The Gemini Moon may have your imagination running wild today, Scorpio. You’ll find yourself both driven and inspired, but at first it may be hard to know where to direct your energy. It’s likely that you’ve just being too much recently. You’re an intense, passionate sign, so moderation isn’t your strength. But today it’s important to focus on essentialism. What is most essential to your current journey? This isn’t a question you’ll answer in one day, but it’s important to ask yourself this as much as you can. Most of the pressure we place on ourselves is unnecessary, and we create more chaos than necessary when we try to do it all without knowing our purpose. So take time today to creatively visualize and map out what a peaceful day, week, month or year would looks and feels like for you. You don’t have to have all the answers on how you’ll get there. Just allow yourself to believe you can.