It’s a relatively chill day astrologically, with no major planetary alignments causing disruption. Cultivate a sense of inner peace within, even if it means beginning your day with your phone on airplane mode, or not checking your email for the first few hours. If you want to feel more at ease, Scorpio, it means being honest about the activities or people in your life that bring you anxiety or stress. Sometimes these are things we’re so used to doing or people who are so deeply engrained in our lives that we don’t even know who we are without them. Work on gradually letting go of them anyways. The recent Taurus New Moon energy will be felt all week long, and you may find that the progress you make this week leads to great productivity and evolution in your life ventures. There’s no need to have a lengthy to-do list. The smaller, the better. Don’t fill it with busy work. Fill it with soulful work. The type that makes you feel free and alive.