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November 29, 2018

The Moon’s shift into earthy Virgo will have you feeling an urge for greater structure and organization in your life. This is an ideal time to take a look at what your goals were for this month, and make sure you’re on track for completing them before December begins. These are the final few days of Mercury being retrograde in Sagittarius (it will spend its final 5 days retrograde starting on December 1), so you’ll feel inspired to tackle many goals at once today, but make sure to pace yourself. If you multitask and do too much at once, you won’t get very far on any one set project. So let yourself be intuitively guided as you go about your day. Don’t spend too many hours on one set thing, but don’t bounce around either. Try to create balance between work and play, and take breaks as needed. Celebrate the small wins as you’re on your way to the mountaintop.

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