I know your healing journey this year has been extremely intense, Scorpio. You’ve been experiencing endless spiritual deaths and rebirths. Allow yourself to take a breather today. You need to before taking anything else on. Simply lay down, close eyes eyes, and breathe. Repeat this process as much as you feel the need to throughout the day. Protecting your energy is key, and that means centering your energy and reminding yourself that with each breath you take, you can begin again. Now listen up babe. Yes, Mercury may be in Scorpio. Yes, you feel more obsessive and secretive and passionate and wildly led by your emotions. Yes you’ve been thinking non-stop of someone who’s left an imprint on your soul. But this is not the time to be a masochist. This is not the time to fall into unhealthy patterns of snooping, stalking, or analyzing non-stop what you could have done or said differently to achieve a certain outcome. You must master the art of self-control by knowing when your emotions are helping you, and when they are leading you into dangerous territory. This takes practice, which is why Mercury remains in our sign until December 9. Be kind to yourself because it will take a lot of trial and error for you to master self-control. But you’re getting there. Celebrate the small wins.