Scorpios born on November 4 tend to have a higher than average level of intelligence. They have a deeply emotive nature, but they also know how to rely on their intellectual faculties and practical reasoning skills when it comes to making a set decision. These Scorpios care deeply for their friends, whom they treat like family. Their family means the world to them, and they are willing to sacrifice anything for their well-being. Ultimately, however, November 4 Scorpios will always look out for themselves. They are very self-protective, and by being self-focused they can help others shine too.

November 4 Scorpios work long and hard for what they want. Their main desire is to excel and to be the best in their chosen field. These Scorpios would be great lawyers, politicians, writers, doctors, physicians, surgeons, and entertainers. They are willing to do the grunt work in order to later get the praise. You cannot tell how much is brewing deeply under their calm surface, but trust me when I say that there is a volcanic nature to these Scorpios’ personalities.

If you are a Scorpio born on November 4, people will love being around you as long as they remain on your good side. You can become cold, indifferent, and downright mean to people who have hurt your feelings or deceived you in any way. It is a self-defense mechanism, and as you evolve from a Scorpion to a Phoenix you will find that you shed your old ways and learn to forgive yourself and others. That doesn’t mean that you will keep toxic people or situations in your life, but rather that you will disassociate yourself from them altogether, focusing on altruism and positive experiences instead.

November 4th Scorpios are very creative souls, although there are cases where such imaginative gifts are left unattended to. These Scorpios should not be afraid to tap into their emotional nature, because it has the power to transform those around them on an intense level. If today is your birthday, know that your bold power, sensitive depth, and strong convictions and passions will help you succeed.