Today the Moon in Capricorn makes powerful alignments to Saturn and Pluto, both in Capricorn. This Capricorn energy has been gradually shifting our communication sectors for the past few years now, but today’s energy will be potently felt as we prepare to ask the Universe for what we really, truly want. Whether you’re ready to look into a dream job, apply for an amazing educational or creative opportunity, or let your crush know just how wild they make you feel, take time to assess your truth before going for it. What are the reasons that you want what you want? How long have you wanted it? And most importantly, if you get what you want, will you be satisfied or will you suddenly want something else? The Capricorn energy in the cosmos is asking us to be emotionally mature about our needs and not play around with our universal requests. Take time to process your internal shifts, and trust that they’re all leading to a greater awakening.