Scorpios born on November 8 are natural born leaders and ambitious explorers. These Scorpios are able to zero-in on what it takes to be successful, and they will put in the hard work necessary to get to the top. At the same time, November 8 Scorpios enjoy partying and having a good time with their friends. Their lives will often be a blend between their sociableness and their hard work ethic. They play hard, and work harder, and due to this, they will have rich social and professional lives.

November 8 Scorpios should beware of some of their more extravagant tendencies. They have dramatic personalities, and they tend to seek attention from others without consciously realizing so. They are vivid communicators, and they know how to keep people interested in the stories that they tell. As long as they be careful to not embellish the truth, they will attract many newcomers into their lives due to their intriguing and astonishing ways of being. The personal relationships that November 8 Scorpios experience are often full of high highs and low lows. It is challenging to find a middle ground.

If you are a Scorpio born on November 8, you have a strong sense of intuition, but you are also very practical and logical. You like to play out the way different situations work in your mind before confronting anyone about it. You are someone who trusts your instincts no matter what, and due to this, your stubborn streak is pretty high. Once your mind is made up about something, no one can change it but you. These Scorpios would succeed in politics, activism, business or entrepreneurship.

November 8th Scorpios are extremely dedicated to those they love, sometimes to a fault, because they have difficulty letting go of situations or people whom are no longer fulfilling. These Scorpios thrive when they put their needs first and act upon their own wishes rather than wondering what others think of them. November 8 Scorpios come off as powerful, intense and somewhat intimidating when they are on a mission — and they like it that way.