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Scorpio & Aquarius

Scorpio is a Fixed Water sign, and Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign. When two Fixed signs come together, it is a very crazy ride! Scorpio and Aquarius have character traits which are not traditionally compatible, but that just makes their relationship all the more interesting. Their connection with each other is very unpredictable and has a tendency to go to extremes.

Scorpio in particular is much more emotional and subjective than Aquarius is. Scorpio feels everything on a very profound and intense level, and is known for their tremendous passion. Aquarius is much more passive and indifferent than Scorpio. Aquarius tends to be very mellow and does not like to spend too much time wallowing in their feelings. Air signs tend to be intellectually-oriented rather than emotionally-oriented. A Scorpio and Aquarius relationship is like a case of opposites attracting (although these two are not actually opposites in the zodiac).

Aquarius loves coming up with abstract, unorthodox, futuristic and progressive ideas. An Aquarian mind is constantly bustling with exciting new concepts, and Aquarius can work independently on a project if they think it will benefit society or if they have a unique vision that others have not yet thought of. Scorpio is also quite the intellectual thinker, but Scorpio tends to follow intuition more than reason. For this reason, Aquarius may not always understand where Scorpio is coming from when they say that they “feel” something is not right. Aquarius would rather have concrete answers on which facts point to something being wrong. Aquarius’ natural instinct is to be cerebral and rational, so it will take some getting used to Scorpio’s emotiveness.

There are times when Scorpio may feel like they are investing more into the relationship than they is getting in return. That is not necessarily the case — Aquarius  simply expresses affection for Scorpio in a much less overt way. When Scorpio commits to someone, they are all-in 110%. No one else really matters as much as their partner. As for Aquarius, it will always be very essential for them to have independence and exert freedom. Aquarius does not like the feeling of being tied down or possessed. Being an Air sign, they want to be able to roam around as they please. If Scorpio is able to loosen her grip and possessiveness, Aquarius can prove their loyalty to Scorpio by creating by their side and supporting their endeavors.

A potential downfall of a Scorpio/Aquarius relationship is that they are both extremely stubborn. Neither sign is endowed with the gift of flexibility, particularly Scorpio. This means that when they get in debates or arguments, neither wants to back down. They both want the final word and they do not like to admit defeat. Although this can add a lot of excitement to their partnership, it can also be detrimental if they take things too far and become overly pushy with each other. Both of Aquarius and Scorpio have big egos and big prides, but knowing when to be the bigger person and apologize is key to maintaining a healthy and long-lasting partnership.

There are certain aspects of Scorpio’s personality which may grate on Aquarius’ nerves (how Scorpio always looks deeply into things, is naturally suspicious, and can be possessive and controlling), and some aspects of Aquarius’ personality that grates on Scorpio’s nerves (does not display emotions, can be flirtatious or overly social with others, is not always consistent in action), there is a reason these two met and are experiencing life together. If they focus on what brings them together rather than what threatens to pull them apart, their love will flourish and strengthen. These two can learn so much more about the world when as a couple than when they are apart. Their union is enriching and illuminating, and it is worth the occasional struggles.

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All orders of Uranus in Taurus Part 2 are available for download immediately after purchase, and will also be emailed to you. Enjoy!

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Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, shifted into Taurus in March 2019, where it will remain until 2026. Since Taurus is Scorpio’s opposite sign of the zodiac, its transit has a direct effect on our partnership sector these next 6 years. Our romantic partnerships, as well as all types of partnerships, will experience a radical transformation from the inside out. This is something that we’ve felt within ourselves, and it will now manifest outwardly. Uranus in Taurus Part II serves as a guiding tool for navigating this 2nd year of Uranus in Taurus. Your relationship foundations are dramatically shifting, but as long as you trust your heart and your instincts, you’ll experience the love life meant for you, Scorpio. 2019 was an emotional rollercoaster, and 2020 can provide greater internal stability, even in the midst of external chaos or change.

This 30-page report breaks down the overall energy of year 2 of Uranus in Taurus, and also highlights specific dates where we may feel its influence most intensely in our relationships. If you’ve been navigating challenges in your partnerships and feel like you’re at a crossroads in your love and social life, this forecast is for you. Empower yourself and empower your relationships by being self-aware and accepting of the changes manifesting in your life, rather than trying to control everything. You are not alone, and you will make it through stronger, wiser, and more evolved than ever.

All orders of Uranus in Taurus Part 2 are available for download immediately after purchase, and will also be emailed to you. Enjoy!

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  1. So, an Aquarius man is in love with me and I quite enjoy spending time with him but seems like we’re not very compatible.that sucks :/ I consider trying though.

    1. You can totally still be compatible because there is more than just your Sun signs. Definitely give the relationship a try. If you two get along together that’ll be the best foundation for longevity!

    2. I wonder what the end game is like. Are we scorpios and Aquarius faighting a loosing or wininig battle. I want it to work I really too but I need more patience. Do they sell those lol. But idk what I should really do it’s like a tag n war. He’s going left and I’m going right. Like wow. Btw I’m a Scorpio.
      Any advise guys ?

      1. I’m an Aquarius and very much in love with a Scorpio. But we have a tendency of breaking up because “we loose feelings” for each other only to get back together and feel the same passionate love for each other. This time I broke up with him and I have NEVER been so avoided in my life, but I can’t help but feel he is avoiding me and not talking to me because he is hurt although he did seem to want the break up. I strongly feel he is the one I have never felt such a connection with anyone. It’s hard, he wasn’t joking when he said relationships are hard but it is all worth it!

        1. Girl I know what you mean 100% with me and my relationship I felt like when it’s good between us it’s good but when things got bad it was horrible

        2. Well, I am scorpion!!! I know how it works!! He will not say sorry if it’s breaking apart because of the EGO we have inside us lol. Trust me when I say ego I mean it. Scorpions push this to the limit. It will be easier if you go back and just start conversation. It will be a easy patch. Don’t started to argue otherwise you will make things worse. This advice is only if you are willing to go back. No one else is that loyal in love then a Scorpio

    3. In what ways aren’t you guys compatible? I would say to still give it a try because I’ve seen relationships when Aquarius males and Scorpio females worked out. The butt heads but they’ve been together for years. In other cases, it didn’t work out. With these two signs, it could really go one of two ways.

  2. I’ve dated a few Aquarians and my best friend is one. My relationship with my bestfriend is GREAT. Now, when I start talking to an aquarius on a more personal level they tend to get in their feelings showing a lot of jealousy wanting to be under me all the time. Its like when we in the talking stage things are GREAT just like my relationship with my bestfriend but once sex is a factor they get real deep in they feelings and I get turned off and just stop talking to them. Maybe im just mean i don’t know, but I despise whining and EVERY aqaurius I’ve dated was like that. things would be good for like 2months if that and then we have sex and here come the feelings. My personal experience I believe it best that Scorpios and aqaurians remain friends. S/O to the Scorpio&Aquarius couples who can make it work but I personally would rather just be friends with one

    1. Yessssssssss!!!!! Exactly what I’m experiencing… Always thinking like a girl about ANYTHING, then tries to play it to the left like that’s not the case.. Its irritating.. He’s irritating… I kno this comment I’d old but I’m just visiting this site to see if the zodiac thing would help with my decisions, but I seen this and I KNOW I’m not wrong.. Lol & Yes as a fellow Scorpio I can tell you we are mean as fire 🙂 I love it!. Its what makes us irresistible, cuz we dont give a damn… Lol!

      1. Ok so I’ve been talking to this Scorpio guy for a few months, like three actually and he just started telling me he loves me and we’ve only seen each other a few times. He said that he missed me and I told him that I would see him the following week and he said thats cool with him. As far as I’m concerned, we left things on a good note because we never spoke after he said that. He hasn’t said anything to me and I haven’t said anything to him. Literally we went five days without talking & I’m wondering if he really does care or if he doesn’t. Because I know I should’ve replied but he could’ve replied again too if he really does care. So should I just still not go on saying anything to see how long this goes on for? oor forget about him? & I know it’s going to annoy me to the point when I just talk to him, but for now … no.

    2. You already have an Aquarius in your heart I dnt know how long you have been best friends with ur Aquarius but I can tell you this with an Aquarius you can only love one of them at a time like you can’t have a best friend and date an Aquarius like it will never work best the one you fell in love with first wins your heart so even if you date another the first one you will always come back to even when you learn the good bad and ugly about an Aquarius you still love them because you know the truth when you hear it as a Scorpio and if you get the truth from an Aquarius you have found a treasure and better keep it by ur side

      1. I’m an aquarius, and my guy is a Scorpio. Truthfully? His shitty attitude is so sexy to me. Why? Because he can tell me, “No.” As an aquarius, no is not a word we comprehend. Especially when determined. He hates my friends. Endures my family. Puts up with my irrational behavior (irrational is me wanting to do something on the whim) ??? . But most of all he keeps me grounded. I can’t protect myself from me. Fellow Aquarius will understand. Lol! His passion for me is a bit overwhelming, but I can’t seem to make light of it. He gives me realistic goals I can complete. And f I get lazy he helps me get there.
        My Scorpio isn’t a dreamer. He’s a doer. A provider. As long as I stick to his script. After ten years I’m still not sure where the script is located. ? My Scorpio is his own worst critic. My job? Is to keep him sane. Make him do things he doesn’t usually do. When he wants to be alone, it translates to mean, “Tell me it’s your fault. Apologize. Tell me you love me the way I love you.” Hahahaha! #truth
        As an Aquarius I believe it’s the small things that matter. I’ve lost my wedding ring how many times?!?!?!!?! I couldn’t tell you. But I have every birthday card. Every Christmas card. My candy ring he proposed with. My stuffed animal he won for me at carnival he had no intentions of going to. But I am an Aquarius. I just have to convince him it was his idea.
        Do I actually think I can get over on him? No. Lol! That’s him appeasing me bc of an argument we might have had a month ago.
        He tells me to leave? I go. Hours later he comes for me. I tell him to get out?! He does. But I wake up in the morning surrounded by him.
        He gives? I try to give it back. I give? He absorbs it and applies it. Anniversary? He never forgets. #sigh Me? No comment. But I have the certificate, and at the end of the day that’s all that matters. Not my Scorpio. He wants to be showered with love, and electronics. Again. I appease him.
        But once a Scorpio loves you? Honey…. it’s ride or die. Bonnie and Clyde…. minus the bullets. Lol! And if you cause me pain in any form… he’s coming for you. And THAT ladies and gentlemen…. is why I love him.?????

        1. Wow, this just gave me the insight and hope I needed!
          My Scorpio is driving me up the wall, but I know I need him to ground me, I just don’t want to lose myself in the process.

          In the beginning it was amazing fireworks, cuddles, affection, fun, but then it changed to suspicion, cold shoulders and disappointment over me not complying to expectations.

          I’m going bonkers with all the feelings and emotions he has when he twists my words around or and never forgets,

          Id love him to chill out, and stop being so suspicious and emotional.
          When I’m asking deeper questions, I’m not picking on you, I’m trying to get to know you!

        2. I feel ya sista. I have b÷n friends/lovers with a Scorpio man, who is a real straight up hard working passionatenate man. He makes me laugh and compliments me regularly. And the sex is bomb lol. And has been the only man that has ever been able to “check” me, a stubborn Aquarius lady ☺

        3. I loved this. That is all. I’m not an Aquarius, my best friend is, but I adore Scorpios. Sigh, maybe one day one will care about me.

        4. I couldn’t have put this into words any better than you just did. I’m an Aquarius female 02/14/1970 and been in love 9 months off and on with my scorpio male 11/10/1965. I think when there is a bond between the two signs live glues it together. I still have my stuffed bear he gave me when I had pneumonia in the hospital. I have my raggedy ann he gave me on a date because I lost mine many years ago. Scorpios are just sweet and kind underneath it all its the best. We have our differences, but always go back together as a whole. Stay with your scorpio and always be loved forever.

        5. oh my gosh== this is everything <3 that you just wrote gives me hope. I just met a scorpio and this is exactly how I feel, I scrolled up and was reading everyone else's and started to feel sad. But yours just makes me feel so happy so thank you

        6. OMG!!!! You spot on!!! I’m a Aquarius and he’s a Scorpio and EVERYTHING you said fits my situation to a T!!! ALL that’s missing is our “girlfriend” but that’s another story……LOL! IDK how but he’s able to break down ALL my walls and keeps me intrigued……..

    3. I’m Aquarius and the way you described yourself is me and the way you described the Aquarius is my Scorpio guy. Too funny. Aquarius are not clingy or possessive. We love to do our own thing so we don’t care if you do yours. Your experience is interesting.

      1. Haloo.. Im a scorpio and my bf is aquarius .. Honestly i jad two exes aquarius and it always end up. Reason?? Incompatibility… Im very deep and emotional..while he is logical and emotionless.. But i dunno why still end up wth aquarius guy.. I love him but i feel something wrong aboit relagionship. I dunno what to do.. I talked to him about this and he said im overthinking. ?

        1. Learn to adjust to their quirks. I am typical scorpio before. But as I mature and learn about my strengths and weaknesses, I learn to adapt and balance my relationship. My ex is an aquarius. Until now we are very very good friends. I am in love again with an aquarius. He is typically one. I hated it that I get jealous and feels anxiety when we are starting. Even if he is trustworthy, it’s hard to calm myself down. He would not respond to my messages for many days but when he’s around, it’s like we were never apart. I know that the problem is from me for being too emotional. I have learned to be more emotional stable in months of being in love with him. He learns from me the world of emotions. I get to learn from him a lot of things that I rarely or never did. It’s a 2 way relationship. It’s still not us after almost a year but we know our feelings for each other. We enjoy preparing for our future.

    4. This holds true for me. I am a Scorpio female. Aquarius men are usually jealous with me. I don’t understand this lack of emotion that people say about Aquarius. They get possessive and jealous and they show it privately at the right moment, he can snap. There is an Aquarius much younger man who is already acting possessive of my attention. But, he would never admit to it and it is sort of scaring me away. You must be a Scorpio with alot or different planets and rising sign? I noticed that I am not as possessive and jealous as most and when I see myself becoming jealous I hate it and do what I can to abandon those feelings. But, my typical situation is that the men I am with are jealous and possessive. I do not stay with a guy long enough to control me. I respect them and they trust me, they always say, they dont trust the men. But, I am respectful and loyal. It stumps me when they say Aquarius men do not get jealous because from my experience, they do. They just don’t aft like bafoons when they get jealous.

  3. I have had a really great connection with an Aquarius man this past year. Unlike any other actually. However, romantically our relationship has been a little toxic. There have been alot of ups and downs and on and off periods. Our friendship staying in tack is the most important thing to both of us, we care about each other deeply. It just drives me crazy that when I draw closer he pulls away and when I “try” to pull away he comes back around again. I truly wish he was more forthcoming with his REAL feelings…Le SIGH
    Are Scorpio women compatible with any sign? If I hide my feelings im inauthentic but if i express them i overwhelm people.

    1. Wow this is the exact same thing that happened to me. My Aquarian ex was so toxic with me because he was so afraid of love but also afraid of losing my love.

      1. Wow, it seems like there’s a pattern forming here! I was in an on-again, off-again relationship with an Aquarius for over two years. It was VERY toxic. I noticed the same thing – he was afraid of love but did not want to lose my love. He thought it was alright to sleep with others behind my back but if he even suspected that I was casually dating during our “off” times, he’d go crazy with jealousy and do anything he could to reel me back in. I finally got fed up with him and our final confrontation was explosive. Neither of us backed down. Unfortunately for him, I was in the position of power and when I sent him packing, he was left pretty devastated. He should have thought of that before he betrayed me. He definitely felt the Scorpio sting!

        1. mehehe. As an aquarius I find this hilarious. By the way, if we’re cheating, we don’t love you. If we keep drawing you back, its not because we’re afraid of losing YOU necessarily, but losing what we’ve had and known. I speak from experience. One of my exes could have easily posted the above comments.

          My best friend is a Scorpio, but I don’t think I’ve ever dated one, and I would think long and hard before doing it now.

          1. I think you are right. Your comment hurt but the truth hurts! I guess he never really loved me since he could cheat on me 🙁 Scorpio female here. My x husband is an Aqua. We were together 25 years, and have 2 kids. He was always a big flirt and loved to spend time on his many hobbies. I put up with it all and truly trusted him; hence why I accepted his many friendships. We had amazing intimacy and he had no complaints. He was very successful and at the top of the ladder it’s a divorce club. Towards the end of our marriage, he cheated with a fellow co-worker. He left for her, and she left him. He experimented with others during separation (Note: I still to date haven’t broken the trust…Scorpio’s love deep…Just not ready to give my heart again.)! He has asked to come back many times. On his terms which I couldn’t accept. However, as much as I love him I could never trust him again – I divorced him. I have come to accept it all and accept who he is and I admire his crazy aloof ways from a far and know that we were not good together. The kids and I just wanted his time and presence. He could not spare much time for us though since he has so many friends and hobbies. As a true Aqua he moved ahead with life quickly with little regrets. Leaving the kids in the distant past as well. I think Aquas make great friends but suck as spouses for Scorpio’s anyhow 🙂

          2. Omg, that’s so true. I’m an Aquarius female and if we cheat on you we don’t love u. And more than likely wouldn’t put any effort in trying to cover it up. I’ve cheated once but told him about it. And broken up with someone before cuz I told him I would cheat. Currently, I recently met a Scorpio and he scares me a lil but I’m so attracted to him. It’s been a while since I’ve been in a relationship or even sparked an interest in it. But this Scorpio guy seems to be getting to me, breaking down walls I’ve put up slowly. One lil thing I find anything is how he needs RE assurance that I’m interested. I mean is telling him not enough?? Is this a good thing or something I’ll regret later?

          3. There’s no doubt in my mind that he didn’t love me. I don’t think he’s capable of love – he didn’t love the ones before me and he doesn’t love the one he’s with now (considering he’s STILL unfaithful in his new relationship). Whether or not he was afraid of losing ME is, quite frankly, irrelevant to me. You see, true to my Scorpion nature, I helped him realize his worst fears – losing what he “had and knew”…namely his job, home, family, friends, and reputation. The moral of the story: don’t betray a Scorpio and expect to walk away unscathed. That includes YOU, mighty Aquarius.

          4. If aqua cheats and goes back to you, it’s not because they don’t love you, it’s because they think in concepts and a meaningless encounter to them is meaningless to them.
            They still love you.

          5. I am so late on this, but I am an Aquarius female and if an Aquarius is WITH YOU then it’s because we want to be, ESP the men. That simple. We have no issues being alone and often enjoy it. We like having options. He cares about you if he picked you to be with, but with Aquas and esp men get turned off if you cling, get jealous, controlling, or try to restrict their freedoms and we are checking out. Also, you’d be surprised by the fact that most of us are loyal and the majority of the ones who do cheat, only do so because they feel caged in or “controlled” so they rebel. It gets annoying to always have to validate that we care. We either get labelled “unemotional” or “clingy” and we’re neither. We are detached from our feelings, mainly because we can’t fucking handle it and logically chose to be, but it doesn’t mean we don’t have them! Then we try to express them because everyone seems to demand that and we suck at it and end up getting called clingy or weird or “unemotional” or uncaring or ya’ll just totally miss the ways we express it.
            Like wtf do ya’ll want? lol Explain how we should show it cause I’m sick of hearing this. I prefer to keep it light, tease each other, play around, cuddle after we fuck. I don’t wanna get all whiny and vulnerable. Obviously, if I’m with you and chose to dead all the other options then I care and want to be there. . .

            I will say that I think this match is interesting. I’ve noticed that typically, when the female is Aquarius the it’s us who feel the Scorpio sting. But when the female is Scorpio then it’s the Aqua who hurts ya’ll. Not all the time, but majority.

            And there are three reasons an Aquarius cheats: 1. They don’t love you. OR 2. They are rebelling. You’ve either hurt them so many times with all the accusations of being “unemotional” or “not caring” or you’ve gotten so controlling that they can’t breathe and that’s how they take the control back. This one doesn’t mean they don’t love you – just that they have had enough. 3. To get even. Another reason scorpios are attracted to us is that we can play that revenge is the best medicine card too. It’s why you don’t intimidate us. Typically, a mature Aqua choosing the high road, but don’t think that we can’t go there.
            I didn’t like people being telling others that the ONLY reason we cheat is “because we don’t love you” – FALSE.

