Scorpio is a Water sign and Capricorn is a grounded Earth sign. When these two signs come together in a love match, they complement each other and they are often very compatible with one another. Scorpio is a very suspicious person, but there is something about Capricorn’s energy which allows Scorpio to open up to Capricorn. It is probably the fact that Capricorn emits a very serious, determined, and dependable vibe. Capricorn is not the type of person to play games — they are serious business and cannot be easily read. Scorpio finds that to be extremely attractive and intriguing.

Capricorn is a very independent person and has no problem handling things on their own, but Scorpio’s loyalty and reliability are pillars of strength and support for Capricorn. They view Scorpio as someone they can bounce ideas off of who will always respond to them with honesty and integrity. Scorpio tends to follow their intuition and gut-instincts, while Capricorn is more objective and rational when it comes to decision-making. Luckily, both approaches complement each other, and these two work very well in business, just as they do in love.

Although it may have taken time for both of their protective defenses to fall down, once Scorpio and Capricorn open up to one another, they feel like they found someone who understands them and respects their vision. Scorpio and Capricorn are two of the most ambitious and determined signs of the zodiac, so when combined they make a nearly unbeatable duo. They both place a high emphasis on their professional career paths, and they support and encourage each other to reach great heights. They are the definition of a power couple.

Because Scorpio is more emotional than Capricorn, a potential downfall may be being at odds when it comes to expressing sentiments. For example, when Scorpio is passionate about something, they may be perplexed by the fact that Capricorn does not demonstrate such extreme emotions and has a more aloof and detached aura. With time, Scorpio can learn to appreciate this difference between them, for Capricorn keeps them grounded, centered, and balanced. Scorpio can help teach Capricorn to connect to life around them on a deeper, purer, and more emotional level than they are used to — with Scorpio’s help, Capricorn learns to open up their heart. This is a very heavy, serious relationship and it has many indications of being a very long-lasting and fulfilling partnership as long as neither sign does anything deceptive. Capricorn and Scorpio are signs that will accomplish a lot on their own, but they can create wonders when they direct their energies to a greater purpose. Their combined energy is fierce.

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  1. Antony

    I’m a scorpio with a question regarding Caoricorn women.

    We have been good friends(close friends) for a year now, but everything changes after i said three little word: i like you…

    We had a long talk about how much she cared about our friendship and stuff but i just didnt listen. I just want to be with her, and so i pursued her even more but eventually she just called me and said we are going to be friends. Just that.

    For days i sat and thought what made us not meant to be… then i came to the conclusion that i was the problem. I didnt really like her. I just pretended to love someone who im actually friends with, because i thought our chemistry was so great. I really screwed up our friendship…

    We haven’t seen or talked for 4 weeks, and im just assuming the worst (like a normal scorpio would.)

    you guys think we could still be close friends again or no???

    • Jarnee

      Yes I believe you guys should become close friends again. As a fellow Scorpio I do not believe in throwing away good friendships over a situation. You guys were friend before, so why throw that friendship away for a misunderstanding of your feelings. Let her know how you feel about the situation and suggest becoming friends again and let her decide.

    • Evilyn = Evelyn in English

      Hello, how are you!!!!!! I am Brazilian and translate my comment on google translator, so if there are any errors excuse me. Well, I am Capricorn and I can say that we are a little bit cold in thier show feelings for people, not that we do not feel, sintimos but for ourselves, when we are just friends, we are just friends and nothing more. When we are in love are more fools, idiots and stuff, we are loyal, it certainly when we love someone as a friend little mistakes like these we forgive, so it’s quiet and good luck !!!

    • Al

      It took me 5 years to become more than friends with my girlfriend who’s a Capricorn. Just be her friend, and never stop trying she’ll come around

    • Crystal Walker

      Im a Capricorn woman and Im all about order, planning, and logic. She may just need a loyal friend in her life more than a boyfriend at the moment. Its great you told her, it will always be in her brain. Maybe later in life when she is ready, she will pursue it. Just keep being a good friend and don’t worry about it. She chose you as a friend, your not going any where any time

    • Dwayne

      Nah you fucked it bro

    • Dwayne

      Nah bruv

      • Ma Queef

        heyo im looknig for sexgy ladies im a scorpio man please hmu i love big boobies and older women.

    • Baby

      I am a capricorn lady and my boyfriend is a scorpio and trust me it was not an easy one. He was my friend for a long period of time although he brought the idea of relationship which I declined…he opted for a sexual relationship involving loyalty I declined once more on the ground that I would prefer a love relationship over anything…but slowly I fell for him but as usual I bottled up my emotions and he was not even aware until he tried once more and I said it was worth the far it is the sweetest one.i don’t regret it.just keep trying for friendship and be yourself too…I wish you good luck

  2. JBartts

    Scorpio life is a tough one to live bud. Time helps to heal all wounds so forsure you can get back to what you had. Just meet up for coffee or something and have a good time as friends and act like nothing has changed. Showing your comfortable and natural will show her you can move past from your mistake and keep your friendship going.

    • SL

      I’m a Capricorn woman.

      You should before warned; if you mess up again. She might not give you a third chance at being friends. So if she wants to be just friends be happy with that.

  3. Vida

    This sounds very close to me (Scorpio) and my boyfriend. 🙂

    • Stephen

      Details on a Capricorn male and Scorpio female relation please lol.

  4. Eva

    I’ve been dating/messing around with a male capricorn since june. We met and there was light and thunder! The sex and passion is great and I am very comfortsble with this man. Happens very rarely. He stated from the beginning that he was a slow starter and afraid of relation ships. The better it felt the more frigthened he’d get. And he pushed away from me. My kids are younger then his and that scares him. He protects his freedom and are afraid of bonding. Er have kept in touch and meet occationaly. Still having great sex and effortless good conversations. Is there any chance that this man Will change and might take the chance and involve in a relationship with me? That he Will relax with time if I’m not seem to deprndant and pushy, except in bed ;-)?

    • Crazed about Capri

      Omg im goung theough the EXACT same thing. Unfortunately i am at my witts end waiting around to see if he will commit and stop pushing me away. I often leave him alone to protect my own heart but then after a while he comes to seek me out just to have sex. The sex is unbelievable but i think this is the only reason he finds me to take me back. Everytime i think we are gaining ground he separates himself from me again. Pushing me away. I love him but its too hard to read him

      • CapricornChap

        Capricorn male here… if you are trying to get closer with a Cap male you may just have to do what seems like one of the toughest things for a Scorpio… sit down and talk out what you hope for and need. The guy will appreciate the effort and see you differently. If you two can’t make it work now you may still keep running in circles until one of you calls it off completely. I find the lady Scorpio I care about addicting, and sometimes we drive each other nuts… but it’s the best combo I’ve ever been a part of.

        • Mary

          Scorpio ♏️ Woman (10/29) was with my Capricorn ♑️ (01/01) for almost 10 yrs. I couldn’t agree more! This has been the MOST accurate description of our relationship, to the downfalls & the deep connection that seems unbreakable.
          When we’re together we bring out a side of each other that no one else can. We are both serious and professional, not the mushy PDA type. However, behind closed doors we are like 2 little kids in love with each other.
          We truly adored one another & were Excellent partners!
          If only I had found this website sooner I would’ve had a better understanding on how to handle certain things.

          It’s true, when we have differences ( which doesn’t happen often) We struggle to resolve using heartfelt feedback, we go into business mode & tuck away the softness.

          If I’m convicted about something, you can’t move me. I’m too anchored to conform to irrational logic,
          And he is too stubborn to admit he’s wrong! He will cut off his nose to spite his face! ????

          He can become very domineering, and if you know anything about Scorpio women, we are NOT bowing down or submissive….except behind the closed doors ????of our bedroom ???? It’s just Facts!

        • Surbhi

          This isn’t true.. I am head iver heels in love with a Capricorn guy. I know ge feels the same way, but both of us want different things from our relationship..
          Everything was great until I expressed what I needed from our relationship, and now ge doesn’t even bother to reply to my texts, not does he bothers to ask me what I am upto..

      • Faye Taylor

        Scorpion Seductress here..
        One thing for sure is you will need to have the PATIENCE of Job to deal with a Cap Man! ha I dated one for 8 long years! And let me tell you, he did NOT move any faster than he wanted to. We’re talking Turtle speed. smh He would “frustrate” me to no end! BUT I WAS SO IN LOVE WITH HIM. That I stuck it out with him. Well when the eight year came and he didn’t produce a ring I FINALLY LEFT!!! I was so damn pissed off that I didn’t speak to or saw him for about 4 years. Every now and then he would try to get in touch with me. Saying how sorry he is, stupid for letting me go, etc. Recently he has contacted me again say that now he is ready for marriage. And wants to be my husband. ha The thing is I’m not in-love with him anymore. I allowed him to see me to see how I would feel around him. It was butterfly’s in my stomach like it use to be. But if he meant what he’s saying and is willing to put in the work to build my trust back. I may consider dating for a year and then marriage. I’m not sure what’s going to happen. But time will tell. Please wish me luck with this Capricorn man.

      • Adam

        Im Cap Guy i tell you a secret about us when a sex comes between us and our work we blame our self how we did got week to leave our work for sexuality

  5. LadyV

    I’m a Scorpio and dated a Capricorn in my 20’s I was SO in love with him. I was very jealous & a bit insecure at that time and I’m the one who broke it off. Now after 15 years he finds me on FB just to apologize about our past break up. I wanted so badly to reconnect with him (I want him back). Since the departure, he since been married AND divorce. Do I have a chance to rekindle an old fling?

  6. Kate

    Definitely keep going for it! I’m a capricorn woman in my twenties and met the most amazing man ever who is a Scorpio! Everything is perfect and I never would’ve seen it as a teen. It’s so worth it

    • Kate

      I’m still with him and still love him to the moon and back <3 my Scorpio is very loving and does little things to make me smile. He likes to jump on me and give me like 100 kisses until I'm laughing so hard. We work together too and we are like the power couple! We compliment each other very well. We have little naggy fights like if I'm being a Capricorn and just controlling or he's being a Scorpio and just overly emotional, but 90% of the time were just two best friends that are madly in love with each other <3

  7. C.

    I’m a Capricorn women and my ex is a Scorpio women. Basically every horoscope is right about us. We’re both so much in love still. We’re both serious people. Our relationship was definitely rocky but it was serious to both of us. The only down fall is we’re both two stubborn people so our heads bumped a lot as well as our own individual issues. We are not together right now. Though we still very much love each other & would like to make it work again one day hopefully, but that seems hard to believe right now. We’ve been through so much. I do believe we’re soulmates.

  8. S.

    I’m a Scorpio woman and the woman I’m in love with is a Capricorn woman. She’s with someone else though and doesn’t know I how I feel. I haven’t seen her in two years, but I think about her every day. And I hope one day the circumstances of our lives will be different and our paths will cross again so I can tell her and hopefully she’ll respond positively. Capricorns are really truly the best. They have good hearts, are honest, dependable and stable. What more could you want in partner than that?

