The month of November begins with the Moon in the ambitious sign of Capricorn. Since we’re still feeling the effects of the recent Scorpio New Moon, this driven, productive energy will be a major mood as you embark on a new chapter. This month will be filled with intensity, extremes, and an ability to slow our roll as we settle into the final Mercury Retrograde of the decade. Today you may decide to take a leap of faith and pick up a project from this decade that you had once started but never completed. These next 3 weeks are powerful for looking back at the past, learning from it, and re-routing accordingly. It’s never too late to start fresh, and the combo of the Scorpio New Moon and Mercury Retrograde helps you do so with a graceful spirit and open mind. Your inner child has been begging you to give them more attention, and to prioritize their passions. You owe yourself that. Gift yourself that.