While this second day of the Aries Moon will continue to help you feel productive and full of confidence, it’s important to not overexert yourself. Balance and moderation is key, Scorpio. As a sign of extremes, once you have a goal or vision you tend to go full steam ahead and become very determined to manifest it. But it’s also important to relax, recharge, and trust the process. As we approach the New Moon in Gemini, emotions that you previously ignored are coming to the surface. While it may be tempting to dive into work as a way to distract yourself from feeling heavier feelings, it’s necessary for you to acknowledge their existence. That’s the only way you’ll be able to peacefully release them. Definitely continue to kick ass today at work, but also make space for the more sensitive part of you that’s been wanting to be loved on and seen. Journal, meditate, go for a walk outside, work out, vent to a friend, and be as transparent as you can about what you’re really feeling. Release pent-up emotions so you can invite exciting new energy that will thrill and help heal you.