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Scorpio & Aries

Scorpio is a Water sign, and Aries is a Fire sign. These two may appear to be opposites, but they have far more in common than they initially think. Both Aries and Scorpio share a common ruler: Mars, the Planet of Action. Mars imbues you both with tremendous passion, inner strength, courage, vitality, energy, and enthusiasm for life. When these two are together, they motivate each other to excel, they push each other past each other’s comfort zones, they support each other and encourage each other. However, they can also be extremely competitive with one another, because they both seek to win above all else. If they are both in the same career path or share the same hobby, things can get ugly if they are aiming for the same prize.

The differences between Aries and Scorpio are significant. Although both of them have a short temper and you lose your patience easily, Aries tends to forgive and forget much more easily than Scorpio. When hurt or deceived, Scorpio tends to hold on to that hurt and will remember it forever. Scorpio has a tendency to hold a grudge and seek revenge. That’s why Aries has to be very careful with the words they use when talking to Scorpio. Both Aries and Scorpio have a tendency to say things they do not mean when they are angry, but that could lead to dreadful explosions.

Scorpio is likely to be more emotionally invested into the relationship than Aries first appears to be. Scorpio bonds deeply and intensely to the one they love, and Scorpio shows their devotion and appreciation for their partner by paying attention to the little things. Scorpio seeks the same care and affection in return, but because Aries is more action-oriented, they may not be as sentimental and emotional as Scorpio is, which could lead to a conflict in the way they both express their love. When Scorpio and Aries get in a fight, it becomes stormy, fiery, and explosive. It is advised for them both to partake in physical activities together to unleash their intensity and propensity to go to extremes.

Although Scorpio and Aries have somewhat contrasting approaches on life and love, they both share a love of passion, freedom, independence, adventure, and romance. If they are able to accept each other for who they are and not try to manipulate one another into changing, then they have great chances of experiencing a lasting and fulfilling relationship.

For more about how Scorpio’s partnerships and overall consciousness are being shaken up due to Uranus in Taurus 7-year transit in our relationship sector, read Part II of this astrological report. I wrote a 36-page forecast to help us navigate these changes and deepen our connection with our lovers with patience, courage and wisdom. All orders are available to download digitally immediately after purchase, and include a love forecast within the report. It’s now on sale. Enjoy!


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Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, shifted into Taurus in March 2019, where it will remain until 2026. Since Taurus is Scorpio’s opposite sign of the zodiac, its transit has a direct effect on our partnership sector these next 6 years. Our romantic partnerships, as well as all types of partnerships, will experience a radical transformation from the inside out. This is something that we’ve felt within ourselves, and it will now manifest outwardly. Uranus in Taurus Part II serves as a guiding tool for navigating this 2nd year of Uranus in Taurus. Your relationship foundations are dramatically shifting, but as long as you trust your heart and your instincts, you’ll experience the love life meant for you, Scorpio. 2019 was an emotional rollercoaster, and 2020 can provide greater internal stability, even in the midst of external chaos or change.

This 30-page report breaks down the overall energy of year 2 of Uranus in Taurus, and also highlights specific dates where we may feel its influence most intensely in our relationships. If you’ve been navigating challenges in your partnerships and feel like you’re at a crossroads in your love and social life, this forecast is for you. Empower yourself and empower your relationships by being self-aware and accepting of the changes manifesting in your life, rather than trying to control everything. You are not alone, and you will make it through stronger, wiser, and more evolved than ever.

All orders of Uranus in Taurus Part 2 are available for download immediately after purchase, and will also be emailed to you. Enjoy!

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Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, shifted into Taurus in March 2019, where it will remain until 2026. Since Taurus is Scorpio’s opposite sign of the zodiac, its transit has a direct effect on our partnership sector these next 6 years. Our romantic partnerships, as well as all types of partnerships, will experience a radical transformation from the inside out. This is something that we’ve felt within ourselves, and it will now manifest outwardly. Uranus in Taurus Part II serves as a guiding tool for navigating this 2nd year of Uranus in Taurus. Your relationship foundations are dramatically shifting, but as long as you trust your heart and your instincts, you’ll experience the love life meant for you, Scorpio. 2019 was an emotional rollercoaster, and 2020 can provide greater internal stability, even in the midst of external chaos or change.

This 30-page report breaks down the overall energy of year 2 of Uranus in Taurus, and also highlights specific dates where we may feel its influence most intensely in our relationships. If you’ve been navigating challenges in your partnerships and feel like you’re at a crossroads in your love and social life, this forecast is for you. Empower yourself and empower your relationships by being self-aware and accepting of the changes manifesting in your life, rather than trying to control everything. You are not alone, and you will make it through stronger, wiser, and more evolved than ever.

All orders of Uranus in Taurus Part 2 are available for download immediately after purchase, and will also be emailed to you. Enjoy!

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  1. This is so true for me and my Aries. We have been together for 8 years on and off and are finally getting married. We both had to learn to understand how each of us show and express love.

  2. I’m an Aries that’s head over heels for my Scorpio… we are on our second tour after a hiatus. The break included many transitions in life along with revealing gaps that could only be filled with a reconciliation…so here’s to round two… #playingforkeeps

    1. Round 2 for my Aries and I as well! We had a 6 month break and had zero expectation for even rekindling a friendship. I’m a typical Scorpio when it comes to not easily forgiving but as soon as we grabbed coffee, BOOM! SPARKS! We live in 2 different states and we have agreed to do our own things for the next 5 months until we decide whether or not we want each other intimately. If that is the case then that’s it! We’re done looking because our love is strong enough. Man I live my Aries and to think that I had such disdain for him 6 months prior.

