Where Scorpios come to soar.

October 11, 2017

Now that Jupiter’s entered Scorpio, taking time to process what’s happening under the surface is going to be a highlighted theme in your life. You were always the zodiac’s detective, but now your powers are emphasized, and this can lead to you seeing through people and situations with even greater clarity. The energy of Jupiter in Scorpio is transformative, but intense, so it’s not always going to be sunflowers and rainbows. Sometimes it’s going to mean facing uncomfortable truths about yourself and others. But everything that you face serves as your liberation. Today Mars and Saturn engage in a frictional aspect which help you realize that you’ve been giving too much time or energy to something that doesn’t truly fulfill you. Now that you’ve made that realization, it’s up to you to make the necessary changes. Face your fears and the fear disappears.

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