    • C

      I’m a capricorn woman in love with a scorpio woman. She was married but is now divorced and has a beautiful daughter. We haven’t seen eachother or spoken in about 2 years as well. Neither of us are on social media so I can’t even see pictures of her. I met her over 10 years ago and we were best friends for 3 or 4 years before she ended our friendship for reasons I don’t even know. I don’t know if she knows this but I realized that I was in love w her and think about her everyday for the past 10 years. I plan to reach out to her because I can’t take it anymore, she’s the one for me. I also hope she responds positively, everything I’ve read and the way our friendship was back then makes me feel like we could have a great relationship. She was the best always telling me and showing me how much she loved and cared about me. She was intense, adventurous, funny, gorgeous, had a huge heart and cared a lot about my grandmothers, and had many other awesome qualities. It doesn’t get any better than that for me.

  9. Gabriel

    I’m a scorpio moon and my ex was a capricorn moon . He NEVER understood my motives and HATED my emotions . I felt so misunderstood amd confused . After we broke up , which was abruptly , he would tell me he’d just want to be friends ( even tho we still acted as though we were in a relationship ) I hated him . Yes I was manipulative and crazy but for rhe right reasons , I just wish he would understand that I was fighting ……for us .

  10. Scarlet

    I’m a Scorpio woman and my boyfriend is a Capricorn. I was just wondering if anyone else’s Capricorn partner loves to compete against you? Mainly small things like games/sports, because my Capricorn seeks out goals to beat me, but then he also loves when we work together.

    • Sophie

      Capricorns enjoy a good challenge! So if he’s competing against you it’s probably because he thinks you’re someone who holds a great potential to compete with. It’s in the most friendly way! It only strengthens his affections when he knows he will always have a great time with a partner who can match up!

    • Kylee

      I am a Scorpio woman and my boyfriend is a Capricorn. We’ve been dating for months now and I’ve notice that he likes to compete. Not with big things, more like little things like games. He just has to win. But when we’re a team it’s the best feeling because we’re not against eachother. We haven’t had huge arguments but we’ll bump heads every now and then and one; two days later we’re back in the grove of things. When it comes to my emotions, it’s kind of rocky because I don’t think he fully understands my points unless is short and simple. Because I tend to think dark and the worst things that could possibly happen. My Capricorn cannot relate. I don’t know if he brushes it off or takes it into thought afterwards because we never spent time to talk about those problems. It’s even harder to tell if he’s interested. He’ll bring me around his friends and meet his family but when we’re in public, I don’t receive the same attention. I know that he’s a very touchy person but we don’t express that we’re even in a relationship in public. I like to hold hands and I’m a protective person. So, when we’re together and we’re going out, he doesn’t hold my hand and I get curious to why and I think the worst. I know I like to be shown off. I don’t know if I overthink these situations or if I’m sure that my instincts are right.

      • Lisa

        Hi Kylee…you and your man sound a lot like me ( scorpio) and this guy I’ve been seeing for a month now (hes the capricorn).
        We get along very very well. At first he wanted to really jump into an intimate relationship fast, and I held out a while. But after a couple weeks he got to me and the chemistry is really explosive. The main problem is I know we are both trying not to fall in love but I already have deep feelings. Hes told me he misses me when I dont see him for a couple days. But I dont think he meant to tell me it just happened.
        I dont mean to sound cocky but I am pretty sure he does have deep feelings. But he doesn’t like that I am so possessive- which I admitted to him already. And I have big trust issues. And I know what you mean about having to explain things ‘ short and simply’ because I too, tend to think and expect the worst! Lol (glad I’m not the only one)
        I know a month seems like a short time, but really it isn’t, especially now with everything going on. We gota live in the moment !
        I got really angry and hurt with him the other night, I dont know if we will see each other again. It’s mostly because he was being an ass to me, and kept saying I was asking questions that weren’t my concern. ( you know us Scorpios will always ask questions) I couldn’t take any more and I left. So I haven’t talked to him in a couple days. But I’m pretty sure the reason he was being like that is because hes scared to get hurt. I almost want to reach out to him but I’m still mad, then theres that Scorpio pride to deal with.

  11. H.

    Im a Scorpio women and I like this man (Capricorn). We have been friends over two years but I have liked him since then. But a year ago in the summer we didnt talk at all and I met a guy (Sagittarius) and we started to date cause I thought the Capricorn didnt care about me anymore so I started to date the Sagittarius. I just broke up with Sagittarius two months ago because I realized that I never stopped loving Capricorn and I couldn’t be longer with Sagittarius. After me and Sagittarius broke up, me and Capricorn started to mess around. Yes we have done it but the Capricorn has open up a little. Capricorn says he loves me and care about me so much but he dosent want to ruin our friendship and want us to be just friends but he says that we are something more than friends tho. Capricorn is really close up man and has a lot of problems and tends to overthink to much. I really love him and I want him to understand how he means a lot to me and that I want more than to be “friends “. I need a option about this. Thanks for reading this. It would be great help if someone replies to this.

    • China

      I dated a cap man for about 8 months,a lot of breaks and then we would link up and go like nothing ever happened. I would show up to his job and wait by his car for him to get off(the element of surprise–he said he didn’t like it but his face told me something else,he likes to be prepared and with me, there’s no such thing.) He took me to meet his friends,I’ve met his brother and other important people to him and was inundated with pride, love and joy towards him,I’m not so verbal or vocal and I think a lot before I push pass go,but with him I didn’t do any of that,I was me..Tender,sweet,perverse/sexual,flirt and jovial. He honestly thought that I was always like that and I tried to keep that up and eventually I told him that I have many bouts of depression and anger and when they come, that’s one thing I can’t predict, he was understanding but I don’t think he completely understood it. One day I was in one of those moods and he called me, I tried to not let it overtake me but he made an offhand comment, I said my peace/piece to him and he was pissed because I went on and on–and boom that was pretty much it for me,he told me don’t come see him out oft he blue,don’t come to his home,don’t call him and just leave him alone. Three days before this big, fight over nothing,he officially asked me to be his “Lady Friend aka Girlfriend/Woman” and I told him yes,I was elated that we were over that one hump and that we were moving forward. During the fight I told him that all that effort to get over his fear and just threw it all away. he was ferious at that, I guess because it was true, and I felt like he was playing with my emotions,I know I made him feel like no woman EVER made him feel,especially in a short time span,but I was just so surprised that I’m saying I feel like I’m in a dark place and instead of talking to me and comforting he was using levity because he wanted to stay in his happy place. He told me ” You eff’ed up my night, I had a great day until I called you,now I’m in a eff’ed up mood.” and after that he was like “It’s over.” I was so stuck, my response was simply, Ok, have it your way. He texted me all type of reasons why I was wrong and my only response was “Ok”. The next day I text him and asked him why he called me and asked me to be with him and his response, ” It doesn’t matter,why do I care..” and he went off again and I let him have his turn,which is so rare and unlikely but when I’m in a depressed state I’m so non-combative, no fight,no slick talk,no verbal annhillation, nothing…I told him, he hurt me with all that, and that if he wanted it to be over that’s cool, no fight. He then texted me the next day with “I miss you,I’m sorry babe.” I responded my way three days later with ” ok, all is well let’s be friends again” Hours later he’s like “Sorry I’m out of the country.” I was like WHAT! I week before our blow up I was begging him to drive with me to Key West,I guess my spirit knew the depression would hit and I need to be around water to regroup,he told me no he didn’t want to go,that I should save my money and I spent the weekend with him. I was ferious all over and just deaded the situation all together. I was hurt, I kept asking was I that bad of a person that he would continuously hurt me over and over,was I too much, too pushy,to passionate, to easy, too honest? Three months later and my life had gotten so busy that I had forgotten about him,now, with down time,he’s knocking on soul and I’m like please, just go away. I text him just to say hi and he was curt with me so I just deleted his number and let him be, I still pray for him, I cry often because I fell in love with him and it felt like a waste of time,I had endings, and at my age dating and jumping from man to man isn’t as intriguing as it was when I was a young girl (I’m 31 with two children 9&5)……I said all that to say this,if he isn’t showing you with his actions that he’s DEAD SERIOUS about loving on you(action not verbal)and being with you, you as a Scorpio woman, already know what to do.

      • loveeey

        this is so similar to my experience as a scorpio woman with a capricorn man. we should talk!

    • S. Oraville

      As a cap, I would say your best bet is to talk about it; capricorns appreciate honesty and directness. Also keep in mind that while scorpios operate on an emotional level and expect their emotions to felt and understood, cappies may need a more verbal affirmation of they subconsciously understand but aren’t sure of. The fact that you dated someone else may also make him unsure of how deeply you love him. So if you explain everything to him with all honesty and how you feared he didn’t love you and got with someone else only to realize how deep your feelings run for him, it will make things clear to him and help him in deciding how he truly feels about you. No guarantee what his response/reaction would be like, but at least you will your answer and, if you truly think he is THE one, then no pride and ego should stop you from giving it your all. Good luck and tell us how it went!

      • Heather

        I’m a Scorpio with Capricorn rising and my boyfriend is a Capricorn with Virgo rising. . .so I may have an unfair advantage in all of this. My Scorpio tends to be very direct and intense when it comes to emotions. I’m also extremely impatient and when I see something I want, I go full force in order to get it. I’m also extremely extremely sensitive and my emotions coupled with my ability to be so suspicious so quickly, doesn’t always help my situation. My boyfriend has helped me learn to slow down, take a deep breath, and go with the flow. Capricorns are extremely down to earth and very cautious about who they let in close. They will stand back and observe you for a long time before making any decisions based on where you fit into their lives. They want to know that you’re not just playing some “this is me” game and then once they’re invested, you take off a mask and show them someone else that they never saw coming. I’ve had to learn to be very very patient with my Cappy. All good things come to those who wait. Being pushy and demanding doesn’t get very far with these guys and Scorpio, being a dominate personality, tends to act exactly like that. (Some of us have learned to tone ourselves down but still get our desires across. . .just without scaring anyone else). I think S. Oraville is correct in saying that going for another person and dating them, could have shown your Cappy that you weren’t really that serious. . .or. . .that when the going gets tough you’ll jump ship and find someone else. We know that it was due to the fact that your Cappy was acting like a normal Cappy in the fact that they sometimes come off as very distant, detached, and aloof. Communication is always key and I think that had you talked to him beforehand, it may have helped the situation.

        Unfortunately though, from everything I’ve seen/heard/read, Capricorn is very much like Scorpio in the fact that when they decide they’re done. . .they’re literally done and there’s no going back. A Scorpio is actually probably quicker to mend things before a Capricorn because where as the Scorpio is stubborn, the Capricorn is ten times more. However, the Capricorn will let go of a grudge far earlier than a Scorpio will in most cases.

        • Andrea

          You are right on the dot. Communication is key to the Capricorn. And patience is a must for a Scorpio, this may be hard but it’ll pay off in the long run. I too date a Capricorn and I have experienced the caution they take in letting you in their lives. He has kids and I do too, so for us timing is essential. The chemistry and the good intentions are there, but one step at a time we go.
          I admire his intelligence and his honorable soul as he appreciates my support and love.

