The Pisces Moon is helping you break free from your own limitations, Scorpio. It’s activating your sector of fate and true love. Don’t let Mercury Retrograde in our sign stop you from speaking your truth. Quite the opposite. Be encouraged by its penetrating energy and say it like it is, but with intention and a delicate delivery. This is one of the last days where we’ll really benefit from the Scorpio New Moon energy. If you’re a legendary Scorpio procrastinator and haven’t yet set your New Moon intentions, view this as a sign from the Universe that doing so will be a supreme investment in your future self. But also know that sometimes you’re not setting the intention because you’re being the intention. If you’ve been putting in work every day towards a passion project, take time to celebrate yourself. If you haven’t, get ready for a surge of motivation to wash over you. You’re the captain of your own boat, and it’s Scorpio Season baby, which means the sea belongs to you. So gently and consistently steer your way to whatever feels blissful, easeful, and magical to you.