  3. I’m just wondering if being a november 19th baby (first day of the cusp) makes a real difference on a romantic relationship? How does someone on the cusp really figure out when and where our characters cross the line from one sign to the other? Would a scorpio-sag get along more with an aries than a full breed (lol) scorpio?

    Thank you in advance! 🙂

    1. The cusps do not exist. That is just a gimmick from astrology sites. The sun cannot be in two signs at the same time. Is either one sign or the other but NOT both. The other reason that some astrology sites have dates overlapping as to when the sun leaves or enters one sign into the other is because some years the sun leaves a sign early in 20th of each month and other years it does it on the 21st. I’m a Gemini sun and Aries moon (June 20th) last degree Gemini so I understand the confusion. Lol the reason I’m here is because in Draconic Astrology I am a Scorpio sun, Virgo moon with Scorpio Venus…and my lover in DA is Aries sun, Capricorn moon, Aries venus.

      1. One of the firsts (and most intense and deep) love of my life was a Scorpio, and his birthday was the 19th. It was pretty textbook Aries/Scorpio, so I don’t think the cusp makes that much difference in this pairing. 🙂

  4. Me(scorpion) and my aries friend whenever we get into fight or debate or anything it is the aries who always takes down..he loses everytime with me…i nevr give up…so even he has accepted the fact to deal with scorpion is not an easy task! Bt he his my frnd and i care for him so i usualy try to keep my mouth shut and not getting in any disturbive conversation…bt then he starts and then u knw he always losses to me. 😀

  5. My kids father is a Aries and hell and fireworks was the words during an argument lol literally break out in fights because both are so head strong but the sex is amazing and the good times count but the bad out ways the good with this couple and that’s bad

  6. Break ups, other people/other relationships and jealousy is what marked my relationship with this man…and he was often look me and tell me that I deserves someone else,when I moved on he was so bitter and ugly to me. He even got another women pregnant to upset me and resentit, he had a nervous breakdown because I gave up on him. We even have a daughter together

    1. I’m a Scorpio I’m seeing an Aries. It’s fairly new, but it’s like I don’t know weather he hates me. Because one minute we’re speaking everything is OK and in a flash he won’t even say hello to me. I feel like I’m here for his benefit. I’m ready to get off this rollercoaster but something is pulling me towards him. What should I do

      1. I’m a Scorpio female and dating an Aries male. The relationship is also fairly new( 3months In) we live in different states and actually haven’t introduced ourselves yet in person. We have talked on phone,FaceTime,and through texts. I feel like we’re very much drawn and into each other with an question.He recently told me he loved me and yes I said it back with all smiles. We been talking about kids well as moving to whatever state or country together. I feel like you can fall in love with a person from many miles away but what happens when all of a sudden my love, my friend, my Arise man is nowhere to be found!!after talking with him on a Saturday night the next morning it’s a complete mystery.. No calls, No texts?No Nothing….just voice mail!!! it’s so weird but I truely miss him. I’m still waiting to hear from him it’s been 2weeks now and don’t know what to do.

      2. Don’t worry about it he/she might be going through their own rough patch in life where he or she might be confused about something and doesn’t want to drag you in it or make you feel any type of way because he/she probably really cares about you .??‍♀️You never know ,so don’t even stress if

  7. Never knew where I stood with Scorpio man. Did not communicate, would say opposite of what he really felt. Lied many times answering sex ads behind my back. And today he is wondering why I walked away
    Obsessed with sex

    It has been 6 weeks and not one word from him. Don’t think he was sincere with all the sweet talk. Not even trying to get me back. That’s how cold he is.

  8. Never knew where I stood with Scorpio man. Did not communicate, would say opposite of what he really felt. Lied many times answering sex ads behind my back. And today he is wondering why I walked away
    Obsessed with sex

    It has been 6 weeks and not one word from him. Don’t think he was sincere with all the sweet talk. Not even trying to get me back. That’s how cold he is.

  9. So obviously it’s normal for this pair to break up and make up. From hiatus to on. I love my Aries so much and his actions show that he loves me too. But the part about different expressions of love is so true. The jealousy and suspicions run deep between us and causes conflict. We both unconsciously play games trying to protect our own feelings and egos. I just want this to work because for the first time I honestly feel like this is a soul attachment. Mind and heart.

  10. I’m a lesbian Hi….. I’m an ARIES mii girl is a scorpio… Our relationship started off crazy but we never gave up on each other… We learned over the months how to deal wit each other… I love her n trust her to the fullest because I no she’s loyal… We talk n txt all day… She super sensitive but I can deal, I can b kinda controlling but she let me be sometimes… She’s manipulated n demanding this I no but sometimes I let her have her way depending on the situation… We argue all couples do I argue back but I never let her gt under mii skin… To be honest it’s a turn on to me…. She’s mii headache n I love her bipolar ASS even tho she hit them nerves sometime LOL… (To me communicate,loyalty an space is the key to our relationship)

  11. True. I’m in love with an Aries and he hates to be tied down all he does is come in and tell me so many promises of how we can make this relationship work only to leave me time and time again. I guess I am the fool for sticking around waiting for him to prove what he once said to me will come to be. So now he doesn’t want me to bring up our relationship or have a talk about how I feel anymore…..I just need to let go but how do you let go when you love someone so much…………..