    • Heather

      I too am dating a Capricorn man and I am a Scorpio woman. My advice to you is “be patient”. . .Capricorn men are amazing men and totally worth the wait. Don’t be pushy or demanding, make sure to use direct communication about what you’re feeling but don’t constantly nag and throw emotion at him. A Capricorn is very cautious and when he says he is a slow starter. . .he’s being very honest because they are! I met mine almost a year ago, I know he is devoted to me and loyal but. . .I have yet to hear “I love you” and for a while that really really bothered me. I know the moment I fell in love with him and it made me doubt everything when I told him and he said nothing in return. But. . .I took a step back and realized that he’s been showing me his love this entire time. Watch what your Capricorn DOES. . .they are alllll about “actions speak louder than words”. Just be patient and I’m sure you two will get to the exact place you’re wanting. *hugs*

      • Heaven

        I have been with a Capricorn man for 2 years and we just broke up last night He cheated on me last August right before I went back to school and even though I forgave him. I said a lot of hurtful things to hurt him like he had hurt me. He also said that I didn’t communicate well and so I started bringing it to his attention my issues with him. We would argue about him not at least calling me every day and only texting and on the weekends he would rather go ride his 4wheelers or go over his cousin house than to spend time with me and he would disappear and not even call or text me all day on Saturdays and Sundays. Last night we got in a huge argument that started after I told him I just wanted to know he if saw a future with me because he never talks about where we are headed in the future and I also told him he doesn’t make enough time for me. He told me “He would handle it” and I got pretty upset because I felt like I sat there and expressed all my feelings to him and pretty much begged him to give me some sort of assurance that he wanted a future with me. No rush just eventually a future. I told him to take some time and decide if this relationship is what he wanted. He then texted me like not even 20 minutes later telling me I could go my own way and he would be the blame of why we didn’t work out and that he loved spending time riding his bike and with his god kids and cousins and he thought I just wasn’t happy. At first I said ok I would not blame him I Just understand he is not ready. BUT THEN I realized he wasn’t going to break up with me in a text message. Being his normal Cappy self, I called him like 9 times and he didn’t answer the phone and then he text me and said he didn’t want to talk I told him he at least owed me the respect to listen to me if he was going to leave our relationship. SO we talked on the phone argues about everything that goes on and I really made a complete fool of myself crying and asking what did I do and telling him all I wanted was time from him was this so bad and being very emotional and needy. BUT I REALLY LOVE THIS MAN LIKE WHOLE HEARTEDLY AND COMPLETELY GENUINELY EVEN AFTER HE HAS CHEATED ON ME. So we got off the phone for about 30 minutes then I called back again and I told him I didn’t want to lose my relationship and he told me that he at this point he didn’t care and didn’t feel the same way. He said me wanting time was going to be a recurring issue and maybe this just wasn’t going to work out with us. He also said he didn’t really care anymore. I cried more and told him to take care because I realize that he is really done with me. I just want to know if there is any possibility that he will eventually reach out to me and see that what I was asking for isn’t anything out of the norm of any other relationship or what anyone else would ask for or should I just face the fact that as a Cappy, he is REALLY DONE THIS TIME? I do feel sick thinking about losing someone I love so deeply and dearly but I know if there is no hope I can move on and eventually get over it. I do not plan to reach out to him because I know you just leave Caps alone and let them have their space. But did I go too far and completely lose my boyfriend this time?

        • truthhurtz

          Chile’ I hope you have moved on with your life. Doing that is always the best revenge.

          No man and I mean NO MAN is worth all that. If he cannot see he is losing a good woman, that is his loss.

          Do not ever let anyone mistreat you like that again. I have a feeling you are young so you will learn over time.

          God Speed.

  12. Gabrielle

    I’m a Capricorn woman and I’ve been dating a Scorpio man for a while now. Our relationship seems to consist of two strong people and it is one where we won’t give up on each other because we know from firsthand experience what loss meant to us before and also we connect so well! It’s true when they say Capricorns can keep a Scorpio well grounded and have more emotional stability, and Scorpios do tend to be more on the emotional levels. I guess we are both two ambitious people with certain high goals for ourselves and we know to challenge them by laying down our plans. I can feel a deep passionate romance between us especially when we make love and are just willing to talk/see each other after a long time not doing so. We’re both opinionated and serious and recognize similar values and traits of others and situations. I guess you can say that this type of bond is a husband-wife affair and full of companionship. Maybe even soul mates. We are both very considerate of each other’s lives and past, detecting the worst and we will put it towards good causes. I enjoy my boy’s company and am well aware he enjoys mine too.

    • Kate

      I think my Scorpio is my soul mate too. I was engaged to a Libra before for two years and had ended the relationship (after being unhappy for nearly a year) about two months before I began dating Scorpio. Scorpio and I worked together but I only saw him as a friend. Eventually he confessed his feelings for me by simply just kissing me one day lol anyways then I got the promotion I wanted and started seeing my future after I got him and he did the same so i think we’re soul mates

  13. Jessica

    I’m a scorpio female and I’ve been friends with this capricorn guy, he’s really down to earth and he has interesting outlook on life and that to me Is refreshing and since we live in two different cities, we talk on phone a lot, like almost everyday, occasionally sext but we don’t seem to get tired of each other (we talk about everything) anyway, I normally get the vibe that he likes me and sometime I feel it’s all in my head, but when we get to talking about things like that, he pulls back and won’t ever talk about it and just yesterday he told me he Is single cause he’s waiting for the universe to send him a lady, he joked at least I think that he was hoping it’s me.. and that was that it’s a continuous cycle of confusion

  14. Vee

    To Jessica he likes you but wont say it until he is sure you wont hurt him so don’t stop showing him you like him it’s always worth the wait.

    I’m a scorpio women dating a capricorn man for 3 years now. Our relationship has been an emotional rollacoaster for me but I know even after a big fight he would still be there for me. The sex is incredible but sometimes I get jealous too quickly and I like checking up on him and would wonder if he really and truly loves me cause he doesn’t say it often but when I think about his actions I know he does.

    • Haitian the Cap

      I could use your advice I’m ln love with a Scorpio to my core but they’ve moved on and is in another relationship

  15. sasha

    I’m a Capricorn woman , and I’ve been seeing a Scorpio man for a about a year now intentionally we starred talking out as friends, so we met up a few times when intercourse was involved so we just decided to “see” eachother why I’m saying it like that is because after the year he has been seeing other people…. girl wise and his old ex only because they were in need of his help, I’m the jealous type and seeing that portrayed clear in front of me made me mad over thinking if o was good enough, but he’s a very sweet guy, handsome, sexy in all aspects basically this guy is something to be out a story book because of his charm but slim to that his temper makes up his other side, Omg first time we fought it was all night long going back with him over text….cause he didn’t want to speak over the phone, but text message from me weren’t even read cause his reply was” lol I don’t want to read your story, shut the f*** up I’m right your wrong kinda outlook so me being the calm and collected cap took it as he’s angry give him his time, next morning I received a text stating ” good morning ” so I said it back just totally forget the little fight we got into the night before, but I’m honestly worried because now he’s saying to me he is unhappy with his life and the choices he made to get him where he is now, does that me he’d rather go leave this relationship to find something better or find himself, I mean I am will to 100 percent support him but I just don’t feel he’s in it as I am, yet again it’s only been a year so I’m just going to sit back do me for a bit, my independent demeanor well soon kick in if he’s showing no interest.

    • Tina Thompson

      You should pay attention my Scorpio has been in and out of my life for over 40 years I’m a Capricorn our son is 44 years old we seem to always connect again he’s two marriages my one marriage he became distant and cold come to find out he was creeping around it hurt I felt I deserve better than that so I left him alone than out of the blue here he comes even when He’s gone he has put find my friend’s on my phone stalked me it’s unbelievable what a Scorpio man will do I wish him the best I believe once your theirs it’s for life just when I’m settled not thinking about him he’ll be there it’s been going on since I was 15 yrs old he was 17 yrs old he’s now 66 yrs old I’m 64 years old and we are still very much attracted to each other something about Scorpio and Capricorn the last he called about two weeks ago I didn’t answer since his new relationship we’ve been together countless times after I really thought about it he’s cheating on her I ask him he said I got a little broad that helps me I don’t have no feelings for her wow I only imagine what he said about me

  16. Haitian The Capricorn

    I’m a Capricorn woman deeply in love with a Scorpio woman, I wanted her the first day I laid eyes on her & had no problem telling her. Things took off neither one of us taking each other seriously, we’d get into disagreements from the beginning leaving me no choice but to cold heartedly cut her off without thought or impulse TWICE! But she was so magnetic I found myself missing her & overthinking of her till one day we finally got in contact and we’ve been stuck like glue ever since, now our relationship is tough and we can’t stand each other it’s like a love hate heaven hell kind of thing. She thinks I’m the biggest liar she’s ever known and I feel like she doesn’t commit to me yet we still argue at each other for being involved with somebody else HELP me please how do I prove to this woman that I love her with all my heart even tho were no longer together ?

  17. Teresa

    Scorpio woman and talked to a Cap we feel in love in 2 weeks he even told me he loved me back.. I’d have to say I still love him buuuut I hate him at the same time. He hurt me so bad I’m confused that even have the right to be hurt. I laid so much of my morals down for him and in the end he could easily toss me away like any other female he’s slept with but I still think about him. And I hate it. I can’t even be in the same room with him anymore BC his presence makes me both cringe and ask why he ditched me like he did..
    I wanna say I regret us but I don’t if only he could be a faithful person we would’ve been a great couple but it seems like Capricorn like to play games and confess their love and then drop Scorpio like a bad habit.
    But the good is I’ve still never experience such passion in my life. Sex just isn’t really sex unless it’s with him. A mix of passion, emotions, and physical greatness. But I’d rather have total commitment over sex and that Capricorn had no intentions of giving it to me he just used me for my love and openness and swallowed it up leaving me with nothing left to give

    • Haitian the Cap

      How is that you love someone and don’t speak to them will you ever love express yourself to him undue time ? – Haitian The cap

  18. Sophie (Willy)

    I have a crush on a capricorn female. She’s a good friend of mine, and I really like her calm and sassy attitude! <3

  19. Katie

    I’m a Scorpio female and I really like this Capricorn guy. I told him how I felt and we’ve been doing things normal couples would do. I haven’t slept with him yet but we planned to. He use to tell me he likes me a little, then he says he likes me as a friend. Sometimes I can’t tell if he’s lying or not.

  20. Katherine

    I am in love with my Capricorn male teacher. He is 27 years old and I am of 19 years.. Would he be happy to get in relation ship?

    • Visitor

      This is probably late in coming, but as a Capricorn with Scorpio moon and Venus, I would like to give my input.

      I do not think so. Hear me out! He will probably be concerned with what’s right and proper. A teacher-student relationship would spoil his reputation, and he won’t have that. Unless you’re no longer his student, AND he is attracted to you (probably, I mean, legendary Scorpio sexiness, right?), he probably won’t make a move. He’ll just ignore it with Capricorn discipline. But you also have to try and find out his attitude on age differences in a relationship; some capricorns can be very self-conscious. General things that attract a Capricorn: hard work, integrity, ambition, strength, the last two of which I’m sure Scorpio has in spades. But you also have to be wife-material.

      I hope you succeed!

  21. Djtransformers

    I’m a Scorpio too, and I have strong feelings for a Capricorn girl, I told her, and now we barely talk.
    I decided to tell her on the New Year’s Day again, to express every emotion in my heart, and no I think she doesn’t want anything to do with me, I apologized and she didn’t respond. So I can relate to your problem.
    It’s hard but it’s just life.

