November 2 Scorpios have such profound powers of intuition that they can have psychic moments without even realizing it. These Scorpios will always rely on their instinct over reason. When they meet someone new, they will sense out their vibes and know immediately whether or not they are to be trusted. When November 2 Scorpios encounter a new situation, they go through a similar process of “feeling out” their environment before making the decision to proceed in any direction. This intuitive approach to navigate life helps them make specific career choices and choose wisely in romance.

Scorpios born on November 2 also have extreme powers of attraction, visualization, magnetism, and manifestation. When they really focus profoundly on their desires, they are able to attract it directly into their lives. This process takes much patience and self-discipline, and the greatest lesson November 2 Scorpios will have to learn is to not get frustrated if they are not able to immediately manifest everything they want in their lives. The Universe will only manifest the things that they actually need, and the more evolved November 2 Scorpios will realize that does not necessarily have to mean material items. If focused on self-improvement, November 2 Scorpios can be spiritual gurus.

Although November 2 Scorpios are very progressive, unorthodox, future-oriented, and opinionated, they are respectful of those who do not share the same viewpoint as they do. They will openly engage in a debate or discussion with those of opposing views, however, because November 2 Scorpios have an expansive mentality and they are always willing to acquire or understand a new perspective. These Scorpios want to dedicate themselves to the greater good and to society at large, making them natural humanitarians and truth-seekers.

November 2nd Scorpios should be sure to tap into their limitless artistic abilities. Music in particular will speak deeply to November 2nd Scorpios, and they are able to express the depths of their emotions through creative mediums. Multi-talented and extremely dynamic, these Scorpios will have a multitude of career and social options at their fingertips. They should follow their intuition, always.