saying he had a girlfriend I would back off then he wanted me back then I’d move literally like this. Until he called me back again, and we got a private area to dance.. He had a third party situation going and as did I, mine involved a recent split with who was my daughter father. He had a commitment also, with who is now his daughter mother as well. At the time I was seperated from him, and had gotten into a new relationship. He, I assume had just found this girl. Well now they have a baby together come 2017, now we’re in 2018 I got engaged, I find out he’s been involved with someone ALSO since around his 2013 years.. maybe earlier. Well this Gemini and I have been in contact ever since on and off, it never bothered my much, as he kept contacting me.. I would respond as my obsession for him was DEEP but I was always wrapped up in situations where I just could not give him what I he wanted, and what I wanted. Long story short right? Well, I got engaged.. but just before I could have relations with who I now my fiancé I had to have them first with my Gemini. Lol, and ever since then I have been so messed up in the mind as my problems faded it seemed he had just gotten into my previous situation, but him in present day. So crazy. My daughter is 4 his daughter is about 2. Well, I saw him recently, my engagement got out on hold for multiple reasons but this feeling I have for my Gemini is INSANE I HAVE NEVER FELT BEFORE. I have it all figured out until him. I rush then I cherish with him. I can’t think I have NOTHING TO THINK ABIUT and I better not because I could f*** up and day the wrong thing. We have been though it all in out very few “visits” he hasn’t given me much I haven’t given him mucho but if I do, I wonder where we could go. When we are together it’s NUTS I am fighting the world it seems to restrain from feelings and I know I’ve caught him doing the same. He’s broken my heart so many times as I know he has cut out time short to get back to priority. Recently he came, he kept hinting at his delay to stay, he even asked and I refused it it felt like the universe told me to, or was it just so that I could control seeing him again? I hoped he would come back this night was the most different then we had ever. I knew he would be back I was blocked if not immediately. And all I could think about was our session on repeat. He wants me then he doesn’t . I found myself picking up any crumbs he leaves. If I open up, would that even change anything? I legit thought I was going to die come the following days I even called the cops to my house because I felt so paranoid I can’t sleep think eat it’s INSANE ! I am going crazy! I have this crazy feeling for him and I just cannot show it. I can’t I won’t. But, why? Why is it like this? I become such a girl about him. And I’m not I am November 12 I don’t really feel this way ever about people I stalk his social media, even for the first few YEARS of knowing him I never even touched him he would get so upset. We hadn’t had relations until like the 3rd year I have it bad. But he comes back also. I just want one more chance hopefully that drought I had will restor new and fresh water I want him. I want to have him, although I have never seen a future with us just a strong connection and his handsome face. And lol I’ve seen the dragon. Hahah but he comes and I get WEAK IN THE KNEES I speed walk I just can’t help but look him in the eyes that’s all I can do. Oh and we share a favorite artist which is awesome cause the artist is my favorite. At one point was our lure. Idk but there is a light and dark situation about Scorpio and Gemini it’s like the universe and miner nature it’s strong but it’s a constant battle. Why can’t we be perfect? Is there no hope for humanity?! Come on humanitarians we can do it 🙁

    1. Girl I feel you 😩 I’ve dated 2 Gemini men & they are NOT THE SAME! The 1st Gemini man calls me every few weeks to tell me he loves me and wants to get back together but I deny him everytime. The 2nd one that I actually miss is the same he doesn’t know what he wants !! He keeps his emotions on lock for some reason. He opened up to me once because he cried about what’s going on in his life. He talks to me all the time but he gives off the vibe that he misses me but won’t say it at all & he is afraid to see me for some strange reason. He tells me he wants to see me then changes his mind. Maybe he’s afraid to fall for me again? This doesn’t make sense does it ? Idk but I miss him and wish we could go back to where we were happy. I have a feeling time will tell but he is weird it frustrates me.

