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May 20, 2020

This morning at 9:49am EST, the Sun shifts out of Taurus and enters airy Gemini for the next four weeks. Happy Gemini Season, Scorpio! This is the time of year that teaches you how to both lighten up and commit. It may seem like a paradox, but that’s because Gemini energy is contradictory in nature, and that will be amplified in your life these next four weeks. One minute you think you’re ready for something, and the next you’re running away from it for dear life. It’s almost comedic, and if you start to laugh at yourself a bit more, you’ll flow through this rollercoaster with great ease, even amidst retrograde season. Keep in mind that we are currently in the dark-of-the-moon period though, so while you may be excited for a fresh start, you have to clear out the dead weight first, in whatever way feels right to you.

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