Today at 5:13pm EST, the Scorpio Full Moon officially takes place, sending enlightening vibes throughout humanity, and making us face truths that deep down we’ve always known. As the sign of regeneration, Scorpios must dive within the depths in order to truly soar. Reflect on your evolution these past 6 months. You probably feel like a completely new person. That’s because you are. You’ve morphed into a new essence, and you don’t have to spend forever trying to define or analyze it. You simply have to let yourself be, whole-heartedly. When you take time to connect with yourself intuitively, you’ll start to feel more attuned to what you have to do, who you should be with, and what you truly want to feel. The answers are in front of you. You have to allow yourself to see. Let your Scorpio Full Moon illuminate the truth and set you free.