          6. Wow crazy. My first serious boyfriend was an Aquarius and so is my father. My father cheated on my mother with several woman and still won’t admit to me. I am pretty sure he used to lie to me about a lot of things also. He used to tell me the girls he lived with were his “roommates”. He used to tell me he never liked the woman he was around, but the young me knew that he was sleeping with them. I noticed these woman loved my father, obsessed over him. Also my father was very protective over me and strict. Wouldn’t let me around boys. He told me he’d hurt somebody if they ever hurt me. Funny thing is my own father hurt me several times in my life. He also abandoned me because of his friends and all of the hobbies he had to maintain. My first boyfriend I was crazy about. He was older than me and I was pretty young. When we first met I didn’t like him. He asked me out within the first week of knowing him, I said yes because I was excited. He took care of me and spoiled me. He treated me like a queen and got me to care about him. I’m not sure if it was love. It was toxic. When we were together it was amazing, it was our own world that no one knew about. The sex was amazing. But I couldn’t adapt to his ways. I hated he needed space. I hated that he wouldn’t reply to my text messages. I hated that we didn’t spend much time together because of his busy job. I couldn’t adapt to his ways so I would give him ultimatums saying: “If you don’t do this, you don’t love me.” He finally got fed up and broke up with me but he still wanted me just not the title of the relationship. He didn’t like the pressure. I was so hurt. I wanted to cry so bad but he didn’t let me do it in front of him. I felt like he never gave a fuck about me or my feelings- very inconsiderate. But the sex was fantastic and our time together was always amazing. Its was hard for me to adapt from him being my boyfriend to him being my man who really isn’t my man. I’d get fed up and break up with him and he’d be upset but always “understand”. I’d get always get so hurt about how emotionless he could be. But everytime id come back to him he’d say yes and express that he wanted me. It almost was better when we broke up because he’d always accept me back and it would make things better. The sex was even more passionate. He was even sweeter to me. The toxicity made the relationship real and interesting but I’m pretty sure he was fooling around with other woman. He claims he wasn’t but I think he was. He has a new girl now but I know it ain’t is good as this Scorpio energy. I’m a Aries moon and Sagittarius rising- the reason why Aquarius tend to be Infatuated by me. I’m not going to lie I miss him. I wonder if he thinks about me?

      2. So there is nothing which can save a relationship between scorpio man n Aquarius woman huh.I really need him at my side he talks lil.wt will I do.n he didn’t tell his secrets in front of me.since we started give some advice plzzzzz.

        1. I don’t think that’s necessarily true. You can make anything work as long as the other person is just as committed to making things work. I’m not quite sure what problem you’re trying to express because your comment is a bit hard to understand (maybe a result of auto-correct posting from your phone?), but I CAN tell you that you should be honest and up-front about your feelings and your insecurities with your Scorpio love-interest. We appreciate emotional honesty. As a matter of fact, we place a very high value on honesty because honesty is the cornerstone to building a relationship full of trust and loyalty – the essential ingredients in making a relationship work with a Scorpio.

          1. Scorpios aren’t tough at all… You try to backstab me. I will fucking kill your ass.

            Oh I’d like to see you try to manipulate me Scorpios. I’m not giving anything away about my personal life, so you could learn my secrets and exploit me. I will fucking slit your neck. I can be dark and evasive, Scorpios are too soft and lightweight.

          1. Ok thank you finally a positive reply on Scorpio man Aquarius woman relationship.
            I never knew we were supposed to be so incompatible.
            I love the di#erence he likes to go places do things and challenges me intellectually.
            And intimacy is the best ive ever experienced. Unselfish always

    2. Omg! Ive been in the same boat 4 the past yr n half… keep saying no more n breaking it off but then he reels me back in again.. help

    3. I can totally relate to that last part of your post lol and currently dating an Aquarius, dealing with our ups and downs as well but still willing to commit. As long as the ups outweights the downs.

    4. Hey hey.. I’m reading all these comments and completely relating to all. This one especially Kita. I just recently met an Aquarius. He moved fast like 0 to 60. I wasn’t looking for anything at all and after his attempts to get my attention I finally gave in. As soon as I did. He lost his drive to win my heart over because I gave it a chance. At that point it started to be a turn off for me because I was now the last thing he wanted back to zero.

      I didn’t understand, it infuriated me and when brought up he got angry and true color came out quick. Done done and doner! Disrespect me I’m out.

      So far I have not been compatible with Gemini, Aquarius, or Sagittarius. All toxic so far. However great friends after the storm. I have come to terms and believe at the age 37 and never married it’s just not in my cards to get married and two, find a passionate loyal partner like myself.

      1. Wow, same thing with me! (I’m female Aquarius)
        Tried hard, made me think I was his world, told me to get used to him treating me so well and trying to make me happy. Opening up, giving me his affection and love, when almost suddenly, when I let my guard down, it stopped.
        He became constantly hurt by my actions blamed me for not doing this even if I knew it would hurt him, being perfectly punctual, to the point where I was walking on eggshells.
        What happened to the man who was so madly in love with me and needed me? Talked about kid names and eloping.

        I’m giving it a chance but I want the good guy back! Age 34, babies would be nice.

  4. My birthdate is 16 nov 1991 , I am really in love with a Aquarian girl . But she doesn’t respond to my feelings at all not does she talk to me , her birthdate is 3rd feb. Are there any chances of having her in my life ? I love her to infinity and beyond .

    1. Well I’m an Aquarian girl that is in love (engaged) with a Scorpio man. I can tell you that you have to be patient. I know I’m awkward when I talk about my feelings and having someone loving me passionately can be intimidating. Just sit her down one day and talk, about anything. I enjoy when my Scorpio solely focus on me during that time. Just try to make her feel OK with her awkward feelings. Yes she can love you back with the same passion and maybe even more. You might have to teach her how to express her feelings. It’s a 50/50 because if she’s not will to work then there might not be any help.

    2. Yes!! There is a chance, a very good chance!! My husband’s birthday is nov 15, mine is feb 4. We met in high school and briefly dated but.. I felt as though my feelings were too intense for that young of an age so we just awkwardly stopped talking to each other. After that he was always dating some girl so, when I did want to rekindle the flame, I didn’t. Throughout the years we’d thought about each other a lot and I’d asked my brother about him and how he was doing.

      A decade later, after we’d both had the opportunity to grow and gain experience in the world, we ran into each other and had picked up from where we’d left off, like nothing had even happened. The intensity was still there. For me, I had to grow up and gain experience in the world before I’d be able to handle him. I also had to be able to want/accept the intensity of the relationship- sometimes it’s like holding a can of gas in one hand and lighting a match in the other. We can really push each other’s buttons if we allow that to happen.

      I’d visit this site:
      it’s a really great resource and further explains the relationship between the two birthdays- it’s the most accurate explanation I’ve ever found in determining relationships, it’s based on statistical data but from an intuitive standpoint.

      What can you do to get her? Humm.. well.. my husband was extremely understanding towards me and he didn’t give up. At that point in my life, I (really) didn’t want to get him involved in my life because I thought it was a mess. I didn’t want him to get hurt or offended that I was living with my ex (in separate rooms) and getting ready to move across the country for school. I (even) thought he was a little crazy because he’d pursued me so hard lol. In the end, I chose him – of course I did, I love him like crazy; I chose to go to a local school and get a place of my own. 1 marriage, 4 years and 2 kids later.. still going strong. There has been a lot of learning on both our parts; this is probably the hardest relationship I’ve even had but the most fulfilling at the same time.

      1. I love a smooth transit. I don’t like to complicated, it can become a little draining. Aquarius and scorpios r so complicated.

        1. So I’m a Scorpio female and I recently met a Aquarius male. He’s a bit older than me and has children. We both feel like we met each other already but we never have. We became very close very quickly and how excited he makes me just by being near me I’ve never felt anything like this. He’s unhappily married but even though we wanted to hook up I couldn’t do that cause I know we would both like it too much. But for the time we were around each other we couldn’t be apart we finished each others sentences and he always knew what I was thinking and could make me feel better instantly. I still think about him all the time and I know he is thinking of me but I will never be a home recker. He could of sworn we met but I know we never have. I believed him that he didn’t ever feel this intense or instantly connected to anyone. I just honestly think he’s my soul mate but he honestly doesn’t even feel like the aqus I’ve even encountered usually they act too emotional with me it’s hard to explain

    3. Try to show ur love to her ur feelings to her and keep try to tell her that u r really care about her and deeply love her from heart…

  5. On point. I’m a Scorpio sun, Libra rising, raised by many Aquarians. My Aquarian fiance and I have been good friends for 6 years before becoming romantically involved about a year and a half ago. He has been raised by a Scorpio, so we both demonstrate both Aquarian and Scorpio traits. I’ve dated Cancers and Pisces and have to say that my relationship with this air sign, although has been a LOT of hard work (our communication styles are different, so you’ll just need to figure out each other’s “language of love) in the beginning, is the most fulfilling and totally worth putting our egos aside for. He’s been the exception to my rule (astrologically, physically), which kind of validates our union lol. Another plus of an Aquarius: very transparent/honest (think Abe Lincoln), which is great for our suspicious nature.

    One tip for being with an Aquarius: be positive. This is true for any relationship, but especially necessary for this union. It will not only help your relationship, but also many other dimensions of your life.

    1. This is beautiful and gives me so much hope. I can relate to a lot, I’m also a libra rising. My sister is an Aquarius and I’ve been surrounded by this sign my whole life. My aquarius boyfriends mom is a cancer (water sign like scorps). We have our issues…mostly with communication…but ultimately he’s been my most genuine lover and I actually enjoy sharing my life with someone who has such a different perception of things. He sort of balances me out, which can be frustrating sometimes for us scorpio extremist. And you’re definitely right about the transparency/honesty thing lol

  6. I am an Aqurius woman that I love my Scorpio man. I recently saw that I would seem emotionally detached to him and he would feel bad about it, and he would question how I feel towards him. Its not that I want to seem detached, its that Aqaurians tend to think about many things we got lost in our thoughts and seem to get detached. All i want to say about this is if your Scorpio dating a Aquarius, understand our personalities, im sure the Aquarius means well. Do not get so mad at us quickly, see our point of view, and just because we have opposite gender friends and extremely friendly to them does not mean we dont have a special place for you.

  7. been with dis scorpio.wa a love at 1st sight tin.abt 6months in alredy buh its rily getin somhw now.she tends2anoy me.she also makes me wonder if scorpios can b trusted.we became friends from mere jists before we got into d relatnshp buh nw coz we stay afr away and we harldy see, she z back to jisting wid dis virgo of a guy.and she keeps telin me obuh it lyk ”m wit im now, just strolling,just jisting”..meks me feel xploited, 2nd rated, insecured..nah dat i dnt love er, i rilly do, she z so passionate and emotional + seducing many eyes on her and i fine my self lucky to have landed er.buh i pray it lasts.wen she tlks of oda guys and ma mood changes,she complains of me being too moody and asks if m jealous.dis meks er keep secret frm me as par oda guys and wn i ask y she did it,she wld say she dosnt wnt me to b moody cz it turns er off.seems she hs found a better confidant in d virgo guy and nauseating..gues al it takes to win a scorpio or steal er from an existing relatnshp z jist and crazy jokes..dat sucks

  8. been with dis scorpio.was a love at 1st sight tin.abt 6months in alredy buh its rily getin somhw now.she tends2anoy me.she also makes me wonder if scorpios can b trusted.we became friends from mere jists before we got into d relatnshp buh nw coz we stay afr away and we harldy see, she z back to jisting wid dis virgo of a guy.and she keeps telin me bouh it lyk ”m wit im now, just strolling,just jisting”..meks me feel xploited, 2nd rated, insecured..nah dat i dnt love er, i rilly do, she z so passionate and emotional + seducing many eyes on her and i find my self lucky to have landed er.buh i pray it lasts.wen she tlks of oda guys and ma mood changes,she complains of me being too moody and asks if m jealous.dis meks er keep secret frm me as par oda guys and wn i ask y she did it,she wld say she dosnt wnt me to b moody cz it turns er off.seems she hs found a better confidant in d virgo guy and nauseating..gues al it takes to win a scorpio or steal er from an existing relatnshp z jist and crazy jokes..dat sucks

  9. I am in love in love with an aquarian man but he says due to some social traditions and some customs he cant marry me..we belong to the same caste still he cant marry should I make him realise that its our happiness that matters at the end of the day..why is he so concerned about society n should I make him realise this..n I being a scorpion madly loves him.

    1. I am also in love with aquarian man ..he says same we cant marry due our different give me headache..i cant ignore him..we arent dating due to this reason…he says im his dream girl but he cant marry me ..isnt it crazy in love with him …how could i forget him

  10. I’m an Aquarius girl,in love with a Scorpio man.How can the relationship be successful both emotionally and physically?Thanks in advance 🙂

  11. I’m a Scorpio woman, both my parents, my best friend, my ex husband, and my daughter are all Aquarius. I absolutely love this sign, and although my past marriage failed I know it was because of the stubbornness, and the fact that my husband thought I was trying to control him by refusing to let him to behave destructively. However, I just met an Aquarius man and we are completely in tune with each other. I’m very excited about this, he is EVERYTHING! Artistic, driven, motivated, understanding, intelligent, funny, attentive- even though he is very busy allllll the time lol, supportive, spontaneous, he seems sooooo perfect. He had a really bad experience with a Taurus so I think he can deal with anything that comes from me as Taurus is Scorpios polar opposite. I don’t know guys but he looks like a keeper…. Wish me luck! Any tips please comment, don’t wanna loose this guy.

  12. Hey ive been In a relationship w a scorpio for three years im Aquarius. I find he always forgives me… Ive done bad things lol our love is so strong like a magnet!! Its ctazy how people cant believe weve been through prison fights infedelity everything an still rocking haha but we’re both loyal to each other at the end. No one understands the bond be patient w each other the sex is amazing he thinks he owns me lol we understand each other by eyes that s how we communicate through stares. One of us fell fast for eachother dk who it was I think him goodluck best combo no matter what anyone says:)

    1. omgee best comment I read,,,,and its raw I been with my scorpio since January an aquarius u neva lied,,,omgee my scorpio thinks own me too lhh..we been thru everything im in love period,,,,we are miserable and evil without one another,,,,soulmates frfr,,,,

    2. I wouldn’t change me falling in love with my scorpio for the world,,,made me become who I am now,,,,i used to be a hopeless romantic(my moon sign is pisces) ,,,,lol ik I drove my scorpio cray cray lol its definitely worth putting pride to the side ,,,all that..honestly the signs they say aquarius is more compatible with neva opened my heart neva,,,,my scorpio did,,,,we both made mistakes all that,,,,my heart cant want no one elsa but my scorpio,,,,period,,,we loyal to eachother no matter what,,,naturally,,,,we neva broke up …never will,,,,we used to not understand certain things… but in all we were one another break threws,,,I wouldn’t change this for the world,,,i express my emotions from my core to my scorpio,,,hugs to my bae all day ….

    1. Yeah you can get her.. I’m aquarius tooo and i fall in love 2 years ago with scorpio.. He is only man who made me love deeply.. I love him so much .. I dont care what astrology says .. Because I’m only girl who understand him support him love him.. We had sometimes bad times.. But we stop talking to each other because he go in USA and I’m in Europe .. We get together for 1 month and we still talking for 2 years .. I know he feel the same and he says me we cannot be together because he go there to make money to live there and he don’t know when he got the papers to come here.. He lived the illegally .. But for 2 months we don’t talking to each other .. But we still around to each other again and talking again what we doing here when we met for the first time .. How deep was your feelings to each other . Our first kiss .. We never had a sex because we dated just 5 times and then he go In USA .. But we want that to happend .. And still feel the same feeling even after 2 years.. No one cant attracted me so much as him … Je is my soulmate i feel he loved me . We will married someday with another person.. But if the fate bring to date each other again i know the same feeling will come back again because we left something in half ..

  13. Im in a relationship with a scorpio man and it seems as if the relationship is so difficult because I don’t feel as if he puts forth any effort when it comes to our relationship. He seems to give up easily when we argue and he always say that he doesn’t care anymore and I just want us to work out and have a healthy relationship. What needs to be done?

    1. Well I’m a Scorpio woman and what you should do is STOP PUSHING HIS BUTTONS HE DOESN’T WANT TO ARGUE WITH YOU NO MAN WANTS TO ARGUE AT ALL. And with that I’ll tell you this just have a calm talk with him and ask him why you want to ask him.

    2. Scoripio lad; when he tells you he doesn’t care just know that he is brooding over it and does but doesn’t want to let you see you’ve got to him

  14. I’m an aquarious female dating a Scorpio male and boy o boy,shit is not easy..the sex is excellent but aquarious are nosey and scorpions secretive side combined with the space and distance scorpios crave can drive an aquarius nuts .I think it’s Becuase most of us know the tell tell cheating signs and associate the behavior with infedielity..But again that doesn’t mean the Scorpio doesn’t love you!scorpios need space and if they don’t get it they blame the person who causes the mental clutter they endure..Scorpios hate to be questioned..and they are bad at being honest ..they will go out they way for you but don’t over burden them.The best way to keep your Scorpio happy is never answer with yea right!and give them space but don’t cheat on them ..the test thing scorpios do is real!!they will not have sex with a female for one week to see if she is loyal ..ladies I know it’s easier to say”f this “but don’t cheat..Honestly I thought about it but I love him and as you get older sex means more than just a good time ..

    1. I’m an Aquarian girl and I’ve been on a roller coaster with this scorpio guy, who I’ve had feelings for such a long time.We automatically connected !he just was all I ever wanted in a guy.He was there for me the night my ex an I split up so I kind of automatically just ranted & he knew all about that but he respected me a lot after and he even cried in front of me once so I just wanted to care for him and I wasn’t actually interested in him for a long time, but then i really began to appreciate him so much for the amazing guy he always had been to me an I developed deep feelings but I never got it in return because I realized a little to late that he wasn’t a jerk he just needed his own space but I’m not sure how to feel anymore I feel like I’m the only one who has changed in a good way.First of all I’ve become so patient and understanding to him an how he is as a person and I’ve also just grown up so much because I want it to work with him I just have to accept I may not be right for him because I’m tired of the constant testing and not being something return .Literally any advice would be appreciated !!!xo

  15. My relationship with an Aries was one of the biggest life lessons I’ve had so far, I don’t regret it but I miss the passion in the beginning unfortunately it all went down hill and I had to completely force myself to leave and am so much stronger for it now!

  16. I’m an Aquarius girl in love with a Scorpio girl… I have been best friends with her for 6 years… we have an amazing relationship and she is really emotional. I’m less emotional and I don’t want that to make complications… talking about my feelings is extremely hard for me… I feel uncomfortable and awkward… but we have always gotten along extremely well… I am absolutely in love with her… I recently told her and she says she feels the same… but.. would it put our friendship at risk?

    1. Did you try? How Is the friendship? I’m in love with an Aquarius girl and she is so unemotional for the most part, but when she shows emotions I am filled with butterflies.

    2. I’m an Aquarius woman and I just told my best friend, who is a Scorpio woman, how I feel. I think it took her by surprise which I don’t think she liked. Lol but she needed to know and I had to get it off my chest. We’ve been friends 10 years and feelings have consistently been growing stronger and stronger. How did you guys turn out?

    3. Omg same! I know this comment is super late lol. I am an Aquarius girl.. In Love with an scorpio girl. We are going through so much which has bought me here today. She cheated on me with her ex. She also lied about a lot of things. Her ex is an Aries. I gave her another chance because she I love her. I told her what I needed from her and that was to cut all ties with her ex but she never did. I would constantly catch her speaking to her. I felt like she didn’t care and just didn’t actually want to fix things. As an Aquarius ofcourse I am emotionally unattached but I have become so distant now. I feel like I could never trust her again because I gave her so many to redeem herself. Her ex is malicious, She lies and always kmows how to get her way with her. I’ve always told her but she was just too blind to see it. I know her ex still wants her. Even though her ex has a whole gf. When they do talk now it is nothing innapropriate but idc i dont want them to speak at all because it’s what i need from her. They talk about her ex niece that the girl really loves and adores because she was around her a lot. So I see where it is selfish for me to ask her of this. I’ve accepted that she cannot do this for me so I’m just ready to move on. We live together and I’m waiting for her to move out but I feel like she is prolonging it because she has told me and knows that once she is gon’ I’m nevee going to speak to her again and she is afraid of that. She knows that she will lose me forever. She tells me that she wants to marry me and she’s never goin to stop trying to win me back. She is beautiful and so caring and loving. I’ve never felt like this for anyone else. In a way she balances me out. Recently she’s told me that she is ready to give me whag I want and completely stop talking to her ex. But I feel like shes just lying and doesn’t want to lose me because she told me that she sees me slowly fading away. I wanted us to workout so badly but Idk man … i’m stuck..