  22. C.

    Anyone is free to comment with respectful feed back.

    I am a Capricorn woman, who loves a Scorpio woman. We have been on an off for the past 3 years now. We haven’t been consistent bc of our issue. When we do find are way back together our love is amazing! Our connection is amazing. We both agree and disagree on things. However the issue is we both have this cycle where we talk for a couple months, get into an argument or fight stop talking for a while then talk back again which isn’t healthy for either of us and we know this! She is a Scorpio so she is very stubborn at times! I am a Capricorn so I can be very disrespectful and rude at times as well. We do not communicate as well as we should yet we have been working on that especially myself! The love we both have for each other is very hard to explain. There is definitely a connection there but I don’t know how to end the cycle so we can move forward peaceful!

    • Faith

      I had to comment, that’s crazy I feel the same way with ex Cappy smh that’s crazy everything you said I can definitely relate with you…..

  23. satan

    this scorpio girl with aquarius moon is soo fascinating. I respect her views and stuff. But she’s so secretive. I confessed my love to her(second time). She denied it and threw a joke. Its fine though. But the screwed up part is she kinda keeps staring at me(which is creepy now) and walks fast up and crosses the path after class(we in the same cls). I asked her if she even likes talking to me and me in which she acts with indifference. All this is just messing up my head. Dont know what to do. Its almost 1.5 years till we first met. Tbh i use text much…coz am comfrtable with it…she’s totally opp…we did talk as well in person..but not any emotional stuff. shud i ask her in person again after the way she mocked those requests or jus drop her confusing ass? *its even possible? Idk*
    (She’s a very nice girl tho…super sweet…helped me out more than once..asks me for help…kept all my secrets :|) wish she had more basic deadly character flaws other than dat indifference..wudve made the decision making easier for me *sigh* sorry for the long post. #plsdntkillme :E :E

  24. D.

    Hey, I’m a Scorpio woman and I have a huge crush on this capricorn man who’s 3 years younger than me. We’re getting closer to each other slowly by now. And I’m gradually falling for him. But then indeed I can’t read what’s in his mind. He doesn’t talk much, but when he talked, it always surprised me. It’s intriguing and fascinating. But I’m rather confused whether or not he’s interested in me back. I just can’t read him and I can’t just bluntly ask him as well. What should I do? Do you think he would like to be in relationship with me? Like is he interested in me too? I really have no idea what to do now….

  25. Amber

    Capricorn men are amazing in bed and the sex is over the top. I’m definitely keeping my Capricorn for more than just sex. He’s all that I could ask for. He cooks, cleans and he tells me how beautiful I am. I cook and clean too, but something about us together is a match made in heaven.

  26. DequantaeB

    Hey I’m a Scorpio and I’m dating a Capricorn right now, I love her with all my heart we fight, argue and all other thing’s but it’s One thing’s I have trouble with understanding and that’s showing her emotional side. She doesn’t like expressing her feelings towards me and I really like don’t that can I get some help about this? ASAP

    • Rachel

      I’m a Capricorn woman and we just never seem to understand each other my boyfriend scorpio we always pick each other up wrong and we get in to such stupid fights where I get so mad and frustrated cause he annoys me that much but I love him so much .. is this the same fr you ? I feel like it’s a constant battle and that we fight over the same things the whole time it’s draining !

  27. Rachel

    Hey I’m a cap woman and I have a scorpio bf we 1st met 2yr ago and dated fr 8 months I was his 1st girlfriend and i mtself was only out of a 5 year relstionship but all we did was fight so we ended it .. 7 months later he texted me because he missed me and said he never felt the same way about another girl as he did me . . So we got back together and the sex is amazing and we have such a great connection ..We tell each other everything and love each other but we seem to be fighting again and he’s thinking we should break up cause we probably won’t make each other happy . But I don’t want to I feel like we can get threw the fights but don’t want to keep putting myself out there and getting hurt … Help please

  28. ScorpioGirlll11x11

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE CAPRICORNS! I belive that they are our true soul mates! The sex IS AMAZING! He has a higher sex drive than me, and I kind of really love this. He is sexy, trustworthy, secretive and faithful. Everthing a Scorpio wants and looks for in a relationship! Great thing! 1000/10!!!

  29. Fancii


  30. Fancii

    I’m a Capricorn woman and I’ve been friends with this Scorpio guy for couple weeks now, I think I’m falling inlove with him I’m not sure how he feels about me cause he never tells, we met and from the first time I saw him I knew I love him, I was on my job and he came over and ask me if I need any help so I told him yes and he helped me from since that we’ve been talking and I just felt a connection btw us, he came to see me last night we sat and talked for hours, as he was going on and talking I wanted to kiss him Soo bad but don’t know how would his reactions would of been so I didnt but I want to tell him how I feel about him I’m just a bit scared cause I don’t want to mess up our friendship.. Can some one help me I want some advice please

  31. AliE

    I am an Introverted Capricorn woman, that has been talking to an Introverted Scorpio man for the last two years. We live about 200 miles from each other, however, last year we have been seeing each at least one a month. Recently, I have been texting him and he has not texted back, until yesterday when I texted him that I did not the noncommunication and that I don’t think that we should talk anymore since he rarely responds (the last time we really talked was about a month or so ago). He finally texts back stating that he was sorry that he does not do it purposefully and that he’s sorry that I feel like I am being ignored. My question is, “is he playing me and only state that he’s sorry because of whatever crazy reason?” or “is he sincere when states that he does not intend to take a while to text back?”

    Please help. I really like him, but I do not want to waste any more time if that’s what I am doing.

    • GorgeousLove

      Im having a similar problem. Im a Cap female and the Scorpio guy i meet a couple months ago is very reserved. I really enjoy him and it seems to be vice versa. But he is such a mystery. I really have 2 fight not 2 try and communicate with him and it just seems so easy 2 him. Weeks without hearing from him and then will txt like we just slept in the same bed the night b4. I just want understanding on him. He knows a lot about me ny life situations pain in my life and I dont know A thing about him worth 2 cents but he has great sex. I want more of him but its like he is purposely keeping me in a separate bubble. Im so confused.

    • Faye Taylor

      AilE & GorgeousLove,
      I’m a Scorpio woman and one thing I know for sure is if we are interest in you. We will come around and contact you! I could be wrong but a couple of weeks or a month??? NO Buenos! That is too long! Scorpio’s like affections, attention, and enjoys spending time with the one they like or love. Trust me on this. If he’s not that into you. There maybe other women around him. Sorry to say that but it’s true. I know when ever I have done that. I wasn’t that interested in the person. 🙁 He probably comes around from time to time because your available to him. But this is how you can get back at him. Tell him how much he has hurt you. If it makes you cry even better he will feel like a douche bag. Then after that IGNORE HIM! He will hate that but you will need to stick to this. If he doesn’t put in much effort to fight for you or get you back. Then LEAVE him a lone because you’re not the one for him. So to be so blunt but I don’t want you to get hurt any further.

    • Amorlove

      Please believe him he means it Scorpio’s have a tendency to give the silent treatment not to be rude it’s just part of who they are they need this time to think and collect their thoughts because they are always thinking…I’m a capricorn woman ENGAGED to a scorpio man as of June 15, 2019. We met August of 2018. Let me tell you scorpio men are very hard to read. Just dont rush them to open up so fast when you just be yourself and show them that they can trust you they will then open up slowly but surely. My scorpio is the best thing that ever happened to me in terms of a relationship. Trust me we are true soul mates and complement each other very well. I am very excited to explore the rest of my life with him. Take care and God bless you and your relationship.

  32. Imoan

    I’m a Capricorn girl who met this Scorpio guy.I went into it thinking it was just a rebound guy from my last relationship with a Leo .I was just looking for nothing serious neither was he but after we had been seeing each other a while I fell so hard for this guy a true soul mate.When I tell you our past seem to mirror each others like two skies on top of other.We liked all the same stuff it felt like I had known him for eternity.Now I’m not the mushy emotional type at all but this Scorpio just made me want to be honest and lay all of my illicit cards on the table. both of our relationships we had just gotten out of had no loyalty in the traditional sense we are both ambitious want a family.The thing is he has an ex girlfriend whom he has a child with. Since he is so loyal to his family his ex uses this strength as a weakness towards him because she uses the child as a way to control him.She told him he is no longer allowed to see his child if he sees me anymore.Im utterly heartbroken.Ive never felt this kind of passion or utter despair in my life even though I can keep it together on the outside I’m dying inside I miss him so much. I cant explain this but I close my eyes and once in a while a get this shiver like hes here with me like a super beyond this world connection.Do you think he will come back? Do you think he is playing games? Last time we were together we held each other all night in the morning we acted like strangers to one another yet he promised he would see me.Still waiting to hear from him.Please what should I do.This is not the first Scorpio I fell hard for but it is the one I felt the best connection with.I love all Scorpios you guys are a cappy girls other half.

  33. priyanka yadav

    hey I my carpicorn woman and love with scropio men..relation runs from 8 months and his family engaged men with taruses woman in December and we both love each other the problem is that now what we can do. ..what I do at this time should I live my partner or carry on this relation….

  34. Beautiful

    I am a Scorpio woman in love with a Capricorn man. We started as young as high school. We both went our separate ways and he found me on fb. As adults we have started to develop a strong bond. We have always had feelings for one another but both were stubborn to say. I love this man and all that he is and have to offer. He says he loves me more now than I could ever want to hear. I will continue to bond with him as long as he would have me and me him. He is opening up to me and trusting me with things he wouldn’t tell me before. And the love making is fantastic. It’s food for our souls. He likes to cuddle and hold me and I melt in his arms. This Scorpio loves that Capricorn to the moon and beyond.

  35. JEN

    I am a Cap woman and I like a Scorpio man. We met at work and initially didn’t talk. We started having small conversations here and there and a friendship slowly started( 6 months later). We started to hangout more frequently he became someone I could talk too, trust and have fun with. We both moved to the city we live in now at the same time, so this is one thing that helped us click. I saw him as a really good friend, nothing more. He would even come to me with his girl problems. We had a great friendship and i slowly started crushing on him. I started having these feelings around 13 months of us knowing one another. I was blindesided, and unsure how I was crushing on a guy friend that was in the “friend zone”. It was something completely different for me. For the next 3 months I kept my feelings to myself, not letting him know how I felt. I didn’t want to feel rejected, because I didn’t know if he felt the same way.
    We spent new years together and that’s when we had our first kiss. After that I felt like I had to tell my Scorpio man how I felt, so I did. I told him I had never had this happen to me, but that I was crushing on him and had feelings for him. He reciprocated that he loved hanging out with me and that I was a person he wanted in his life, but that he didn’t want to mess up our friendship. Ouch! Is how I felt, but I agreed with him I didn’t want to lose him as a friend. I gave him his space and did my own thing for some weeks.
    He slowly came back and started asking to see me more. We talked again and he said he was blind and that I was basically what he was looking for, but just didn’t realize it at that time. I didn’t know what to think… he basically put me on the sidelines and then picked me right back up. Was a wrong to have felt like this?? Things now have changed, now my Scorpio man is a lot more open. We continue to hangout and he tells me I’m the only person he ever misses if we don’t talk for a day or two. He says hes never missed someone before.
    I defintely give him his space, because I also like and need my own space. At this point, 2 months of us being open with our emotions and desires I still feel very confused with our relationship. I’m not rushing any of it, but I really have grown this soft spot for him in my heart. I’m not in love, but I really like him. The connection we have is real, effortless, and fun and I enjoy it. I know Scorpio men are very mysterious and hard to read. I just don’t want to waste my time with someone who may or may not know what he wants. Do u think I’m wasting my time? Thoughts?