  51. I am a Gemini woman and messed around with a Scorpio male (who was married) with kids. Scorpios are not loyal. We had an affair for about a year. the sex was ok. All he cares about was making money which I understand. Once he found out I had a lot of money coming and I was going to invest some of it with someone else he chimed in. He stated he could help me make money too. So I invested with him he said I would get my money back in a few weeks time. Well a few weeks came and went and only a small portion of my money came back. I was patient with him as he said he was working on getting it back to me. All the while we still messed around here and there. I became distant after a while because he started stringing me along when it came to my money. I was a loyal friend and spoke my mind about it and even when the time came I told him I was not interested in having sex with him anymore. I reached out to him a few times before hand asking him to send me some of my money but he only came back upset. Well a year past and still no money. He started to get disrespectful with me because I confronted him about it. So I changed my number. I reached out to his wife and spilled the beans about our affair. This enraged him. I didn’t care at this point. This man pissed me off. You don’t screw with a woman’s emotions or her money. He has been threatening to get me. Im ready. Believe me. I can’t beleive he lied to me this whole time. Maybe because I rejected him for not paying me my money like he promised. Scorpios are not all loyal and trustworthy. As a Gemini female with a Scorpio moon and cancer rising sign. I get emotional and I tell it like it is. Can I be flighty at times yes. I’m a ride or die friend. When you stab me In my back that’s it. Your dead to me.

  52. I am a Gemini male and I am dating a Scorpio women and i feel our signs were switched in a way, because I am very emotional I absolutely LOVE this girl. She never shows any interest in me even though we are dating I do not feel the same love I felt in the beginning of the relationship. The simple fact that we only talk for 5 minutes out of the day and she shows no interest during our conversations hurts me deeply. I do not understand why I am being treated like this when I treat her like a QUEEN I would literally do anything for her and She knows that i love her so I feel like there is a such a high power imbalance in the relationship. I have been hurt so many times by others I literally cannot deal with this any more. I would like her to pay attention. I don’t want to have to keep Begging her for attention. I LOVE her so much and I want to be with her For the rest of High school. She treats me like shit and I still LOVE her so I will wait until she wants to pay attention to me.

  53. I am a Gem woman that “was” in a relationship with a Scorpio man. I felt like we had a somewhat healthy relationship and we loved one another dearly. His personality is very serious and mostly quiet. I’ve see him on videos where he is more the social butterfly in his groups of friends, but he has never shown me his really wild self. Regardless, when we were together I was happy and satisfied. He started traveling a lot so the long distance and phone calls started weighing hard on our relationship. We were having some intimacy issues, but it wasn’t that he didn’t want it, I believe health issue. A few weeks ago before he was getting ready to be gone another long week, I decided to talk to him in regards to some disconnections and some things I was feeling heavy in my heart. I feel like I impulsively started spilling my guts for every thought that ever came in my mind and one of those were sometimes I feel like flirting/cheating(which I never did nor would do or even played around with..just a mere thought). I love this man dearly and despite being super honest with him and my feelings, ultimately brought on some insecurities and made him feel he wasn’t good enough which was furthest from the truth. He was MORE than enough. Me being spontaneous with my mouth and words and feeling every freaking emotions when I just need his attention more, which I again know him traveling had LOTS to do with do it. I have my traumas as he has his. This time of year I feel a certain type of way because, I have really no family members and he sort had filled that void. Him traveling triggered disconnection/which is where I got for the intimacies that wasn’t happening. So after figuring this all out at therapy. I’m afraid that I have ruined us for good. I want to tell him this, but afraid that I will make matters worse since he broke up with me and said we needed to be friends. I’m so sad about it, so much I’m spilling my guts on here to see if there anyone with similar situations. We are both in our mid/late 40’s so, this isn’t some bubble gum type of relationship. I struggling of just letting him go and find his happy without me or should I fight for us and just tell him?

  54. I am a Scorpio woman and just broke up with my Gemini after a long and combative 13 years. Best thing I’ve ever done! Gemini’s are confused beings and are not for Scorpios. As Scorpios, we are extremely loyal and caring to the ones that we love and Gemini’s are not deserving of that. They are conniving and manipulative. Yes, they have some great characteristics but not enough to counter the bad stuff. This man brought out the worst in me. Not worth it! In the very beginning, I told someone that I was dating a Gemini and they told me to run the opposite direction. Sadly, I didn’t listen. My advice to anyone thinking of entering a Gemini/Scorpio romance is to Ruunnnn.. your life will be so much better!