  17. I am a Scorpio who has been coworkers/friends with an Aquarius man for almost 2 years now. At first it was hard to tell if he liked me at all, but after he avoided me for awhile he began to open up. We have opened up on an intellectual level, and now he is pursuing me sexually too. It is strange, because though most of my friends and past relationships are Aquas, it is hard to determine what he is thinking. I have avoided completely giving myself to him since I am unsure of his motives, but regardless of what happens I know we will remain friends. There is a strong sense of understanding between us. Though the Aqua/Scorp couple is rare, I believe there is potential… I hope it works for me and my Aqua 🙂 he is a rising Gemini and venus in Aries. I am a rising Libra and venus in Scorpio. I think for an Aqua/Scorp relationship to work they have to be friends first…it is crucial for them. As a Scorpio, you have to let go and give them freedom. I only talk to my Aqua when we work together and we go out to the bar about once a week with a group of people and hang out afterwards. He had called me last week around 3 am telling me he wants to be a couple and get married so I can have his children, because he wants me to have his children…very strange. I feel like he was under an influence of some sort, but I treat him as normal. He ignored me the following day at work for the most part and got pink when he first saw me. Aquas are strange, but that is what makes them so lovely. I am a bit estranged to being clingy and fully romantic, so we may work together in the end. Going with the flow for now, and it is intriguing to say the least. The progression has been interesting 🙂

    1. Ok twist of fates… I am an Aqua girl and I have been friends/coworker with Scorpio guy for 2 years… I had deep friendship with Scorpios in past… But when we meet, it just didn’t click at first. He even question my loyalty at the job interview (which made me so mad cause my loyalty usually is a my downfall). We had problems in the beginning, and one they we had to take personality test and we almost had identical score. That made me thinking. I know I am stubborn as hell, so I put myself little of and tried not to be me for a change, and something great happened. I discovered that next to me is sitting the best person ever. We do have our own language. And we do have strange connection. He is in a relationship so we are not perusing each other. But both of us get jealous when someone else is approaching one of us. I must admit that I love him. And I don’t plan to broke his relationship. But I would love to be one day with some like him, who I am friends and I can trust completely.

  18. I’m an Aquarius girl and I’ve a scorpio friend. I’m a type of person who doesn’t like to open up with my feelings as its really hard for me and.. It’s really… Making me feel uncomfortable. Since last year, I quarreled with my scorpio female friend who had mean so much to me. Layers of misunderstandings between us… I tried to stop caring about her but my caring never ends. I had always act like I’m very happy in front of her as I don’t want to let her know that she had affected me so much. And also, I’m a type of person who doesn’t like to explain myself. It’s very rare for me to explain myself as I find explanation is useless. She made me had the courage and given me the energy to explain myself to her but she refused to listen to my explanation and not believing in what I say and even doubt my loyalty towards her… She told my friend that she dislike me but when she changed her phone number, she even message me and tell me that she changed her number. It’s really weird as for a person who dislike someone, they wouldn’t even tell the person they dislike that they had changed their number and give them their new number.. So.. It’s really made me very curious… Please help me… I don’t understand why and how to save this friendship

    1. Didn’t see anyone reply to yours.
      I’m a scorpio lady and more than likely she still want you near her somehow. Trust me, the message sent of her new number was on purpose…I hope you used it. She just being stuborrn and you were over thinking it. Hope all works out good luck!

  19. I am a aquarius and i am dating a scorpio male. AND it is hard but our love is real. We argue ALL the time and then make up. He gets mad over petty stuff, he always think some guy is trying to talk to me, he questions me about where im at and he say why a lot, we NEVER had sex been dating on and off for 2 years. And he doesn’t like to do a lot like i do. Do We Have A Chance Of Being Together For A Long Time?

  20. I am a Scorpio female interested in a Aquarius I’ve know him for more than ten years we became good friends, since i meat him he has always told me he like me but i never put mind to it because hes a couple of years younger than me so it never progress from been more than just a good friend. We have a lot of the same friends so we see each other a lot thru out the years he has always told me he like me why i never give him an opportunity but i always had a relationship with my baby daddy on an off for 8 years his a Pisces so he been dating this girl for 4 years got separated from my baby daddy so i started hanging out with the boys again every time he gets a chance he tells me stuff i always tell him to respect his girl but hes been text in me a lot he says good morning like for 2 weeks in a row then he stops for like a week then he does it again feel we have gotten closer and i started to feel strong feelings for him i tell him we cant do nothing bc of his girl he tells me just one time pls and tell him no n not like that he says that he knows but that he been waiting or 10 years to have me and that i like those man that lie to me cheap and mistreat me ,that his been honest with me that he knows he has a girl and stuff .Well after 1 years of talking and i was with him sexually i felt so bad bc im not the type for just one night and bc of his girl i feel like he cares for me that night after left home he didn’t text so i was like ok typical man but at 3 am i got text telling me it was nice to see me ,well after that i haven’t seen him or talk to him he when on vacation im thinking with his girl didn’t want to ask when he told i was just like ok ..i don’t know what to do or thing pls help me i know i did wrong but i do cared a lot for him..

  21. Ok, I just noticed this site. It’s awesome, I mean, can I get answers to some of my behaviour which I can’t explain myself here?

  22. My new bf is an Aquarius and we’ve actually dated before. A Pisces relationship for me? That didn’t work out. He said I was too controlling and didn’t want him to have fun. Not with his ex whose a total fake barbie doll. At least I’m back with a man who truly does love me and want me happy. Yes I may have to wait a while to marry him but its so worth it.

  23. ive been with my aquarius going on a year now couldn’t be happier best sex best communication best relationship ive ever had… ever

  24. I’m an Aquarius female falling for an amazing handsome divorced Scorpio male who’s is 12 yrs older than I…. He teased me for a long time b4 I finally realized that he liked me. I’m very shy but I worked up the nerves to ask him for his number and politely obliged and he was so nervous because he knew that I suspected that he had Googley eys for me! He’s very soft spoken but very deep at the same time…. He’s been through a lot and I really like him and I want for us to take it to the next level but I know I have to b very patient… I know I’m on the right track…. It’s a long road but it’s worth it in the end! When I say it was love at first sight!!!!

  25. I am an aquarius woman madly in love with a scorpio man.We met outta no where. We were just friends for two year and the third year we started dating. First of all just because of your signs doesnt mean u cant work..they say aquarius and scorpio tend to not match buht thats an absolute lie ! Me and him are perfect for each other we fit together. We argue or whatever buh at the end of the day we got each other.Zodiac signs dont matter love is love ! And were in love…

  26. I’m a Aqua falling for a scorpio it’s the most intensive relationship I could ask for. It does work but she is a handful and her filter embarrasses both of us. But she makes me less cold and comfortable being emotional

    1. I am Scorpio female, he is Aquarius Male. He is a client at work and I have been keeping my boundaries. He doesn’t have my personal phone. When we meet, he flirts hard, asks alot of questions, compliments me, has long glances at my body, and eyes. Then, asks me for my opinions on his personal life. He got upset that I cancelled on an appt. and he is intuitive and knows I have tried to avoid him. There is this crazy mental, sexual, attraction we both have that is undeniable. He has made implications on me teaching him how to snowboard. We both make each other laugh. He is making small passes at me. I just think he is moving way too fast. I am a Scorpio Sagitarius Cusp, with lots of Sagitarius in my planets. I know we are more compatible because I value our friendship. He is getting out of a relationship.and I am in and out of feelings with an Aries man. I don’t want to ruin a friendship and hurt his feelings if I don’t jump into a relationship. I am stumped because most Aquarians flirt lightly and don’t pressure, and become a friend first. In the past, I’ve actually avoided Aquarian men because they were players and not ready for something serious. Please give advice on what I should do.

  27. I’m in love with an Aquarius man whom I’ve met on online dating 3 weeks ago and had 1 dinner date with since. I’m typical scorpion women. I know he likes me but I don’t know how to progress us and I don’t wish to scare him with showing him my true feelings. I get a lot of other male attention, which I don’t want. I want this aqua man, for life without changing him one bit. I’m scared if I told him how I felt he would feel that I’m trying to tie him down. It couldn’t be further from the truth, I never want him to change, I love him just as he is.

    1. I’m a scorpion man. When I first got with this Aquarian woman, we had a great bond. We talked for hours, hung out, n always asked me for sex. The only thing is, she lies to me about numerous things. We had a fall out cause she always tried to catch me cheatin n I wasn’t. Everytime a female calls my phone, she kept a mental note who called. Very jealous to da point, when she stepped to one of my female friends did we have sex… smh… After we broke up for 4 months, we had sex again after my birthday. Now, she talkin all this friendship. I ignored her text for 3 days. She called me fussin about did I get her text. I love this woman, but I have no time for her games. Too me, she’s very confused n hidin from me for some reason… any explanations on that

      1. If she fights over you she loves you as much as you love her. I don’t think she’s confused I believe she acting out because you wouldn’t let her in because you are hurt because she lied and you may even be concern about her true feelings for you. But as a fellow aquuairus she wouldn’t fight it if it wasn’t powerful. Tell her how she hurt you when she lied I can promise you she wouldn’t do it again. If you open up to her and fellow your heart and not you mind it would be like magic

  28. I’m an aquarius female in love with scorpio male. We have been friends for about two years now, and when I opened up to him that I had feelings for him, he immediately said he doesn’t want a relationship. He really insisted for us to stay friends. So we did. He was very nice when he ‘rejected’ me, and I did not feel sad at all. It wasn’t awkward after, our friendship was exactly the same as it was before. But at the same time, I cannot understand how I could feel so strongly about someone, and then have him not feel the same way back. He teases me a lot, but I’ve noticed that when I tell him about other guys he gets jealous. I can tell he cares about me, just by his behavior, but I think he’s either too shy or our cultural differences is what is getting in the way between us. I will ignore him for a few days, and if that happens, I will have missed calls and texts asking if I’m alright. Am I just there to feed his ego? Also, he never offers any compliments, but if I’m ever feeling down, he will go out of his way to make sure I am alright. I’ve read around that Scorpios are secretive and do not show their emotions, so is this what’s going on?

    1. Definitely sounds like it. We are extremely secretive and we will test you to determine your loyalty. I’m not sure why he suggested to stay friends except that he’d hated to hurt you. You are important to him, obviously from his actions. Watch what we do more than what we say. sounds like You’ll get him.

  29. I’m dating a aqua and it seems like he’s always trying to figure me out like I’m very secretive and he just dosnt get it even if it’s not about much he wants to kno.will that hurt the relationship???

    1. Hi..I am a scorpion girl dating an acquarius man.we are co workers.There are many ups and down in our relationship but still we survived. But from past few days he is not talking to me after our fight.He has even blocked me from his social apps. Whenever he see me in office he shows that he does not care any more but here me I cant spend one minute without thinking about him. I love him so much.
      Pls advise if I ll be able to get him in my life back forever?

  30. I have been “seeing” an Aquarius man for 8 months I am scorpion. It has the the best 8 months of my life sexually and emotionally I love his talks hearing about his days and just being with him period, but he shows no emotions I have asked about his feelings time and time again still no response but we go out visit his friends have great sec and spends days together enjoying each others company but is this a waste of time for me should I get out or hang on for the ride I know they say a aquas are very independent and love their freedom and do not like to be tied down but I can’t go on with just I got feelings for you…I need to know if eventually it’s worth my time or waste of time…

    1. Im a Scorpio woman ive been with an Aquarius for almost 8 years. You need to be patient with them and let them realise on their own that they want to be with you. If you act naggy and intense they wont like you. Just play it cool and see where it takes you. It took him 8 years to finally realise i was the one they are an air sign very free spirited. Scorpio is very intense and likes to be assured but can also analyse alot. Just take it a day at a time

  31. I am an Aqurious women dating a Scorpio man. We have been dating for 3 year and have a year old together. The sex has always been out of this world but communication is the hardest thing, and become very draining. It’s like we speak to diffrent languages while both speaking English. Our ideals are the same and we both want the same things in life, our parenting styles are the same and our sex life is out of this world. But the relationship with each other is a disaster. I’m always in my feelings which is new to me, this came after the baby. I’m the commplanner and the person not happy he’s the settle one, non expressive kind, which is completely annoying. Getting g him to express feeling is like pulling teeth. So here you have an over expressive person which is myself and non expressive person. Two complete opposites

  32. I met a much younger Aquarius man and we became intimate quickly after both meeting on vacation … We both had a strange and magically time together, and experienced a range of emotional/sexual energy that we had never experienced in our life’s before. We live in different counties, and we also have texted & talked every day since that encounter. We are also vacationing together next month. I know he seems distant and busy, but then other times, he can just text me one thing or call me and I feel closer to him than anyone in my world. I don’t know why I’m so wrapped up in him. It’s such a strange turn of events but I want to hold him and love him more than any other man that I’ve ever met in my life. Not sure, everything says we should fight, but I can’t imagine fighting with this man ever… I can’t wait to see him and hold him again! Even if our long distance ends after vacation,, it will all be worth it!

  33. I discovered recently that Aquarius and Scorpio are in Antiscia aspect. That means they “mirror” one another when the signs are aligned on the Cancer-Capricorn axis. But I believe this relationship is profoundly metaphorical to the relationship between us as modern humans and our savage and more superstitious past. You could say that on an archetypal level, Aquarius is what Scorpio evolves to become, but Aquarius can revert to the dark side if not careful to discard the dirty bath water, but keep the baby.
    Scorpio is the dark female yin principle. Aquarius is light male yang principle. Scorpio is the tree of carnal knowledge. Aquarius is the tree of eternal life. Jesus said “So long as women bring forth, for I come to end the works of the female”
    Scorpio is the “prostitute” archetype, Aquarius the geek. Scorpio is the sexual nymph. Aquarius is the asexual eunuch . Scorpio likes mystery. Aquarius likes truth. Scorpio is from the deep sea. Aquarius is deep space. Scorpio prefer Theology of the Body. Aquarius prefers Theory of Evolution. Scorpio is the Serpent in the Garden. Aquarius is Christ Consciousness. Scorpio poisons the well. Aquarius brings fresh water. Scorpio is the devil on your shoulder. Aquarius is the Angel.

    1. No sure where your reading this from but Aquarius is the water bearer which is Uriel which is the light but Aqua also is a dark sign. Im a Scorpio which is the darkest in the zodiac which is not related to prostitution but we are birth sex regeneration and sex. Sex is the process for giving live which follows on to birth we constantly regenerate throughout life and then we die. All these processes are life itself So Scorpio is the Alpha Omega it begins and ends with us.

      1. Aries and Capricorn are actually the signs which are the goat and ram we are not the devil and im starseed who possesses the same Christ Consciousness Christ=Crystal there were many christed all from Libra to Pisceses. With Jupiter in Aquarius i have the same mind as Einstein.

  34. Hello, this is kind of strange, short story I promise. So I’m a aquarius man, and I found this one special girl which is Scorpio, she is an artist. I basically met her online, drawing some things, trying to impress her or get noticed, so this chatting thing lasts for like 8 months now, and she noticed me, really got interested and she always gets that laugh when she sees my drawing(noob here). So couple of weeks ago there was an event on which we met for first time. It was really a special thing for me, she had that look in her eyes, as far as I got to know her, she is very independent, strong character, intuitive and deep thinker, what I really like with her. So the things is we live like few thousand kilometers from each other, and we spent few nights together in restourant and cinema but nothing happened, I think it might be too early as we just met in real life and I really care about her, but she seems sometimes so easily occupied by something else when you try to point on emotional things.. so to cut this story, what you suggest for someone who has long distance between but really big interest in each other on really weird and strange level. What you recommend, lol first time trying this horoscopes

  35. I am aqua he’s scorp, we only see eachother for sex; we are horrible people in relationships. We’ve been doing what we do for over year. I know what our deal is, but why am i the one to initiate by asking to see him? Why doesn’t he initiate? He never turns me down; i know scorps are horny signs. I guess what i want to know, is it possible for this guy to care for me a little?

    1. Scorpios are not horney signs they are no more horney then any other potential sign out there. You zodiac sign doesnt determine that as a Scorpio women we dont sleep with just anyone. So you may want to take this into consideration we are very picky.

      1. I agree. Scorpio is not horny but shows emotion through sex. I think he likes you and is hurt by you not looking for something more, which is why he doesn’t initiate. Don’t try to fake emotion that is not there. Scorpio will know.

  36. I’m an Aquarius. Having had something incredible with a Scorpio for a short time, I can definitely vouch for the fact of how intense and profound they can be. It’s so exhilarating but overwhelming at the same time. It can definitely cause an Aquarius to distance themselves since they can no way return equal emotions. They have this “all or nothing” mentality which can conflict with Aquarians since they would mostly prefer a best friend first in a companion. Nonetheless, I think it can be an amazing match if both learn to understand each other.

  37. Hello, im a Scorpio female and im in very deep like with an Aquarious male. He is older then I by a year. The thing is I dont believe he has interest in me. We met thru mutual friends. I always have to initiate chats, i have stopped. Am i wrong? If i want to keep him in my life as a friend at least? i only met him a few times, should i keep persuing him? I am trying to persue other males, but he is always on my mind… Some advice would be good.

  38. I am a scorpio man i’v been with a aquarious girl for 7yrs and knew her 3yrs before. i was extremely inlove with her still am but for some reason it just seems i was ever her main interest. We would plan to spend time together then when the day come she’d say she do sum else then say she forget shes flirtatious the type to call her supervisor bbe i know i also have my ways being a scorpio but i always thought she was the one until she left me for reasons i refuse to believe and its not possesiveness if it was id believe that. Reading all this horoscope stuff made me realize we’re just not compatible which mean 10yr of my life was wasted.

    1. I dont know why she do that.. I am Aquarius girl to.. But I’m so honest .. I care form my boyfriend i wait him for 2 years to come back .. Astrology is a bullshit..

    2. I think I am the Aquarius girl you are talking about. The could the that you dint give her the space to be herself, Scorpio tends to be overbearing and oppressive than normal. You could take it light but for us it is a really big deal. The more you try to force your way of life on me is the more you push me away towards more yielding zodiac signs even if I love you with all my heart. I can love you and not enjoy talkin to you and gradually I cancel your whole existence out of my heart. Scorpio is very abusive for Aquarius` taste. Have heard a Scorpio guy for 8 year, believe me tas not been easy

  39. I am a scorpio man i’v been with a aquarious girl for 7yrs and knew her 3yrs before. i was extremely inlove with her still am but for some reason it just seems i was ever her main interest. We would plan to spend time together then when the day come she’d say she do sum else then say she forget shes flirtatious the type to call her supervisor bbe i know i also have my ways being a scorpio but i always thought she was the one until she left me for reasons i refuse to believe and its not possesiveness if it was id believe that so everything just seemed like bullshit. Reading all this horoscope stuff made me realize we’re just not compatible which mean 10yr of my life was wasted.

  40. I am in love with a scorpio man, and yes, everything that states why I would be attracted to this man is true, But that is not why I fell in love with him, and I think that is the key to why we both have this WANT to understand one another, communicate and really make it work. He too was interested in me for the reasons stated, but again , he also fell in love with me for a whole other reason, And I believe that TRUE LOVE, him being my twin flame, helps us conquere our individual negative qualities, being each others reason to fixing those negative qualities and being the BEST person we both can be when we do get TOGETHER. Reading this has def. shown me that, what we have as just two people, in love Is TRUE, is REAL and is ALL we NEED to get passed everything and anything…that life or each other have to offer one another. #LOVECONQUERSALL

  41. I’m married to a Aquarius we have a daughter together we been together going 4yrs and been married for 10months. It’s hard because he is emotionless sometimes and I can never read him. We work together fine make goals, or plans we do great in that area. He is very selfish sometimes and never understanding of my feels.

    We started this thing were we give each other a HR of time to ourselves when we are mad or arguing with each other… after that time goes by it feels like our first time meeting each other each time for me. We tell each other 5 things we love about each other it works. I’m in love even through our craziness I wouldn’t trade him for anyone else.

  42. Hello! I recently had started being in a Scorpio/Aquarius relationship.(Me being the aquarius and he being the scorpio) I feel as if he doesn’t actually like me. He doesnt really talk to me much…I feel quite sad about that…Maybe it’s just me? I dont know but it’s quite hard to be in a relationship with someone you dont talk to much.

  43. Also, I enjoy the fact that he can cheer me up but…i believe he talks more to other girls than me. I may be wrong but my insecurities could get in the way of our relationship. I dont exactly want to talk about my feelings to him because i might be a burden to him.

  44. I’m a Scorpio woman and I’m in love with an Aquarius woman. This bond that we share is out of this world. It’s like I’ve found my soul mate. We started off as friends and I think that foundation is what makes us so much better. At first there was a battle of wills and although I’m supposed to be the more emotional one im not. She just hides her feelings very well. She admitted to loving me first but I think I loved her the first time I saw her…10 years ago. The key to making this relationship work is maintaining a friendship above all else. Aquarian value friendship like SCORPIO values loyalty. Give them the freedom to be themselves and feel free and they will reward you with more love and loyalty than you could ever imagine. They are so honest and it works so well because I’m highly suspicious of everything. She will ommit details occasionally but knows I’m extremely intuitive so she never gets away with it! Its all about compromising.

    1. I’m an Aquarius woman and I’m in love with my best friend. She’s a Scorpio. I need some help better understanding what I’m getting myself into. We’ve exchanged I love you’so, supposedly as just friends, but I’ve always felt more. She’s just as good as I am at hiding her emotions. But the chemistry is undeniable. We can time without speaking or seeing each other and when we resume, it’s like nothing ever stopped. We pick up where we left off. Everytime. I’m in love with this girl. I adore her. The good and the bad. But everything is supposed to not work with us, let these astrology sites tell it. Any advice?

  45. That compatility horoscope was very loving and so accurate for me and my wife boy we go at it at times but our love never changes for each other every bit of this described our relationship to a tee!

