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October 2, 2019

Today’s the last full day of Pluto Retrograde, and the Moon shifts out of our sign and enters fiery Sagittarius. You should start feeling lighter and more optimistic today, allowing you to focus on passion projects that bring you joy. Make sure to balance any work you do with plenty of fun. Pluto retrograde was no joke, and since Pluto is one of Scorpio’s planetary rulers, we felt its influence more than any other sign. So celebrate the fact that you’re almost at the finish line, marking the end of retrograde season. If feelings of loneliness, self-doubt, insecurities, trust issues, resentment, pettiness or manipulation come up today, don’t try to suppress or deny them. It’s normal. Your shadow side exists, and its learning how to handle its triggers without being paralyzed. So when you allow yourself to feel these feelings, they lose their strength over you, and you practice the art of being human. This also allows you to better accept the humanness in others. Release the expectations you tend to hold yourself and others to, Scorpio. That’s the best way to protect your peace and be present with what is.

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