October 29 Scorpios are the type of people who will spontaneously call you up and tell you that they want to go on a road trip or some sort of similar adventure. They love to find the light-heartedness in life and to have fun with those they love the most. They can be very honest and blunt, and they are highly protective of their friends and family. If anyone ever does anything to hurt them, they will fight and protect them until the bitter end. You’d have to go through an October 29 Scorpio first.

The passion that October 29 Scorpios possess would be best put to use in a highly action-oriented or communication-driven career such as politics, entertainment, law, investigation, or public speaking. These Scorpios have a dynamic, charismatic, and attention-grabbing personality which helps them get to the top of their chosen career with ease and agility. These Scorpios are not one to shy away from debates or speeches — they pay close attention to what others are saying and are able to come up with great responses and arguments to keep the conversation going in a lively and exciting sense.

People who meet those born on October 29 may at first feel in awe of them and may be unsure of how to sum them up. That is because these Scorpios are always on the move, with power and confidence, and that can lead to more shy individuals feeling out-shined or intimidated by October 29 Scorpios. However, those who are able to earn the trust of those born on October 29 will see a more goofy, playful, and harmonious side to them than those who have just met them may realize they have.

If you are a Scorpio born on October 29, you are much more intense than people originally think. You give off a very positive, chill, and fun-loving demeanor, which is certainly true, but behind your social nature, you are a very pensive and transformative being, with huge goals and a dedication to make them come true. You can use your quirky personality to get ahead, and then surprise them all with your witty intellect, subtle charm, and extreme magnetism.