  55. I have been with my Gemini boyfriend for nearly a year, i’m a Scorpio woman. And so far this is the best relationship I’ve ever been in. Admittedly my moon is in Capricorn as is his rising and his moon is in Virgo, which makes him more serious, committed and grounded than most Gemini’s. But I can honestly say I’ve never had an issue with trusting him, he’s open and honest. Shows me his phone if i’m curious, never flirts or talks to other woman and if he does I don’t get worried because I can clearly see it’s just his curiosity in the subject matter, not the woman. He’s had less sexual partners than me and says it’s because he doesn’t believe in one night stands, all his lovers have been long term girlfriends. I have so much emotional trauma, baggage and issues and he just faces them head on with bravery and commitment. I’ve always been the one who is more scared of commitment and marriage than him. He was talking about moving in and proposing after a few months. Our biggest issue is that he gets frustrated with my lack of communication. To me this is the most i’ve ever opened up and spoken openly to anyone in my life, and to him my silence is infuriating. But we both work hard at it, he’s learning to be more patient and i’m learning to be more brave with my truth and expressing my emotions. Oh and the sex is amazing and has been from the start. It’s exciting, revolutionary, kinky, intimate, sensual, loving and all the time! I do worry sometimes about our compatibility, but he’s not a typical Gemini, because he’s very loyal to those he respects, he’s not a flirt, not a cheat, has a small circle of close friends, we share a huge huge amount in common in our interests, beliefs, hobbies etc. I find him so interesting, intelligent and exciting. I find it hard to keep him entertained all the time. I do a lot of sitting around and contemplating while he wants constant entertainment and to do a 100 things at a time, whereas I take things slowly and thoughtfully, but when we do do an activity together we do it for hours and he’s a great teacher and I respect and admire him massively which I know is really important for him and his big old ego lol. Overall we’re a really great powerhouse of a team. We work great together, we tackle things as a team, and can spend days on end in each others company and it never gets tiresome. We’re both massively affectionate and are never not touching in some way. I know my dark, brooding, self-destructive nature can get a bit much for him at times, but he never turns away from it dismissively as I know other signs do, he just becomes very paternal and does what he can to create an atmosphere around me that will heal me and nurture me. He also says he’s never felt understood or like people can keep up with his quick mind, but I do better than anyone else he’s met. Although he is generally bubbly and lighthearted he rarely shows his true vulnerability, so when he does with me I cherish it deeply and just want to nurture and take care of him. I can see how much he has sought love and ultimate acceptance from previous girlfriends who have just tried to change him and walk all over him, now he’s with me I hope to give him that acceptance and unconditional love he’s been searching for. We never have big fights either. I can count on one hand the little arguments we’ve had, which are never bad, he tends to get more emotional and frustrated and I go quiet and cry lol then we sulk for a while, till he calms down then he talks to me calmly and respectfully and brings me out from under my rock and we make up and all is forgotten.

    I know we’ve only been together a year, but from my previous relationships and the relationships i’ve seen around me I think we’ve got a good chance of making this last, as we’re both super committed to this partnership and feel like we’ve found the one we’ve been waiting for. And if not, I know we’ve both had a great time and learnt so much from each other and I could never imagine it turning sour.

  56. Ima Scorpio female and I’ve dated 2 Gemini men & they are NOT THE SAME! The 1st Gemini man calls me every few weeks to tell me he loves me and wants to get back together but I deny him everytime. The 2nd one that I actually miss is so stubborn he doesn’t know what he wants !! He keeps his emotions on lock for some reason. He opened up to me once because he cried about what’s going on in his life. He talks to me all the time but he gives off the vibe that he misses me but won’t say it at all & he is afraid to see me for some strange reason. He tells me he wants to see me then changes his mind. Maybe he’s afraid to fall for me again? This doesn’t make sense does it ? Idk but I miss him and wish we could go back to where we were happy. I have a feeling time will tell but he is weird it frustrates me. Does anyone have advice on making him open up?

  57. I strongly disagree with the notion that all Scorpio/Gemini relationships are destined for doom. I’ve been with my Gemini man for a long time and he was the first to bring up marriage and kids and has never been unloyal. We love each other so much that we talk about our needs and do our best to meet the other halfway. I give him the time and space he needs to be independent, but he never ignores me when I’m trying to talk to him because he knows how important it is to me that he’s there when I need him. I think it all depends on the couple. Yes, Gemini men get bored easily, but Scorpio women are the least boring out of all the signs. Nobody pays enough attention to that. If anybody is going to keep him interested in the long-term it’s bound to be a Scorpio woman

  58. You find us annoying because you cannot control us. Relax and let things happen naturally and stop trying to steer the ship and we will be able to relax into the relationship with you and go where the flow takes us.

