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November 7, 2018

Happy New Moon in Scorpio! Today’s energy is ideal for taking a deep breath, patting yourself on the back, and celebrating your growth. As a Scorpio, you can sometimes get lost in self-criticism, allowing thoughts of what you “should’ve” done to cloud your mind and minimize your worth. But your annual New Moon is the perfect time to put an end to all unproductive habits and mindsets. We are all a product of our conditioning, and once you realize that some of your ingrained behavioral patterns don’t really serve you, you can consciously and intentionally create ones that do. This New Moon in Scorpio will activate a six-month period of prosperity and passion in your life. Since today is the last full day of Jupiter being in Scorpio (it won’t return until 2029), you’ll feel extra powerful, influential, and grateful. Set time today to listen to your soul’s yearnings. If you quiet the outside noise and tune into your intuition, you’ll hear your truth loud and clear.

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