    1. Thanks for your comment Ashley. It helped me feel not so alone. I’ve been on/off with an aries guy for almost 8 years. He told me two weeks ago he didn’t want to make things work between us anymore. I know I deserve better than this and should move on. We both left eachother in the past and have resentments. I thought we’ve been through so much, I should wait for him to come back like I have in the past. The truth is, It’s really hard for scorpios to accept that their passionate, undying love is not recpriocated and move on. It only makes you want them more.
      Everyone deserves someone who loves them

      1. I’ve been in a relationship with an Aries man for 3 years now. I understand the feeling of not feeling desired or loved as much. I honestly believe if I weren’t still so in love with him I would never ever date an Aries again. The love will never be matched because Scorpios love so intensely and Aries are just so cavalier.

        1. I fell you. I’m a Scorpio, he’s an Aries, we’ve been together for 8 years now, with it’s ups and downs. Every time we’ve been down i’ve been the one trying to work things out. We got married last year, but couldn’t celebrate our first anniversary because we were in a down, you know what i got for gift? Not even a letter. And I realize I expect him to be many things HE CAN’T BE. He acts like he’s carless, so now I’m consciously being carless, nothing’s changing except the fact that I’m not expecting him to save us and the no expectation is helping me feel better, better with my self. I don’t really care now if my heart breaks trough a divorce, I know I did my best, and I know if its not working it will never work. I’m intense, but that’s how i fell alive.

    2. I’m a younger Aries female she’s a Scorpio almost doubled in my age. We’ve dated years ago, finding me again and we have rekindled. Scorpios will express how they feel but action is a little slow. Aries dont have time for games and those Scorpio secrets because we will move on. One minute we are really close and the next there is space between. One minute she’s falling hard and the next she is silent.

      1. I am an Aries female and my friend is a female Scorpio. She is older than me and I agree with you! I met my Scorpio years ago and just admired her from a far. I ran across her pic on a friends page and decided to reach out and let her know how attractive she was to me. 4 months later she hits me up and we began conversing from there. We hit it off instantly! My Scorpio was such a GENTLEWOMAN to me. She was sweet, romantic, attentive…had me head over heels for her….and then out of the blue… BOOM! She tells me she doesnt want to be more than friends b/c of unresolved issues with in her self and other secrets she didnt care to share with me. I cant heart was broken. She got me wide open and then dropped that bomb on me. Now, we agreed to be friends, but are still physically attracted to each other. But one thing ARIES does not have time for is the GAMES and WISHY-WASHY ways of Scorpio. When we are together, we have a FANTASTIC time together. When she is being moody or feeling standoffish, its okay for her but not for me. Its not fair! None the less, I am so drawn to her, but i feel like Im going to cut her off bc I dont have time for games. One minute she adores the shyt out of me…loving all up on me and the next she is missing in action. Silent. I won’t hear from her…

        1. Yea I wrote the comment above yours
          Yes games is what we don’t have time for. I’m Aries she’s a older Scorpio who obsessively found me. When we are together it’s great otherwise the communication is awful. i really like her but I don’t have time for the slow process I meet people and will move on quick.

          1. So move on then. Aries love to say we will just go but here we are reading this. Scorpio invades your heart before you even know it..

          2. Exact situation I have an older Scorpio whom saw me and found me. Didn’t have to steal my heart it was already hers when I saw her too. LDR and the communication is really damned but each time we meet I met like butter. Can’t let go of her and don’t know how.

  12. I think this Scorpio female that’s been in my life for about 5-6 years. Me and my close friend like a brother to me always talked to the same women. We would always talk to the same women, this Scorpio female we would both get at and kiss and do all kind of shit when we were younger. I really liked her but I liked multiple women at that time, and my brother only wanted this Scorpio woman, he just got out of a relationship so I stopped talking to her. And talked to other woman, until I went to 5150 and got out they ended up breaking up, so she called me as soon as they broke up the day I got out of 5150 so I hang out with her. And she was the only person I felt truly cared for me, I always had deep passionate feelings for her but I didn’t want to push my issue when she dated my brother, but me and this Scorpio chick started dating and she was one of my favorite females I ever hung out with in my life.

  13. As a Scorpions man I was in relationship with Aries girl for 6 years. I agree that as ascorpio I was more involved and would expect more from her.eventually she cheated me for another guy.since then I never called her to win back. I only said if you willing to destroy our 6 year relationship you better don’t cheat on him. Fuck man I wanted to destroy her but I acted so cold that she was nothing to me when I got to know she cheated on me.

  14. I’m an Aries and me and my fwb are not speaking after we had an argument and I dont want to, because right now I’m planning for revenge I hold grudges but it depends on who u are,but with him I’ve had ENOUGH!!
    I’m slashing tires tonight and won’t regret it?

  15. we have meet with my aries girl now 4 months and today again we separete.biggest problem is that she want everything now and fast and i(scorpios) dont do things like should i give her some space and just wait?

  16. Aries here. Scorpios are manipulative, liars, most of them unable to express their emotions, unwilling to compromise, cheaters. The list goes on. I happened to have been involved with a scorpio on and off for the last 3 years. Aside from the unbelieveable sex.. theres not much else to say between these 2 signs. Stear clear my fellow rams!