  46. Just to give this relationship a try will not work. You must want and fight for it because it’s not an easy relationship at all. It is next to impossible to trap air and Scorpio will try. I am a Scorpio man that has been married to my beutiful Aquarius wife for 5 years and we dated for over a year before we married. It was extremely difficult in the beginning because I didn’t know if she really liked me or not. A Scorpio likes to be the center of attention and know that they are the only one. Aquarius rather just let the relationship grow. Patience is something Scorpio will need to learn. It takes Scorpio a lot to open up for love but once they do they are extremely motivated to make it work. An Aquarius on the other hand requires a great deal patience from Scorpio because they see love as a thing that grows over time. Scorpio wants to win her over and dominate her emotionally and physically. This isn’t the Aquarius way, they prefer to flow with the wind. This can be maddening for the Scorpio because they have already invested their all. It’s funny when I look back on it how I could understand how I felt because I felt so deeply and she was just kind of there doing her own thing not really to concerned about it like I was. Scorpio is so deep feeling and Aquarius will come across like they could give a rat’s ass, a lot of times. As I learned to stop trying to get her to feel the way I wanted her to feel, the relationship went much smoother. I can tell you right now that if you plan to dominate an Aquarius, your sorely mistaken. They are their own person and highly independent. An Aquarius is an amazing sign that doesn’t need you but they want you. That’s not what a Scorpio wants in a partner, they want you to feel that life would end if Aquarius lost them. All that should matter in the Aquarius life should be Scorpio because the sun rises and sets on up. This is so not true to an Aquarius because the needs of the many out weighs the one. To make this work be ready to make compromises and many of them. Scorpio will need to let go leave be. Aquarius will never understand your passion and true feelings on things so stop making them try. Aquarius is deep but not that deep. Scorpio should find a Pieces friend to divulge that information with. Aquarius will need to learn to allow Scorpio to lead sometimes especially when times get rough, they are a good person to lean on when things are tough because they get tougher Scorpio will need to allow Aquarius to follow their dreams and respect their opinion even if it contradicts their own. Scorpio will need to understand an Aquarius sex drive, it will be up and down. Aquarius sex is like a huricane or a gentle breeze on a warm summer day. Scorpio will need to tame their sexual tension and know that sometimes it will be like bunny rabbits and other times the best come to those who wait. Aquarius should know that a Scorpio is a passionate love who desires their partners body and mind. Patience and compromise is what is takes but the relationship can be beutiful if successful.

    1. I love this! ❤ I can tell in the 6 months that I’ve been in my situation ship with my Scorpio I’ve learned so much about myself, and what I want. I also notice his behavior slightly imitating mine. Ive never been in love or had so many emotions before since I’ve met him. I want us to work so bad, bit if it doesn’t at least I’ll still take something postive away from it!

  47. I am an Aquarian and I have to say what I read is not how I am at all. I am very open with my feelings and very passionate. I do get lost in thought, but so does the scorpio that I love.

  48. Hi Scorpio Mystique, i m a Scorpio girl, n i m madly in love with an Aquarius guy…v had met at work, he was my senior n used to train me..v worked together for 2 months, but i did not speak to him about my feelings in those 2 months, but when my training with him was over, i was really aching at the thought of needing to separate from him…. n then one day he suddenly texts a flirtatious ‘good night’ to my best friend and room mate..who happens to be very beautiful. i got scared n suspicious, being head over heels in love with him and told hilm my feelings for him that very day.He said that he was really not interested in a relationship then n asked me to concentrate on my work.But scared to lose him..i kept meetin him often, texting him that i love him… day, after a few months, he told me he is engaged. for a few moments i lost my senses…extremely pained..,hurt, angry, i impulsively wrote a suicide note n left..i did not kill myself though…. but everyone came to know of dis stupid act of mine.even the police n they sought him for questioning. I NEVER wanted to hurt him..after the incident, he sent me a legal notice claiming compensation for hurting his good name. he does not talk to me now ,he has kept me blocked in the social media. it’s almost a year since i last met him to apologize .he had told my father that he would stay single but never marry me!i have not sent him a single message or call after dat day..but i still love him VERY VERY VERY MUCH …n i miss him a lotttt…i cry every day repenting my reckless behaviour n missing him..IS THERE ANY WAY TO WIN BACK HIS RESPECT N ALSO HIS LOVE?????????PLEASE HELP!!

  49. Scorpio and Aqua are a very exotic and wonderful mix. They tend to be drawn towards each other because of the magnetic qualities they possess.
    Being with an aqua man is like living in bliss, he keeps me happy so much and I in return do the same for him.
    I’ve known this Aqua person for like 3 years now and it’s the best.
    Usually sun signs say that Aqua and Capricorn are a great match but they really aren’t.
    Aqua and Scorpio have this aura around them which makes them so strong that even waves can’t tear them apart.
    Trust, freedom and honestly is all that matters.
    Capricorn ( his ex) was constantly not supportive and was always lost.
    She did not show him the emotions he was carving for and when he left her, he was rather very much happy.
    Being with a Scorpio he realised that a scorpion women would never let his man down and respect his needs.

  50. I’m an Aquarius girl(12) and I’m madly in love with and dating a Scorpio boy(13). The stuff about the Aquarius personality for me isnt all true. He is very protective and possessive, just the other day in the lunch line I was talking with his and my best friends(we have the same best friends they are actually the ones who helped us confess our feelings for each other) and so they are both boys and so one accidently hits me in the face and whole he is apologizing over and over, the other one is explaining to my boyfriend what happened and when he finishes my boyfriend who is at the table sitting already is glaring daggers at the one who accidently hit me. And whenever this one boy, my sisters boyfriend, makes fun of he always looks at me and asks me if I he can hit him. But besides being protective and possessive he is really sweet and caring giving me hugs, patting my head softly which I do back to him its like a little game we play, and giving me kisses on my cheek! And my personality isnt all like an Aquarius either. I love feeling protected and I love when he is all protective and possessive it makes me feel special, I love feeling like I belong to him and him alone, and I know that there are people thinking that I’m way to young to know what love is but they are completely wrong. I know I love him. And that’s that so Aquarius’s don’t be afraid to like or date a Scorpio. Scorpio’s never be afraid to like or date an Aquarius.

  51. I am Scorpio woman(21) in love with an Aquarius man(23). We’ve been friends for almost 4 years now. We both have strong feelings for each other but never really pursued anything as in a relationship. When we first met, we were both very attracted to each other. I was kinda playing hard to get and “testing” him, which resulted in him chasing me even more and once he got my attention we became like best friends. At first, it was an on and off thing. We would talk for a little while and he would disappear for a longer time then come back for a while and disappear again. He later told me that he wasn’t ready to be in a commitment as I wanted him to be then and that I was the only one out of other women who made an effort to stay in his life during his disappearing and reappearing and how much i really mean to him now. We talk 24/7 now. He recently told me how much he loved me and couldnt live without me and he was ready to be with me in a committed relationship. I’m sometimes doubtful about him actually being interested in me because he’s so withdrawn and unemotional sometimes but he’s patient with me and always reassures me of his love and feelings for me, not a lot but enough. It’s kind a whenever he feels like expressing himself emotionally thing.. Be patient. He has a really big ego and thinks he knows a little too much sometimes but just be patient with him! This friendship has not been easy. We argue and fight sometimes but we give each other the proper space and we both eventually back down and apologize.. He’s becoming more and more trusting and open to me and I to him. I’d say for aqua/scorp to work, be friends first and really get to know each other for a while. Don’t just dive into all the feelings and emotions because it won’t work. Scorpios, Don’t be overwhelming with the expressing of feelings and emotions. Give him(aqua) space and freedom to be him. Be patient, truthful and awesome with him and he’ll come around for you!

  52. I am a Scorpio woman who is deeply in love with an Aquarius man! I have been reading all the information about our two signs and its is all correct! I thought it was different signs only we were only experiencing but it seems like this is normal for our signs. We have known each other for over 12 years. We met in 11th grade when he moved to my high school. He was very aggressive and cocky then and always told me he liked me. I wasn’t feeling him then and I wasn’t attracted to him. So years later while I was dating a Leo ( for 7 years – worst abusive relationship ever) I ran into this Aquarius man again and I grew close to his family as if it was my own family! We never expressed feelings for each other whenever we seen each other but later on he told me he told a family member that he wanted to talk to me. The family member never gave me the message in respect to the Leo man I was currently in a relationship with. A year before the Leo man and I had a devastating break up the Aquarius man had an emergency brain surgery that he almost died and I remember that night I was on the phone with his family and crying and praying all night. He did come out of surgery and had a miraculous recovery. A year after his recovery and my break up with the Leo man I ran into him again at his family house and we begin talk and he was very flirtatious. I was very hesitant because I thought he had a girlfriend and I know he has kids. So we began texting each other but it was very innocent and a week later we began talking every day. We met up a month later and we did have sex and it was the best ever! I never had anyone in my 29 years make me feel the way he did. I started questioning myself was I falling in love or was this just a crutch to help me get over my previous bad relationship. He would always tell me that he always had feelings for me and he is not involved with no other woman. I was real skeptical about that and I always kept my guard up because I always thought he was lying about being single. So months went by and we still texted and talked regularly until one day a family member told me his ex was preganant and he had called asking the family to come to the baby shower. Well I had heard rumors months before me and him started talking that he had a baby on the way but I never asked because I thought he would have told me something about it. So I got in my feelings and sent him a text late that night about the baby that was due the next month and I questioned if he was really in a relationship with his ex still. He did answer back fast saying he is single and Yes he do have a baby on the way but they are not together. So I didn’t reply back and decided I didn’t want to talk about it anymore. The next morning he asked did I hate him and he was sorry. I told him I wasn’t mad and I already knew about the baby and I just wanted him to tell me. So after that situation he did begin to open up but he also started taking me on an emotional roller coaster. There were days when I felt like I was bothering him, felt to attached or he just wasn’t feeling me so I wouldn’t contact him. Then he would call or text me asking what’s wrong and why I wasn’t talking to him and He would take me to heaven all over again. He always questioned why I always text him and he would like me to call him more, but when I did call I felt like I was bothering him. On the phone he would be so quiet and I was hard to make conversation with him. We we were around each other I could feel sparks and he acted shy. We never would want to leave each other but we really never talked a lot around each other we have a magnetic connection physically when we kiss, hold each other and sexually that’s beyond words! I know our love is beyond physical attraction and sex but it’s so hard to get him to come out his shell. He always tell me he is trying to be more open and show me his true feelings but I just feel like it’s taking forever. I know I should just give it time and be patient. About a month ago I got the nerve up to tell him I love him and I didn’t know how he would take it. When I told him he got quiet but he told me he really love me back and he wanted to tell me that weeks ago. I was so surprised and shocked but as I tried to get more feelings from him and ask questions he just gave me short answers. He always tell me he miss me and he want to see me. He even drive 45 mins in the middle of the night a couple times to come stay with me! We have our days were I feel why am I trying and I want him just to give me more but then when we are together he express some feelings I’m on cloud 9. I’m so confused but I am truly in love with my Aquarius man flaws and all! He is all I think about and all I want. I just need help and advice about my feelings. I know I can be bossy and jealous at times! I also am a big investigator when it comes to his Facebook page and his ex’s pages. I watch and investigate everything but he don’t know that. I want to know if someone have advice on what I should do?? We both came to the conclusion that we wouldn’t rush into a relationship but he confuse me asking am I cheating on him and he don’t want me with nobody else. He also hate when I refer to him as my friend, he constantly remind me this is not just a sex relationship and he is not just my friend it’s more than that. When I ask what are we to each other he can’t tell me. He keep telling me to hold on but the 1st of May will be a year for us talking and going back in forth. How long am I supposed to go back and forth and hold on? I’m so confused on where we are going and what we are doing in our relationship! Should I give him a ultimatum or would that scare him away??? PLEASE HELP ME!! I need advice!!

  53. I’m a scorpio lady married to my aquarius and I learned that emotionally their Very Cautious of their feelings. So,No don’t give him a verbal ultimatum. If anything do it in silence with your actions which will cause him to want to figure out why the detachable attitude.
    It took my husband and I like a year to even act on the fact we Really Like each other a lot! We knew that we enjoyed each other’s company yet we still valued our friendship.
    He doesn’t like when you consider him a “friend” but no mutual agreement on your relationship…he possibly can be trying to figure out how to make the change comfortable. Try not to be in your emotionals. Hope this helped.

    1. I’ve been seeing a Scorpio male in a ldr (hour 1/2) for 7 months now. We kinda knew each other through family yeeeears ago. Anyways Ive head my eyes and heart set out on him for quite some time. When we finally got together everything started off great. I wasn’t shy we laughed and had a genuine good time. Once sex got involved then the communication started to dissipate. We got in a fee minor arguments, either I apologized or he did. When we don’t talk and I reach out, he let’s me know he isn’t intentionally trying to ignore me. He has also blown a.few times, but I know it probably was because I was being bossy. I really wanna make it work,and I know for sure at one time he was really into me. I could feel it and read his subliminal messages he was sending. I’ve been subtle in letting him know I really like him and asked him several times what’s going on between us. Thats when he will disappear for however long or gloss over everything. Now it’s to the point if he is just being a playboy a nd I’m just another horse in the stable, or if he might feel something, but just waiting out everything. I should of played up the friends first thing more.

    1. My dad is a Scorpio. And me and my bro are both Aquarius. Poor guy. Mom bailed so he raised us. But that brought us together. We had daddy daughter dates. Connect with things he has interests with. I always would get my dad talking about work or surfing and he wouldn’t shut up. And be open and honest with him. He loves you and will do anything for you. Trust me it hurts him when he directs his temper towards you.
      But that bond we made even before my mom left was formed cuz we loved keeping to ourselves doing our own things. I would pain in the garage as a toddler while he worked on whatever project that day. Just time together. Don’t even have talk is a big complement into being daddy’s girl. And as I got older he had to play mom too. And he did great until his 2nd marriage. He wanted to have solmeone so bad he married this horrible cancerous woman who wouldn’t even let him talk to me without manipulating him about how she didn’t like it. Ended we were strangers for month who lived in the same house. I was miserable. He would even t3ct my step sister who was 3 weeks older then me, who hated his rules. She was a cancer, but have inside jokes and wouldn’t text me anymore. Ugh it killed. My best friend was gone after I lost my mom i lost my dad too. And eventually he saw the bullshit one day woke up kicked her out and picked me up from my friends house. Which was weird cuz he would never offer me rides anywhere. I had to walk if I wsnt3d to go somewhere. All through the time she came into th3 pictur3. But he apologized saying he hated being a stranger and my younger brother. So even if th3y seem far away and don t care. They are thinking so much about you and worry about you.then I would start to open up more to my dad again. Especially about boys. My dad was too scary to bring any guys I dated in high school around. I guess I thought I didn’t want him to judge me based on my taste in guys, which I wish I kept. Cuz I chose abusive shit heads after high school. But that kill3d my dad. He ended up crying and hiding me from my ex and held me for a long time saying he wanted a daughter when he found out my mom was pregnant and it was killing him seeing me accept the type of relationship I was in. Basically said he doesn’t want me to end up dead or him going to prison because of this kid. My dad actually would joke well kinda.. If a boy in high school ever hit raped or emotionally traumatized me he would be th3 shit out of the dudes dad so the dad would get so pissed off at his son and kick his sons ass.. so my dad never met even my best guy friends except briefly in passing.. But he’s a big softey who never wants to stop giving their opinion on things you should do. My dad is the reason why I prolly cry so much. He cri3d at everything he was proud of me for. Singing in talent shoes. Performing and volunteering. Heart to heart we would have. Prom and graduation was horrible. Called my eyes out and couldn’t even stay long to hug him cuz I had to get my my bf at the time family. And I regret that so much. But my dad had let the wife back in the house and ended up forcing me to.move out, so I felt betrayed. Even tho I knew it killed him me moving out at 17 cuz of his wife… He doesn’t remember much of the crap she did to me or how he was towards me when he was with her. Which sometimes leaves kinda resenting him.. But I know how much my dad loves and sacrifices for me. Although I’m 24 now and know we both struggle with me talking to him like an adult and not his little girl. Wife number 3 hates it. All women were threaten by my dad and I bond. My brother and him are best fri3nds tho. When I left it r3wlly gave my bro time to get to know and get close to our dad.. Which was great cuz it was always daddy girl and momma boy. So I was happy they have this bond now. But I can’t help but feel jealous and left out. Not only of having my dad there through high school bit seeing my brother go through sophomore and junior year. But I kinda screwed up a d my brother respect me enough or just do3snt want the drama to r3fuses to talk about m3 dad or mom or anyone.. Not sure if it’s Aquarius younger brother way of protecting us both. But I know my brother and I are opposites. He’s the 24 and the 31. He’s the variety student president in high school and I could be mellow and mainly stuck to best friends from middl3 and elementary school. But I could to any clique and get along just fine. And I would when I needed a change. But my dad definitely did everything I never even had a chance 5o get fo4 my bro through high school and after. So I feel an ache of some sort of regret of not t4ying to r3ach out more dad then. I basically got so over the drama I would be gone until curfew and barely face at home. Just to avoid the wrath of wife 2. My poor dad had to have been going crazy not knowing what was going on in my life. And my home life was only half of 5he burden I bared during high school. I truly wish I had my dad through every heartbreak. And talk to him when I m3ssed up or tried something I shouldn’t. But Scorpios take such pride in their work. And kids are their biggest creation. So when you fall out of the right path, expect tough love cuz you won’t get someone who sugarcoats anything. Even raises hell for you if you screw up at times. He will be there to help you deal with it and tell you what to do move in the right direction. And if you ignore it even by trying it your own way they get offended thinking you don t care what they offer to you.. I became so scared of disappointing my dad that now he has no idea who I am b4caise I try to so hard to put on a happy face. I didn’t r3wlizr it cam3 off fake until he said it to me bluntly. And I realized I’m exhausted trying to be what I think he wanted me to be. And I am tired of hiding when I am upset or stressed or even angry at him. Which hasn’t happened in a long time. But he is trying hard to to not tip.toe around anything that’s on his mind I’m fear of ups3tting me thinking it can set me off. We will see how this works, but I really hope to get my best friend back. I’d like to get to know him again. And his wife 3 says he raised to be s pushover. Part of the Scorpio controlling thing. Don’t speak unless spoken to don t talk back. Etc. I was a good kid in high school. Scorpios hate surprises. Especially bad ones abou5 the ones he raises so don’t give him a surpise. He can understand after he calls down he will reflect and then come talk to you 99 percent of the time. Butnyou can’t shut him out. Whether it be like me in fears of disappointing him or fear of anger or whatever. He tries to relate as much as he can allow himself. Scorpios always protect their little girls best way they know how. Giving them the tools to fight back themselves while standing by and being there if needed.

  54. I’m an Aquarius dating a scorpio I think my biggest problem is that I am more emotionally into our relationship and that he not as emotional as I would want him to be. still we’ve been together a year and a half and things continue to progress. Unfortunately one of the true thing is that we are both stubborn but I’ve learned to be the bigger person and at times when he knows he has done wrong he can be the bigger person and makes up for everything he does. Aquarius February 15th Scorpio October 30th we’re both one day away from two special holidays.

  55. Hello,

    I’m an Aquarius woman and I’m madly in love with a Scorpio man. We’ve been friends for 7-8yrs now and it’s been difficult. For the first 2yrs it was a ldr so really being together wasn’t possible. I always felt like he didn’t like me as much I like him. I was drunk one night and spilled my emotions “told him I love him”, he said we couldn’t be together so I backed off. I started dating someone new and moving on but Scorpio had decided to move to my state. We kept talking on and off, I mentioned my new relationship and I could tell he was hurt. He started dating this Pisces but it didn’t work out. It was til 5 years in that we finally made love and I was stuck… My emotions have weaved in deep for him. I was so scared to lose so I told him I loved him again and he refused. I felt so stupid 🙁 I went home and cried… A year has gone by of not seeing each other and he’s begging me to come see him. Told me he misses me a lot and wants me but I’m so worried. I want to take the chance but I just don’t know. I’ve been caring to him patient and letting him open up. His feelings have really came pouring in. Why does he want me but it feels like he doesn’t show his emotions? When we have sex my whole world starts melting into his heart and him to I. It’s like I’m underwater. One time I asked him he loved me when we were together and he said yes but did he really mean it?? I’ve been in love with this mean for 8yrs it’s killing me not to have him!!!! Why do people think Aquarians don’t care?

    1. GM, you are a wonderful, powerful, strong, Aqua. *That* is an unevolved scorpio man-child. He’s done the one thing you should never do to an Aqua, which is reach into the deepest part of one and injure the vulnerable inner child. We never recover from that, we spend the rest of our lives looking at someone who gutted us from the inside out and it’s toxic.

  56. I’ve been married to an Aquarias (2/8) to my 11/16 going on 32 1/2 years….and enough is enough. After three wonderful children, 31, 28 and almost 25, I’m thinking that I don’t have to live like this anymore…should’ve have done years ago. No apologies…no time, and the blame always rest with me….should’ve married my 11/6 Scorpio mother; who knew my husband and mother are twins!

