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Daily Horoscope

September 25, 2020

The Moon will meet with the most transformative players in the sky today in the sign of Capricorn: Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn. If there has been anything you have been holding off or procrastinating about, this transit will most definitely get you back on track to where you need to be and communicate all the right things to all the right people. Gratitude will get you very far today no matter how busy you are. If you feel burdened by all that is before you go into the weekend, it will help to encourage yourself through it all with affirmations of acceptance, like, “I have the honor and privilege of doing the humbling work that helps to sustain my lifestyle and potential.”

September 24, 2020

As Libra Season settles in, your mind is on becoming comfortable with the heavy shift in responsibility you are humbly being bestowed by the Universe, Scorpio. If it feels like you’re forcing or moving uphill on anything, remember that you are your strongest and most efficient when you’re calm, cool, and collected. Not everything needs to be dealt with this very minute, and a to-do list can help you pace yourself through an energy that is on the busier side. The more centered and grounded and organized you are today, the easier it will be for others to trust you as their strong and capable leader! 

September 23, 2020

A tiny bit of anger is bound to build up around you throughout the day as Mercury in Libra opposes your ruling planet Mars retrograde in Aries, kicking up a little bit of dust around things that are harder to do than they are to say. This energy will trigger feelings of mistrust and misguided anger, stirring uncomfortable arguments that have no end, so it’s best to quit while you’re ahead as you feel the tension rising throughout the day. Of all the times to control your volume and mind your own business, this is the day to sit back and take it easy without taking on anyone else’s loosely projected chaos. Libra Season is here to help you lighten up, but it may take a few breathing and meditation exercises for you to protect your peace and keep your cool, Scorpio. Do what you need to do to stay centered and aligned.

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