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October 9, 2019

As we approach Sunday’s Full Moon in Aries, our passionate natures are being increasingly felt within and around us. There’s no reason to try to hide how intense you are, Scorpio. The more you try to hide it, the more intense you become. It’s part of your nature, and it’s time to own it fully. Aries energy helps us boss up, be more confident, and radiate even more of our authentic selves. Ask yourself — in what ways have I dimmed my light or tried to play small to make others feel more comfortable? Since Full Moons have to do with release and endings, it’s time to end that chapter of your life and step into a more grandiose and exciting one where you are free to shine as brightly as you’re meant to. Once you let your powers be universally felt, what you desire will come to you with greater ease, and you will be a magnet for success, love, abundance, and truth. Don’t fight this. You deserve this.

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