Scorpios born on November 12 may come off as shy or quiet, but it is really just because they possess huge stores of internal energy which they keep to themselves and only share with those who are extremely close to them. Other than that, these Scorpios are not ones to make waves seeking attention, but rather to work quietly and determinedly on their objectives. Because they are initiators and “doers” rather than braggers or talkers, November 12 Scorpios lead by example & always excel.

Even the family members and close friends of November 12 Scorpios can say that it can be hard to break past your timid walls at times. You may use your shyness as a self-protective shield, and as a way to test those around you and see how deeply they wish to connect with you. Your hard work ethic does serve as an inspiration to the people around you, however. You like to definite success by your own standards and you like to prove that anything can be done if you have the mindset to succeed.

Deep within themselves, November 12 Scorpios are full of mysticism, spirituality and intrigue. They are interested in metaphysics and other worldly matters. Their inner world is extremely rich and full of excitement, making these Scorpios avid readers, writers, artists, and communicators. When hurt, November 12 Scorpios can close themselves off deeply into their shell and will not emerge until they feel healed — that may take quite some time. Give these Scorpios their space and they’ll be happier.

November 12th Scorpios can use their sensitivities for good by choosing a career which allows them to express their emotions gently and vulnerably. They also have a practical understanding of life and can succeed in the fields of business, marketing, or communications, but they should still find a way to merge their emotional powers with their professional potential. These Scorpios are here to win.