Heavy thoughts may be on your mind today as Mercury aligns with Pluto in an intense and somber way. Scorpio, even if life has challenged you lately, your hardships do not define you. They don’t necessarily have to strengthen you either. Let go of the idea that any pain you experience is here to make you stronger, and that you should be proud of how many burdens you’ve held on your tired shoulders. Pain is a human emotion, just like joy, and it should be felt without shame. The cyclical nature of life reminds us that what goes up must come down, so honor your shifting moods moment by moment, without letting them paralyze you. The Aquarius Moon is encouraging us to shift our perspective and accept our complexities. Let go of trying to have it all together for your loved ones. Take time to yourself to tune into what your body, mind, heart and soul needs to feel replenished, nourished and seen.