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May 9, 2019

The Cancer Moon continues to infuse sentimental and moody vibes into the cosmos. You may find yourself dreaming of travel and expansion today, Scorpio. Perhaps you’re seeking a getaway, or thinking back to an adventure you took that made you feel free and at peace. You can tap into that energy and infuse those peaceful vibes into your day. Instead of nostalgically thinking of the past, commit to making the present moment a reflection of the joy you felt back then. It may take adjustments or sacrifices, such as saying no to tasks you’d usually put on your plate or gradually decreasing your work hours in order to rest, recharge, and connect more intimately with those you love. The recent Taurus New Moon is helping you reprioritize and restructure your life. It’s time to work smarter, not harder. View resting, daydreaming, and indulging in fantasies as valid forms of productivity. Be willing to make necessary shifts to your lifestyle and routine so that your dreams don’t just stay dreams…

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