  17. Me and my Aries have been together 4 years. We’ve had a few short breaks in our relationship including one 7 month long breakup where I had moved on. It seemed though the more I tried to move on the more I kept thinking about him. After 7 months I finally decided to talk to him again and see if we could be friends. Well a month later we were living together and now 8months later of being back together we just hit our 4 year anniversary. Unfortunately I haven’t told him that I cheated on him recently. I know Aries can be forgiving but I don’t think I can tell him and I don’t want to lose him just yet. In the mean time I’ve been trying to figure out how to either make it work or move on. Because with him it seems like we always come back to eachother and he says the same. We have a very strong bond.

  18. Sag lack loyalty and commitment too much freedom gives them too many options and quickly find themselves in adulterous affairs and cheating..they bore easy because they are addicted to adventure always seeking the next high and when you’ve done all you can its never enough..this is the most self centered non communicative cheating weak sign there is..there loyalty is short term always hunting..addicted to the thrill of hunting..even when happy its never enough..I will never date or marry a sag again..lacks remorse and insensitive and lacks gratitude..married to one for 20 years..Scorpios are not clingy they just expect an equal amount of time invested in a relationship back..why short change any relationship regardless of your sign..

  19. Ive been married to an Aries man for almost a decade. Beautiful, passionate, full of life and love but soon turned sour. Battle after battle, power struggles, refusal to compromise, lying, betrayal, words that cut like knives and leave deep lasting wounds. It was a bloody war. And after that what is left? Sex? There is too much pain on both ends for that. Just silence for now until we can figure out whether or not this is still worth fighting for. Do I hate him? No. Do I regret my marriage? Never, i learned a lot from it. And despite everything I still wish him happiness even if we decide its not going to be with each other.

    1. You need to sit him down and say what you just wrote. It’s like poetry. I’m a Scorpio btw so that’s probably why I dig your style. You need to tell him that he can focus on himself and your going to do YOUR thing. Meaning: get in the gym, make new gf friends start living as if you’ve regained your freedom while still in a contract to stay faithful. Guys don’t like loading control. Especially when he sees you doing palettes with a buff guy who wants to be your new bestie. Best of luck xo

    2. You need to sit him down and say what you just wrote. It’s like poetry. I’m a Scorpio btw so that’s probably why I dig your style. You need to tell him that he can focus on himself and your going to do YOUR thing. Meaning: get in the gym, make new gf friends start living as if you’ve regained your freedom while still in a contract to stay faithful. Guys don’t like loading control. Especially when he sees you doing palettes with a buff guy who wants to be your new bestie. Best of luck xo

  20. I am an Aries. I know scorpion people are grudge holding people. But their minds can always be the playful nature of Aries. In short, turning the battle into friendship. This is the unique quality of an Aries. They may fight harder, but are also the initiators, the creators. Scorpios are mysterious, but the Aries are creative people.

    Sometimes being playful has its own advantages. The Aries know it the best.

  21. Deeply connected!
    They love life, fun, happiness, humanity, compassion, goodness and love.
    When together can be fun but major pain in each other’s arse. If separated, can not be ok with that, no matter what. Their love for each can never die no matter how far they are. If only they can be taught how to chanalise, appreciate and enjoy each other’s energy together fulfilling their own goals. They will bloom!!! Together forever!!

  22. I’m a Scorpion Queen dating an Aries King. We’ve been together for 2 yrs and it still feels new. We met on fb and after about 2 months of chatting, we decided to meet in person. Once we met face to face we knew it was a perfect fit. We have so much in common until it’s scary. We’ve been inseparable ever since. We don’t even know when we actually started dating because it just all fell into place, so we celebrate the day we met because we don’t have a relationship date. I think that you have to evolve to your Phoenix as a Scorpio in order to deal with your jealous, controlling side, especially when dealing with an Aries Man who knows what he wants out of life. I’ve never met a man so honest and genuine about his feelings. He’s the one… The only one who’s ever understood me and loves me for who I am and my psychotic ways!

  23. Aries Man here. I wish I had read this article and the comments before losing my spectacular Scorpio girlfriend – so much truth to both character types.

    I had to leave for a job for eight days…the longest we had ever been apart. Our communication slipped (no phone calls, boring text messages) and I ended up having flirtatious and inappropriate text messages with another girl. When I finally returned, we had a great night together – like usual, a completely awesome drunken time. Well, at 5am she woke up and went through my phone, found the messages, and kicked my a$$ out. Not the first time she’s kicked me out at 5am either.

    Like everyone has mentioned, the magnetism is unreal. It’s driving me crazy, in fact. It’s been 3 months since we have spoken and she is all I think about. The comments certainly gave me hope that she will contact me one day.

  24. I’m a Nov. 6 Scorpio male, just started with an Aries girl. I see the difficulties we might have but I can compromise. She compromises for me so… But yeah… Great sex! Really great sex.

  25. Hi I’m a Scorpio female, dating an Aries male! Our first two years were very temperous, our arguments involved a lot of dramatics. ( I would storm out and expect him to chase me which he often did, we’d end up making up in the rain.) I truly think moon and ascendant signs have a part to play in my relationship which is why I think our relationship lasts, that and a lot of patience and a little negotiation! I love the passion in my relationship but I do truly believe I bagged a sensitive Aries so we don’t squabble that much.