  57. I’m an Aquarius woman and I dated a Scorpio. We recently ended things cause I found him too emotional and negative. He said “I was too unemotional and selfish.” I joyed all the time I spent with him and really do miss him. I still wish things would have gone differently between but he hates me now and says things between us will never be the same. I know nothing I do will change his mind cause he seems to hold grudges.

  58. Im an Aquarius married to a Scorpio for 11yrs we dont always agree but we have very meaningful conversations and can I fully back him on things that he is more aggressive with such as a job positions, he likes to think in the future where as I live in the now.. I love his ambitions and with my creativity we create something completely new for our family. I’m a strong believer that Aquarius and Scorpio can be together as long as there is the commitment. We also have a Scorpio and Aquarius son’s so wish us luck

  59. Im an Aquarius woman and I have been involved with a Scropio man. We dated back in high school technically he was my high school sweetheart. I will admit throughout the relationship he was more into it than I was. He was constantly by my side 24/7, always wanted to know what I was doing , where I was at and ect. I never really liked that it kind of annoyed me, but I always believed in working things out. So we were basically on and off. For some reason no matter how many times we broke up we always came back to each other like magnets. Every time we got back together the situations only seem to get worse, but we kept on becoming attracted to each other. Eventually things took a turn for the worse and we no longer speak to each other. We both were just too damage for the relationship. We were both exhausted. He ended up marrying someone else and I’m actually happy that he did because that truely made it more easy for me to get over the situations even faster. I truely became more happy without him because I have more freedom to do whatever I want without being asked constantly and experiencing his jealous attitudes about not receiving enough attention.

  60. I’m an Aquarius woman and I fell in love with a Scorpio man. We had a lot of ups and downs, he was very srubborn and liked things his way and was the opposite of expressing his emotions, which is one of the reasons we fought a lot, but there was something about our relationship that kept us together. There was a spark between us. I loved him so much despite of all the things we disagreed on together, but I’ll never forget how much we enjoyed being with eachother and how much love we showed towards eachother.

  61. So I’m a in long distance relationship with an Aquarius and I’m a Scorpio, but he seems to be very insecure and at first things were hot heavy but now it seems he’s been distancing himself with me… Should I continue trying to work on us or should I just break things up?

    1. Aquarius like their independence! Just give him some space & he’ll come back to you. This is coming from an Aquarius girl who’s also dated an Aquarius guy!

    2. Im a Scorpio woman been with an Aqua 8 yrs just play it cool and let him come to you when he is ready. Try to be patient because it takes Aqua alot more time to figure out their feelings. Dont chase them because you will annoy them. Just enjoy the experience

    3. Im a Scorpio woman been with an Aqua a long time just play it cool and let him come to you when he is ready. Try to be patient because it takes Aqua alot more time to figure out their feelings. Dont chase them because you will annoy them. Just enjoy the experience

  62. I am a Scorpio male who likes an aquarius girl. She is my junior as well as a union mate. I just knew her by name initially and I started being as sweet as I could, like gifting her this chocolate on her birthday. Time passed by, we became friends and used to talk regularly. I didnt get any major signs from her side except a few negligible ones. She got to know about my feelings because of a prank by a friend of mine, and she reacted pretty badly on that. Now idk if she knows that I like her or not ( I guess she does ), but what should I do? We arent talking much and when we do, she is very very formal with me while chatting. Do I have any chance? Its been few weeks since the formal chats came in and I havent done much uptil now, since my friends want me to be patient and wait for the right time. I really really really really like her, damn..

  63. I’m a Scorpio and my boyfriend is Aquarius and him and I are so much alike that it’s not funny yes we have our differences but we work through them. Its not about if zodiac signs get along or not it’s about the person. Here’s a callange for everyone who believes in this don’t read anymore about zodiac signs and who you’d be compatible with for a whole especially if your going on a first date or meeting someone new don’t ask them there zodiac sign until the end of the week and see how well you get along with them or don’t get along with them.

  64. I need help please someone?! Okay I’m in love with a scorpio and I’m a aquarius woman. I have been knowing him since we were kids and we dated but things got complicated because of my mom. So I guess he dated other girls of course and got involved with a girl and she’s a virgo. But he went away for 10 yrs and I guess she had his back while he was away. But he found me again and we hooked up. Things were going great for him and I. Yes I do take time express myself and he doesn’t have a problem with that and yes he is extremely jealous and thinks I would cheat on him. Which by the way I wouldn’t at all. We love each other, our chemistry is crazy when are together and we think alike. And we are miserable without each other. But I don’t understand why would he choose her over me. I know they have history with each other and that triumphs everything. But if you know I’m good for you, why not choose the best one for you. I just dont understand at all.

    1. Im a Scorpio woman and we kinda need proof. We dont like to get hurt and we like to be sure before we commit because we dont leave once committing. We dont like wasting out time this makes us hurt because you cannot get time back. Communication is the key Scorpios have deep emotions to understand them you need to learn to connect to emotions.

    2. Why you want them to be apart from each other. I know that you like him and all that. But what makes you think that you are best for him? Remember one thing, they are both more compatible tha you and scorpio. Even if scorpio marries you, he will end up hating you and regretting the decision that he chose you. And virgo scorpio connection and bond is far more deep and strong than aquarius scorpio. Why aquarius always come as homewreckers? I dont know what makes you think all that. But you should better stick with aries.

  65. I just want to say that SCORPIOS WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND AN AQUARIUS!! I dated a scorpio male once and he was really passionate and very expressive with his feelings (something I really admired) , but I because of my aquarian nature I was more reserved about my feelings and I didn’t tell him that often that I loved him, although I always did things everyday to make him feel special, and that was my way of telling him that i loved him. Not with words but with actions. anyways, he never saw that in me and he was always telling me I was too cold. Something that it’s not true. We aquarians are very sensible creatures and very deep in feelings is just that we like to show it more than to say it with words. Also we are very shy in the emotional realm and we like to feel safe and it’s hard for us to open up.

    1. I think your wrong here thats merely your own experience i am a Scorpio woman been with an Aquarius for 8 years so that defiys your theory

  66. i am a Scorpio woman and at the beginning of the school year i was met this aqua guy he was quiet and shy and cute which i didn’t realize until late (im dumb right ) i was told that he found me cute and he liked me and the beginning of the year . but i didnt really have feeling for him because i only met him 2 months ago i found i may have feeling for him but i think that he may work better with my friend Gemini which is more compatible i really like that guy and i usually walk home with him when i can i havent really had much conversations since the walk isnt that long and we dont have classes im lost and the facts say that we wont worl but i would like to prove them wrong for i feel i would do anything for him and understand him. i want to know if i should tell him how i feel or not help.

  67. I am an Aquarius female and I work with a Scorpio male, which I am attractive too. He’s not drop dead gorgeous, but there is something about him that I am drawn too. In the beginning I wasn’t, I was cautious and didn’t really notice him. But about six months to a year later I noticed him and he is a very sweet guy. I’m not really sure if he is attractive to me; it seemed like it in the beganning, but now not so sure. I know we talk alot, but usually it is on the phone; I get so nervous around him, not sure what he is thinking, there where a few times when I he gave me these looks and I know I paniced and I haven’t seen them anymore. I know he is divorced too, which doesn’t help me since I am a Catholic, but he is too, which so confusing, b/c I have prayered for a good Catholic man to come into my life. At times he seems protective, but then again, it could be that he thinks of me as a friend, but what I read about Scorpios, I am confused on that too. I don’t feel like a typical Aquarius, I don’t like socializing in big groups, I am shy and had always been teased for my goofiness and still am now.

    I have read alot about the compatibility of our signs that we aren’t a good match; I don’t want to get burned again and I don’t want to hurt him either. I feel like I could really fall for him, he listens to me when I talk and he brings things up that he remembers that I had mentioned from a previous conversation. He laughs at my goofiness and doesn’t mind it at all, and hasn’t teased me about it. I don’t know if he knows how I feel about him, b/c I’ve never said anything, just have done sudtle things for him and have given him warnings about work just to keep him safe and to watch his back.

    I also found out that my Moon Sign is Scorpio and my Rising Sun is Cancer not sure if this would make a difference for our compatibility, but it does explain why I feel different from the description is says about Aquarius.

    I don’t know what to do about him he seems to calm me when I am anxious, by just talking to him. The other night I had a really bad headache and it went away while I was talking to him. I know that sounds crazy.

  68. I am a Aquarius female (actually early part of aquarius) who works with a Scorpio male (late Scorpio), who I wasn’t attracted to at 1st; I was cautious around him, b/c of somethings I had heard about him; and to be honest I didn’t really pay any attention to him. I think it was about a year when I finally, did notice him, he made laugh really hard and I kept thinking about what he had said the rest of the evening. To me what I had heard about him doesn’t seem true, he’s a sweetheart and will do anything or help anyone who is in need of it.

    I read about our astrology signs, and I don’t really fit my description and couldn’t undestand why. Someone told me we don’t only go by our astrology sign, but also by our Moon sign & Rising sun sign. When I did some research into this, I then understood why I am the way I am. Like I said I am an Aquarius, but have Scorpio as my Moon sign and Cancer as my Rising sun sign. I also read that Aquarius and Scorpios are not compatible at all.

    I don’t really know how he sees me now, though at 1st he seemed interested in me, would tease me alot and make alot of eye contact, that started almost 3 yrs ago. I found out that he is a Catholic like I am, but is divorced, so I think I made a mistake by telling him in a around about way that he needed to heal 1st before he started to date again. One of our co-workers was going thru a divorce at the time and was running wild with women, and I used that person as the storyline while I was talking to him. He just said “Yeah, really?” and that was it, I could feel I had hurt him, but he played cool about it.

    Last summer, he had injured himself off the clock and was out of work for a while, but I spoke to him every night regarding work, and tried to cheer him up. He seemed ok about it, but at times you could tell that he was preoccupied, I’m thinking he was with friends. I know after I would talk to him, the following day the guys where making comments about him not being injured and he just wanted some time off. I would defended him and say that I had talked to him and that he was injured and so on.

    Another time, he had taken off and came in to work the next day and was talking about a friend who was a woman, and he stressed that they where just “friends” around me while talking to the rest of the guys.

    I don’t really know how to read him, I told him last night that I think of him as a friend and I really do appreciate him, he didn’t make a comment to that. But he hinted around that you can’t trust everyone we work with, I told him I know I found that out with a few of them. He commented about one of the guys lets things slip out while talking, and I know he was meaning about what I had said about him to this other guy, which wasn’t anything bad.

    We talk off and on the phone, and you tell he doesn’t like it when one of the guys teases me and I tease back, he gets very quite on the other end. I also found out that he doesn’t like talking about our co-workers, when they do something wrong, he said that we are supposed support each other and that he can’t say what they did wrong.

    I told him last night that I feel like most of the guys out there seem to want one thing; and that I feel like when a guy showers a girl with gifts, they are expecting something in return and that I didn’t like that and was used to paying my own way, so I wouldn’t have to repay for anything in anyway. He got really quite and didn’t say anything, I then told him that I know alot of guys aren’t that way, but that is how I felt. He still didn’t say anything. I think I might have offended him, I didn’t think about how his sign is very sexual, don’t know for sure.

    I have this feeling that he is mad at me, but is being polite to me so he doesn’t make me mad or hurt me. I don’t know what to do to get back on his good side or if he is really mad at me or if he has any feelings for me what so ever. Should I just go on my merry way and don’t care about what he thinks? Because I always feel guilty when I do this. I will say that I do care for him, but am scared that I will get burned again like I have in the past.

    I’m just really confused about him? I don’t know how to come out and ask him, because he clams up on me. I don’t even know if our signs are compatible.

    1. I think you need to stop listening to rumours and prejudging him as a Scorpio we dont gossip about ppl and aqua is a gossipy sign. We arent a sexual sign unless we are in a relationship Scorpios dont waste love and feelings on frivolous one night stands. If you keep telling him about friendships he isnt going to mind read into something beyond that. My advice is stop giving him mixed messages and confusing him. we are very private about our feelings make up your mind as to what u want and then pursue that angle.

    2. I think you need to stop listening to rumours and prejudging him as a Scorpio we dont gossip about ppl and aqua is a gossipy sign.Scorpios dont waste love and feelings on frivolous one night stands. If you keep telling him about friendships he isnt going to mind read into something beyond that. My advice is stop giving him mixed messages and confusing him. we are very private about our feelings make up your mind as to what u want and then pursue that angle.

  69. So I’m an aquarios male and i fell in love witg a scorpio women and we get along greatly everything people say about scorpio and aquarios not getting along is bull shit

  70. I’m an Aquarius girl who’s dating a Scorpio man and we are very compatible. We are both very affectionate and have the same views about relationships. I’ve never connected on this level with anyone before. It’s only been six weeks since the relationship began. However, I feel it will last.

  71. I am a Scorpio Woman who has been on and off in a long 8year relationship with an Aquarius Man. I met this Aquarius man online straight away his quirky eccentric style caught my eyes he was so attractive. He stood out from any man I had ever seen before and I could see so much women where after him. Thought the massive competition I managed to get his attention I am also very eccentric looking covered in Tattoos so I knew he would notice me. We got talking and became friends we discussed about meeting up in real life and when we did it was love at first sight. We had a strong bond because we are both intelligent and intellectual so we had lots in common and both liked to talk. We spent alot of time together but it was just pure and natural there were no expectations and everything was intriguing.

    After a couple of weeks of know seeing each other we were intimate and it was so amazing he was a great kisser very passionate and very spontaneous. I am very sexy seductive and I did everything in my Scorpio power to blow his mind…. It worked LOL. After this time he moved in and we were living together, then this relationship turned out to be very difficult. We would argue and fight alot he would be online and cheating on me. Deep down I was very hurt because Scorpios are Loyal and he had me like no other. We broke up after 6 years and spent some time seeing other people we were both 22 and 23 when we first met.

    I had not spoken to him in years after the relationship ended and then out of the blue last year August he contacted me online. We have been friends again and trying to slowly get over all the things that happened in the past. He hurt me really bad and I have since be debating really hard if I will get back with him. I have always loved him he is my first true love and he is one of a kind. We have been through so much and the connection is so strong. He finally now realises I was the one for him and I have never see so much love from this Aquarius man. He would never express his feelings to me 8 years ago and now he tells me every days he is in love with me. He has made a grand gesture about taking me away and it is so romantic. For anyone out there dating an Aquarius may be difficult even painful but you need to be flexible and just let it be natural and let them realise they want you.

    Scorpios have a habit to need to constantly feel reassured and need affection often. I know because I am a Scorpio but this is not the way of Aquarious they are free spirits and very social signs. They are often flirtatious because they are so attractive due to their quirkiness and intelligent. Give them freedom to be themselves and try not to force then to settle. After I went through all this I let him go to explore and be with other people. He realised on his own that he loved me and came back to me. If you really want to have a happy ending you just have to play it out how it is meant to be. Do not act pushy, possessive or too jealous this may fighten them off.

    As a Scorpio Woman, I am so attracted to Aquarius as you probably know LOL… as a fixed water sign to a fixed air sign theres so much power in the two polar opposites..
    Both very intelligent signs Scorpio loves the quirky, creative and intelligence of Aqua and Aqua loves the enigmatic, sexy dark mysterious intelligent nature of Scorpio.
    Both signs bounce off of each other so well mentally, sexually and emotionaly when they can learn each other’s emotional differences. With scorpio’s intense nature Scorpio teaches Aqua how to become emotionally connected and Aqua teaches Scorpio how to become detached from their deep emotions.
    Its such a magical mixture of creativity, genius and sorts I will always be captured by Aquarius. I am a great lover of Astrology.

  72. I have been in relationship with the girl who is Scorpio for about 4 months I loved that girl a lot and still love the same but the situation is now she don’t love me anymore now but yes she has given me everything in our relationship she is meant for me and she loved me a lot like hell she loved and I too but I don’t know how she get the thought that I am playing with her and I am gonaa leave her, but this wasn’t right I loved her and I still love her and will not able to love anyone else now and I am not able to think for anyone else…I just want to her back……what should I do that she be mine back….I cant live without her….suggest me please she don’t want to be with me now its been like 1 year we had broke up but still we talks and she don’t even wants to talk to me …please help me in this…..I really need her I love her a lot……!

  73. Im a Aquarius girl. I have fallen head over heels for a scorpio. We have had quite a history together and even broken up once for afew months. I tried to date others but none could compare to the intensity of my relationship with the scorpio. I love him to death and I want to make things work no matter how hard it is. Sometimes our relationship is toxic but when we are happy together I swear it makes my heart leap. Is there any advice as to how to make things work between the two signs said to be one of the worst matches?

  74. I am in love with a Aquarius girl. She is very quite, calm and peaceful in nature. Actually she is my good freind and i can’t tell her about my feelings. I am afraid of breaking of our friendship. She is not getting my feelings by herself. What should i do ?

  75. Am in a sexual relationship with a Scorpio guy and i will tell u dat the sex is heaven and am also in love with him but he said he not interested in relationship for now but apart from being in luv wit him I also get this funny vibe arnd him like him being very possessive and jealous and dat scares the crap out of me, so i don’t if i shuld just move on or leave it on the sexual level?

  76. I’m an Aquarius girl dating a Scorpio guy. We have been good friends for over 13 years and I will say this new found thing we have has been a great journey. The space a Scorpio needs is hard to deal with as well as the repetition/routine. However, everything else is GREAT… Wouldn’t change it for the world… I hope he becomes my husband!

  77. This is a distant love the aqua and he is scorpio . He is 10 years older than me . But I’m sooo in love with him or I don’t know the nature of these feelings . I am an attracted girl but I would always refuse anyone .cuz I’m thinking of him always . I know he would never come to me but I don’t know ..I only want him . He is from another culture . I met him in 2012 now it is 2016 and couldn’t stop thinking of him . I meet so many men and guys but he is the only one that I want . Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to get him cuz I simply can t . Now I’m suffering from a very bad depression . I don’t like to go out or travel or being me cuz I’m always depressed . It is so hard for me to fall in love . A lot of criteria come out when it comes to like someone so I am not an easy person to catch . Knowing that this Scorpio guy didn’t do any effort to pick me up . And that’s why I wanted him , since I was a teenager girl and he was in his 27 . I’m mature person I know whhat to do .. but anything just stops when it comes to him .
    My life became so hard because of my depression .
    I just wanted to say the best challenge relationship ever that could happen is the one between the aqua woman and Scorpio guy .. not because it is easy , but because it is. Hard and and that’s why it would be the best relationship. The Scorpio guy is just the manly partner that the aqua would need in Herr life . And the aqua could be anything for her Scorpio lol .. wow I love these two sings.
    John Turner I’m always thinking of u ..

  78. I’m in love with aqua man, seeing him for three years , I’m 10 years older then him ,the sex is assume , he , sees other women I’m fine with that due to I’m married to a Leo, separated, I’m not sure if he wants me or is it just sex we get mad at each other and don’t talk then out the blue he contacts me and then sex is on we cant spend to much time with each other I’m not sure that he scared, or if he loves me and scared to show it due to me being married ,but I detect when I talk about other men at my job on a friend basis I see expresses on his face tell me do he care or is it just sex ,… can you give me some advice please contact me asap so that if I need to move

  79. Scorpios are my kryptonite.I keep attracting Scorpio men and I don’t understand why.I’ve been in relationship with 5 Scorpio men.Scorpio Sun/Aries Moon for 3 years,Scorpio Sun/Virgo moon for 2 years,Scorpio Sun/Sagittarius moon for 2 years,Scorpio Sun/Capricorn moon for 4 years and I have fallen for yet another Scorpio Sun/Virgo moon with whom I’ve been with for over an year now.I’m an Aquarius sun/Cancer moon woman.I am deeply devoted,emotional and very spiritual.I do not mind relinquishing control to my man.I’m loyal to a fault and believe in “all or nothing”. I am extremely feminine and a nice blend of confidence as well as shyness.I am not overly social or flirtatious and I never purposely make my man feel jealous and insecure.He is my priority.I do not identify myself with the stereotypes about Aquarians.I’m not cold,detached and dense.As Sun is weak in Aquarius,I feel more like a Cancer woman as my emotions rule me.My emotions run deep and I hate superficiality.I started dating Scorpio men since I was a teenager and now I’m in my early 30s.It has been a learning experience.I dated Taurus,Capricorn,Virgo,Aquarius,Pisces and Libra men as well but no one could match my intensity and I kept finding Scorpio men.Some of them were highly unevolved,immature and were still finding themselves that’s why it never lasted.But now I finally found a mature and evolved Scorpio man.He’s older than me but he fell hard and pursued me relentlessly.It took me time to trust him and open up to him.My time is precious and I don’t waste it on meaningless relationships.I was clear that I wanted a serious relationship.He has proved it over the months that he is completely in love with me.He has closed other options and his devotion matches my own.We are fiercely loyal to each other and we are both highly spiritual.He has me for eternity and I shall not leave his side come what may.He told me he will follow me to hell if he has to.We are so passionate that it burns our soul and consumes us completely.I can’t imagine my life without him.He has lifted me up,healed my heart and kissed my tears.He protects me in his strong arms and I feel I have come to life.He is the man of the house,my sweetheart and my life.All Aquarius women and Scorpio men should find their moon,venus and mars signs for deeper understanding of their partner’s personality and compatibility.Sun sign based prediction is very vague,as every Aquarius woman and Scorpio man do not behave or feel the same way.Good luck to other couples.May you all find love and happiness 🙂

  80. Im a Scorpio and dating an Aquarius guy, in the begining this were all rosy between us, then after some months he started to pull away from me a bit, im talking about receiving calls text after every minute. when i say pulling i mean at times i would send him a text and he will reply back and id go silent on him too n keep quiet and VERY angry Emotionally FUMING, after some hours of him noticing that i can also go quiet and pretend like nothing like he does, he will send me a text saying that “you very quiet today whats wrong” n id be LIKE WTF?? i immediately text him back and it was like writing a book teling how i feel by his actions and how i dont like it, lol and guess what he said, What Are You Talking About? God i tell you i Dumped him, and believe me He went Sick after our break up then he came back for me saying all sorries and stuff, n i must admit i was very excited that he came back around. But Honestly speaking being in a relationship with an Aquarious as a Scorpio its TOUGH, I feel like we dont click about anything yet the love its there, Aquarians will drive u up to the wall and come back around n fall for their shit over again, its true this relationship its TOXIC but honestly speaking DEEP down we truly LOVE each other Regardless our Stubboness. and yes im stil with him even today, even though at times i wish i could just end things but I love him. Please HELP!!

