Scorpios born on November 7 have mystical and profound spirits, insatiably curious minds, and deep reservoirs of power which they keep hidden under the surface of their magnetic personalities. These Scorpios come off as very confident, but they are also deeply sensitive and emotional. Only their close friends really understand the depths of how much they feel things. Everyone else views these Scorpios as the ultimate contrarians, rebels, or unorthodox individuals, always doing their own thing.

When November 7 Scorpios want something, their is an obsessive streak to them getting it. This goes for a job, a relationship, or a material item. These Scorpios make it their priorities to obtain whatever it is they desire, but sometimes when they finally obtain it they realize that they did not want it at all. November 7 Scorpios have a side to them that no one will ever fully understand, but everyone will always be intrigued by it. There is something about these Scorpios which indicates their uniqueness.

If you are a Scorpio born on November 7, you love anything that has to do with mystery, the occult, magic, or spirituality. You have an idealistic mind when it comes to what you want from love and life, but your visions often come true if you are able to hold on to positive energy rather than succumb to some of your darker thoughts or motives. Your loyalty is extreme, but not always directed towards the right people. There are times when you may do something completely unexpected, just because.

November 7th Scorpios navigate their way through life by blending their intellectual curiosity with their intuitive and guiding passions and emotions. These Scorpios care a lot about the way they are perceived by others, even though they may not openly admit that, and they may come off as fiercely individualistic. If November 7 Scorpios choose to open their hearts to pure love, they will experience a greater vulnerability than most other Scorpios do. They can use their gifts to transform this world.