  36. M

    I’m a Capricorn female in a “crush/in like” relationship with a Scorpio male. We have a typical “we like each other, but we’re not dating” situation, and it’s mostly dragging on from my part as a Capricorn who likes to take their time analysing the situation at hand before jumping in and committing myself. My problem, being the Capricorn that I am, is that I am extremely cautious in how I approach all aspects of my life, including love, and so i’ve put our friendship in an un-moving situation where we are neither just friends or lovers. I would say our relationship is something undeniably magnetic and every time I try to pull away, I just end up wanting to be even closer. I am not one to have interest in many people since I am picky in who I choose to like, and I can usually get over a crush pretty quickly; but with my Scorpio, I am making the slowest or no progress in getting over the feelings I have. I am almost certain that my Scorpio has gotten in way deeper than I have, and the imbalance of feelings is making me feel guilty about not giving this a chance yet. I’m so close to letting go and finally giving in and taking a risk because he genuinely likes me and I obviously still like him. So, should I go for it?

    also side-note! I’ve never been friends with Scorpios until I met him and my other Scorpio friend who is practically my best friend now, and I see now why the Scorpio-Capricorn bond is loved; I feel like I’ve found a soul that I was meant to find. I understand them and only want to find out more about them! They absolutely have that infamous Scorp quality of drawing you in and having a huge impact in your life once they’ve entered it. They’re definitely someone I will want to keep for life. Let’s love the Scorpio!

  37. Shawnie

    Im a capricorn woman dating a scorpio man & he is full of mystery. One minute we are ok then the next minute he is shouting @ the top of his lungs how much he can’ t stand me. The confusing thing is that he always come back pouring his emotions on me. When I say something he think it is serious enough. He bring the wrong crowd of people in our relationship. First, he use to say “you are a strong woman” now its “stupid this. Dumb that”. Why not break up with me if he don’t feel the same as he use to. I remember him saying there gonna be a time when we need each other. Man, please. He busy listening to lying ass, miserable ass people. I know one thing, I don’t have anytime for drama on my schedule, when it does pop up, I will be ready for it.

  38. Capri

    I’m a Capricorn woman and I’ve been with my Scorpio for over 14 years. We have a turbulent relationship full of constant ups and downs. He’s moody, distant and unpredictable. I never know what he’s up to. And it drives me crazy. However, we have 3 beautiful children together and have a passionate love life. He always knows how to seduce me and after all these years, he looks at me like with so much love and admiration in his eyes. But then, back to what I wrote before, he becomes moody, distant and unpredictable…

    I am growing tired of his ways. But I love him so much. But being constantly frustrated by his behavior and decisions is exhausting. He does try to understand (or at least make it seem like he cares and wants to change..) but he keeps doing things that upset me. He’s extremely secretive and lies a lot. I wonder if this will ever change…

  39. Dee

    I am a Scorpio female with a Leo moon. I am very independent,intelligent, caring,very passionate which can be trans versed as angry, I have a temper, do not like to deal with emotions. My ex-bf was a Cap and Cap moon intelligent, only thought of things in a logical way, had trust issues, loving,introvert, kind when he was with me. We went to school when we were younger but never knew. We worked at the same company and he approached me. We began talking and hit it off which led us to being together for a year and a half. We spent most of our time, okay maybe all of our time together. The first incident that happened when I went to the bathroom he went through my phone finding old texts from a guy before me and Mr.Cap was talking/dating he got mad. He apologized and I forgave him. He made looking through my phone and accusing me of cheating a habit. He told me that I was secretive and that I looked sneaky and he did not trust me. Here are the things I did wrong I am not very emotional so anything that has to do with emotions I do not like to talk about. Every time he talked about emotions and wanted commentary I would shut down and say a few words and be ready to end the conversation. I went out one day with my best friend got drunk and a guy came up and danced behind me. I wanted to break it to my bf when I was ready he looked through my phone with out me know and find out before I could tell him. I also went on a trip which this guy that I was just talking to payed for this was way before my bf but my bf got mad because I told him I payed for the trip and went by myself but that was not the case. We are broken up. I broke up with him after he made a big deal for making sure that a guy that had a food allergy didn’t die mind you I am a future nurse. He told me not to worry about that guy just let him practically die. I called it off. He gave me everything back that I ever gifted him which broke my heart and demanded that I give him everything back. Yes I still care about him dearly and even love him but I cannot go on. I plan on finishing my career and being single for a while. I would like if we could both grow up and fix our issues and then re-kindle what we may have had.

    • C1

      I’m a Capricorn (f) and I’ve been great friends with a Scorpio (m) for three years now. The connection was there so quick. We clicked straight away. We both took a while to open up but I felt so comfortable with him, especially when he put his trust in me, I found it a bit easier to trust him. He admitted his feelings for me after a few months and I felt bad because I didn’t know how I felt. I was back and forward, hot and cold and I think he was growing confused with me. We’ve remained friends although we had a few fall outs, we always found our way back to each other. He’s told me he “loves” me and he still has feelings for me a few times and each time I still wasn’t sure: I feel the connection with him deep. But as attractive as he is and as great as his personality is, I think I only have a platonic love for him…

  40. Silver Fang

    I am a Scorpio woman with a Capricorn woman bff. and I gotta say because I wanted a bff that would be like my partner, I have learned a lot. She is the reason I know I will settle down with a Capricorn sun, moon or rising. Before her I would never have considered dating anyone like her, I would have told you not my type at all. If she wasn’t with her soulmate who is also a Scorpio female, I would have considered going for it. As it is I am happy with just being bff’s. She has helped me to be more grounded, centered and balanced. In return her heart is opening further. A lot pf the comments I resonate with. She took a long time to open up to me and make the decision on whether to be best mates.

  41. Leary Lova

    I just started dating a Capricorn man and he is super intense. I’ve known him since I was 12 years old and we just reconnected. By day three he said I love you and he knew that I was the one. My very Scorpio nature is very suspicious but I really want to try and give this a shot, but I am nervous that this is just one of things that will waste my time and I am tired of wasting my time. I need some insight.

    • truthhurtz

      You are the one who has known him all your life, so why have worries?

      Go for it, if he is not legit it will show in due time.

  42. Boop

    I’m a Scorpio woman, in love with a Capricorn man. We started our relationship as friends because we had both just gotten out of other relationships. He was actually the pursuer, because for the first time in my life, I knew I needed to take time before jumping into a relationship. A year later, even when I didn’t think he was ready, he convinces me to finally give my all. Everyone who knows a Scorpio, knows that they truly give their all! A month later, his ex shows up and tells him she wants to rekindle their relationship. It takes him and I both for a loop. But, being the understanding and caring person that I am, I told him he should see if that was what he wanted… no hard feelings. She spent the weekend with him, which bothered me, but I knew he needed that closure. He called me several times during that weekend, telling me he loved me while she was there in his home. A few days later, he tells me she is NOT what he wants and that we should be together. Life was perfect again. 6 months later, We agreed that I should move in. I sold my home and all of my belongings and moved in. That should have been the greatest time of my life, but I found out he never saw seeing his ex. It’s been 6 more months of me trying to convince him of the pain he is causing both of us but he won’t let her go. He tells me he is in love with us both. As a Scorpio, my intuition has told me everything all along, but I ignored it, knowing this guy is my guy and we will build an amazing future as soon as he gets his head out of his ass. I would love to leave him to let him figure it out, but I really can’t move at this time, because I also moved my 14 year old daughter here (from her home/city of her entire life) to start a new school. I can’t see putting my happiness before her need for structure at this moment. He agrees but won’t stop seeing the other girl. It is as if he has zero morals. I’m thinking of moving into our spare bedroom and just avoiding him. I told him I was giving him space so that he could figure his feelings out and make a decision. I’ve done this several times and he always pulls me back in, making me think he has made his decision. As soon as I cave, he’s back to the same behavior. I have to say he is also suffering from severe depression and has recently started on meds, which I had hoped would help him to clear his mind. I love him dearly and understand that he is in love with two woman, but this situation is not helping any party involved…

    • Faye Taylor

      This message is for Boop! Wow! We Scorps definitely go ALL THE WAY IN when we’re in love! UGh! Girl you gave a LOT in a short amount of time. Moving you and your baby girl to another state!? And selling your home and belonging after 6 months of knowing him. Hummm… you need a spanking girl! I’ve learn from trial and error that we need to take efficient time to get to know these men. I’m sorry, even if he is going through some depression. Look what he is putting you guys through. And your baby is there to witness that. No Buenos! Our kids can tell when there parent is unhappy. That’s not good for her. Let me tell you something he is getting away with too damn much. He’s being “Super Selfish” and playing with both of you women’s emotions. How could he do that after everything you have sacrificed??? If I were you, and I know it’s not easy honey. But you need to get you and your baby out of that situation. If not for yourself for your daughter. Good luck to you!

  43. Tracey

    Ok my situation is, I crushed on him in JR HS, I’m a Scorpio n he’s the Capri, I would catch him starting at me n vise versa, time n life goes on , both divorced w kids that are now grown on their own, I’ve lived states away for over a decade, come back to the area due to father getting cancer n know it’s time to stay close to my parents. I’m visiting my mom 7 hrs north of my father’s town, old stomping grounds, high sch n college, been talking to another guy for a couple of weeks, we agree on a date to get together just the two of us. Now here’s the intriguing n astounding timing part, Mr Capri contacts me the morning before I am scheduled to see this other guy. We had an amazing conversation about family n my ill father n how he wants to express that he went through the same thing with his dad. Gave me words of wisdom and encouragement. I tell him my doubt about the other guy n through our conversation have decided it’s not something I want. No real compassion from Capri other than follow your heart, it doesn’t lie. He knows I’m coming back to see my father in the coming weeks. Second day I’m back we meet up n go for long drive n great conversation. No sex, lots of everything else. I didn’t think he was interested in the physical. Following week it’s a sexcapade of bliss. beIN typical Scorpio I immediately go for the commitment n tell him what I expect anticipate n foresee for us. Great match excellent goals super ambitions. Of course this pushed him away. Three weeks later he moves back in with the ex. 3 months pass, I am now w my mom after dad passed. He contacted me n he’s got job in our old town now. We hook up again, no contact for cpl wks n then again we get together. This time ive done lil research on ol Capri, better prepared. Our last time together was one of the most intimate communicative closest times spent together. We actually shared deep feelings n our secret ambitions for what our individual future holds for us. His birthday on 31st of December. Ex posts hb wish n says she’s w him. Three days after we were just together. What the H— sm I suppose to think. He hasn’t responded to my email n I’m stuck between writing him Off n waiting to see when he does contact me if it’s true. Or is it the suspicious nature we Scorps get imbedded in our minds n be patient cuz it’s worth it???? Please I need this advice asap. Other opportunities are knocking n I don’t want to miss out on happiness.

