Where Scorpios come to soar.

October 10, 2017

Today at 9:20am EST, Jupiter, the Planet of Abundance, enters Scorpio and remains there for 13 months. Bravo, Scorpio. You’ve entered a brave new world, and you are the protagonist of this story. You are the leader, the one everyone will watch in awe, and the one who is ready to rise and evolve. Jupiter in Scorpio’s transit will teach you incredible lessons about self-love, transcending the ego, overcoming fears of death and loneliness, the radical power of vulnerability, dealing with trust issues, facing your subconscious beliefs, and daring to boldly, fearlessly and courageously live out your truth. The whole world will feel more Scorpio-esque during this transit. We’ve truly taken over, and while it may take a period of adjustment, this is the energy you’ve been ready for. Take time today to write down your vision for this transit. What actually manifests will exceed your expectations. Welcome to the other side, Scorpio. The fun is just beginning…

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