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May 18, 2020

The Moon is now in Aries as the week begins, activating Scorpio’s sector of health and service. Today it harmonizes with Mercury, the Planet of Communication, which is currently in Gemini and activating Scorpio’s sector of depth and intimacy. Our ability to ask for specifically what we want increases at this time. This is a good thing considering that we are now in a new moon week — on the 22nd we’ll experience the Gemini New Moon in our sector of merging. These days before the new moon are perfect for starting to gain clarity about our current desires, while gifting ourselves grace as we acknowledge that our needs and wants often change. Nothing needs to be fixed in stone right now. The Aries and Gemini energy in the air is teaching you how to be present and accept that life is full of unforeseen change. It’s how you react to it and flow with it that determines your success. 

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