    • FemCap

      it really is a blessing and a curse to be able to control your emotions. Im a female Cap, and its so easy to close off relationships with people once im not interested. The thing is, i think us Caps genuinely arent as cold as we intend to be. we just assume that talking about emotions might lead to a conversation we can’t control and its better to avoid avoid avoid. But i can relate to what your talking about because i too found myself in a similar situation. I saw myself as a one guy kind of woman so when we broke up i was crushed, even though i never showed it to anyone. i hate being single, i get so distracted. there is too many options. i need structure. so when my ex came back knocking on my door, i dropped any of my flings without question. i was accustomed doing this. ive had 2 boyfriends so far and im 26. but ive had a ton of flings and that because i always find myself dropping everything when my exes come back. to maintain the structure. funny thing is, i met my second bf through the same situation, he was just supposed to be a casual fling until my 1st bf decided to fix things again. but when i got back with my bf, i still kept thinking about bf #2. For a whole year after that fling ended and i was back with bf #1 i couldnt get #2 off my mind, i realised i love him and once i found myself accepting that, and randomly trying to reach out to him from time to time i knew i had to end it with #1 and ive been with #2 ever since. Both relationships reached the 5 year mark. and at least i can still say im madly inlove with #2, the person i never thought i would end up with. i say all this to say that the Cap clearly has some mixed up strong feelings for u. he wont jeopardize his relationship like that to hook up with u after getting back with his ex if he was sure he wanted to be with his ex. ur have something about u he probably realizes he cares about and he probably doesnt know what the hell it means to u. and unless u make the capricorn talk about it, he will just avoid talking about it until u get fed up of the not knowing

  44. Ivy

    Ok so I’m a Capricorn (f) and my best friend is a Scorpio (f) and we’ve been fighting alot recently. So I confronted her a few days ago and she told me a few things that have been happening. To get to the point, I kissed her. I had been thinking about asking her about me wanting our friendship to be something more for a long time but id never had the courage. I talked to her today, and she said that she wasn’t mad just surprised and that she hoped we still be friends. I have no clue what I should do. Please help

  45. Mindy

    Id really like some advice because i have no idea what my scorpio is thinking. I’m a female Capricorn and Ive known my scorpio for almost a decade, since we were teens. We have always been friends and we hang out with the aame circle of friends. He has met all of my exes and even became friends with a few of them. And vice versa. We have always had a really really close friendship and often would just hang out and talk to eachother for relationship advice. I always got the vibe from him that he had a type and was such a play boy, never in a million years thought i would like him even though i always found him attractive from time to time. I could of always depend on him and call or mesaage at anytime. Recently he made his feelings to me aware and we even kissed. It was kind of a mutual kiss i must admit. I didnt know how to feel after, so i kind of avoided him and played down the incident and eventually he never tried to bring up the topic again. He is a playboy still and basically can get any girl he wants, so i never thought twice about us. But a few times when he has been drunk or i myself have had a few, we end up getting all emotional and talking about our feelings and hooking up and then the next day we never talk about it. I think its my fault cause i started a terrible president. And now i’ve realized i like him, a lot actually. But he’s not as open to me anymore. He’s less available, more flakey. I feel nervous to call him or message. But as soon as we hang out with our friends we somehow gravitate to each other, whether or not we have dates with us or not. Did i hurt him? Is that why he acts like our friendship is dead? Is he using me cause he realised he has a good thing going ? Am i a booty call? I dont know but i wish i never shot him down intially. I hate how long it took me to realize how i feel. I want my friend back. I dont care if its not romantic anymore. I just miss being able to be there for him and him me. I miss talking to him about my life and his life and we have such similar intrests i often have no one else to share things im excited about other than him. But i cant cause we havent been the same for months. How do I get him back?

  46. Silver Fang

    Hey Ivy,

    Don’t know if you will see this. I am in a similar situation to you. I am a Scorpio female and my best friend is a Capricorn female who i happemed to be very much in love with. We have fought a lot over the past 6 months. I have recently realised i am very much in love with her but she is in a committed relationship with another scorpio woman. I have decided that havimg a friendship is for the best. Hope you csn sort it out.

  47. Mythical Scorpio

    I am a Scorpio girl 2 months back I saw this Capricorn guy on Snapchat and immediately sought for him. I asked for his number and gave mine but didn’t contact him, he later texted me and we started talking.. he’s very interesting but slow in talking and unfortunately like me, do not let on much.. I’ve tried pushing him but it just doesn’t work and he’s very busy. I’m not a very open up on first basis but I try and I want him to do more so we can take this to the next level, what should I do because he’s obviously confusing unlike anyone I’ve met before and I’m intrigued by that

  48. Cordie

    I am a scorpio women crushing hard on a capricorn man. Ive only just met him and after recently getting out of a long term relationship with a leo I didnt expect anything like this to happen. All I was looking for was a friend but the attraction that assaulted me was ridiculous. It was like being pulled by a giant magnet, time flew and what seemed like minutes turned into hours. It was like a dream. After a couple dates I freaked out cause it scared me and my cap pulled away. I have since apologized and we have slowly started talking again. He invited me to an event 5 months in advance and I was really surprised by it. But I dont hear from him as often as I would like and it confuses me because I dont know where I stand. He sometimes ignores my texts entirely and I find it extremely rude. He says he wants to be just friends but were not just friends, were lovers too. It feels like Im in limbo and dont know where I stand. But it has only been a month and I am impatient by nature.. :-/ What say ye caps out there? Any advice?

  49. Kaela Baggaley

    I’m a girl Scorpio and I really like a Capricorn boy. I’m wondering if we would be a good match? Or should we just stay friends. We’re both wondering and like each other. But what is the compatibility? Will it work out? An answer would be much appreciated!

    • Scorpio

      You will really the Capricorn, Scorpio n Capri easily fall for each other, but it will be short lived, it would be a v happy n satisfying union for a short period, you would really click n then you would suddenly find out after some time that he has someone else maybe as dear as you.. and then the jealousy and judgements take it to whole new level of depression n darkness n he will escape it by choosing the other person.. coz Scorpios are intense, they cannot bear jealousy n hence they blow things out of proportion.. the problem with caps is that they cheat even in an amazingly clicking connection when it gets serious.. just like Pisces.. they like to escape n they hide it for long enough until truth finally comes out and it devastates the Scorpio.. Always !!

      • KScorpio

        And Scorpios also have a tendency to cheat on Capri’s coz Capri’s are not lively enough n they are usually extremely workaholic n though they may understand Scorpios but this relationship is a dark relationship.. so it’s not only the Capri’s but Scorpios too can escape n cheat.. I actually know one such case where the Scorpio cheated coz the Capri was a bit too narrow minded n authoritative.. n the Scorpios are a bit for the fun n weirdness too and sometimes this can get the best of them.. they want someone as weird n that is when the Capri gets cheated on by the Scorpio coz Capri’s are too much for the sane n mature behaviour.. Scorpios crave a partner who can be both weird as hell n serious as hell when needed.. it has to go both sides of the spectrum.. white when it’s white n black when it’s black.. Scorpios alternate between spiritual connection n physical madness n breaking the taboos so they need a partner who has both of these tendencies.. like a saint n a devil both when needed.. we do know right ! Scorpios signifies extremes of both kinds the gud n the bad.. that’s wat they look for in a partner.. no judging plz !!

  50. Heart-brokenScorpio

    I’m a Scorpio woman my Rising sign is Capricorn who dated a Capricorn women that I knew for a few years before we starred dating. Before we dated we had a thing for each other for years but neither of us new of the others feeling. Once we started dating it was wonderful from the conversation to the sex it was amazing we clicked so well that we would kick our asses when we would talk about how we felt for each other all those years but never spoke about it. The relationship was short-shortlived though we dated for 4 months until she broke up with me which I was devastated because I fell so hard for her. The last month of our relationship things started going south we would get into arguments and we would butt heads. She would be so harsh and mean to me when we would argue she would also hit me with low blows. I would say things back but I would never be as mean to her as she was to me I could never be like that with her and believe me I can be a bitch!! Anyways, after the breakup which was through text by the way I told her ok that I would not force her to be with me and the rest was all just closure. Later that night she calls me and I answer thinking she wants to talk about the breakup and no she starts talking like nothing so I go along with it and this continues for a couple of days until I brought it up like I thought we were broken up what is happening here. She says that she doesn’t want to close that door yet blah blah blah all BS. So we continue talking and seeing each other for about a month and a half after that but between that we still would argue and she will stop talking to me for days at a time then calls me like nothing, delete me of of social media, block me from her cell, everything I did bothered her, etc. just treating me like shit. I wasn’t happy I would cry everyday so one day I decided that enough was enough she had pushed me beyond my limits. So I just stopped talking to her cold turkey. She hasn’t reached out to me. This happened about a month ago. I know that what I did was the right thing. I shouldn’t allow myself to get treated like this but a part of me still wants her back and that gets me so angry with myself. I don’t want to call her because we scorpios know how we are about that! My question is do you think she will reach out to me or she’s mad about me cutting her off like that or should I just break and call her. Ugh im just so confused and I don’t know what to do! Any advice would so help!

  51. Phoenix

    I really like (an yes this is sarcasm) how everyone thinks they know how compatibility works.

    There is so much more that goes into a Scorpio and Capricorn (or Scorpio and any other signs) compatibility. I see a lot of hurt people commenting about THEIR experiences. We have to understand that it is JUST that, theirs. I hope you all see how discouraging it may be to meet someone and than come on here to read the onslaught of horror stories. I read in a previous comment that “the relationship is destined to be short lived”. How? How do you know that for a guaranteed fact?

    There is beauty in meeting someone new; challenges and all. That is WHAT makes a relationship. Be daring. Be well equipped. Be ready to take on someone who is nothing like you. Be ready to give and receive love. be ready to LET GO of expecting all people to love like you. Relinquish fears Scorpio because that is truly what holds us back. Vulnerability is beautiful when given for the right cause of love.

    Remember that although signs are a good lead, there is also moon signs, ascendant signs, and character, that add to the individual as a whole.

    I guess all I am saying is find out for yourselves. Don’t listen to what everyone has to say. Take your own step of faith and manifest the love you deserve.

    Much love.

  52. 3lettersnumb

    What I can say after reading all this is… Some of your experiences have only given me glimpses of insights…
    And I appreciate all of your guys’ input….

    I am a Capricorn (F) and for some reason… I keep finding myself around Cancers Scorpios Pisces Taurus and Aries…

    The one that has made me feel like I have found the one to ever even consider marriage seriously, is Scorpio.

    We’re not doing so good because of the long distance and because she and I have both gotten out of long-term relationships. So we just want to just chillax, well her more than I. I can’t and won’t be friends with her not after the four lustful nights I’ve had with her. We talked before we met in person and we talked after she went back home. All in a matter of 4 months. Alot has transpired which had only strained her and I. I’m still living with my ex because she had always depended on me and has nowhere else to go.

