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May 17, 2018

Pay attention to your romantic and sexual urges, Scorpio. Today the Moon and Venus align in Gemini, lighting up your intimacy and merging sector. Your intuition and your dreams may have been trying to show you something about your desires, and the more you give into your sexy, romantic side, the more you’ll attract the type of experiences that fulfill and invigorate you. There’s a reason you’re known as the sex sign — you commit whole-heartedly to your own pleasure and the pleasure of those you love. Today’s one of those days where you should check-in with yourself about what you want from your most intimate connections, and use the open-minded vibes of Gemini to express those desires in an honest and fun-loving way. And if you’re not in an intimate relationship yet, get ready for Venus’ shift into Cancer this weekend — you may get struck by Cupid’s arrow, whether you want to or not.

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