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November 4, 2019

The recent union between Mercury in Scorpio and Mars in Libra is making us reflect on our relationships in a more detached and observant way than we’re used to. When you combine Mercury Retrograde’s intense energy with the Scorpio New Moon vibes that continue to permeate our consciousness for a few more days, you’ll realize that you may no longer feel the same way about a certain person or situation as you did just a few weeks ago. You’re a new person, and you’re starting to see how holding grudges, constantly seeking revenge, or being overly suspicious of people ends up doing you more harm than good. Of course, the process of letting go of self-protective tendencies isn’t going to happen overnight, but today’s vibes indicate that you’re putting things in perspective. Your happiness and inner peace is what’s most valuable to you, and that means you shouldn’t give other people’s actions or reactions the power to affect your peace. Keep soaring, Scorpio. The world wants that for you.

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