Scorpios born on November 16 like to be organized in their thoughts and action, especially when it comes to long-term goals and objectives. They possess a blend of balanced internal stability and a spiritual connection with the world around them. This allows them to pursue creative careers while also generating a great income. These Scorpios feel comfortable in entrepreneurial positions where they can create constant revenue based on doing what they love. November 16 Scorpios are leaders.

Because November 16 Scorpios are romantics at heart. They bond intimately with people and feel very happy when they are with their best friends or lovers. They have a sensual approach to the life they live, often looking at the upside of life and seeking the best in others. They can be fiercely self-protective when hurt or deceived, however, and a more reserved side of them can prevail.

November 16th Scorpios will never fully let you know what they are thinking or feeling… you just have to sense it out based on the way they act and based on what they say. They love to keep their thoughts to themselves, but if they do share something with you, it goes to show how special you really are. These Scorpios will excel in careers which allow them to use their powerful emotions in an imaginative or universal manner, such as acting, psychology, writing, politics, or public speaking.

There is rarely anything that gets past Scorpios born on November 16. They are highly aware of their surroundings, as well of their own capacities, and that makes for an unbeatable combination. These Scorpios lead with an individualistic fierceness and will to succeed.