  26. Im a Scorpio woman and I have been with an Aries man for about 4 months now. From the very beginning we knew we were incredibly in love. The passion in this relationship is insane, unlike anything I’ve ever seen in real life. It truly is a relationship like those in the movies. I don’t feel that we fight too often but when we do it gets pretty dramatic. We tend to really only fight about jealousy and trust. We both have each others passwords on each others phones and we track each other. Its strange because we both say we trust each other but we wind up going through each others phones and checking where the other one is a lot. I want to believe he trusts me and I feel I trust him but maybe there is just a deep seed in both of us that has issues with trust. Other times we fight about things that happened in our past, just because we are both incredibly jealous and don’t like to think about the fact that the other one has been with anyone else. I know distrust and jealousy are common aries and scorpio traita, Im just wondering if anyone has experienced the same thing and knows of any ways to help resolve this? The good thing is, unlike other relationships, I never feel as though our relationship is threatened when we do fight. I know we can always work through things because I know we both love each other more than we could ever put into words. Aries-Scorpio relationship, especially ours, really is based in passion. We often describe our relationship as a “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” relationship. Intensely fighting one minute and then having amazing, passionate sex the next. I would never give up my Aries man for anything.

    1. I’m s Scorpio woman dating an Aries man. We met 10 months ago and have been inseparable since. Reading your post was like reading about my relationship. I definitely understand where you come from when you talk about the trust issues. I couldn’t describe it any other better way. I wish I could help you resolve this but I’m on the same boat. The only thing that keeps me sane is knowing that everything happens for a reason.

  27. Me and my scorpio were together for 3 months long distance. It was intense and I felt her love through the phone. I love her deeply, I thought she loved me too. We talked frequently about marriage and life together. I flew out to visit her, 5 days of total bliss and then she started to become distant. Her distance made me uneasy which created a couple arguments which in my opinion weren’t the end of the world, but I left feeling still uneasy. While back in my hometown, she quit reaching out and our dynamic quickly shifted. I was still very uneasy, and felt the end was coming. Sure enough she dumped me over text a week after I was home. I love her so much and miss her. I hope she will reconcile with me, but it doesn’t seem very likely.

  28. I’m a Scorpio female,‘talking’ to an Aries man & honestly this is so confusing , I have a pull towards him and idk why. We talked for about 1 month then he ghosted me for 2 weeks and randomly hit me up saying he couldn’t stop thinking about me , then we do the FWB thing , I cut it off cus lol idek & he hits me up again like 2 days later saying he misses me like crazy and was gonna come see me tomorrow since i was busy …. then doesn’t text me at all the next day ….. like what the fuck and I have too much of a pride to text him , I’m at a loss my brain doesn’t work anymore , I need so help from the internet lol

  29. I am an aries chick all the way. But I’ve lied to my my Scorpio man for the first month of us dating. He does trust me and thinks that I will cheat on him (which will not happen) I’m so confused because he finds every which way to try and catch me me lying to him. We fight and argue from the time we get up til we go to sleep. I hate it but I have no clue on how to fix this with my actions. I need help

  30. I’m an Aries female that have strong feelings for a Scorpio male. We bond, we click, so easily it’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I’m actually addicted to what we have. Yes we are only friends and it’ll probably stay that way since I don’t know how he feels exactly but I’ll never bother to ask since I already understand that being direct about those kinds of things create a setback. I do enjoy when he randomly hits me up and says sweet things without me expecting it so, that’s cool. Anyways, I don’t think we would ever date but I do think about what it’d be like. Our friendship is beautiful and sometimes I wish he would tell me how he feels just so I don’t have to ask. I’m scared to because of the possible setbacks it’ll create between us or rejection (lol). Our bond is magic. I am very open around him and there’s something about him that makes me vulnerable. He gets me choked up sometimes but I come off as playing it cool and not letting anything phase me, little does he know he’s got me thinking about him all the time. He tells me little things like he misses me and appreciates me so much or would start to do a little harmless flirting and it gets me. We factimed for the first time the other night and the way I caught him staring at me a few times…. *sigh* it’s just great. I do get jealous when he mentions other girls or affairs with other girls idk I’m crazy (lol) but sometimes I wonder if he feels the same too? If so, he’s good at hiding it.
    Either way, I’m happy I have him in my life regardless. To all my fellow Aries out there, if you have a scorp friend that makes you feel this way, just go for it already!

    1. Moonbaby’s a lil cutie and we’re actually in the midst of setting up some dates. Shes deadass the best and so so understanding and everything clicks so perfectly. Couldnt ask for anything more, i love how things are going.

  31. I’m a scorpio female with an aries male. We’ve been together 4 years with one 6 month break. Our relationship has reached an ultimatum because he is wanting comittment towards future marriage and family. He has everything going for him, yet somehow I’m filled with doubt. I seem unable to make a decision. I love him dearly, but am also 6 years younger than him and not preoccupied with a need for marriage. From my experience scorio female and aries male are a fantastic match but life is complicated and timing is a thing in itself.

