The Scorpio New Moon takes place at 11:40pm EST tonight, helping us usher in new energy as our season picks up speed. Take time to set New Moon intentions tonight, and don’t play it safe while doing so. Get clear about where you see yourself six months from now, during the corresponding Scorpio Full Moon. How joyful do you feel? How alive do you feel? How wealthy do you feel? What does joy, liveliness and wealth look like to you , specifically? This is a powerful time to embrace the new being you are becoming, while lovingly letting of everything you know longer are. Outdated relationships, friendships, clothes, makeup, thought patterns, habits and belief systems must all go. This Scorpio New Moon is about to catapult you to unforeseen heights these next 6 months, which means it’s time to let go of the heaviness. Breathe, Scorpio, and begin again.