October 31 Scorpios are known for how loyal and dependable they are. Although these Scorpios are born on Halloween, they aren’t devious tricksters as one might imagine. They do, however, like to surprise people by doing unexpected, unpredictable actions and saying out-of-the-box statements. Their thought process is unique and original, and it often enlightens the minds and hearts of those around them. Halloween Scorpios like to push the limits and broaden their own horizons, as well as those of others.

When October 31 Scorpios begin a project that they are passionate about or start a relationship with someone, they have a longer than usual ability to see things through and to remain committed to the task at hand. They require that loyalty be reciprocated in their lives, however, and they will feel very deceived or let down if the ones they love do not seem to show as much passion for the relationship as they do. October 31 Scorpios may come off as social butterflies, but they are deeply emotional too.

Halloween Scorpios tend to lead by example. They would rather take action rather than sit and complain about their situation. They have a serious demeanor toward their long-term goals and objectives, and they do not allow petty distractions to stand in their way. When they are happy, these Scorpios are ecstatic and can brighten up the world. But when they are sad, they tend to withdraw deeply into their shell (luckily not for long, though, because their moods tend to bounce right back up after a while). Halloween Scorpios would rather focus on the solution rather than the problem.

If you are a Scorpio born on October 31, you possess incredible powers of persuasion, natural confidence in yourself and in life, oozing sex appeal, a charming personality, and a strong set of personal values and inner convictions. You would succeed as an entertainer, public speaker, politician, activist, writer, psychologist, or anything which allows you to use your dazzling wit.