  32. Wow… this is surprising. I have been reading lots about scorpio and aries and it has made me feel the exact opposite of understood. Everybody keeps talking about how competitive we can be, but its more supportive then competitive. At this point I dont care if they win, I just want to be with them. Aries beinv less invested at first is true, but what sets my aries apart is that they are super soft and just want to be loved and held… that part of our connection can’t be ignored. But so many people don’t seem to see it. Despite being opposites pretty much on our charts, I have never felt more understood then with this person and being with them is home. I was wondering if you had any thoughts on why we feel this? I checked our moon signs too, mine is in aquarius and theirs in saggitarius (pretty sure) so they don’t really line up either. I’m so confused…

  33. I am an Aries female with a Scorpio ex-boyfriend. Let me just say, that relationship went down in flames. We broke up over five years ago and he’s still trying to get back with me anytime he breaks up with another girl. We only dated for about a year, but were on and off the entire time. He was definitely more devoted to the relationship than I was and wanted my complete devotion, but I wasn’t ready to be that serious with him so early on, which ultimately led to our break up. We were constantly having issues with him being jealous and constantly accusing me of things, while I had a tendency to not take him seriously enough while fueled the fire even more. And the arguments were on a whole other level. When things were good they were great, but when they were bad they were completely terrifying. I think with the right people and the right understanding, a Scorpio and an Aries can have a beautiful, fun, and passionate relationship but all I can say is be careful.

  34. I am a scorpio female and my partner is Aries.We have a unhealthy relationship which can break anytime.My Aries Partner is so self centered and doesn’t really care about my emotions.Most of the times he gives me Silent Treatment if I dn’t do what he wants.It is an awful match.I would never recommend to anyone.

  35. I love my aries female to death. We had a serious break in the beginning over stupid things and it severely affected certain things but we’ve been working very diligently to preserve the obvious love.. i truly cant see myself with anyone else and i feel as though my energy has married to hers. Moonbaby is truly a gem.. one i will nurture and cherish for life

    1. lil scorp and I have our ups and downs but overall we are going very good and I really do cherish this relationship. We… tend to clash and it can get bad or nasty but… we both end up gravitating back towards each other. I’m not sure what it is but I genuinely enjoy being with this sign. Wouldn’t trade it for anything else

  36. I am a deeply emotional and passionate Scorpio woman with an understanding of life. He is a passionate , honest man but without capability to feel ,understand and match those emotions .
    I knew who Aries man are before I met him and I was just curious and didn’t think anything big can happened.
    But he won me over with his wit, eagernesses and honesty. And passion. Constant recharging.
    In our amazing, quite unique relationship.. I thought he discovered emotions which were buried deep, deep inside in him and that be learned how to live in the moment. That’s what he was admiring in life, he said.
    But his mathematical brain won over his just discovered emotion one more time, depriving him from the true joy of life( his words)
    I still miss him ..every day, more then I thought I would, but will never reach out to him.
    There is something what’s more important but unknown to me.
    Even though it is The End , it was one of the most profound experiences one can get in life.

  37. From all of the articles/blogs/writer’s review I’ve got to say the majority of this relationship’s compatibility is slim to none. I’ve dated a Scorp before for 5 years. As per usual they say the arguments are HELL, that is true. It is black and white, Aries are easier to forgive whereas Scorps need time to cool off alone, this is where the cold and distant attitude comes into play. I would say steer clear and away from this duo fellow Rams!!! But the choice is truly yours to make, yes it feels drawing (magnetic) but in the long haul this is one of the utmost exhausting and toxic relationship of all period. I could rant about all the negatives that is true about Scorp’s reputation such as lying, cheating, manipulative, narcissistic, etc but I would also say not all are sensitive, jealous, or introverts. Same goes for Aries I admit we are impulsive, impatient, and tend to lose interest, all true. Being one of the few I’m an introvert and not an extrovert, also as for those articles that says Aries tend to flirt to make their partner jealous, not me. The truth is Aries don’t have time for games, whereas Scorps are manipulative, Aries are too impatient to be calculative. For those who are dating Aries men, though I am a gal I admit Aries can cheat (not all Scorps are as loyal as they claim to be too) is because Aries crave excitement/thrill. You know when an Aries is in love is when they make you a priority, they spend a lot of their time with you more so than their independence! You will know an Aries cares about you is when they let go of their selfishness, just helping the girls out there who may need advice/insight. I wish I had help when dealing with my past Scorp but like another writer’s review, I deserve better. In order for this pair to work: compromise (easier said than done when both signs share the same planet in Mars/God of War) and communicate (try to work on understanding one another cause the arguments between these two are black and white when exchanging words out of anger). This pairing has a lot of differences, the bad outweighs the good by a lot which is not a good sign, and power/control is a huge problem. If you can accept not changing the other partner to be your ideal match but live to know where each partner’s strength and weakness is that might help. Meaning where one lacks the other partner fills the other half of the cup. Sadly I’d like to think this pair can work but from other sites and reviews I’ve read, couples who have been together for 8-10 years are always off and on, and in the end it results to a divorce or some sort of scandal. Wishing you all the best of luck to prove the stars wrong!

