October 23 is the first day of Scorpio Season, and Scorpios born on this day possess extraordinary passion, depth, intuition, charisma, and a fierce desire to succeed. One of the greatest qualities which characterize Scorpios born on October 23 is their ability to remain calm under pressure, and see things through until the end.

At the same time, October 23 Scorpios tend to have their lazy streak every now and then. They work hard, but they enjoy playing hard too. October 23 Scorpios tend to have a lucky touch in life, and this can allow things to come to them more easily than most; they should not let this make them too comfortable however. The more focused October 23 Scorpios are, the more rewards they receive.

Scorpios born on the first day of Scorpio Season tend to be perfectionists and they can be very critical of both themselves and others. They are a blend of drama and criticism — they are able to understand themselves and others on a profound level, and this helps them navigate through life. Their stubborn streak often works out in their favor, because they know what is worth fighting for.

October 23 Scorpios are one-of-a-kind, endowed with brilliant minds, investigative natures, and intense personalities. Competitive, courageous, and full of wit, Scorpios born on this day have a magnetic effect on those around them. They are here to transform, to lead, and to showcase their talents with passion, pride, and ability. Starting off Scorpio Season is no easy feat, but these Scorpios do it with ease and finesse.

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