  81. I am a scorpio man recently got into a relationship with a Aquarius woman, just 3 weeks ago. i think the conversation with her was excellent as she is intelligence, kind and feel just comfortable being with her But when she goes to workaholic mode or have her own activities i just felt neglected and not sure if these was started the right way. shouldn’t a relationship in the beginning feel like honeymoon and wanting to see him/her almost everyday? she never mention her affection to me before, which makes me trying to find ways to make her do that or at least say she miss me.
    i really want this amazing relationship to carry on but what can i do to let her know of my feeling without giving her too much pressure. how can we manage this together? is she willing to accept and compromise together?

    1. aww… now I feel guilty…this must be how my guy felt 🙁 we were just starting to click. I wanted him so much so I try to multitask spend time with him while I work and he just feels ignored 🙁

  82. hahahaha. got to know so many things here from scorpio women… some good things and some bad things about aquarius…

    i m aquarius. 2 years i m poking a scorpio girl.. sometimes i feel like she is really interested on me but after that i m feeling like she is not interested.. it’s really hard to understand scorpio’s mentality..

    i have planned to wait n try 2 or 3 more years. if it’s not going i will quit… but i really like her a lot

  83. I’m a Scorpio woman, I’ve dated an Aquarian for 10 years and then we married, we have been together for 15 years 🙂 no one suits me better or understands me… It is a lot more than Sun sign compatibility that plays a role….
    We both are stubborn but we back down when we know the other is more invested in it. I’m passionate for sure but he enjoys it when he is the center ( he can never chase ) where as I love the chase. I never thought I was possessive, coz I am flirtatious myself, so when he tells me about some girl who is hitting on him at work or somewhere else,it never bothers me…I asked him after reading this do you think I’m possessive.. he shocked me by saying yes you are possessive you don’t like sharing me with non living things too( like the pillow, laptop etc ) I responded and said but if you tell me you’re going to meet a girl it does not bother me… To this he responded by saying you trust me and hence you don’t bother… (Which is true coz I always say when a person cheats they should always remember the other person can do the same with ease too, but should remember the damage it does on a fragile thing as trust,) since I like chasing I hate being held on too or hate someone being possessive or jealous or clingy , I loose interest, so I guess once you build the trust one can flit and float and know you have something stable …
    I can be quite a crazy nuttie character and so can he… He tethers me down when I get to crazy and visa versa…

  84. I am an Aquarius birthday is Feb 12. And I am currently dating a Scorpio his birthday is Nov 18. As I read these comments I can’t help but to add my testimony. I don’t think I have ever been in such a crazy relationship as I am in now. I am happily in love with this man. We have so many things in common, and that’s what makes us so compatible. However, as an AquArius I love to be out there and going out and exploring and my boyfriend likes to hide under a rock. Communication is not his strongest quality and that’s okay, it’s just a matter of working with each other and Learning and comprising. Yeah I have jealousy issues here an there but these minor obstacles don’t prevent us from being happy. Its how much you want to be with that person . We find ways to adapt with one another. I love it !!

  85. I am an aquarius and he is a scorpio. Maybe its soon to express any feelings. I have met this amazing caring scorpio man at church. He is what ive been asking God for. Kind, caring, understanding, a very great listener, has an amazing personality, i can talk to him about anything and its like he knows exactly what i feel and gives me the advise i need but he does it just how i expect. Through the word of God. I dint understand why theres such a strong connection everytime we are near eachother there are intense emotions i feel from him but doesnt show it. Its almost as if i spray a bottle of perfume in the air and i can smell it but i cant see it. I only get to see him 2 times out of the week and everytime i wait eagerly to see him once again even if its only for an hour. Just about every time that we see eachother at practice where we dont have a lot of people around he looks at me a lot and tries to get closer to me. He shows many body languages that he is interested in me including fixing his hair and clothes infront of me or whenever i or he talks to me. He smiles at me a lot and tries to make me laugh and has never disrespexted me. I dont know how to approach him. We are both singers at church. He plays an instrument as well as i do and everytime we sings its as if the words we say were for eachother. I dont really want to misinterpret him if im wrong. I just dont understand why scorpios are so confusing but fascinating. I am feeling big things for him but not sure if honestly he is. If any scorpio man could give me an advice on this i would really appreciate it. We have known eachother for 3 months now. And i have made the mistake of falling in love with someone in such a short time before and i dont want this to be the case. Im trying to let him get to know me and i want to get to know him as well before i mess anything up. I have bottled up emotions that i have never felt before. Not even with the man i was with for 10 years. Advice?

  86. I am an Aquarius and i really like this guy, who told me he love me on the first date…idk… He’s NOT the type to express his self to other people because he’s manly afraid of getting hurt.. We had a conversation on the phone and I asked tell me something you wish you could change about me, and he said “MY ATTITUDE”. I took the comment really seriously but I played it cool knowing that he’s right but i warned him about my disgusting attitude and behaviours the first time we talked- idk why, I think I was preparing for it. Anyways despite the fact that he doesn’t like to express his self, he always do it and am always like OH. He’s also total opposite from me for instance: he’s shy, really quite (this usually annoys me), easy going, unbothered by everything, patient, really sweet and nice. I really want the relationship to work despite our odds but I don’t know how.
    I believe that I’m the one who is not devoted to the relationship
    Can u help me to be more committed?

  87. I’m an Aquarius male. She is a Scorpio. We have about 9 years difference of age – I’m her senior. I’m desperately in love with her. She is my everything. I wake up with her name and I go to bed with her name. I’ve known her for around 2 years now, but we are not together. I don’t know how she feels about me. We always had the chemistry: she always digs and laughs at my jokes while others might not. I can talk to her and say things to her that I would never say to somebody else.
    We’ve been having this weird relationship where we are like good friends and yet I, intuitively, feel that it’s much more than friendship at least for me. One day we talk and go have lunch or dinner together and I make her laugh all the time. And the next day she just say “Hi” and passes by like she only knows me casually. So it’s been like that for 2 years. I keep bumping into her all the time (we go to the same college). And it’s very exhausting and devastating to me. Right now she acts like she doesn’t want to be bothered by me and just says “Hello”. Every time I stop her and try to spark a conversation with her, she would act like she is a hurry or she has something else to do and just pulls away. May be she intuitively feels that I am into her and she doesn’t want to give me false hopes? I just don’t know. It hurts me how she sees me from across the floor or somewhere else and doesn’t come by to say “Hello”. I don’t say anything either since I know that she saw me and didn’t take any steps to get my attention….But then again, a month passes by and she texts me about how am I doing. I don’t stalk her or flood her with messages cause I am afraid to be annoying and somewhat bothering.
    Unlike most of Aquarians, I am very emotional. Sometimes I think my emotions are so profound that if give way to them, I will drown: I don’t have anger, I have wrath. I don’t have sympathy, I have enormous compassion and empathy. So I’m extremely emotional. Now, my love to her is infinite. If I only knew how she feels about me or even that she like me, I would be the happiest man in the world! I would never hide my feelings about her, I would never pull away from her scared of my emotions! I’m not scared of my emotions with a woman I love. Cause that girl is the one I would like to have children with. I really need a good advice, albeit I’m not into astrology. So you see, I’m at the bottom. My birthday is on January 26th btw 4-00-5-00 AM of 1985. Hers – November 6th. Not sure about the year.

    1. I experience that John, I learned to be intuitive – reading her emotions and mind.
      She waits your feelings to express in her. Because she feels cheap as friends only for 2 years of being accompany with you. If Scorpio go with you and spend time with you it means she loves/like you.

      Scorpio doesn’t tell you i love you if the man doesn’t first to say i love you.

  88. John, You’re an Aquarius Sun-Aries Moon-Pisces Venus-Pisces Mars.You did not provide her birth year but you said she is 9 years younger so I’m assuming 1994.That makes her a Leo moon with Mars and Venus in Libra.First of all, the age difference is huge and she seems very young.Just because she laughs at your jokes doesn’t mean she sees you as a romantic potential, in fact the way she distances herself means that she is very much aware of your feelings but doesn’t reciprocate.I know it can be heartbreaking but she has to make a career and I think she would like to be with someone her own age.The reason you are so emotional is because of your Venus and Mars in Pisces which is naturally attracted to her but her Venus and Mars is in Libra and she is less intense than you are.The Leo moon and Aries moon makes you both get along well but how you both see love is completely different.You can’t impose your love on her so you’ll just have to accept it.Pisces Venus has the tendency to romanticise the situations when reality is different.I can’t ask you to stop loving her but you should just prepare yourself that it may never happen and slowly move on.The more you focus on her,the more you’ll hurt.I hope I helped.

  89. I’m an Aquarius female, in love with a Scorpio male. We parted ways about a month ago, and at first it didn’t hurt me, until I felt like it was really over. We were together, 7 1/2 months. I was pregnant, but decided to get an abortion because we both didn’t want another baby at the time (although I wanted to keep the baby anyway). I didn’t end up telling him that I wanted to keep the baby, until after the abortion. I was left feeling like I got it for him to be happy. I was angry with him for this. Also, found out he gave me an STD after getting the abortion. It was all just too much for me to handle at once. I got drunk the next day after I told him I was moving on and that he could come get his things from my house, and went over his house causing all kinds of chaos out of the anger I felt for him, instead of just moving on like I said I would do. This just made things worse, because he had already told me he needed some space and that he would talk to me about everything when he was ready. I believe things came to an end because of my behavior and non chalont attitude. Im sure he had sex with someone else because I wasn’t interested in having sex with him once I found out I was pregnant and his reaction to me telling him. (He was upset at first). He came over my house after us not speaking for a few days, saying how he missed me (two days before my abortion) and that having sex with me was his way of expressing this. That’s when I got the STD from him. He never denied sleeping with someone else. Anyway, after all we’ve been through, I STILL don’t think he’s a bad person and I STILL feel he’s the person for me. The good in him outweighs the frustrating or negative characteristics. He’s very attentive, loving, and patient with me. I think my attitude brought out the worst in him, because I never doubted his loyalty… never felt like I had a reason not to trust him. I’m not saying this because I love him. I’ve been in love before, but not like this. I recently text him, after no contact in two weeks to see how he’s doing. I got a short reply, which kinda put my heart at ease. Now, I’m thinking about him more and more. I really feel like he’s thinking about me too, but won’t show it until he feels like he’s ready or misses me enough. Anytime we break up, he comes back. This time, it was bad. Idk what to do. I don’t want to be his friend. I’m not ready to be back in a relationship with him yet either. I don’t want to contact him again either. He’s a puzzle. Very hard to figure out. I know he loves me. I’ve been focused on improving myself (for my own sake): my attitude, my patience, discivering more about me.
    What are the next steps I take? Should I just give him some more time to come around?

  90. @Aquarius202 That is such a hot mess! It’s all over the place. Your behaviour is truly unpredictable and Scorpio men don’t like drama and unstability.They want a woman who is consistent,loyal and grounded.It was very careless to have unprotected sex so early on.If you give in too quickly,Scorpio deems you as easy.They love mystery and a woman who is confident yet feminine.If you wanted to keep the baby you should have been clear about it.Acting passive aggressive isn’t going to help.And Scorpio isn’t a mind reader so you should have talked to him about it.Creating a scene while drunk worked against you.He might not say it openly but he is very much judging you on that.I understand your pain of losing a child and catching an STD but you both have been highly irresponsible. He’s not to be blamed alone.Insisting for safe sex was just as much your responsibility.You don’t know who this guy sleeps with and he might infect you again.May be you’re just feeling all this because of abortion and want his emotional support but think about long term.Do you really want to restart something that had such a painful and devastating end? You need to focus on yourself first and recover from this trauma.If he knows and if he cares,he will come around.You chasing after him would be a bad idea.And don’t throw temper tantrums with Scorpio’s,they’ll either find a way to get back at you ten times worse or they’ll cut you off completely.Try to heal mentally and physically.Good luck!

    1. I am an Aquarius too. The whole thing about scorpio wanting this ideal partner that is stable and predictable is only so when they cheat over and over and over again they know where you are exactly! Not kind for Aquarius heart. In my opinion, scorpios cannot match our love, our honest once in a lifetime love. They are supposed to be so called feelers but I beg to differ. They feel cheating is all.
      Also you mostly need to know something my Aquarius women, believe me when I tell you that nothing you do or say will satisfy them. Listen to that sentence in your mind because it is true. A scorpio will say they are doing such and such because they want you to do this or that but listen no matter what they want that you correct, they will want more and more to there is nothing left of you. It’s mean. You see it’s not that they want anything at all because they just want to send you on a mental run around. It’s cruel and very wrong on so many levels. But go sit quietly and go through it all in deep thought now see. Keep you running while they are doing them and you are left confused but to busy, just how they like you….

  91. I’m an Aquarius, my wife a Scorpio. I admit that we don’t have a perfect relationship, but we love each other without end. But, it feels like every day is another trial to our relationship (either someone wants to break us up, or someone tries to make sure we can’t be around each other). We’ve only been married for a little more than a year, and we’ve already had other people test our mental and psychological relationship. I’ve addressed a few of them, but I can’t do anything about the others, because those people aren’t gonna listen to me (I’ve tried and failed already).

  92. Ok so im in a relationship with a scorpio and im an Aquarius but hes more of the i understand you guy n i kill anyone who treat you bad he tells me how good of a women i am and how much he loves me. But i dont understand why hes like this man dont come around like him n his passed wasnt as good as ours n lots of people and i wont to know why.

  93. For whatever reason I am super attracted to Aquarius’. Most of the men I’ve ever dated were Aquarius’ and none have ever worked out. I’m a Scorpio woman and have had 2 toxic year long relationships with Aquarius men. Both men didnt cheat but would play games and would have tantrums and be really mean THEN about a day later I’d get a text saying they didn’t mean what they said and blah blah. Anyways, basically very emotionally draining relationships… Wouldn’t do that again…. Purposely lol.

  94. Aqua f attracted like none ever to scorpio m…comments are so true,scorpios make aqua world upside down.never felt like this before it’s just so crazy!(u aquas must know what i mean).we can’t be together because i already married. Almost 2 months of our separation,and he suddenly checked me thru message…day after i checked him back.only for that just to make sure each other okay…but i will always love’s true,we can not always end up with the person we love… =(

    1. omg… I am married too and accidentally fell for this scorpio guy. I am married to an Aquarian guy …and I am sorry marriage vows- i am willing to give you up for my scorpio. I am ready to give up my whole damned world for this guy.

  95. Please help me..

    Im aquarius and my scorpio girl always chatting me on money. She say he loves me, share everything on me (emotion and her family) but when i show my feeling in her and say i love her she chat me about money. I was confused if she used me or not.

    1. woah… are scorpio people obsessed about money? I hear a lot of money talk from my Scorpio guy too…. like wishing he has more. like saying if only he’s so rich he could be with me and such…

  96. I’m a Scorpio f and I’m still in love with my Aquarius m. We met last year and the emotions were very intense like the first two months and i knew he wanted me and he said he’d wait for me. He was so sweet amd protective. But I didn’t want anything until we got closer and I became obsessed with my Aquarius. Then once we got closer he’d go away for a couple of days so I’d chase him and he’d come right back even though he told me he never came back to girls. He was never good at complimenting me when we got closer but he’d compliment me in a subtle way which I always adored cause it’d leave my Scorpio self wanting more. So I started to realize that with him I’d never fully know what he wanted so I pulled my emotions back but I ended up falling for someone else and he was at a loss of words. He still calls me to check up on me and even sent me a cute birthday paragraph. I still crave his touch. Our sex life was something so intense and i miss that. I broke up with my ex and he found out and he texted me but I haven’t texted back cause I’m scared that if we see each other again I’ll feel that intensity. He’s always the first to look at any of my posts could this mean he wants me?

  97. The positive side of a Scorpio & Aquarius Relationship –
    I’ve recently started dating my Aquarius woman, at first it was just a friends thing and that we were not going to get too close and intimate together but as conversations kept going it made us fall for eachother pretty hard..and fast! I’ve even declined at first and told her that I wouldn’t fall in love, I just wasn’t interested in a relationship but something about her made me want to stay and later on open up to her and fall. Now for her, I was someone who was interesting and individual which she likes about me, I was also able to slip through her walls (not even breaking it) and it scared her a little but she allowed me in. We’ve had maybe 2 or 3 big fights but in the end we came to reason. What caused it was insecurity, we have yet to get to know each other better. And me being a person that doesn’t trust easily made our relationship pretty hard..she was already breaking down my walls and I was very afraid of it because I am very intense passionately, mentally, emotionally and I typically believe no one can handle it. Anyhow, as of today we’re still together and she’s always reassuring me how much she loves me and says the most sweetest things to me, surprisingly her emotions are aired out (haha air…). She tells me how she feels about me all of the time and doesn’t hold back on anything. We plan on getting married, it is THAT INTENSE. I would definitely give it a try if you’re a Scorpio with an Aquarius lover, I don’t regret this one bit. All this negativity about Scorpio & Aquarius saddens me a ton. My experience is absolutely amazing so far though! 😉

    Born: Oct 31st Scorpio
    Born: Jan 23 Aquarius

  98. I AM AQUARIUS – Knowledge is Power
    Emotionally detached (this is a guard and a way to analyse without letting emotions cloud my judgement)
    I have a sixth sense about people (I know if they have a good heart or not and what kind of person they are in general before they even speak)
    I am intelligent and naturally THINK BIG
    I am all about personal and spiritual growth and I am honest with myself and others
    I know my strengths and weaknesses and where I need growth
    I am open minded and accepting making me a fast learner
    I am courageous, fearless and strong enough to be completely vulnerable and open so that I can feel and learn firsthand those things people are too scared to go through because they may end up broken hearted and badly hurt (all for the sake of growth)

    Misconception about Aquarius people
    Detached = No feeling (so far from true)

    It’s like this
    People talk and I listen
    I’m not really hearing what you’re saying
    I am feeling what you are saying
    I am seeing beneath every word
    I am travelling to the root of the problem
    When I find the root I simply tell you what it is and offer advice on the problem
    If I got emotional and started fluffing it up, you may misinterpret what I am trying to communicate and take one sentence to mean more than one thing
    I call it clear communication
    Nothing more
    Nothing less
    Where this needs improvement is situational otherwise we come off as heartless, emotionless, rude etc
    No harm is ever intended it just is because others are always emotional and not logical like the aqua therefore I feel the receiver needs to take some responsibility in excepting that they are too emotional and that it’s not all the aquas fault being to unemotional
    It’s a two-way thing

    I am very very DEEP
    I have a never ending well of emotions
    Both good and Bad
    Discovered and undiscovered
    A territory no other being has ever been or seen
    A darkness inside darkness
    An out of body experience when your world is turned inside out
    Like a dying star imploding on itself creating a blackhole
    A blackhole with every emotion
    Praying to God you don’t die

    It’s something like this
    But not even this does what I feel any justice
    Imagine turning that type of emotion on to people
    People would think you were weird as hell
    People would be scared and uncomfortable
    This would in turn make the Aquarius very very insecure
    As if we aren’t already weird enough
    It’s scary touching that realm because you know what’s down there
    Just a little touch will make anyone feel like they want to run as far away as possible the other way
    This is how it ACTUALY FEELS
    It is something like this that I believe why Aquarians are so uncomfortable with feelings
    We take every idea into account and think very big
    We take every feeling into account and feel very deep
    So, when it comes to emotions – We do not want to go their period! It’s all that stuff I just said above

    I am drawn to the Scorpio guy I have been dating for 7 months
    By drawn, I guess I see something in him that I lack and that needs growth
    I learn so much from him regarding emotions
    How to show them, how to be comfortable with them and how to receive them
    I see the passion burning in his eyes
    I watch and I learn from him
    He is very passionate and emotional in sex (again with the emotional stuff)
    Sex is sex but sex with him is better because I ‘learn’ how to have passionate sex instead of just fun wild crazy Aquarian sex
    it’s different which is something Aquarius like “different”
    Intrigue is what drew us together
    Love on a spiritual level is how I know we are meant to be together
    Loyalty that is unmatched
    Neither will want to give up and that’s what will keep us together
    Being an Aquarian I feel I have what it takes to forge a never-ending relationship
    I have the ability to see his point of view and ‘accept’
    Saying yes to only being together with every intention of overcoming challenges and making each other happy
    Sure, he’s dark, negative, possessive, jealous and all that other crazy stuff but I love all of it
    There can’t be light without darkness
    Ying without the yang
    It is not our differences that divide us, it’s our inability to recognize, accept and celebrate those differences
    How strong are you Scorpio?
    How strong are you Aquarius?

