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November 25, 2018

Neptune spends its first full day out of retrograde, and it may feel like you’re awakening from a cosmic slumber. Suddenly you see yourself in a clearer light, and you’re acknowledging what some of your repressed desires and emotions are. This is a great day to be creative and imaginative, especially when it comes to visualizing your future. Use the energy of the Sag Sun to remain open to the way your vision manifests. The Moon is in Cancer, heightening your intuitive abilities and allowing you to sense when others need you. Be present with those you love and share what your dreams are with each other. Chances are, you’ll gravitate towards someone who can help your vision come to life and who will open up many doors for you in the weeks and months to come. Don’t be too prideful to ask for help or support, Scorpio. Let the good vibes flow.

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