    Because of what I’ve read here last night… It inspired me to write to my Scorpio. She is the only one that has ever continued to inspire me to express to her in song, and in written form what I feel for her.
    So here were my words to her…

    I fell asleep but now that I’m awake and reinvigorated…
    I’m only going to write this down one last time… After this, I’m done.

    The times I have spent with you were short lived…
    You’ve seen not only the good things about me but also the not so great side of me.

    I’ve seen what life could be like when you’re happy as well as when you’re mad.

    The first time I laid eyes on you came a rush upon me like no other… The first time you were in my arms, felt like the best eternity I could ever have.

    When we laid down together, only a fire alarm could ever rip my eyes from looking at you.

    When my hands rested on your hips, I felt your body respond to me, an energy emitting a vibration of anticipation, excitement and familiarity, such a rush of mixed emotions and so strong they were that I felt my heart skip a beat and started to pound ever more harder against my chest.

    Yet all of that never could distract my focus on you. I was so hell-bent on discovering your landscape, I kept my vision of you as long as I could as I stared at you for fear that I would forget how precious you looked to me.

    So when I finally got closer to you, you in kind inched closer to me…
    And when I started to inhale you, you kept your neck and your body open to me…
    I could of kept doing that forever but you surprised me when you felt like you had enough and brought your lips to mine…

    I would of rather kept torturing myself as I kept from having you but I could feel with the sincere earnest in your body as your lips touched mine… You were telling me “enough, it’s time you have me” and with that I was more than happy to oblige…

    As soon as I was comfortable to grab you into me, you told me with your body to do more… And I did… I couldn’t stop myself..

    You felt like a journey I’ve wanted to travel yet I already knew I have…

    When you let me have you in my hands and in my lips… All it did was make me want you so much that I just wanted to bite you because you felt like you tasted even better…

    All of my senses were awakened, I felt like I had been asleep for a hundred years.

    When we would talk, I loved listening to you as if you were a symphony that I haven’t heard play before…

    When you would grab my hand to walk with you, I felt that much more happy and proud that it’s me you wanted the public to see with you.

    When I would walk ahead you would grab me to slow me down… Remind me to just enjoy the minutes and seconds I had with you.

    When you wanted more, I was more than happy to provide what you needed.

    I didn’t care who would see us… The world didn’t exist because my lifetime was staring right back at me…

    To know that I could bring you to Nirvana and back was ever more so sweeter and satisfying than any other accomplishments I’ve had.

    Every night I had was memorable with you because I made sure to remind myself to remember each of those moments…

    So after we had probed each other in the shower, I could feel we’ve exhausted ourselves from such an exerted need of wants…

    And as soon as as I woke up, just the mere sight of you made me hungry for more.

    One thing I do want to apologise to you is that I’m sorry that I didn’t get to devour you even more. I’m sorry that you didn’t have more time to dive deeper into me and let you know that you were safe.
    I’m sorry that I was so selfish with you at the wrong times… But that was only proof that no matter how wrong the circumstances, my yearning for you couldn’t stop even if I wanted to.

    To have that all go away… Was like a judge giving me a death sentence…

    To be dwindled down to happenstances of video calls and text messages is like a warden rationing out my sustenance…

    You were a passageway I didn’t know existed, a secret garden that was kept from me until the universe decided to reveal you to me.

    So to tell me that you only wanted to be friends after I’ve felt and could see one of the best eternities… Was like an unexpected punch in the stomach, knocking the wind right out of me.

    I knew we were not going to date right away but I also knew we couldn’t just be friends. Not after those stolen moments I’ve had with you.

    So I’m writing this down for you… What I’ve felt and what I’ve seen… To be honest, I couldn’t have imagined it better.

    My favorite kiss(s) was our first kiss in the bed, the first time I kissed your hard nipples, the first kiss I gave you on your love box, the time we kissed at the Navy Pier in the rain on the wooden steps, I wouldn’t of minded making love to you out in the open in broad daylight, that’s how energized you make me. And when we kissed at the mall against the railing.

    My favorite moments of you was watching you eat ????????
    Watching you sleep????
    Watching you organize my mess????
    Watching you get ready
    Watching you sing along to music playing on the radio.
    Watching you ask me questions with your eyes, looking to me for reassurance.
    Watching you shop… I have no patience waiting on someone to buy things but I didn’t mind so much with you.
    Watching you watching me be “friendly” with others, I could feel you didn’t like it but you didn’t mind so much ’cause you knew that I was already yours.

    My favorite sensations were you in my mouth… Every and any part of your body and I could feel you tremble with anticipation or tremble with an out-of-body experience of pleasure…
    Lightly Running my lips along your eyebrows and eyelashes.
    Running my fingers and hands along every curve and crevice of your body.
    Discovering sinful delights with you…
    Running my fingers through your soft straight hair so easily it felt like Velvet or water slipping between my fingers…
    Feeling your lips kiss and suck mine as I softly dipped my fingertips between such exquisitely sweet actualized dreams…
    Your long legs wrapping me tightly to you as if you were about to fall into a deep abyss and get lost in that black void of lust and love if it weren’t for me bringing you back each and everytime only to sink you back in that momentary timeless bliss…
    Forgive me for saying this but… Even when I forced myself onto you… I felt so compelled to have you no matter what that I didn’t listen to you, I only felt and listened to my body and yours… The feeling of my wants was so intense that your body heard me and you only tensed up when you were conscious of your body betraying you. At that raw moment I only felt more love for you and it turned me on, I wanted you even more, i couldn’t get enough no matter how much I tried to have all of you; you were an endless sea of all things I thought impossible…

    I love being open with you and discovering anything new with you. I’ve had sex in a car more than once… But with you, it was completely different… It felt natural and new at the same time, it felt like a perfect beginning to which the end was only ever realized when we had to step out of the car… For if not, it was just a continuous loop of guilty free trip of wonders …

    I could say so much more… As well as the things I didn’t like so much…

    For now… My cards are on your table… Do what you may… At this point, I’ve said my peace.
    I don’t expect you to say or do anything. Nor do I expect any kind of actions from you. I don’t hope to have changed your mind and I don’t care to do so. You think and feel as you do.

    so what’s the purpose in me saying all this?
    Only that you should know what I’ve felt and saw. and that I hope you one day find your bliss in someone that can make you feel like that or even better.

    I’d rather not be on talking terms anymore, ’cause it just hurts. I’m not going to half-ass this either. And I’m not going to force anything on you. Because I don’t want a relationship right now, nor am I going to deny what I feel.

    So. Now I’m done…

  53. 3lettersnumb

    One thing i would like to add… I do not condone forcing oneself onto someone else, no. That was a big mistake I have done because I had forgone my better judgement. She and I were both out of it, but that does not excuse my erroneous behavior. My apologies ladies and men… She didn’t deserve that, yet she still loved me more. And I did everything I could to make up for that. She forgave me right away… Only because she admitted that she loved how I exerted my need for her, and how I handled her… With much strength, passion and love for her.

  54. Antwerpen

    I’m a scorpio guy and have a friend who is a capricorn girl- I met her online a long time ago, we use to hang out online and talk for hours; but we kinda grew apart and went a long time without talking. I’ve never met her before but I liked her almost the instant we started talking. I pretty much fell for her back when we originally met and even today, almost a decade later, I still can’t get over her and haven’t moved on.

    A few years after we stopped talking she messaged me out of the blue about how she missed us being friends; I never made anything of it though because I had a lot of emotions going on at the time.

    A couple years after that she again started talking to me out of the blue and I took the opportunity to vent all my emotional problems I had been holding in over the years. Talking to her about it helped and I got over all of it, and I let her know this and how thankful I was that she was there to listen. It got over emotional, as it always does with a scorpio, and I said a lot of things that shouldn’t have been said. After that I cut myself off out of respect for her well being. We talked on and off a little since then, but it never stuck, I couldn’t tell if she was interested in talking or not and I didn’t want to bother her.

    A few weeks ago I took the opportunity to reconnect with her after she ran into some financial issues- I offered help if she needed it and it led into a pleasant conversation. It started off fun and almost flirty? I can’t quite say, at first she would write with a lot of interest, excitement, and lots of questions, but over time it kind feels like she’s replying out of kindness more than anything. As usual the conversation hit some emotional spots where I told her how much I appreciate her friendship, and she’s reflected the same feelings for the most part. Retrospectively, she has been pretty hot and cold. She’s going through a lot right now, and our conversation has pretty much stopped at this point- I just don’t know what to do.

    One thing I’ve noticed is she keeps saying sorry for being spacey or for replying to something days later, which I understand; but she also says she is trying and that our friendship will get better over time. As a scorpio I can look at that in some profoundly different ways. I’m basically stuck between my intuition thinking there is something more here and I need to pursue it, and my logical thinking that I’m just “kind of a friend” but can never really be a real friend due to my feelings and living 1000 miles away.

    Does she like me? Does she hate me? Will she ever like me? How can you even tell? I’ve put myself on hold for over 8 years waiting for this, and every part of me says this is worth waiting as long as needed for; but if I wait too long and it doesn’t work out, I fear I’ll never get to experience love- whereas if I give up the dream now I might still have a chance at something else. Not that I want something else, just I don’t know what to think, I don’t know what to do.

    • Deepak Sharma

      My story is almost same like you,
      The only difference is that you live miles apart & she is my Neighbour next Door.
      Everything same whatever you have said resonates with me also,
      My Capricorn Lady is also very Hot & Cold type of a Lady.
      & Myself Scorpio
      After 5 years of knowing her still I am confused.
      What’s going on between us.
      On the Contrary we both are married.
      I’ve got 2 Kids & she has none.
      She’s Very much a Workoholic very hard working.
      She’s very good with my kids.
      She was very good with me also for 1-2 years in the starting of my friendship, but I don’t what wrong I did, even though I haven’t did or said anything to her.
      Now I’ve started feeling that I didn’t ever existed in her life anymore.
      She will answer to me in short, whenever I ask her anything.
      But not like the starting time of our friendship.
      She will look at me eye to eye & sometimes she stares at me, but have stopped taking to me, she very cool with both my kids.
      I am confused what’s in her mind & who I am her life.
      I feels she likes me very much as I can scene it.
      I get the vibrations I can feel it.
      The kind I feel for her I don’t feel for anyone else.
      Can anyone help me.

  55. Annie

    Good morning to All,

    I hope to make this as short as possible as I know long stories are boring, but I need HELP and there’s no one around me I can talk about this with. I found this website by looking for Scorpio-Capricorn compatibility, but loved how people expressed so freely and got amazing responses from both Caps and Scorps, so here I go: I’m a Scorpio woman, 26, never been in a relationship. Mostly hanging out w/friends, nothing more. I have known a Capricorn man for almost 11 years now and we’ve been friends for such a long time.

    At first, when we met online, he had a very cool girlfriend, which I also got to meet. A couple of years later they broke up, but we would share our things and always stayed in touch. Years passed, and as we stayed in touch, I decided to take the step of meeting him in person. I don;t live in the US, however, love going there and on the Summer of 2013, I finally got to meet up. He was so chivalrous, he came all the way from RI without knowing me in person, and we met in Downtown Boston. We hugged like nobody else around us cared and it was great.

