Welcome to October, Scorpio! Not only does our season begin in 22 days, but there’s a brilliant Aries Full Moon today too. At the end of the month, we’ll also experience a Taurus Full Moon, making this a month that’s truly about awakening ourselves to what our passions are, and committing to making them a tangible reality in our lives. But that can’t happen if we’re busy running around in a million different directions, not grounded in who we are or what we desire. Today’s Aries full moon activates Scorpio’s wellness and service sector, and it’d be wise for you to use its illuminating energy to take stock of what truly lights you up, and acknowledge areas of your life where you’ve been running on auto-pilot. Sometimes we procrastinate because we’re afraid of what would happen if we committed to our success, and other times we procrastinate because our heart’s simply not feeling our to-do list. It’s important for you to know the difference, and to be honest with yourself about what you must release at this time. Trust yourself as you make game-changing moves and soar.