    1. Yes!! Well said….this completely describes us Aquas, I wish more ppl understood these things about us. Thank you!

  99. Hi everyone!
    Well, I was born on 17 February. My boyfriend on 10 November. We’re dating more than a year now. I know, a year is not much. As a female Aquarius, I love to read about our horoscopes. I laugh when I read things I can see in my beloved one, but when it comes to the relationships, it really leaves me thinking about things.
    In the beginning, I had to deal with the most jealous guy I had ever met in my life. But short after that, he changed! Not entirely. He had gained more trust in me and knew me better. And I think that communication is the key. And trust of course. I on the other side tried not to make him jealous lol. But when I talk to him and take a guy’s name, he always asks more about him. He teases me then, but the jealousy, oh the jealousy.
    And he absolutely is a controlling one, in all things. But he isn’t aware of it and that is who he is. I don’t take the normal things serious. For example: go eat something and brush your teeth. Of course I’ll brush my teeth etc, but first I do my other things.
    He has so much positivity in him. He is so caring and loving. We always have fun in each other companies. We talk about the problems of the world, history, new things, trends, future. He’s my best friend. And I really love him. I can’t imagine a world without him. Being in his arms feels so right, so save, so like home. He’s my snoegie noenoe!
    My English is not so good, may have some misspellings or sth like that. I really just wanted to share this. We’re both young and want to study medicines. I hope we make it..

    1. Hi! I am Aquarius and totally falling for this hot Scorpio guy I just met in a game. Yes. A game! LOL.
      I am falling so hard in a way I have never before and I find it so scary. I have only known him 3 months and oh God…I don’t wanna lose him. It’s fascinating the way you guys describe your Scorpio guys in almost the exact way I see him- so goddamned jealous. It was amusing at first, most guys I know usually pretend they are not. But the way he tells that he is and the way that he tells me not to respond to any other guy in our game- I think it’s one of the things that’s making me fall for him more. Maybe deep down I just want to be possessed. Maybe all these I am a free spirit Aquarian do not possess me…maybe it’s just because we never really ever found the one who own us. 🙂

  100. Hey uhm im in love with a scorpio guy and hes only next door to me ….weve known eachother a bit and i know all his family memmbers bcus i was bestfriends with his cousin. The family likes me i get along with everyone of them but i just want to know how he would feel if i was making a real good impression with his family ? because i really want him to see and notice that im the only girl in his life who will always be there and still get along with everyone like i wanna stand out sorta thing ….i really am in love with this scorpio guy and for some reason i cannot let him go hes synced into my heart and i notice that when i go to partys im not vulnrable or easy acces i actually had boudaries and couldnt be bothered in flirting with any other guy like no one can ever change my mind off this scorpio guy . We met in february and things happened to the point i got into bed with him but stupid enough i didnt think to ask him to be mine aggghh and typicalt me got emotional i text him on facebook saying that i felt bad for lastnight and idk i think that made him insecure?? but anyways we stopped talking for a while and what we had before hes not showing any communication or confidence as he use too when i frist met him…..his cousin told me is because he wants to get his life sorted before he even gets into a relationship….so i respected that and i gave the scorpio guy alot of space and sometimes i visit him next door but i mostly talk to his nan and pops then i do with him because hes to busy woth work and yea but i always am generous no matter how awkward it is between me and this scorpio guy i try an try to break through it at a time….like im wondering should i keep visiting or trying but not all the time i go next door its could be every 3 weeks or every 2nd week sorta thing like im really patient on this but i just want him to see me like i want him to recognise me as who i am as a person i need some advice

    1. Be honest with him…he’s probably playing it cool because he has secretly loved you from afar too and thinks he blew it when you did what you did now he is scared of you and doesn’t trust himself that he had chosen correctly the first time. If you have a gut feeling go with it or getting ready for a life of guilt and regret for not doing it that will turn into envy and jealousy when if he does finds someone else to trust in

  101. Like i want him to recognise that im not like any ordinary girl im really brave i have a real clever way of thinking and im not clingy i also have strong beliefs in not giving up on things that could be a possibility

  102. I’m a Scorpio, and my husband is an Aquarius. Our marriage is an intense and continuous storm. So very much of this is true to the point that it’s shocking​. We have built a life together, have children, but it certainly has been one hell of a bumpy road. Take it from me – it’s very hard. And while I know not everyone is true to their signs, we are and I don’t recommend such a partnership.

  103. Hello, I am an Aquarian girl and my guy is scorpion. We have been in relationship for 8 long years and yep there were lots and lots of ups and downs but we always chose to stick together. He always been very possessive about me which I liked but at the same time he was very suspicious jealous of almost all my male friends and female friends as well sometimes. He told me sometime back that he met this girl at his office who is very bold and take stand and he has never got such good female friend, honestly I didn’t like this and she is a pisces so obviously I was very jealous. He told me once that she is much more emotionally mature than you cz she had many relationships in past. I got really upset with him on this and we had many fights over that girl. I m always puzzled about it that though Scorpio themselves are very possessive and jealous by nature why can’t they handle the same thing. As I am an Indian, our marriage talks were going on for last 3 years and I honestly love his family and they loved me too. We were in distance relationship for last 6 years and when he finally moved to my city he backed out on our marriage saying that he cannot get married cz he thinks my parents doesn’t want it. Though my parents has always been very supportive for our marriage but cz of miscommunication he got these thoughts piled up in his head. It’s been 3 months that we broke up and I pleaded a lot to get back together but he has always been stubborn about it. Now whenever I call him he talks to me properly about how m doing and how my family doing. But he never calls me. Also he insulted my parents 2-3 times for which I recently responded to him to not do this again ever. And then he disconnected the call. But I still feel that if I call him he will talk to me properly. I have no clue what to do what’s going on in his mind. Can someone help please.

  104. Started dating an Aquarius man about 2 months ago and because our schedules are opposite and hectic, but we are all about each other. He does like to go off the grid once in awhile to recharge his battery(he’s a fireman and sees a lot), and because I’d already read up on our compatibility, I knew this is important to him and don’t throw a fit. I reel him to have a blast and we’ll talk when he gets back. He’s already told me that he’s enjoying getting to know me and he doesn’t wan to meet other women, so I’m trusting that what he tells me is true and I’m happy! I’m excited to move it into the bedroom! I joke with him that at the rate we’re going it’ll be in 2 years, and he says he’s fine with that. Friendship first, then sex. I’d learned to keep my Scorpio crazy under control with him because he tells me everyday how much he likes me and appreciates that understanding.

  105. So here’s one aquaris girl i fell in love with, she was the one who showed interest initially.Relation lasted for a year and half later when she broke. I am a scorpio man and i requested her to stay, literally begged but she left and the reason that she told was ‘i am not happy in this relationship’. I said take care God bless you and left her.
    My love was brutally murdered.

    1. Good for her! Was she beautiful? God how I wish I did that! I would be thinking hey what am I doing with this hunk a crap and never being able to actually gather a moment to catch my dam breath to actually make a decision because of all the chaos he was constantly causing both day and night of hectic chaos! I mean I am still beautiful but then I was even more beautiful! Putting up with such a piece of dishonest trash! He couldn’t ever understand true commitment to only one with all of your being surrendered to one only.
      I know he couldn’t because he slept with everyone that had a small breath and lied about it on top of that. Full of wrath! Dishonesty enveloping more dishonesty.
      He wants your soul the bastard but gives you some materialistic thing to push you aside. So you give me a thing (materialistic) for my soul! Are you kidding me! So you feel alright, yeah you feel, feel that I am a prostitute or some barter to give my heart slashed open to you for you to give me an ITEM so you go around sleeping every dam place!
      Don’t waste me. Don’t waste such a beautiful honest woman, for some man is out there needing a love like mine.

  106. Hi everyone.
    Here another Aqua woman which felt in love with Scorpio man. We have met during my vacation in Egypt, he is 28 years old, me 35 years old. I am visiting this country almost 10 years and even some other guys were spinning around me, no one has ever chance. But his time it was different and I don’t know how it happens but I felt so hard to this young Scorpio. We never dated, we never kissed or had sex together, but since we met Ive had felling that we know each other for very long time and we had chemistry immediately. Our showing attention was so sweet, he was so nice to me, always polite, shy and gentle. When Ive turn back home (I am from Europe), we stayed in touch. We texted every evening after his work till morning and later express our feeling towards each others. It was beautiful, Ive opened my heart for first time, Ive never done it before. But somehow it changed (due to cultural, religion differences – mo slim man/christian woman). His messages stopped or he didn’t reply to me. Ive breakup with him a few times but always come back till last one. We didn’t talk for month, Ive deleted his number and gave him space. He texted me that he missed me and that he still loves me, but he is afraid that we will never met. He will felt hotel and moved to his mother town. We texted short telling him that he has focus now on his life, his career and we will see what future brings to us. He reply he loves me every day more and his is fine but now happy but I don’t have to worried about him. That was last message from him (5 days ago). Apologize my long story, but background is important. Please give me advise, what to do. I feel hurt and not sure if he ever loved me, if I was just for fun to him. Or does he just give up on me because of distance and all difficulties?
    He his the most kind and passion man Ive ever met. No one makes me so mad and loved in same time. I know I love him, I feel it, but I also know I am scared to show it (I was hurt so many times ), better use logic than my heart. Did I just scared him away? Is there any chance one Scorpio man loves you he will come back?

    P.S. Sorry for English, not my mother language..

  107. So, I’m kinda starting to see this scorpio guy (i’m the aquarius) and he’s really great. But what’s funny is that I read this article and actually i’m the total opposite of what it says. I’m incredibly more emotional and yes i’m very independent but i’m fine with being attached or clingy with someone and having that in return. I care a lot about things, etc. and he, is much more into not wanting to be tied down yet he wants to also be in a relationship with me. We get along great besides that fact he isn’t overtly romantic (and I feel like i’m putting more into our “thing” even though it did basically just start and I should probably allow for more dates and more time for us to prosper. I’m always the one who puts more effort into things, so maybe should I back off alittle? Or just wait and go out more and see how things go? I know he likes me and is into me and weve talked about dating but it’s hard when he’s much more passive and mellow. I don’t know what to do!

  108. I am a triple Aquarius and have been married to a Scorpio for 26 years now! It can be very intense at times for sure! He is extremely passionate and devoted, and controlling! He has to be on top of things like finances, whats going on with everything. And if anything is amiss, or THINKS it is, watch it! He can anger easily, very emotional..intense. He wants a really deep connection with me and talk about really deep things, usually about things going on in the world. Not afraid to voice his opinion! he is quick to threaten to leave his family in order to get compliance, and can throw terrible fits when he isnt getting his way or for someone to not give him the respect and acknowledgement, and appreciation he feels he needs to make him happy.
    Me being Aquarius (triple).. I am VERY passive, kind of wishy washy on decisions at times, easily swayed by his intense determination on something.. just to make him happy and quit bitching. He tends to get into a deep depressive hole and shuts down.. waiting for someone to come rescue him and pull him out of the hole. But I am stubborn too in how I feel about things.. if I cant see a very logical reason to do something, like force my kids to do something he wants them to do, I have a very hard joining up with him and being on the same page parenting.. if I dont believe in what he is doing. Causes so much conflict. He is very strict, and never really had a nurturing mother figure. His real mom died when he was 5. Then no mom a few years (with 3 siblings, he the youngest, and a dad who worked all the time, not really showing affection). So he claims that has caused him to not have a good relationship with his kids (both Taurus, one transgender-he is now very supportive-both have bad anxiety and depression problems, he thinks it is my fault somehow).. unconditional love as he says. On the other hand i am very nurturing and compassionate towards my kids, maybe too much. They get away with certain things that most kids wouldn’t. I have a laid back approach to parenting. I feel like I understand how they feel about things and why it may not be in their best interest to submit to his demands. I am also not outwardly affectionate towards him, which he needs. I try.. and the biggest way I show it is by doing things for him that I know makes him happy. I cater to his needs like getting the foods he likes, fetching water and stuff he wants, helping on laborious projects (he is such a hard worker!! Cant sit still long, I just like to rest and do stuff that make me happy.. but if he needs help I do it, usually at the expense of shoving away my needs and wants, to make him happy).
    We are both creative and artistic. I went to art school after high school and have done art all my life, my kids too. He likes it too but drifts away from it. However he can be very creative and insightful, seeing meanings of things that others cant see.. unless he can convince them its there. Like pictures on beans, in wood, in the clouds, etc. And he always attaches deep meanings to it.
    A very good part of him is that we like to travel and see new things, especially dealing with nature. Both nature lovers, enjoying the outdoors. He is also very faithful, no matter what, and so am I so that helps us not worry about that part. Anyway, it has been a very interesting trip so far! Never boring.

    1. Sorry not interesting for me. That thing he does blaming you about the children. It’s not just children, EVERYTHING IS YOUR FAULT ACCORDING TO STUPID SCORPIO! scorpio threatened me too. Oh I will leave if you don’t comply! My answer, well get going then! I refuse to succumb to compliance! No way! You claim you have always been faithful and I believe you! But I wouldn’t believe him! I did big mistake!

    2. Hey Jen Hardy

      I thought maybe to help you understand him a little from my point of view “the Scorpio woman” and from growing up with a hardworking, no bullshit, strict father being the least aggressive adjective I would use to describe my childhood. He is scared, he is terrified and he doesn’t know it yet. We scorpio’s sometimes mix up our emotions and actions. People don’t understand when we are angry or retracting, distancing ourselves its because we are scared and often show you one thing when we feel totally opposite. If he likes talking to you be grateful, this means he appreciates your intelligence and thinks you are smart, trust me. If he loves you and worries about how his children turn out and is trying to teach them about hard work as they grow up, I know it is hard but what he is doing is out of love and it is the way he has learned how to nurture because he probably learned how to work from his dad or some other father figure he still respects and if I think I know Scorpio’s and Dad’s, then you have already thought of the persons name he frequently tells inspiring stories to you and your kids about. (That is from a grown daughter’s point of view now, not saying what I had to put up with growing up was ok, but guess what I am happy to say that I love my Dad because I understand him now and can thank him for who I am and that I can love me now because of what I learned from him, I hope that helps somewhere in the what is happening now moments) From a being in a relationship with a male Aquarius (struggling with addiction) we too have a common bond when it comes to NATURE .we get into arguments over money, where I have been, what I have been up to, and a whole lot of him being insecure about a lot of things, he also doesn’t understand why I think I can change the world or at least my own, I know he misinterprets my moods, attitude and reasons as well as emotions. BUT like you said something about it/him the whole picture, at the heart –the cornerstone of the entire skyscraper relationship and emotional tower the 2 of you have built together (FAMILY) it all works YOU KNOW its LOVE. Trust that. and like the other ladies comment we need GOOD REFEREES, GOOD MARRIAGE COUNSELLING!!!!! It is hard enough to make any relationship work in this world but when you HAVE found the right person (your SOULMATE, believe it or not) I think its WORTH IT, every second of it. I thought I needed to post this bc I saw the negative Oh he’s controlling don’t try to live with that comment. Here is the thing no matter what your sign, every relationship has push and pull, him seeming like he NEEDS to be in controll may be because you even admit you are wishy washy..SO this could be his way of stepping up and doing something for you he thinks/perceives you don’t like doing. Deccission making, financial, parenting…I know. I don’t like having to do dirty work either but when someone is standing around or throwing in the towel I pick up a broom and don’t give up. So I guess what I am trying to say is DON’T GIVE UP. Try to understand him and yourself, then compare what is most important to each of you, and more importantly what you think is more important to the other. When I did this with my AQUARIUS we had a great laugh and learned more about each other than we could have gained having a chat. Again if he likes opening up, try some relationship exercises online, not just the “oh doing more things together shit…” actual who are you exercises IQ tests surveys and then comparing answers, ranking your life pie is my favorite…it really showed us how much alike we are, how much we do have in common and that even though we both spend our time in any given week very differently we are both contributing to attaining the same goals fundamentally. Once we discovered this after the BIGGEST FIGHT we ever had (which included the LAW). Back together we are, Still up and down, still in need of time to reflect and make up, still arguing, but still having really great sex, and the absolute best of times, Fishing, hunting, socializing, spending time together in front of the TV or dish, you know life. And even though I come off with tough love, or I go to hang up clothes solo in our closet absolutely pissed at the latest trip down Insecure Ave through Addiction Heights I love him too much to give up on him I know him too well I want to help him too much…I am truly stubborn and I am thankful he is each day too because if he wasn’t …well I would get away with being ME and being ACCEPTED for me and LOVED by him. So make your choices wisely…thought your husband needed a little back up or you needed a different point of view. Again just me the SCORPIO being ME #can’thelpit

  109. Reading these comments made me feel so much better about my situation. I’m a Scorpio female currently talking to an Aquarius male. A lot of people on here have been talking about how they usually start as friends but the minute I saw this Aquarius, I was into him. His face lit up when he saw me and he introduced himself to me right away. We had an instant connection and we went out for lunch just three days later. The first time we kissed was magical. He has introduced me to his friends and already kissed me in front of them. He has kissed me in public numerous times which has really surprised me. Unfortunately he has been really distance the last couple of days and of course, now I’m feeling attached and shitty. Reading these comments have made me realize that I need to just chill out and wait for him to contact me!

  110. Honestly i’ve been off and on with this Aquarius man who i hate at times and love but for some reason every time i tell myself just leave him alone i find myself going back to him- i honestly believe we can work if we meet each other half way but i don’t know lol- but the funny thing is that for some reason i believe that he actually wants this to work because we been in some crazy arguments but for some odd reason we find our self right in each others arm. we even tried giving others a chance butt we ended up right in each others arm. i believe we can make it work because this time around his the one that expressing how he feels and how we need to make it work- did i mention we been on this road for 15 years-

  111. I am a Scorpio woman married to a Aquarius man for 24 years (together for 25 year’s). It has definitely been a struggle at times, but it has been some awesome times too.
    My best advice to a Scorpio/Aquarius match….get a dam good marriage counselor and make sure you have follow up’s annually. Some of our worst times have turned into some of our best make-up’s. But it’s worth it, if you are in it for the long haul. Our relationship was one of fate, we were destined to be together (to many “almost meetings” to “meeting at the right time” thing). Blind date that never ended. But it’s been worth the struggles to have my soul mate. 🙂
    Best of luck to the rest of you attempting this match…..the end game is rewarding.
    But get a great Counselor….you will need a referee that can balance you both. 🙂

  112. Aqua woman in love with married Scorpio male. (he is married to a cancer woman) We dated all through high school and lost track of each other when I went away to college. We have visited and talked here and there throughout the years. But a year ago he contacted me and we reconnected again and have been seeing each other on a semi regular basis. We go on week long trips together once in a while. He says he loves me always has and no one has ever loved him like me. I text and get no response sometimes and then sometimes the response is incredible and he can’t get enough of me. I gave him my heart so many years ago and never truly gave it to anyone else even though I married twice and he married twice before now. I asked him when he was going to leave his wife and he said he could not right now for reasons that could hurt him. I have carried this love for him in my heart all these years (48). I want to have a forever relationship with him, I love him with all my heart. I’m afraid that he will not leave his wife of two years and is just using me for what she cannot give him in the bedroom. Sometimes I feel like a total fool for taking that love out of my heart where it was safe to possibly be played with and destroyed. Am I crazy to think that I could possibly be the number one lady in his life or will I end up staying number 2 and being just a second hand rose.

  113. It’s weird to be here, I’m a Scorpio male doing some digging since i just met a Aquarius women who matches that shit to the tee and i really want to get an idea of what lies ahead of me and also what to know as a Scorpio coming into this, WARNING it’s quite a novel below, proceed if you are currently comfortable with something to drink lol

    About this woman.. Long story short we met in incredible fashion, there was literal magic in the air as we met as complete strangers and 4 hours later something completely spectacular.

    I’m young (23) but currently working to build a business which can be very time consuming and also tiring. I have read that scorpios are prone to being emotionally needy and constantly needing affection which i found unfortunately to be true in my case, but i can say with certainty i am adaquate at controlling my emotions (I’ve had a lot of practice) enough to be able to “play the game” for lack of a better term and keep myself sane.