  38. I am a Scorpio woman (11/19/92) and my boyfriend is an Aries (4/8/93).
    We became friends when we were 15 because I was dating his best friend (a Virgo 9/11).
    My Virgo boyfriend at the time hated how close we instantly got and we couldn’t help but talk all day and night.
    We started talking because of the Virgo, he wanted me to hook my Aries up with a friend of mine and so I did, he would just text one friend after another because it wouldn’t work out each time (not at the same time though) and I kept trying, it was nothing serious either, we were kids.
    My Aries and I did not like each other as more than friends. I would have never imagined it in my life.
    I would go to his family dinners and parties and he would hang out with my family and friends as well. Everyone knew we were the best of friends.
    My ex really hated this, I understand that too, if I were him I’d hate it too! We just couldn’t help it, our chemistry as friends was like no other.
    My Aries finally found love, he started dating a friend of mine and it went on for 4 years. We were still best friends.
    A few years went by, my Virgo ex made it clear by storming into my job one day yelling at me to stop talking to my Aries.
    We both had to respect that, after years of friendship now, we were no longer friends.
    Shortly after we had stopped talking, I left my Virgo because he was constantly criticizing me and cheating on me at the same time, it was toxic. I felt like I was never good enough. This tarted from the beginning of our relationship too, I as young and dumb to stay. My Aries and his girlfriend also broke up after we stopped being friends because she was always cheating on him (she was a Leo).
    After not talking for 2 years, my sister starts dating this guy and he just so happens to work at a restaurant in San Francisco where my Aries worked as a chef.
    One day, he asked my sister for my number and started texting me and we started catching up with each other. We then met up a couple of days later to go for a walk around Lake Merritt and drink beers. It felt like we never ended our friendship. Those 2 years that we did not speak, I would always think of him from time to time and would have dreams about our friendship. I would cry to my friends like once or twice a year about how I miss him and that there wasn’t a friend that I ever connected with as much as he and I did.
    We started partying hard together two months before summer, we were going on dates with people and setting each other up on blind dates, it was so fun! We were the best buddies. I would always spend the night and nothing would ever happen. That is, until one night, we were both drunk and he confessed to me that he always wanted to know what it was like to have sex with me. I had recently thought about that too. Crazy that he would say that after I thought about it recently. I was shy at first to show him my wild side in my bed but shortly after that, my mind was blown and so was his. The next morning, he told me it was the best sex he had ever had. I blushed and felt proud of myself. I told him I had fun, I don’t know why, I just felt like I couldn’t talk more about what we just did. I couldn’t stop having flashbacks about it at work that day, I kept thinking about everything he said during sex, it was so romantic and dirty, I loved it. We stayed just friends after that, we agreed it wasn’t okay since I dated his best friend for so long and it would just look real bad, as if we liked each other or something all these years and that was not the case. So we went about our friendship as if nothing happened. Things were back to normal, we were both going on dates with people and would talk about how it went after, every time. Then something happened and we started having sex again, this time it was every morning and night (I had roommate issues and he had me move in with him a while before this started happening). One night at a bar we were out with friends and I was drunk and foolishly leaned in to kiss him and he rejected me. My friends knew what had been going on and saw that he had stopped me from kissing him. I was so embarrassed and couldn’t get over it. The next night at a friend’s party, he said he needed to talk to me and made it clear we couldn’t do this anymore because he does not want to ruin our friendship. I told him I don’t want to talk about it and that what ever he wants is fine with me. I really couldn’t stand to talk about it. I was broken at the same time. I couldn’t speak up, ugh. A week has gone by, we are still best friends, I act like that night didn’t bother me, things seem normal between us though. One day, we had just finished having dinner at a restaurant and he leaned over to my seat and asked “why don’t you show me any affection?” then kissed me. I was shocked. I couldn’t show how I was feeling though, I turned to him and said “Affection? we are just friends, stop.” I secretly liked that he said that though, maybe there is hope that we could be more than friends. I started becoming a bit shy around him. He would constantly come up from behind and hold me, kiss me randomly, hold my hand and so much more (besides sex). I feel like maybe he was falling for me and it just took some time. Our love, slowly started growing (more than just sex). We took a vacation to another country, where he introduced me to his family from there and they all called me his girlfriend. I was thinking, hmm, what did he tell them about me lol that trip sort of made us grow stronger as more than friends. When we got back, he told me one morning, that I was all his and his gf forever. I was thinking, he didn’t even ask me but OKAY. On my 25th birthday a couple weeks after that trip, he baked me a cake, I was thinking, no guy has ever baked me a cake lmao wow. It was so sweet. It doesn’t seem like much-but for me it was. My point in this story is, the friendship and relationship between and Aries and Scorpio is like no other. You will read things about how the passion dies out but there are ways to keep it going without too much effort. I noticed that with my Aries lover, as long as we don’t see each other 24/7, just like with any other relationship, it makes it work. We both see each other every night but we don’t always get to hang out in the day because of working opposite schedules. But when we do have days off or see each other at night after a long day, it is so exciting and I could tell how much he missed me all day. SPACE IS GOOD, not just with an Aries and Scorpio, but with any relationship. The heart grows fonder. This isn’t even much space but still, we missed each other all day and it has been over a year now and we are still together and super excited every time we see each other. I also don’t act like a psycho like I did with my ex because he would always cheat on me. I do not bombard him with text messages all day either. I love day dreaming about him all day at work though and look forward to seeing him every night. My Aries man is very charming and he doesn’t make me jealous when I see him talking to other woman, it’s part of his job as a chef. He told me that I would never have to worry about him cheating because he would not do that to me. I believe him, I was his best friend for so many years, I have watched him with woman and he never did cheat, he would tell me everything about the women he dated, I mean everything. He always points out how people stare at me and admire me, I don’t really care for it, but it is cute how he points it out and pinches my cheek to tell me how lucky he is. We constantly insult each other with little jokes and wrestle in bed. I am dating my best friend and it is the greatest thing! My current situation is getting him to tell my ex we are dating (he moved far away and they barely see each other, but he should still tell him). It has been over a year now since we became official (with family, friends and in public that is). I feel like we are much older now and that my ex has to understand somehow. Being a Scorpio, I am naturally a jealous woman, however, I feel like if it has been years, I wouldn’t mind if my female best friend started dating my ex if it makes her happy and as long as I don’t have feelings for the ex anymore. But that is just me. It has been 4 years since the Virgo and I broke up, I think he should be over me by now. Well, I hope. Let’s see how this goes…has anyone else been in the same situation?

