Scorpios born on November 6 are known for their selfless heart and generous personalities. They do not allow themselves to be treated as doormats, however. They seek loyalty and exclusivity from their friends, family members, employers, and lovers. They are willing to give themselves 110% to something or someone they love, but they also expect such intense devotion to be returned to them.

When November 6 Scorpios have a certain goal in mind, they will remain on a fixed and determined path towards accomplishing it. They possess the continued passion and dedicated to their craft which inspires others to pursue their greatest potential. November 6 Scorpios are incredible communicators and gifted entertainers. Because their personalities are so bright, charismatic, and influential, they are able to find great friends and often take on leadership positions in their careers. These Scorpios are popular, full of life and dynamism.

If you are a Scorpio born on November 6, you can be a perfectionist and control freak at times. One of your greatest lessons will be to let go of your need to control everything in your life, and go with the flow. You have deep powers of intuition which can help you make the right decisions, so you should tune into it rather than fight the way you feel or second guess your emotions. You are dedicated to your family and to your career, and that is why you always strive to excel and to surpass all limitations.

November 6th Scorpios are excellent leaders, transformers, and communicators. They know how to seek the truth from those around them. They know how to use their unique qualities to get ahead in life, and by doing so, there is nothing they cannot accomplish.