    I sensed he maybe had feelings, but wasn’t sure because he was always so courteous and nice and certainly I was feeling something but did not want to come off as easy or precipitated and never told him I might be feeling the same way he did. Summer ended and I had to return to my country. By August, he was already meeting someone else. They have been together for 5 something years and have a kid. But he is miserable. He lives in an abusive relationship with someone who cheats and mistreats him. At first, he seemed happy, and would even speak of the possibility to introduce her to me and, I was happy because he seemed very happy and the girl is really pretty. But with time, things have been falling apart. And I’ve always been there.

    Last December, we saw each other again after 4 looong years. We had that same hug of 4 years ago and it was magic. We saw each other a couple of times, his girlfriend is a Leo and has BPD, so you can imagine she does not trusts/likes me at all. He says he loves me and cares about me and we talk everyday. I might be coming off as someone who would get in the way of a family, which is not the case, because I would never do that, but I want to be with him so bad and he’s not happy and he won’t see past that. He’s afraid she might take their baby away, but they have laws in the states for these cases and I know I would make him so happy. He needs affection and someone that he can trust and can help him enjoy his life. He works so hard and he’s such an amazing person. I am going again in December and would like to know, what can the Caps and Scorps in ScoprioMystique can recommend me to do? I love him so much, I know I love him because I want to know of him everyday and would give anything to help him out of the misery his life is right now. He deserves so much more, someone that can work alongside him to diminish his workload(she doesn’t work or study) and he just won’t take any step, even though he has admitted he loves me and I’m the woman he wants to marry hopefully in the future. Can someone take a part of their precious time and advise me on what to do? I’m going crazy and don’t know what else to do.

  56. Tamika

    Im a Scorpio female in a relationship with a capricon man. We met at a resort both working there. A few months into our relationship he said he wanted to move back to his home town and wanted me to go with him

    he left cause i couldn’t leave my job at the time.We spent 2 months apart but still exclusive. he told me he didn’t want me sleeping with anyone and he wouldn’t either.

    When I moved there everything was great. I was feel suspicious and may have looked at his phone. He messaged a chick asking to fuck! while I was still at the resort.
    I packed all my shit while he was there and left. He begged me to stay but I still went….
    We eneded up getting back together. he said he didn’t know what he wanted at the time and wasn’t even sure if I was going to move with him…. and I was understanding of this even though I didn’t do anything like this when we were apart.

    Recently I found a message to a girl he use to see a few years ago… Asking her for sex! He even has pictures on his phone of them two kissing.

    he’s said he wants to change and stop doing this cause he wants a furture with me…. He said hes trying to get out of his old ways. I’ve been his first relationship in a few years…
    He wants to have kids and marry me. im so confused. I’ve been sooo hurt by him but still can’t leave. im normally very strong and know my worth.

    someone please help! Does he really need time and should I be supportive or just move on. im soo stuck

  57. Yaz

    HELP 🙁 Scorpio sun, sag moon)
    Does anyone have any experience with a cappy male/scorp moon?
    I feel like im dating a rare ass breed. He’s super affectionate, highly communicative about his emotions and about me which is great.
    But ive got trust issues like a mother effer, especially bc i just had to end things with a scorp male (ugh).

    Everywhere i look, it seems that cappys are super serious and devoted, but im still hesitant to fully open up to him, despite him having that emotional moon sign.
    any advice?

  58. V

    HELP! I’m a Scorpio woman who has a crush on a Capricorn man. I’ve known him for about two years now and we started off as friends & have built an amazing friendship. About 3 months ago, I told him how I felt about him and he didn’t act/respond much, but about a month ago, he told me that he started to have feelings for me back. We decide to take things slow, but it just feels like we’re friends and nothing is happening. We’re starting to get distant from each other and I don’t know why. I just find it so odd and I don’t exactly know what to do or think. Please help, provide feedback. Thank you

    • Sven_Cap_Male

      The best thing you can do to help a cap is to communicate verbally. As cap guys, we find it extremely difficult to read emotions and expressions and are often left with a 100 questions in our head. If you feel this way, he’s probably feeling the same thing a 100 times more in his head. If he does something you admire or if there’s something you find cute, tell him about it and make him talk about his feelings in the open. My scorp gf pushed me into a conversation about what she’d like to call me. It was one of the most fun conversations we’ve had and looking back, it was a great way to make me communicate and open up about my feelings. The second thing we caps really appreciate is consistency. If something changes, communicate and tell him clearly. My scorp gf has this habit of suddenly disappearing for a couple of days without any conversations. She’d stay in touch, but not too much. After a couple of days, things would be back to normal. Inconsistencies like these bug caps a lot. When I confronted her, she said that she just wanted a couple of days to herself to clear her head. Now, every time she wants a bit of time to herself, she just informs me about it and I’m perfectly comfortable with it. It’s so much more easier to open up when things are regular and consistent. In short, verbal explicit communication is the key for you. I know that is kinda difficult for scorps, but try your best, because the relationship is totally worth it in the end. I really wish you both the best of luck!

  59. JS.

    I’m a capricorn teen girl lol and my boyfriend/ guy friend is a Scorpio. We just actually started talking / dating and he’s been trying to get with me every since last year of Oct.10 , so you are right Scorpio’s don’t give up I guess lol. It just made me laugh because I’m like dang this dude (so sweet) been trying to get with me and I just been being a stuck up b*tch. He never did give up tho, he continue trying all the way until this year so basically he’s been trying for a year. I finally gave him a chance which was Dec 4th & we’ve been talking since. I honestly do like him but me being a capricorn female I think I’m a lot to deal with and he can honestly handle me. He never gives up on me even though I talk crazy, and goes off on him for little stuff like him not texting me back or some. I just been so moody lately, I have had a death in the family which was my first cousin, then I just feel like after we did it for the 4 times. After that he just lacked on calling me and he use to before we did that , call me everyday ! Also he use to text me back fast and now he takes hours. He says he be busy and he has a job and I know that but I just feel like he changed or lacked some, but honestly I’m not going to give up even though I’ve been trying to he won’t let me. I believe in my heart he really does like me but i been hurt so many times that I honestly didn’t want to be with nobody ( when he kept trying ) and now we’re together I can’t let him go. I talk crap like I want him to go but in reality I don’t and he hasn’t left anywhere. Furthermore, tell her how you feel and keep trying. Get back on good terms, I honestly love when he tells me how it feels , it gives us a better understanding and then I tel him how I feel which makes it better. After that we figure out how we can move on from this bs we had. Then we’re back on good terms. So you as a male should just be honest and tell her how you feel, then let her tell you how she feels, and then see where you guys can move on from there. DONT GIVE UP!!! She will eventually see that you might be a good man and give you a chance but please don’t let her down because that just makes us Capricorn’s even worse after that. We don’t want to be hurt, disappointed, or let down. So if your going to beg for her time please don’t waste it.

  60. Sasa

    Met this Capricorn guy off hinge, we both funny enough had covid at the same time and were both quarantining at the same time as neither of us could go to work or leave the house. So the inevitable happened, we spoke to each other all day everyday for those 10 days of isolation. We made plans to meet after, which we did. It was nice felt like I had known him forever he had a deep conversation with me regarding his ethnic history and gma passing away. all super cute stuff. Anyways the next 2 days I notice a heavy shift in his energy, he’s not as enthusiastic as he was prior to meeting. Less phone calls, not as much flirting. Then 2-3 days later he picks up with the flirting again, constant messaging etc.. even calls me after work to say hes coming to pick me up to get food randomly. Everythings nice, that same week we planned to see each other on the weekend, cut a long story short he “forgets” we was meant to meet the whole Saturday went by he mentioned nothing and I didnt either (I was fuming). got to 11pm the same evening he asks what im up to and I just say listen dont make plans and not follow up. He goes I forgot, I thought you was working, then apologies. we go back and fourth a bit then I just say I will be honest I feel like you have no urgency for me and its off putting. He asks to then pick me up from my friends house where I was, I drag it out deciding then I agree. He came to see me we talk he apologizes says hes got a lot on at home. Since I have tried to add some distance on convo, but he still messages me every day without a fail. “morning baby x” this and that. I feel like im on a roller coaster ride with this guy and its driving me crazy. I like him but I havent got time for the lack of consistency or actually not knowing whether hes interested on a deeper level. we have not have had sex, spoken a lot about it hes very sexual. but also admitted the last girl he stopped seeing as it was just sex and going nowhere else, so clearly he wants something of substance. hes 30 im 27. All my ex’s are Capricorn men, best friend male and female. I know them VERY well. but at this point I just think this guy isnt interested or there’s another woman around. Its only been a month but im ready to just get this off my chest or cut him off. One thing that sticks out like a sore thumb to me is the lack of deeper level conversions we have, everything is very hows your day, touch and go. Though he never fails to message me every day. Were both very busy but i mean I’m not going to put it down to that. Help please!

  61. zoey

    I am a capricorn female which is dating a taurus man but has always had a strange mysterious chemistry with scorpio men.
    I dont get the mood swings and not knowing what they want. One day they love you the most but the then the few days they just dont text/call you. Then they have this sensitive side when they do things for you to show how important you are for them but then again show how important you are to them. I have found the perfection with taurus as we completely understand each other and are secure in our relationship and I dont need to figure that out by analyzing. The only thing is that is missing is that chemistry/attraction like a magnet that I had with scorpios. But I do believe that taurus are our perfect match.

    • zoey

      *then they have this sensitive side when they do things for you to show how important you are for them but then again show how **unimportant you are to them.

  62. Ayla Devine

    You are on point!

  63. Yazmin

    From a Capricorn girl’s POV: I love scorpio guys there’s just somethin about them.. okay but not all or maybe I’m just saying this CAUSE THIS ONE SCORPIO GUY makes me think all scorpio guys are like him lol.
    So we’ve been in the same school since junior years though we basically never knew each other. But the first time we did (the third year of high school)I felt like I had known him my entire life! idk whether he felt the same but a few days later we were desk mates.
    A little bit about him..He is Ethiopian, he is calm, mysterious and intense and has this dominating aura all at the same time which is how i presume most scorpio guys are, he literally gushes sex appeal like a waterfall and every single time he stared at me it felt like he was staring right into my soul and stripping it into pieces. He’s tall idk the ft exactly but I basically reach just a few cm below his chest, yes that’s how tall he is..
    He’d fall asleep facing me during class and his face ohmygosh angelic❤️..
    My guy friends would be talking and go like, “you know that he goes crazy when you walk past us it’s almost like he’s melting he’s like omfg!”
    However, I was in a relationship with a gemini (ikr smh) so I was only seeing it from a platonic perspective. After a few months we broke up and after moving on I was like (I can’t believe this handsome blessing was right in front of me the whole time! We had already cleared high school by then.
    I realised late that I’ve been having feelings for him all along but I was too loyal to feel anything else so I just let it slide. And after a few months of constant communication and hanging out, I told him how I’ve been feeling and he said he liked the fact that I initiated that conversation because he wanted to express how he felt as well but didn’t know how to..
    The problem however is just before a relationship would come into fruition he breaks it to me that he’s leaving to another country because of family issues and won’t be coming back 😔 he suggested we try long distance but that wouldn’t work out cause both of our love languages include physical touch and so now we’re back to being friends *sighs in disappointment*


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