    The last few weeks have seemed up and down, she’s even busier than i am lol so making plans and actually sticking to them have been very difficult so far, naturally this irritates the shit out of me by causing me to start thinking and dipping into the jealous nature of scorpios.

    It worried me at first; the thought of losing her but i have already learned to accept that as a possibility and it has taught me to treasure our short time together (which I do).

    For a while though before that, i wasn’t sure of her commitment which terrified me as I felt like i was putting too much in on top of constantly trying to pick up a date night in between our conversations (which are great btw)

    but recently she showed me a little love by becoming more cooperative and opening up a little even revealing that she told her family and some of her friends about me, which has rekindled my hope (my passion) for her. I for sure don’t “love” her yet, but i am very hopeful (I’m an extreme optimist) and true to my nature if she is someone i can trust i will move heaven and hell to make it work.

    But there a few problems i need to face..

    1) dealing with the Aquarius’s independent nature.
    Most of the scorpio characteristics describe me perfectly, although i am not a complete slave to my emotions i do have to battle the urge to constantly know what she’s doing and wonder if she feels the same.
    I understand now that her not being immediately responsive doesn’t mean she’s not interested, and i don’t drive myself to the edge anymore wondering.
    She’s very honest, which is extremely refreshing and something that i am definitely attracted to in her.

    2) How do i advance our relationship without risking everything?

    I’ve never been so calm about a girl. Like every relationship I’ve been in i had very strong feelings for my other from the get go (and after reading about my sign I know why) but Looking back now I know why they all didn’t work out. I really am very passionate in pretty much everything, but probably relationships the most, ithink that intensity chased away all the others.

    Currently we’re moving at a snails pace, which im okay with as long as i see progress. We have a decent understanding of each other as far as where we stand, she knows to keep contact less i assume she’s gone and move on immediately to the next, as I learned that 6 days straight of no contact doesn’t mean she’s gone.

    I don’t want to chase her away, and I’m actually having fun with the games that we play and when we’re together it’s a match made in heaven.

    Any and all advice/feedback is appreciated.


  114. Well I don’t know you and you don’t know me or my man. BUT this article pretty much sums up our entire lives and my birthday is November 14, his January 24. If there are any skeptics about astrology in the world, come meet us anonymously and, see for yourselves! READING this ARTICLE has put me back on the 110% path today and hopefully when I show it to him re-affirms what I have been saying all along. Thank you so much, you will never know how much you have helped me by just sharing this with the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  115. AQUA DIVA—can you send me a reading me Born November 14, 1984 sometime in the early am (i think i was told) Tom January 24, 1973…I know I can trust him and him me, that is what has kept us together I think. I think we LOVE each other, it certainly feels that way when things are GOOD. But we struggle with communication, he thinks I am too dreamy, I think he limits himself with insecurity, I like planning for the future and taking risks, he likes living in the moment and comforting himself with alcohol. I like to use alcohol to party in social settings not as a fussy blanket. I think everybody knows what I think and feels. Sometimes I think Tom is so scared of rejection from everyone else in the world that is the only reason he argues with me about anything, because he feels accepted and that I won’t just crumbled due to his erratic, unstable behaviour. Sometimes I will admit I do think I have had enough and life would be easier to get up and go on everyday. BUT then I remember what life was like when I didn’t have him and what life was like with other people before him and I KNOW I LOVE HIM. How do I get this through to him, Can you teach me the SCORPIO how to communicate clearly to him in away where he understands and I don’t come off all “I know everything and this is the way its going to be.” Which is a stereotype…I actually don’t know everything willingly admit this but I also know I can learn and have the ability to change if I can be convinced it is for the better and not just to satisfy someone else. Does that help see into the US part of the reading? Anyhow just want to know if you see anything spectacular or regular about us and any insight you could share for us to continue LOVING each other but also learn how to better deal with and treat each other.

  116. I’m a Scorpio woman, currently dating an Aquarius man for the past 7 months. From the moment we met there was no doubt this intense connection between us. However, over the past 7 months, i question if he’s with someone else because he’s never invited me over and I’ve yet to meet his friends, or it can be that he’s not ready for us to take that step just yet. To be honest, I haven’t made any effort to have him meet my friends either, but he has been to my place. He does live about an hour from me, has an intense career and has soooooo many hobbies. I’ve been completely patient with him and I’ve kept my intense feelings under wraps because I haven’t wanted him to feel pressured. We only see each other about 2-3 times a month because our schedules are completely opposite. A few weeks ago I’d decided I was going to break things off with him, but then a work emergency came up and he’s been away for 3 weeks(he’s a fireman and there’s a huge fire going on right now), so I took that as a sign that I shouldn’t break things off. I’m going to instead tell him how I feel when he gets back and reassure him that I don’t expect him to feel the same way, but that I’ll eventually walk away. Hardest man to understand and love.

  117. I am a Scorpio female dating an Aquarius guy. I found his cool off putting attitude a little challenging at first but his looks and his masculinity drew me in . We have been seeing each other since June and things have been heating up between us both in the good sense and bad. The sex is stellar he can keep up better than most, but our stubbornness is getting to be a problem. He has to have his way or he goes cold on me and I pretend not to notice . A battle of the wills is on , my will is strong , everyone knows our Scorpio rep for having a strong mind like none others , but what I hadn’t counted on is how damn strong minded the Aquarius man has. I know we always got to feel like winning is the only option and I do not take defeat well , but he won’t give in and admit he’s wrong even once when we fight. I caught him in a few lies that he doesn’t realize I caught him on , my poker face hasn’t dropped and I’m holding my cards close to me , but I feel the trust is gone from our relationship now and I’m freaking out inside.

    1. can scorpio man be compatible with aquarius man? :)?
      i’m so attracted to him. and he knows that i like him since high school. this february 9, is his birthday and i want to make it special for him, but if my efforts turns to nothing again… i’m sure to stop!

  118. I met an Aquarius man recently and I am attracted to a lot of his qualities but I’m almost turned off by how emotional he is and how much he expresses it on a regular basis. I find myself wanting to tell him to man up and I feel like I’m a complete stickler around him because we just met and I can’t get that invested yet. I was also just finally enjoying my alone time after a short fling when we met. But I’m trying to understand why he is so expressive and in tune with his emotions when that is not typical of an Aquarius. I’m also wanting to better understand why I see it as a weakness and why it makes me want to run. I love talking with him and we can for hours, but something is holding me back.

    1. I’m an Aquarius woman and I can tell you that despite what people think Aquas are always very in tune with their own feelings and emotions we just don’t express them because to us emotions are a secondary factor and won’t change the reality of whatever situation we are dealing with. If he is showing his emotions around you then you must be special to him in some way

  119. I am a Scorpio, recently came to know an Aquarius accidentally, he has so much in common with me, a beautiful soul, very objective yet very spiritual, extremely accepting, I feel like if an Aquarius goes through tough times, he can actually rise in planes higher than any other astrology. I am so intrigued by him.. he doesn’t seem like human.. and the way he can communicate without words.. like he s a spirit.. I have never seen a man more whole n precious than him I’m my life.. I feel a different kind of numb around him, numb n whole.. he doesn’t seem like he even has a sexual desire.. he seems so angelic.. I do not know what have I actually come across can someone not speak n say so much.. who is he.. extremely receptive of ppl around him.. a kindered spirit..

  120. Everything that you descripted is correct, right on POINT. After 3 years of trying to make things work, I have finally separated myself from this toxic relationship. I am a Scorpio and refuse to date another Aquarius.

  121. It’s funny I read all these post and Scorpio men are very nosy, possessive, and insecure. They’re very emotional and insecure. I’m Aquarius woman I love my space and don’t like being smothered. Scorpio always want to cuddle and be underneath their spouse. Scorpio believes if they tell the truth everything is okay and it’s not when it comes to Aquarius. We bump heads a lot we are both stubborn. Even though his flaws are annoying at times with me because I have no patience. Scorpio is very attentive,loving, caring and understanding.

  122. My BF is an Aquarius and I’m a Scorpio and he is the perfect partner for me.
    We did have our deficient in the beginning and we had to learn to properly communicate with each other and be patient and understanding of the others quirks but it probably helped that we had know each other of many years prior to dating but i will say that communication is the key to everything.

  123. I am an Aqua Lady, In a LOVE and HATE relationship with a Scorpio man!!! Ja ja Sixteen years has passed and although from those sixteen years he has meet other women he tends to always come back to me and of we end up trying to work on our relationship over and over again. Six years has passed this has been the longest we been together, maybe because we both have matured. Anyways, I kind of get discourage when I read that Scorpios and Aquarius do not get along and should not be in relationships. However, for those who are in love with a Scorpio it can work out and let me tell you how. The negative aspect of Aquarius people need to change; you know you tend to want to be everywhere (from experience) I don’t like being at home, I spent most of my day in the street visiting everyone or signing up the kids on every different activity that I could. However, my Scorpio partner has tamed me down which I love he believes that they should come visit us which I have come to realize his point of view and he is right. Another negative trait that Aqua have is we are to nice and people think we are flirting. You need to stop being so friendly and talkative because it is disrespectful put yourself in your partner’s shoes. (My friend of 34 years which happens to be a Scorpio woman brought it to my attention actually employees from work too. They say I flirt with everyone but I just like to talk a lot). Lastly, we are too independent. Men like to feel that they are protecting us put aside that trait. At least I learned the hard way. I put this front that I don’t need a man. I was single for six years before my ex and I got back together. (Short words I wasted six years of my life trying to prove myself that I do not need anyone.) Negative traits a SCORPIO has; Likes to boss you around and is old fashion, Loves to play the Victim card (safe it, it’s annoying). OMG my Scorpio and I always fight because he thinks he knows everything. I like to joke about it (oh you’re a doctor, mechanic, my family calls him dog whisper) but after a while it gets annoying. Other than that, what has made me fall head over heels form my Scorpio is that I love the fact he is the center of attention, I respect his cockiness and masculinity!! Their eyes are hypnotizing. He is also, cleaner and a better cook than me. I have to admit Scorpios are more fun and funnier than Aquarius. I always ask him why he comes back to me if we fight all the time. He’s response has been that “I am not a pushover.” Aqua women tend to be strong put your foot down when you have to but also put your guard down and just go with it. If they are meant for you he/she will come back. Scorpio if you love an Aqua keep up with their Kinky ways. Just go with it and don’t be shy. There is hope for the Aqua and Scorpio.

  124. this is so true. been with my man for 6 years. we are soooo different. I have said for so long its like he doesn’t have emotions and its extremely difficult to have emotional conversations with him. I find that its lonely sometimes, I just want to be able to talk to my partner but he doesn’t seem to be able to do it. He has gotten a bit better with conversing over the last year but it was like pulling teeth to get to the little bit I get out of him now. his mother is a scorpio and very emotional so maybe she just exhausted him through his life and now is over it lol idk.
    Other than that the relationship is the healthiest I’ve ever had. He’s the strong silent type and that is what initially attracted me to him in the first place. I have a lot of freedom and trust and its pretty amazing in that way.

  125. I am a Scorpio and my first serious boyfriend was an Aquarius. I was in college and it was both horrible and amazing at the same time. We fought alot but the sex was amazing. I was two hours away at school so we would long for each other and write letters and have phone sex and when we got together it was great. Ultimately he was too immature and not ready for a serious relationship, but I was. Tired of the fighting, I broke it off with him. He wanted me back and it was on again off again for awhile. It wasn’t meant to be, but after I got over him I found someone who is so much better. But I have some bittersweet memories of my long ago Aquarius boyfriend.

  126. I’m an aqua dating a married scorpio for 5 yrs now. We were friends for 2 yrs prior to him telling me about his feeling shortly after my divorce and honestly I was only looking for sex at first. But he wanted more and slowly over time we’ve become extremely close. Being an Aqua I both want and am terrified of committing totally to another person. But I do love him and this bond between us is very intense. We have a very calming effect on each other and being the signs we are we crave each other physically. We can’t stand to be apart for very long and speak several times a day. This is by far the most intense relationship I’ve ever been in. He talks about forever when I never make plans past tomorrow.

  127. Any other same sex couples?
    I am a Scorpio woman and my partner is an Aquarius woman. We resonate with so many of the comments made on here. I’m naturally suspicious and possessive, but love with a passion so intense that it scares and overwhelms her sometimes (most times lol). She is a bit more distanced and reserved in the intimate nature, but is a very social and outgoing person to her friends and acquaintances, which has always been annoying to me. We are both stubborn and communication is still an issue all the time. I like to sit down and talk it out even if it takes hours, where she would prefer to walk away and continue the conversation later after some time spent alone. We compliment each other by accepting the others insecurities and quirks. My love language desires quality time and hers appreciates acts of service.
    I keep her grounded and in touch with her emotions, and she’s keeps me sane lmao

    Learn your scorpio’s Love language and shower them with your attention and you will have their 110% loyalty. Don’t be afraid of their depth.

    Allow your Aquarius to have their freedom to explore themselves on a daily basis, so that when they look at you, you reflect back to them all that they love and appreciate in themselves (and once this takes place, they feel safe enough to see and accept you for who you are too, in all of your crazy Scorpio glory)

  128. Not worth the bother. Ex was a Scorpio. I swear he got off on being a suspicious killjoy. I never cheated on him ( I hate cheating btw. To me it makes no sense going behind somebody’s back and cheating on them. That’s an act of a coward. I am all for being straightforward and above board, at least when it comes to relationships. Moreover I loved this guy.) I am not denying that we cared for each other. Not saying he was a bad guy. He wasn’t. But his overtly suspicious tendencies – rigging my phone, showing up at friend’s nights outs, showing up at my work even, started to get on my nerves.

    Tbh he hated that I had any sort of friends or a social life that didn’t always include him. When I called him out on these insecurities he went apeshit and frightened me. Our relationship was bipolar. One minute we’d be fine and dandy, other times, we’d shout so much that the neighbors had to call the police. I also hated on his tendency to dictate and dominate. I hate anyone telling me what to do in general.

    I had an ex Scorpio friend. We were good friends, till grade 7. One day I caught her going through my private stuff without my permission. Honestly that didn’t go down well. I accused her of trying to steal my stuff ( she wasn’t) and naturally she took it personally. We haven’t spoken for 10 years since then.
    The only Scorpio I can tolerate at times, is my father. He too gets on my nerves at times, but he’s a great father in general.

    I know am sounding very biased and bitchy…. but Scorpio is not actually an favorite sign of mine lol. They tendency to obsess over perceived slights, see the absolute worst in everybody, their tendency to be nosy and intrusive, really bothers me.

    Would probably not date a Scorpio though. Once was enough.

  129. Well I’m Scorpio and my ex was Aquarius. It sucked major time. I didn’t believe much in this stuff, but did notice from the beginning that we weren’t alike, but I decided to stick in regardless. We were very incompatible, a lot of problems, infidelities and both were very self centered, big ego problems, never agreed in almost anything. I kept on hard for 4 years, we tried to make it work (2 breakups with chances), and it just didn’t work out. All of the stuff you’d read on why these two don’t work applied to us.

    I kinda believe this because my only 4 best friends are signs that are compatible with me and I didn’t chose them because of that.

    I’m currently dating a Cancer guy and things are going smoother, I really like it, i see a lot of things in common that I should’ve taken in consideration in my first relationship, but I guess I was naive and younger. As for him he says he really likes me and that the spark or click with me was immediately. I mean Who knows

  130. I’m an Scorpio woman and my bf is an Aquarius man but I feel that I’m the one who seeks the freedom the most while he tries to keep up with my moods and feelings. I always feel I’m the one who wants more space and he wants to be near me and stay close to me at all times. Why is that?

  131. I’m a Scorpio and I’m married to an Aquarius we work well together but as it states we are both stubborn and hate to admit when we are wrong but I love my husband we have a very honest relationship where we tell each other how we feel and we find a way to fix it to make it better

  132. I’m a Scorpio woman highly interested in an Aquarius man. We have been seeing each other for a little over a month and if I didn’t read up on the Aquarius man I would think he didn’t like me. We barely talk through the week, beyond good morning, good night, how’d you sleep text, and he seems content with that. When we are together though…. sheesh… he is absolutely perfect. Dominant. Mysterious. Guarded. Passionate. Caring. Funny. I see someone who has been hurt but, wants to be loved… he just can’t formulate those feelings well. I’ve found that most of the time I leave the ball in his court (which is not a norm for a Scorpio woman). I know my worth and feel he matches mine so I’m willing to wait (for some time) for him to acknowledge that on his own. I am here when he needs me and not to pushy about my emotions. I find that he teaches me to invest in other things beyond a relationship and the art of detachment. I prayed that I would be able to be with someone and not abandon myself (which is another well known trait for a Scorpio in love) and I am confident that my prayers have been answered. A month in and the future only knows how much more to go.

    Best of luck to all my Scorpio/Aquarian couples. Don’t let someones bad experience dictate yours. Acknowledge that people are more than their sun signs and character goes a long way. This is a couple that can work I believe as long as each is willing to give a little and step back a little.

  133. I’m married to a Scorpio I am an Aquarius woman and I am finally cutting myself free of this a****** I cannot stand him I’m sorry but one thing about an Aquarius when she is done she is done and where there is no more communication and compromising we are out I know me and I understand me and they just don’t give enough to the relationship my Scorpio wanted me to take care of him he wanted to rely on me like I was his mother I mean I have been reading everyone’s say and their Aquarius world and their Scorpio world but hey I’m sorry I just have to be well when I say they are lazy and yes they will work but to what extent you know they’re confusing they always want you to say things first I’m sorry I could not go on with this marriage after eight years I’m done and I’m good I’m looking and talking to a Virgo right now and I’m going to say the best person I have met in a long time

  134. I am a much much older Scorpio than my Aquarius. My situation is an anomalie because the Aquarius man that I like is very aggressive. I met him at work and I told him I can’t hang out and lose my job. I said maybe if you are not working with me. But, he has become even more flirtatious, caught him glancing at my body on numerous occasions, staring into my eyes and complimenting me, telling me he wants to learn certain sports like snowboarding which he found out from asking me alot of personal questions that I like to do. He has invited me to dinner with his family like 3 times and I keep telling him I can’t. He even tried to get mad so that I would give in. He asks me a ton of questions and since he works with me I give him minimal information. I started to think he was going to stalk me with all the info. he retrieved from me by asking so much.
    I am physically and mentally attracted to him and he and I know it’s Mutual but we can’t talk about it because it’s work related. I know his mom and we get along as well. But, I just don’t think we would work because of age difference, I am committed to an Aries but he is definitely a huge temptation. We make each other laugh and I think we have a deep connection. I am picky as hell and most Aquarius were players and I didn’t go past a few dates. I am a Scorpio Sagitarius cusp, with Sag in about 5 planets. Mostly fire signs so I am not as emotional and needy. I need my freedom and a jealous guy will drive me crazy. I have a good sense of people and I can sense that he will be jealous. Aquarius men are described to he the opposite, but they just know how to hide it well. I feel he is moving way too fast and because of the attraction I might give in and it won’t go well. Ideally, I want to be a good friend. He will find a young beautiful Sagitarius girl his age.

  135. Universe is the greatest match maker, I’m not making my life difficult. Universe set this up so earth can go well with water, fire with air. Besides other aspects that must be taken into consideration to determine compatibility, straight off the zodiac wheel Aquarius and Scorpio are square. The archetypes / traits / energies are too different and difficult to reconcile, almost impossible because they are fixed.

    I disagree with astrologers who downplay sun signs, I agree with one astrologer who said in relationships…moon compatibility matters the most, followed by sun sign, and Mercury. Venus is not discounted but this is not deal breaker. We first want to deal with deal-breakers.

    Sun sign = head to head connection.
    Moon = heart to heart connection.
    Mercury = communication. Mercury in different signs communicates differently.

    Difficult moon signs to connect with:
    4th signs from your moon sign on both sides (these are squares, they require a lot of work by both parties at the same time, almost impossible to reconcile, require a lot of work by the individual if its your planets).
    Neighbours of the opposite sign (inconjuncts, require adjustments by both parties, find out what each planetary placement is about and work on adjusting one or both planets is if in one’s chart).
    Opposite sign, these two should be compatible but the fact that they are two sides of the same coin creates tension. This is a tug of war, requires compromise, give and take by both parties. If in one’s chart, understand the demands of each and calm your planets down, know when to rev one up or both but manage them as they pick up speed.
    -Leo and Aquarius are difficult oppositions because of the ego. Leo moon = warm, heart. Aquarius moon = distant, cold, head/mental. All air moons are more mental than emotions.
    What about sun/moon’s neighbours? Its best to treat them as squares and inconjuncts because they share the similar qualities.
    -rather expect to work hard than an easy connection.

    Difficult sun signs to connect with:
    same formula applies but for the sun placement.

    Easier moon signs to connect with:
    3rd sign from your moon sign on both sides (sextiles).
    5th sign from your moon sign on both sides (trines)
    Same moon signs.

    Easier sun signs to connect with:
    the same formula applies for the sun placement.

    If you were born on the new moon, you have one set of squares and inconjuncts. Example, if you were born on the new moon in Aquarius, all water and earth sun and moons are your squares and inconjuncts.

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