Say it like it is. With Mercury, the Planet of Communication, and Venus, the Planet of Magnetism, both in your sign, you can feel the truth pouring from your lips. There’s no need to resist it. In fact, people will respect and trust you more as you speak honestly and openly about what you want. If something’s not within your capacity right now, then make that clear. If there’s something or someone you want, make that clear too. Life’s too precious to spend our time living in our own heads and wishing other people could intuitively know what’s going on. Even if some people are mind-readers in your life, they’d still love to hear you express what’s on your heart without always having to telepathically pick up on it. Use this last week of Libra Season to let in more light-hearted, expressive energy. The world is ready for what you have to say. And if you get stage fright, remind yourself that you are the world.