  59. I am a Scorpio woman and am in a relationship with a Gemini man. We are so very different but are the best of friends too. The best part of this relationship is the great communication we have. I think this is the relationship that could last forever!!

  60. I’m a Gemini woman, I dated, and lived with a scorpio male for 2 1/2 years, and am now living with another a little over a year. They have the same birthday, not birth year, and are extremely different. They are both gamers, I am as well. They both are social drinkers, I’m not really social and drink rarely.

    The first had 3 serious relationships, including me, and other non serious ones. Never married.

    The current, 3 serious, including me, 20 years between the 2nd and me. Married once. And a few flings.

    The first is highly intelligent, and calculative, which allows him to do well with gear/stat based games, ie mtg, wow, poe, etc.

    The second does really well with skill based games like bloodborne. He enjoys the skill challenge, even if it pisses him off and he punches his ps4.. He just wants to play the game, and not have to worry about a specific build. After I introduced him to mtg arena, he got back into the game. He originally played in alpha, the having to go threw all the moves and trying to remember to do certain moves, frustrated him. However, with the online, he doesn’t have to worry about it, and gets to platinum quickly.

    The first was cold and distant, he would sit at his computer, and we had almost no real interaction. Even with being in the same room. With shared gaming desk. He told me he loved me every day.

    With the second, we sit on the couch together. My pc, and ps4, and his ps4, 2 tvs. We are playing 2 different games at once, he did break his ps4, so he is using mine. However, there is the physical affection in between matches, or at a safe spot. There is a lot of nonverbal expressions of love, we’ve only said it verbally a couple times, literally twice. We say it without words, all day.

    In the bedroom, with the first, yes it was intense, but lacked the emotional passion. Although, my drive was much higher than his. The lack of intimacy made things very difficult for me. I never cheated, I didn’t flirt when we went to the bar. Again, I’m not very social, I have an art bag that I bring with me when I go to the bar. So I sit there and draw. I have toys, so I took care of myself. We would go for a month or longer without. But he would constantly talk to people at the bar, giving the impression we were mating like rabbits.

    Now, the one I’m currently with, is someone I met at the same bar. I thought he was attractive, and felt an intense draw to him. At that time it was the sexual energy. I didn’t flirt with him, even though I was being rejected by the first. In the bedroom, things are deep, passionate, and intense. My drive is higher than his as well, although this time, there is other intimacy in the relationship so I don’t feel rejected. He has an artificial aorta, so with meds and blood pressure things don’t always happen. We love each other, he isn’t rejecting me, it’s just something out of our control, oh well we are happy. Of course it helps that he is able to calm my inner beast.

    The first was very manipulative, it was mentally draining try to filter what was truth, what was exaggerated truth, and what was a bold faced lie. I would try to talk about things bothering me, and I would get “you’re just tripping over stupid shit”.

    The second tries his best to be supportive when there is something emotionally draining going on. He is someone that feels that a lot of the emotional labels are more of a handicap, just deal with it and move on kind of mentality. But he does do his best to comfort. He may not understand it all, but he doesn’t disregard my feelings. We are able to talk when something is bothering us. We don’t yell, we do have disagreements we are able to discuss the issues.

    With the first I felt broken, even with the distance, the cold, the lies. I felt like I was ripping my own heart out when I asked him to move out. He was my heart, and finally having to force myself to say enough, destroyed me. After we split up, I pretty much became a cave dweller. Took the time to heal myself, and finally after about a year of just work and home. Went out to try socializing.

    Now long story, short. The second and I are happy, we have made it through some difficult financial, and family issues, and we are both still happy.

    We both get our alone time, with the connection we both like. I’m thankful he is a part of my life. It’s such an amazing feeling having someone you know stands by your side, and you by thiers.

    So in conclusion, gemini f/scorpio m can either be a draining and unconnected experience. Or have a deep connection that to me feels unbreakable.

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