The Moon has shifted into Cancer, making us feel more introspective, moody, and nurturing. You may feel the urge to be a homebody today, or to remain surrounded by intuitive souls with whom you can exist freely and peacefully. If you can, simplify your schedule and devote time to simply sitting in silence with yourself. Whether that’s 1 minute, 5 minutes, or 1 hour of silence, it will do you wonders to intentionally slow down and process the wildness of emotions that have been washing over you lately. How much have you been keeping yourself busy as a way to escape what you’re really feeling? As Scorpio Season approaches, our truth emerges more strongly than ever — it can’t be denied. Get intimately acquainted with what you’re really feeling, even if it makes you uncomfortable at first. Ultimately, owning up to what’s really going on within that complex soul of yours will free you.