This year, the Sun shifts out of Libra at 1:20pm EST, and enters the profound waters of Scorpio, where it will remain until November 22. It’s officially Scorpio Season! It’s always been our season, but when the Sun is in our sign our energy is amplified, and our powers of alchemy and transformation manifest. This season will be a trip because in 8 days, Mercury, the Planet of Transformation, goes retrograde in our zodiac sign until November 20. That means you’re going to get to know yourself even more profoundly. Everyone around you will be intrigued by your aura even more intensely. Everything about you will become more magnetic and stimulating. There will be moments of solitude, and moments of ecstasy. You are coming alive like never before, but that means you may have to face spiritual deaths like never before too. You were born for this, Scorpio. You were born to navigate the depths and rise, rise, rise. It’s your season. Your story. Your ascension.