  39. I’m an Aries (March 21st) and very traditional Arian. Although I mature in age (26) I’m still the child at heart. I’m almost obsessed with Scorpio’s. It’s quit frightening to be honest. I’ve date and dealt with some many…and the Outcome is normally the same. I’m a male and Bi sexual, therefore, I’ve talked to both men and women. I’m currently talking to nov 19th Scorpio- and yes the dates mean everything lol. I like him a lot but the power struggle and the the egos are overwhelming. I’m typically aware of the outcome of these relationships. However, I can fathom on how or why I’m so Attracted. Just venting to anyone who cares.

  40. so i’ve written here before. i’m an aries and i dated a scorp for 6 and a half months. when it’s beautiful it’s a connection like no other but when it’s bad it’s very very bad. we recently broke up and i don’t want to say i’m extremely miserable but this relationship took a lot out of me and it will take a hot minute to recover from it. it was amazing while it lasted. i’ll never find another relationship like this one but, it clearly wasn’t meant to be. i had to let it go right before christmas because we were both very unhappy and in pain. we haven’t spoke for a week and i’m doing well but i’m mad at myself for staying for as long as i did. i ignored my gut feelings for the past few months and it’s caused a huge heartbreak. as the days go by, i also feel as though the person i thought i knew i was with is actually someone else. it’s crazy how someone knows how much you loved them and act like you didn’t have good intentions for them or give them your all. i was so in love and blinded and the truth was that they didn’t love me the same. absolutely fucking nuts over this guy. gave everything. really saw only him as my husband and i just feel like a fool. it’s a mess. please avoid this combination. it’s petty, spiteful, and hurtful. i know i can be a baby sometimes but my ex is extremely petty and says things or move in a way that makes me regret even dealing with them. i hope he can find another girl for him. or who knows, he probably already did. good luck ladies and gents.

    1. We always find a way back. As I said before, I feel like my energy is married to this woman. Despite all the arguments, breakups, and many hiccups we’ve endured I dont see myself being with anyone else. Its now a year and a month since we initially started seeing eachother and although I sometimes feel overwhelmed and as if complications sometimes interfere I still wish to pursue her and be with her for the remainder of my life. I myself have lots of growing up to do and as many know, the scorpio goes through the 3 stages, I’m just hopeful I can grow into what is necessary for a healthy and happy life for the both of us. I truly love her like no other, and am irrevocably in love and wishing for the best future. To my fellow scorpios that also are in this pairing, always look within when wanting a better change for your loved one, and to those aries out there lovestruck by the scorpio, have faith and patience with whoever you wish to love. This combination isnt an easy one, but with strength, love, patience and gratitude for one another it will become easier.

  41. And yes, I am a Scorp woman, been dating an Aries, we’d have completed two years in July.. Right now I am in the process of working out whether I still want to continue with this relationship. Why? He’s been the best and the most loyal and simply the most perfect partner, and this after a series of partners who were emotionally abusive on some level. But I have not been that: to say that out loud, that I have not been loyal or that I have taken my partner for granted, the same man whom I once held to my bosom like tomorrow would never come and asked him to have my babies (we were only a few months into the relationship, and I was a manipulative asshole who had no business asking him to stay like that)
    I have been battling the decision to let him go for quite some time but I can’t seem to give him the dignity of a good reason, simply because I have brought him to this point that any word I utter further could just break him, his faith in ever finding love again, in leading the life I already know he’s capable of leading or above all, his will to live. I am the bad guy, and I can’t seem to cut him loose.
    Why would I possibly be disloyal? Or even want to leave the one good thing that has happened to me so far? Because I rushed into this relationship just as I had into all the others before it, to erase any trace of a heartbreak I could not let escape with one-night stands or such. I dived wholly into this knowing how things would come to pass but I never dreamt I could ever be treated right, like a fucking queen, or that when it came to that, I would revert to the defences and ways that I’ve always held on to, sleeping or even being emotionally involved with other people just because I could, because I wouldn’t be so frightened by the intensity of what I had all this while.
    I am praying that I will find the strength to do the right thing, and above all, he’ll find the strength to keep living his life with dignity and pride and not be reduced to a shell because I think the right thing to do is to leave. For his sake, more than mine.
    And I hope that I will work this out, this self-destructive pattern of seeking partners who always have one foot outside the door with the hope that I can wrest them into being all into what I have now, and instead love myself better so I may not cause hurt to another gentle soul who makes the mistake of loving me back.

  42. Lil Scorpio and Lil Moonbaby,

    How are you guys doing?

    I find your story very interesting.

    I am an Aries girl madly in love with a Scorpio guy but I don’t know how to tell him. I tend to hide under a rock and not say or express my feelings (unless I am upset) but I am so scared of rejection.
    I feel a strong connection from him. I know he feels something and he has done things that show me he likes me but I don’t know if he does it to every women as well.
    he also stalks my social media accounts and I find that super cute and flattering because I know it’s innocent and it shows me he’s sorta interested but like I said, maybe it’s just his curiosity- who knows.

    Sometimes I feel like telling him everything I feel but I am so scared and I tend to seem aloof or uninterested but deep down inside I am dying to tell him I am in love with him .

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