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November 29, 2017

The Aries Moon and Sag Sun encourages you to get out there and grab life by the reins today, Scorpio. Physical activity is highly encouraged. Working out, having sex, running around outside, taking a walk, or stretching and doing jumping jacks in between projects will give you a natural high that will make this a hump day to remember. Let out your frisky, care-free, adventurous side, Scorpio. It’s a Full Moon week, meaning wacky and unusual things may happen, so you might as well have fun in the process. Make it a mission to do something today that you’re not used to doing. Talk to someone new. Take a different route to work. Try a new restaurant, or cook something out-of-the-ordinary. Life wants you to see how expansive it is when you shake up the status quo and dare to explore the unknown.

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