Where Scorpios come to soar.

October 10, 2019

Today is 10/10, a day of alignment and synchronicity. The Pisces Moon aligns harmoniously with Mercury and Venus in Scorpio, and Saturn in Capricorn aligns with Venus as well. Heart to hearts, healing connections and conversations, amazing sex, much-needed cry sessions, and creative breakthroughs are all possible under this cosmic influence. Focus less on what seems to be “happening”‘ to you, and become a curious observer of the Universe, reflecting on what you’re here to learn. Today serves as a time portal which helps us release an old paradigm that was based on attachment or insecurity. Thank your past self for leading you to where you are now. Tell the new self you’re emerging into that you’ll prioritize their needs, and that they can take the lead. This new life you’re creating requires the release of your old one. A spiritual regeneration and emotional catharsis is taking place.

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